Robert Hoe V (1922-1983) launched a project to record as many marches as possible, producing them on LP records. Ultimately, there were nine series of records totaling 263 LPs overall. It’s estimated he gave away over 250,000 individual records to those who appreciate them. Specifically, the Heritage of the March series is comprised of 185 vinyl records of marches and galops released from 1973 to 1988. They are numbered 1 to 90 and A through QQQQ. This set is labeled EE and recorded December 11-12, 1976 in Athens, GA in the Forest Resources Auditorium at the University of Georgia. Charles Schlarbaum (WJU #61) is conducting. Personnel included Schlarbaum (Bandmaster Royal Hanneford Circus), Charles Bertini (Solo cornet; bandmaster Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus), Horst Geyer (Tubist, Clyde Beatty Cole Bros.), Fred Dettman (dentist, Ft Meyers, FL), Robert Hoe (Euphonium & sponsor, Poughkeepsie, NY). Other bandmembers were locals. Permission has been granted to post these to our website by Robert Hoe VI & the Bob Hoe Music Collection Foundation.

This Heritage of the March Set EE included only tunes by Charles E. Duble (1884-1960) or Walter Paul “Woody” English (1867-1916)

Beyond the Rockies – English 2:20 (Barnhouse 1905)

Bravura – Duble 2:26

Culinary King – English 2:29 (Smith 1917)

Evans Fashion Plate – Duble 2:08

Instantaneous Rag – English 2:39 (Jenkins 1915)

Jewell’s Triumphal – English 2:28 (York 1908)

Luna Dome – Duble 1:50

Martin’s Boast – English 1:55 (Martin 1915)

Mile-a-Minute Galop – English 1:46 (Barnhouse 1903)

Our Congress – Duble 2:46

Prince Imperial – Duble 2:09

Ringling Bros. Grand Entree – Duble 2:24

Royal Pageant – English 2:23 (Boos 1895)

Sounds from the Harem – Duble 2:49

The Girl of Eagle Ranch – English 2:48 (Jenkins 1914)

The Warrior – Duble 2:07

Under White Tents Galop – English 1:36 (Boos 1894)

Under White Tents March – Duble 2:02

Wild Fire Galop – English 1:46 (Barnhouse 1909)