WJU’s Summer Meet and 50th Annual Convention Concert Circus Band played its finale public concert in the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center’s Grand Ballroom on July 17, 2022. Here are the tunes from that performance. Thanks to Andy Rawls for recording them.

1 Quality Plus (Fred Jewell)

2 The Golden Dragon Overture (Karl King)

3 Shield of Liberty (J.J. Richards)

4 The Walking Frog (Karl King)

5 Red Wagon March (Merle Evans)

6 Among the Roses (C.L. Barnhouse)

7 From Tropic to Tropic (Russell Alexander)

8 Mr. Trombonology (Nathaniel C Davis)

9 March of the Tartars (Karl King)

10 The P.E.O. March (C.L. Barnhouse)

11 Light Calvary Overture (Franz von Suppe, arr. Henry Fillmore)

12 Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite (Karl King)