Sixty Years By the Bandstand

By Charles Bennett Jr, Co-Founder (WJU #1)

SOURCE: 2012-01 Circus Fanfare

I was glad to see Dave Priester has joined Windjammers. I remember Dave as being a part of the 1971 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band. In the early years of our club, all members were either “troupers” or die-hard “circus buffs”. We now have several members from the Beatty-Cole bands in the 1970s in the club. You fellows now need to work on getting Cunningham, Rankin, Nichols, and Bertini on board. I can envision a Beatty-Cole reunion as an unofficial Windjammers meet. I’d be there and buy the steaks!

Charles Schlarbaum,
Bandleader Beatty-Cole 1971

I thought I would give you a little information on the circus bands that did troupe in 1971. I will do a run down on the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. and King Bros. Circus bands. I caught both these shows several times that year. Yes, in large part, it was because both shows had good bands!

The 1971 Beatty-Cole band was under the direction of Chuck Schlarbaum. It was sort of a “transition” year for the Beatty-Cole band. In previous years, the band was made up of old “troupers” some of whom had trouped for over 50 years. The 1971 band wiped the slate clean. Personnel that year included: Chuck Schlarbaum, bandmaster and trumpet; Al Richards, solo trumpet; Lindy Duarte, first cornet; Dave Kennedy and Dave Priester, trombones; Tai Chan, drums; Jim Lawrence, baritone; and Morris Black, tuba. This was an excellent show band. Chan really gave some dramatic backing to the acts, and the brass players were all excellent.

Following is the “book” used on the 1971 Beatty-Cole program:

  1. Opening Overture– Ringmaster March– Walters
  2. Dave Hoover’s Cat Act
    A. William Tell– Rossini
    B. Royal Decree– English
    C. Robinson’s Grand Entry– King
    D. Himalaya– Henry
    E. Temple Dance– Leigh
    F. Asia Minor– Cobb
    G. Big Cage Galop– King
  3. Aerial acts over end rings
    A. Entry of the Heralds– Chenette
    B. Close to You
    C. As Time Goes By
    D. Double Time Galop– Briegel
  4. Clowns- Pink Lemonade– Weidt
  5. Jugglers
    A. It’s Impossible
    B. Love Me Tonight
    C. Speed One Step– Biese
    D. Broadway One Step– King
  6. Zerbini acro act
    A. Lullaby of Broadway
    B. Applause
  7. Baby Bulls in end rings
    A. Animal Crackers in My Soup
    B. How Dry I Am
    C. Dragnet Theme
    D. Pomone Waltz– Waldteufel
    E. Talk to the Animals
  8. Clown Walkaround Snake
    A. Out of the East– Rosey
    B. Jungle Queen– Barnard
    C. Let’s Go Galop– Panella
  9. Ruwills acro; Ramos finger stand
    A. Heartaches
    B. Moonlight and Roses
    C. More
    D. Fly Me to the Moon
  10. Angela Wilnow- Indian Dog Act
    A. Indian Dance
    B. I’m an Old Cowhand
    C. Oklahoma
    D. Indian Dance
    E. San Antonio Rose
    F. Passing of the Red Man– King
    G. Cowboy Capers– Allen
  11. Aerial Ballet swinging ladders,
    featuring Maryse Begary, single
    A. Paree March
    B. The Last Time I Saw Paris
    C. One Love
    D. Live For Life
    E. The Boy Next Door
    F. Last Time I Saw Paris
    G. Special Waltz for Begary
    H. Paree March- Exit
  12. Suarez Riding Act
    A. Guadalajara
    B. Cielito Lindo
    C. Juan Colorado
    D. Mexico Lindo
    E. Rancho Grande
    F. El Cable
    G. La Banda Dominguera
    H. La Lorona
    I. La Bikina
    J. Guadalajara
  13. Comedy acro acts
    A. Brasilia
    B. Wall Street Rag
    C. Casa Loma Stomp
  14. Clown Walkaround-
    Strut Miss Lizzie– Creamer
  15. Perch pole acts:
    A. Sells-Floto Triumphal– King
    B. Serenata
    C. Watch What Happens
    D. Brazilia
    E. Visalia Galop– Richards
  16. Les Blocks, high wire
    A. Valencia
    B. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    C. Romona
    D. La Paloma
    E. Green Leaves of Summer
    F. Mas Deprisa Galop
  17. Clown Walkaround-
    Cotton Time– Daniels
  18. Capt. Fred Logan’s Three Rings of
    Bulls (that’s the elephants)
    A. Northwind– Chambers
    B. And the Band Played On
    C. Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses
    D. The Pitt Panthers– Panella
    E. Merry Go Round
    F. Elephant Hop
    G. The Messenger– Barnhouse
    H. Becky From Babylon– Silver
    I. Hosts of Freedom– King
  19. Elephant long mount
    A. Hosts of Freedom– King
    B. Sinfonia Fanfare– Schlarbaum
    C. Hosts of Freedom– King
  20. Teeterboard acts
    A. Parade Espagnole
    B. Viva Irun
    C. Odekas Galop
  21. Flying Apollos
    A. Fanfare Number 6– Cacavas
    B. Pageant of Columbia– Vandercook
    C. Merry Widow Waltz– Lehar
    D. Southern Roses Waltz– Strauss
    E. Myrtle Waltz– Jewell
    F. Under White Tents Galop– English
  22. Exit March
    A. Circus On Parade-Rodgers

As you can see this was a great “musical book” that Chuck used for the 1971 performance. His was NOT for the weak of heart. This bunch of Windjammers could really cut it. My notes say that once in awhile a different tune was used for a walk-around. Next time we will take a look at the 1971 King Bros. Band and selections they used for the performance.

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