Since its founding in 1971, WJU Members have proudly participated in what has evolved as our core mission: Preservation of, Education about, and Performance of the music played in traditional American Circus and Wild West Shows. Founders and early Members referred to the organization as “My Windjammers,” “Windjammers,” “My Windjammers Unlimited” and similar monikers. During the 1980s and 1990s and the era of acronyms, some simply said “MyWJU” and “WJU.”

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Windjammers Summer Meet, Baraboo, Wisconsin, July 11-16, 2023

A Word from the WJU President

Don Covington, WJU President

You won’t want to miss the summer meet in Baraboo in July. Baraboo is where the Ringling Bros. founded their first circus. Thanks to that heritage, we will be presenting concerts in locations that perfectly mirror our goals of preservation, education and performance.

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Windjammers at Baraboo 2016 (one of two performance groups)
The band was divided in half, one for the morning and one for the afternoon performance. This is the morning performance. In July 2023 we will be all together in the center ring at 9:30 on Saturday morning..

Enjoy the Circus after Our Saturday Morning Concert!

This was the Big Top Show when Windjammers participated in the 2021 Central States Circus Soiree. It is the venue for this year’s concert before the circus performance on Saturday morning.
Windjammers Concert 9:30 a.m., Circus Performance11:00 a.m.

In Baraboo, we will present concerts at Circus World, the Wisconsin Historical Society’s circus museum located at the site of Ringling Bros. original winter quarters. We will also perform on the Baraboo town square’s Thursday evening summer concert series. As a bonus, Baraboo is home to current and retired circus people who appreciate the importance of the unique music created for their art form. We couldn’t ask for more enthusiastic and attentive audiences.

“May all your days be Circus Days!”

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