The Windjammers Unlimited Summer Meet July 23-27, 2003 had a significant concert at the amphitheater in Chatauqua, NY. The recordings included here from that concert were from a CD copy obtained by John Fleming. Because of illnesses of several conductors the original program was modified. Bill Roosa was the Meet host.

A list of the Windjammers Members participating can be found HERE. Enjoy listening to the tunes from that excellent concert in Chatauqua!

America Forever (Zeanor) – Bill Hastings conducting

Under the Guiding Star (Stieberitz) – Bill Roosa conducting

Tria Trio (Richards) – trumpeters Alex Wilson, Don Albright, John Wetzel

Souvenirs (Walton) – Don Albright conducting

The President’s Own (Ollie Zinnsmeister) – Keith House conducting

The Rookies (Drumm) – Silvester McElroy conducting

March of the Siamese (Lincke) – John Roman conducting

Carnival of Roses (Olivadoti) – Al Nacinovich conducting

Honey Boys on Parade (Cupero) – John Fleming conducting

A Clown Band Contest (Pryor) – Art Himmelberger conducting

Hungarian March – Hank Carr conducting

Cyrus the Great (King) – Jason Fox conducting

Among the Roses Waltz (Barnhouse) – Bill Yoh conducting

Torch Procession No. 3 Wedding March (Meyerbeer) – Loras Schissel conducting, accompanied by Ralph Bacha on the Chatauqua grand organ and antiphonal trumpets.

Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite (King) – Loras Schissel conducting

INTERMISSION – followed by
a 25-person circus band conducted by Charles Schlarbaum, former bandmaster Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus and organizer of Windjammers Unlimited’s first Convention, 30 years prior in 1973 in Key Biscayne, FL.

Ringling Bros. Grand Entree (Sweet)

Algeria (King)

Show World (Richards)

Garland Entry (King)

Broadway One-Step (King)

Robbins Bros. Triumphal (A. Hughes)