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Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

This is for former WJU members who wish to re-join.
If available, your original Member Number assigned to you.

IF you were a member in 2019 (when this website was created), OR you joined after that year, you probably already have a basic account here under the username and email you had at that time, and it will be best to renew with that account.
So if you can still use that email, first try to log in to that account. There is a “Lost Password” link on the login page that will email you a password reset link if you need that.
If you succeed in logging in, you will find yourself at a “Membership Maintenance” page through which you can renew your membership.
CLICK HERE to attempt login. If you do not succeed with the above, continue below.

ELSE if you were not a member in 2019 or any year since, or you tried the above and couldn’t get it to work, then CLICK HERE to join like a new member, and note in the “Special Request” box of the signup form that you are a returning member (include your former member number if you know it).

If none of the above works for you, CLICK HERE to contact us for help.