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Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

This is for any person who was previously a member of WJU and wishes to re-join.
If available, your original Member Number assigned to you.

If you do not wish to register and pay online,
you may download a fillable PDF form to create your Membership Application.
CLICK HERE for more information and instructions about how to download and use that form.

A two-part process is used:

  • STEP 1: Apply
  • STEP 2: Pay

By submitting your application and/or payment you agree to the Membership Agreement.

Step -1: REINSTATEMENT Member Application Form

Your reinstatement will become effective immediately with your payment of the current annual dues.
You will receive an email with instructions how to login to this site.
Note that when you first log on you must change the initial password that is assigned.
Your Member Number and other pertinent information will be added within a few weeks once your application has been fully processed and the database updated.

Please provide all necessary information to prevent delays in processing.

If you are rejoining as a family, also enter information for the second family member.
If the second family member does not have a different email address,
leave that box blank (we will create a pro forma “” address for them
which we will use only for administrative purposes).

Step – 2: Payment Processing

NOTE: IF you are unable to successfully submit your payment online in Step-2, please mail a check to:
Windjammers Unlimited Inc, 82 Country Club Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108-1262

Please select the Membership level you requested, and proceed with your payment.
You may include your donation in this transaction. All payments are safely processed by PayPal.
WJU stores no credit card information.

Level Price  
IND $50.00 now.
Membership expires on 2023-12-31.
FAM $60.00 now.
Membership expires on 2023-12-31.
STU $20.00 now.
Membership expires on 2023-12-31.

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