By Eric Beheim –
Here are files of band organ music, taken from a commercial tape I ordered back in 1970 from an outfit called Baptist Sound & Manufacturing which was once located in Jacksonville, Illinois.  Baptist Sound, which primarily did sound system installations in outdoor venues, sold band organ tapes to amusement parks and carousel operators that didn’t have working band organs.  The recordings are monophonic, but the selection of tunes is quite interesting. Envision these tunes on an amusement park carousel or a band organ located on a circus Midway.

1. Royal Trumpeters
2. Lights Out
3. Ben-Hur Chariot Race
4. The Liberty Bell
5. Sharpshooters March
6. American Patrol
7. Maybe FT
8 I’d Give a Million Tomorrows
9. Clara
10. God Bless America
11. Peggy O’Neil
12. The Naval Parade
13. Grand Union
14. Golden Glow
15. His Honor
16. If I Fall in Love Again
17. Nyeolion
18. Powder Your Face with Sunshine
19. Laroo-Laroo
20. Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite (band organ)
21. Blue Skirt Waltz
22. Robinson’s Grand Entry
23. The Billboard
24. Kiss Me Again
25. Military Escort
26. Americans We