This is a historical compendium of each Laureate and their contributions to the American Circus and its Music. A few WJU Members, indicated by an asterisk (*), were honored “For Service to Windjammers Unlimited.” However, a change was made and from 2018 onward, such honorees are recognized under Meritorious Service Awards.


Laureates By Decade


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1970s Hall of Fame

1974Karl L King – 1
Karl L. King – 2
Karl L. King – 3
Circus Bandleader – ComposerFort Dodge, IA; Paintersville, OH (hometown)
1974Merle Evans – 1
Merle Evans – 2
Merle Evans – 3
Circus Bandleader – Composer, Charter Member WJU #22
(3) Merle Evans Interview 7/18/1985
Sarasota, FL; Columbus, KS (hometown)
1975Fred Jewell – 1
Fred Jewell – 2
Fred Jewell – 3
Circus Bandleader – ComposerWorthington, IN
1975Robert Hoe, Jr.Philanthropist, Band Enthusiast, Collector – EuphoniumPoughkeepsie, NY
1976Henry Kyes – 1
Henry Kyes – 2
Circus BandleaderSarasota, FL
1976Vic Robbins – 1
Vic Robbins – 2
Circus Bandleader – ComposerHodgdon, ME
1977A. Lee HinckleyCircus BandleaderLafayette, IN
1978Russell AlexanderEuphonium Soloist – ComposerNevada, MO
1979Ramon EscorciaCircus BandleaderNew Orleans, LA

1980s Hall of Fame

1980Charles E. Duble – 1
Charles E. Duble – 2
Trombone – Historian – ComposerJeffersonville, IN
1981J. J. RichardsCircus Bandleader – ComposerWales, England
1982Albert C. SweetCircus Bandleader – ComposerChicago, IL
1983Charles L. BarnhouseComposer, Music PublisherOskaloosa, IA
1984Walter P. EnglishCircus Bandleader – ComposerSalt Lake City, UT
1985Leonard B. SmithDetroit Concert Band Ldr – Cornet Soloist – WJU #230Detroit, MI
1986Paul YoderComposer – Music Educator –  WJU Grand Forks, ND
1987Earle M. MossHistorian –  Circus Bandleader – Charter Member WJU #19Maryville, MO
1988Henry FillmoreComposer – Publisher –  Band LeaderCincinnati, OH
1989Douglas D. MacLeod*Percussionist  – Historian –  WJU #407Dearborn, MI

1990s Hall of Fame

1990Ward Stauth*WJU Past Pres. –  Fanfare Editor –  Tuba, Charter Member WJU #82Corydon, IN
1991Clinton “Johnnie” EvansCircus Bandsman –  tubaCooleemee, NC
1992James A. PerkinsCircus Bandsman –  WJUChatfield, MN
1993Ray “Red” FloydCircus BandsmanWinterset, IA
1994Leonard Paul LuckeyCircus Music Historian and  PerformerBaraboo, WI
1995Hale A. VandercookCircus Bandleader – ComposerAnn Arbor, MI
1996Perry G. Lowery – 1
Perry G. Lowery – 2
Circus Sideshow Bandleader – ComposerEureka, KS
1997William PruynRBBB Musical Dir/Bandleader – WJU #914Sarasota, FL
1998Everette JamesCircus BandleaderBeaumont, TX
1999Eddie WoecknerCircus BandleaderPeru, IN

2000s Hall of Fame

2000Robert D. Peckham*WJU Past Pres, Fanfare Editor – Trombonist, WJU #121Athens, GA
2001Jack BellCircus BandleaderColgate, OK
2002Joe BrowningCornetistDes Moines, IA
2003Joseph GortonCircus BandleaderFriendship, NY
2003Lewis Bader – 1
Lewis Bader – 2
TromboneSpringfield, OH
2004Carl ClairCircus Bandleader – ComposerGrinnell, IA
2005Joseph A. Emidy – 1
Joseph A. Emidy – 2
Circus Sideshow BandleaderProvidence, RI
2005William MerrickCircus BandleaderZanesville, OH
2006William SweeneyCircus BandmasterSheriden, WY
2006Ned KendallCircus Bandleader, Keyed Bugler SoloistBoston, MA
2007Charles SchlarbaumCircus Bandleader, Composer, WJU Charter Member #61Vinton, IA
2007Joe StefanCircus Bandleader – TrumpetCleveland, OH
2008George GanweilerCircus BandleaderQuincy, IL
2009Harry CriglerCircus Bandleader – CornetBloomington, IN
2009Sverre O. BraathenCircus Music Historian, Charter Member WJU #9Madison, WI

2010s Hall of Fame

2010Carl “Pops” NeelCircus BandleaderBedford, VA
2010Harvey PhillipsCircus Bandsman – Music  Educator(TubaRanch) Bloomington, IN
2011Charles L. GebestCircus Bandleader – ComposerMadison, IN
2012William F WeldonCircus BandmasterWoodstock, IL
2012Mike Montgomery*WJU Secretary, Convention Host, Brass Musician, WJU #962Bradenton, FL
2013Charles Bennett Jr.*-1
Charles Bennett, Jr.– 2
Trumpet, WJU Co-Founder WJU #1Wichita, KS
2013Robert P. Hills Jr.*Charter Member WJU #71, WJU 1st President, Composer, Tuba, Piccolo, Columbus, OH
2014Charlie StevensonCircus BandmasterCorpus Christi, TX
2014Joe BasileCircus BandmasterNewark, NJ
2016Richard WhitmarshDirector South Shore Circus Band, trumpet,
WJU #143
E. Bridgewater, MA
2017Keith GreeneCircus Bandmaster, TrumpetAsheboro, NC; Sarasota, FL
2017Paul BierleyMusician, Author, tuba, WJU #255Westerville, OH
2018Thomas G. CanhamCircus Bandmaster, Keyed Bugler Soloistborn: Isle of Jersey, England
2019Charles Edward RinglingVaudevillian, Ringling Bros. Circus Owner, EntrepreneurMacGregor, IA; Baraboo, WI; Sarasota, FL
2019Norman E.  SmithMusician, Historian, Author, WJU #417Lake Charles, LA

2020s Hall of Fame

2020James S. RobinsonCircus BandleaderMorristown, NJ
2020James P. WolfscaleCircus Sideshow BandmasterChicago, IL
2022John Sterling “Jack” PhillipsCircus BandleaderColumbus, OH