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The Index has grown over the years, a result of longevity of WJU and increasing content of the publication. With 50 years of content, and almost 300 issues, the Circus Fanfare Index can be unwieldy. So, we’ve decided to break it into DECADES, allowing for easier perusing and management.

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Index by Decade


To access and peruse the Circus Fanfare Index, click on the specific DECADE as outlined above. NOTE: You may see and search the decade index but must have a valid Membership or Subscription to actually access and read the individual issues of Circus Fanfare.

A Little History About The Index

A special thanks goes to April Zink (WJU #1253), Past Editor of Fanfare (2006-2015), Musician, and a go-to person when it comes to all things circus music related. April’s continued contributions not only to WJU, but also several other organizations is seldom recognized, but is monumentally appreciated. April put the first Fanfare Index together in 2006, and has maintained it since.

In April Zink’s own words…

“This Circus Fanfare Index is published in memory of L. Edward Ballenger. He insisted Windjammers needed an index of articles. By his persistence and many e-mails listing every article and letter, he inspired me to catalog every printed Circus Fanfare for the first-ever Circus Fanfare Index in 2006. Since then the Index has been expanded to include a list of officers and convention locations. I dedicate this monumental effort to his memory. I will fondly remember him and his tireless efforts to further the mission of Windjammers.”

Transmittal Letter, December 2017 Circus Fanfare Index Updates