2022 Summer Convention, July 12-17 Springfield, MO

Registration is available online and by mail

The 2022 Summer Convention will be held Tuesday, July 12 to Sunday, July 17, starting with
registration on Tuesday evening and playing sessions from Wednesday morning through Friday.
Saturday’s schedule will include a morning rehearsal, afternoon concert, and evening banquet.
Three evening performances are also scheduled out in the Springfield community to promote
the organization, share a concert of our favorite kind of music, and build a return audience for
the Saturday finale concert. The rehearsals and finale events will be held at the Oasis
Convention Center.

Accommodations: The Oasis Hotel has been designated as the recommended hotel for Windjammers in Springfield. This property is located at 2456 N. Glenstone, which is a few blocks south of Exit 80 on Interstate 44. A negotiated rate of $119/ night (plus tax) for all standard rooms, and $209/night for suites. This is a completely non-smoking property. The Oasis is newly-renovated and updated within this past calendar year. The rooms are very fresh and clean, comfortable, and nicely decorated. The Holiday Inn and Suites, located two blocks north at 2720 N. Glenstone, will match the $119 rates offered by the Oasis for both a standard double and standard king as part of a courtesy block of rooms held until June 12.

Oasis Hotel and Convention Center
(417) 866-5253
Identify yourself with WINDJAMMERS
Standard group rate: $119/night + tax
Suite group rate: $209/night + tax

Alternate Hotel
Holiday Inn and Suites
(417) 865-8600
$119/night + tax
Code WINDJAMMERS until June 12

If you are unable to secure accommodations at either hotel, there are several others along Glenstone between I-44 and Kearney.

Rehearsal/recording sessions and concert performance: : We will form one large band, and play in a double meeting room in the Oasis Convention Center. The concert performance will take place Saturday afternoon in the Oasis’ Grand Ballroom.

Meals: Two meals are included with your registration: The Saturday banquet and Sunday brunch. As we rehearse for the Saturday afternoon concert, our rehearsal rooms will be prepared for dinner and brunch. For the banquet, you have a choice from three entrée selections (see registration form.) We know that some of you plan to leave early on Sunday, and will not stay for brunch. To help us plan for the appropriate number, please indicate on the form whether or not you plan to stay for brunch on Sunday. While we cannot offer any partial refunds for those leaving early, this will help us control costs and ensure that the WJU meets the catering requirement for complimentary rehearsal and performance facility use.

Evening Concerts: Two 7:30 pm outdoor concerts are planned for Wednesday (Park Central Square) and Friday (Springfield Art Museum greenspace), and also a 5:30 pm Circus/German band on Thursday at Mother’s Brewing Company. Each event needs volunteers to play a concert based on selections from the day’s sessions. Please indicate your interest in these events and rank your choices in participating. We will attempt to select approximately 25 players for Wednesday and Friday. The Thursday event is a social hour at the brewery that follows an afternoon set aside to invite area band directors to sit in and play with the group, to promote WJU and share the music we enjoy. We hope to introduce the organization to a wide sample of our region’s band directors and grow the membership.

Friday Outing:  While Springfield offers a wide variety of sightseeing options within an easy distance of the Oasis, we want to offer an afternoon tour of the “Cave State’s” local attractions, Fantastic Caverns. This venue is only a few miles north of the city and offers a unique backstory to the region’s history. The entire tour is provided by Jeep-drawn trams.

Attire and Equipment: Your standard concert attire is white shirt or blouse (long or short sleeve), black slacks or skirt, black shoes and black socks-NO TIES. Please bring your own music stand. Individual folders will be provided to each registrant. All other events, including the banquet, are casual. It is usually quite hot in Springfield in mid-July, so please dress comfortably for any of the outdoor activities. Basic percussion will be provided but percussion section members are welcome to bring their own instruments.

Certification and Cancellation: Only members in good standing (who have paid WJU membership dues for 2022) may participate. If your membership has lapsed, you may click here to renew.

Registrations must be received by June 12, 2022. Cancellations received after June 12, 2022 are not refundable. Checks must be made payable to “WINDJAMMERS UNLIMITED.”

Registration is open only to WJU members in good standing (who have paid WJU membership dues for 2022). If your membership has lapsed, you may click here to renew.

Questions? Please contact Marvin Manring at marvin.manring@gmail.com or (417) 276-9456.

Registration Closed

Download PDF of Final 2022 Summer Convention Schedule 7-13-2022

Windjammers Board COVID Policy Your Windjammers Board of Directors is pleased to welcome everyone back to our Summer Meet in Springfield! Each of us has missed performing together for two summers, and we are all excited to play music again – TOGETHER! One of the major challenges the Board faces, however, is to keep our Windjammers band family healthy, safe, and secure during the current state of COVID in our respective areas. Whatever your position, from either perspective, we must play with the cards we are dealt. Yes, we hear the phrase often, “Covid will be with us from now on … get used to it” but many Windjammers must choose safety due to their age and underlying medical issues that are not divulged publicly. Their health conditions make it very important that they do not become infected with COVID.

The absence of a COVID policy is not responsible, so for the above reasons and based on what we know today, the WJU Board has adopted a COVID policy that all Windjammers musicians be vaccinated. This vaccination policy is not about choosing sides; rather it is about respecting all of the members of the Windjammers band family in this uncertain and ever-changing environment. Also, each band member is asked to monitor his or her own health situation and skip attendance or events if sick, for the care and concern of our members and audience. Members can continue to wear face masks and practice distancing at the summer meet … that’s their personal choice. In the end, we ask for your cooperation about being vaccinated. We want to keep everyone safe and to play music together in Springfield! Hope to see you there!