The 2012 WJU Summer Meet was held July 17-22, 2012 at the Liberty Mountain Resort near Gettysburg, PA. Bill Link and his companion Marjorie VonDrach were the hosts for this event. Concerts were held on that Friday night at Waynesboro Senior High School and Saturday afternoon at Gettysburg Senior High School. This meet was held during the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War battles in that area. The concerts were performed in memory of the late Karl Thompson, a dedicated musician with a passion for playing music with the Windjammers.

A recording of the concerts was professional made and CDs produced. Here are the tunes from that CD.

Track 1 Fanfare and Children’s March (Giacomo Argento)

Track 2 Honey Boys on Parade (E.V. Cupero, 1914) – Don Albright, conducting

Track 3 Excelsior Galop (Karl King, 1910) – John Fleming, conducting

Track 4 Tripoli March (Angelo D’Anna, 1920) – Loris John Schissel, conducting

Track 5 Hampden Firemen (G.R. Rehrer, 1926) – Jay Kahn, conducting

Track 6 Deep Purple (Peter DeRose, 1934) – John Roman, conducting

Track 7 Gypsy Queen Overture (Karl King, 1914) – John Roman, conducting

Track 8 Invictus (Karl King, 1956) – Rush Ward, conducting

Track 9 Old Timers Waltz (arr. M.L. Lake, 1917) – Vicki Baker, conducting

Track 10 Goodbye All! (Mayhew Lake, 1936) – Vicki Baker, conducting

Track 11 Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite (Karl King, 1912)

Track 12 Saxie Pike QuickStep (Alanzo Bond, 1859) – Mary Anne Harp, conducting

Track 13 L’Attaque Galop (arr. Brookfield, 1863) – Ron Keller, conducting

Track 14 The Blue and Grey Patrol C.W. Dalbey, 1896) – Don Albright, conducting

Track 15 The Linnets’ Parade (Mark Brewer, 1936) – Don Albright conducting, Wendy Schmell pic solo

Track 16 King of Terror March (W.P. Chambers, 1892) – John Roman, conducting

Track 17 March Slurrioso (George Rosenkrantz, 1918) – Dr. David Collings, conducting

Track 18 The Poet, Peasant and Light Calvary (Henry Fillmore, 1915) – Al Nacinovich, conducting

Track 19 Cupid’s Charms Serenade (H.C. Miller, 1902) 0 Mary Anne Harpe, conducting