Here is the top-notch Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus band under Merle Evans in a live show performance, recorded directly from the sound board. This happened at their performance at Madison Square Garden on April 20, 1950. See Eric Beheim’s article on the 1950 Musical Program in the March/April 2019 Circus Fanfare. The special music for production numbers was by Henry Sullivan, as he had done since 1948 and would do again in 1951. As this 1950 Edition was beginning its under canvas tour, John Ringling North and his production staff were already planning for the 1951 Edition and Ringling’s role in Cecil B. DeMille’s “Greatest Show on Earth” feature film.

Track 1 – Overture – 1950 Ringling Program – Seville, When Dreams Come True, Old Vienna, Jungle Drums
Track 2 – Albert Rix mixed bear act – Quality Plus, The Mosquitoes’ Parade, The Teddy Bears Picnic, Spring Beautiful Spring, The Caravan Club, Circus Echoes Galop
Track 3 – Paul Jung clown acts – The Whistler and His Dog
Track 4 – Ugo Troupe “leapers” – The Storming of El Caney galop
Track 5 – Various aerial acts – Song of the Marines, Ain’t She Sweet, Rock-A-Bye Your Baby, Fine and Dandy.
Track 6 – Three riding troupes – Bareback Acts – Espana Waltz, Volare, William Tell Overture, Dance of the Hours, El Cumbanchero
Track 7 – Riding troupes continued
Track 8 – Comedy routine – Gutis Gorilla Parody – Goody, Goody; Tiger Rag; Dixieland medley
Track 9 – SPEC: When Dreams Come True
Track 10 – Unus balancing act – Deep Purple, Sopisticated Lady, Awakening of Spring
Track 11 – Clown walk around – Muskrat Ramble
Track 12 – Liberty horses – Light Cavalry Overture, March of the Spanish Soldiery, Italian Riflemen March, Sunnyland Waltzs, unk galop, Blue Danube Waltz
Track 13 – Clown act – Booster Rag, Annie Laurie in Swingtime
Track 14 – Contortionist Leon DeRousseau – Body & Soul
Track 15 – Acrobats – The Bastinado, The Prince of Decorah, The Big Cage
Track 16 – Elephants – Baptiste Schreiber – Argentina, Cuban Pete, Green Eyes, Aida Grand March
Track 17 – Aerial Ballet: SEVILLE – Orchids in the Moonlight, La Golindrina
Track 18 – Clown walk around – Big Time Boogie
Track 19 – Jugglers – Comedians Galop, The Russian Sailors Dance
Track 20 – Chaser
Track 21 – Charles Peterson’s Jockey Dogs – The Purple Pageant, Trombone Blues, The Walking Frog, Broadway One Stop, Eclipse Galop
Track 22 – Clown walk around – South Rampart Street Parade
Track 23 – Flying acts – Under White Tents, Roseland Waltzes, Winter Sports Galop
Track 24 – Clown walk around – High Ridin
Track 25 – Ménage: OLD VIENNA – Artist’s Life Waltz, Vienna City of My Dreams, La Cucaracha, The Toreador Song, Light Calvary Overture
Track 26 – Old Vienna continued
Track 27 – Geraledos – Ride of the Valkyries, Shadow Waltz
Track 28 – Chaser
Track 29 – Bicycle Act – While on Parade, On the Sunny Side of the Street, Stop It! galop
Track 30 – Alanza high wire – The Royal Bridesmaids March, The Crimson Petal March, Strike up the Band
Track 31 – SPEC: JUNGLE DRUMS – Elephants
Track 32 – Closing – Exit Music – Seville, Jungle Drums