Circus performance recorded in South Philadelphia on Tuesday, August 18, 1970. Cliff Moresi, bandleader of a 6-piece band. Thx to Eric Beheim for digitizing the tape from the Dunwoody Collection and to Don Covington for identifying the acts and tunes.

This was the James Bros. Circus in the United States. At about the same time, there was a James Bros. Circus in England. The two shows were not related. James Bros (U.S.) was a “contract show” that assembled circus packages for Shrine dates, fraternal organizations and fairs.  The talent line-up would depend on the budget of the sponsor.  This performance in Philadelphia must have been a healthy contract with a big cage act, elephants and the six-piece band. 

Track 1
Overture…Upbeat medley of portions of Olympic Hippodrome, Entry of the Gladiators and Billboard.
Fanfare. Welcome announcement.
Cage Act    Baron Julius Von Uhl. Entry of the Gladiators,
Caravan, Born Free, Reprise of Opening medley (Olympia Hippodrome, Entry of Gladiators, Billboard)

Track 2
Cage Act (continued) Jungle Queen, (Latin number), Big Cage Galop, MIle a Minute Galop
Trampoline  Hernandez Brothers. Get Happy, Fine and Dandy, California Here I Come
Clowns Ain’t She Sweet

Track 3
Clowns (continued)
Aerial ballet The Sound of Music, Watch What Happens, Fly me to the Moon, (upbeat chaser)
Ponies and dogs (upbeat show tunes), (Latin number), Mission Impossible theme, Sabre Dance

Track 5
Incline cable ascent progressive chords, Fine and Dandy
Chair balancing, juggling (Show tunes), Fine and Dandy
Clowns (Mambo), Hava Nagila

Track 4
Hand balancing Drum break, (Latin medley)

Track 6
Elephants Entry of the Gladiators, Abba Dabba Honeymoon, Entry of the Gladiators at galop speed
Farewell announcements