2007 Summer Meet Flashback

Source: Circus Fanfare, Vol. 37, No. 4, August, 2007, First Windjammers International Meet

WJU mywju windjammers 2007 International Summer Meet
Kingston, ON City Hall Concert

Editor’s Note: This is a series of snapshots lifted from articles and highlights detailing the 2007 Summer Meet in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The entire Circus Fanfare issue is a fascinating read and highly recommended. Read it in it’s entirety in the MEMBERS ONLY – CIRCUS FANFARE contents of MYWJU. Members in good standing may access Circus Fanfare editions by using their valid credentials to LOGIN. Not a member? JOIN TODAY.

A GRAND OPENING to what would sometimes be a rain-soaked event
mywju Windjammers 2007 Summer Meet
Host Paul Burchert and Kingston’s Town Crier

“Oyez, oyez, oyez” cried our Kingston Town Crier… 2 hours late! On Wednesday, July 18th, Town Crier, Chris Wyman welcomed the
Windjammers Unlimited to the 2007 Summer Meet in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Meet registration was the day before on Tuesday, in the sauna-like area of the Atrium of the Ambassador Hotel. Sauna-like because the Atrium is located next to the indoor waterslide, splash zone for the little kiddies, and heated pools.

Conductors with International Flare

Two First of May Conductors debuted at the International Summer Meet: Gino Falconi and Sylvain Gagnon

“It was a pleasure to make music with the Windjammers in Kingston last week. This is a wonderful and committed group of musicians who know the power and joy of making music. I learned much about circus music as well as enjoyed making new friends.”

Major Gino Falconi, Ret’d-Director of Music Emeritus, Royal Regiment of Canada
WJU mywju Windjammers
Sylvain Gagnon and Gino Falconi

Sylvain Gagnon is a native of Shawinigan, Quebec. He began playing music in high school and his keen interest led him to learn all instruments in the band. Besides playing with BrassWerks and The Kingston Symphony Brass Quintet, Sylvain is the Band Master of the Royal Military College of Canada. Jack-of-all-trades, he also plays trombone, Euphonium, Electric and Double-Bass in all styles of music. He is currently Principal Tuba with the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, the King’s Brass and the Quintessential Brass.

Fifty Years by the Bandstand, Charles Bennett JR (WJU #001)…

“The life of a circus musician was not an easy one. Playing all the notes was but a small part of the challenges at hand. Besides being able to handle a difficult “book” of music twice a day, usually for a performance over 90 minutes long, there were weather problems to contend with and living conditions that were less than ideal. You haven’t lived until, on a hot day with the outside temperature at 95 degrees, with the temperature under the big top well over 100, 12 large elephants run in kicking up so much dust
the sideman can barely see the Bandmaster! Add to this the cold and rain with hail storms early in the season, and maybe a touch of snow in the last weeks of the season and it becomes quite an ordeal!”
=====> continued in Circus Fanfare Vol. 37, No. 4

CLICK HERE to read the entire Vol. 37, No. 4 issue of Circus Fanfare and all the details of WJU’s FIRST International Summer Meet?

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