Provided by Eric Beheim, WJU #66

In 1961, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ringmaster, Harold Ronk, was featured on this long-playing album of music taken largely from Ringling production numbers and the DeMille film “The Greatest Show on Earth.” During his early years with Ringling, Ronk only appeared during those “big venue” performances that took place in Madison Square Garden, the Boston Garden, and Philadelphia. Then beginning in 1957, the first year Ringling went out as an “indoor” circus, he toured with the show for the entire season. Ronk had a 30-year career (1951-1981) with Ringling.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Popcorn and Lemonade

Mister Ringmaster, That’s Me

Over and Over Again

Be A Clown

The Great Splendoured Spectacle


Swing Hi, Swing Lo

Polka Dot Polka

Be A Jumping Jack

Circus Lullaby

Grand Finale