Concert Favorites of Windjammers

January 13, 2021 7:00PM – Relive the historical performances produced by Andy Rawls.

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A Collection of Performances 2015-2020 Produced by Andy Rawls (WJU #3435)

Nearly 70 WJU Members were enthralled watching this Concert, produced by Andy Rawls (WJU #3435). This outstanding collection featured performances between 2015 and 2020, including Oskaloosa and Sarasota. Want the playlist? Watch the concert.

Andy, married to Malinda Rawls (WJU #1859), is a Non-Playing Member who has brought his skills to Windjammers, building a collection of raw recordings from every event he has attended. As a professional videographer, editor and producer (not retired), uses 3 or more cameras to capture the moments.

Hey Andy, why are you doing this? “We have a treasure in Windjammers and I am thrilled that now we have an outlet to use all of this video content on our website and in our preservation archives.” Andy’s exuberance is infectious… as you see in the finished produces.

Members are welcome to log-in and enjoy the concert. CLICK HERE for a link to all the performances of the 2021 Virtual Convention

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