WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU 2018 Summer Meet in Oskaloosa planning
WJU 2018 46th Annual Convention & Section Photos
WJU New Members in 2017 & First of Mays
Out of the Past – Vintage Instruments
Circus or the Marines? America’s Story: John Philip Sousa
WJU 2018 Hall of Fame – Thomas G. Canham (Charles Conrad)
Obituaries- WJU past president, Connie Thomas & her Meritorious Service Award; Rebecca Lee, Jerry Deutscher.
Convention Extras – Andy Rawls Photo Link
Circus Arts Conservatory/Sailor Circus thank you letter
All-America Concert Band- Sioux City, IA (Bob Knowler)
Solomon’s Castle, Ona, FL (Rod Everhart)
WJU Member Spotlight: Howard Habenicht)
2017 Financial Results (Howard Habenicht)
PHOTOS: (by Andy Rawls, unless otherwise identified) Front Cover-
Windjammer Circus Band conductor Charles Conrad at Sailor Circus January 14, 2018, Pg.3- WJU Officers & Trustees, Conductors Ron Keller braving the time signature & Mary Anne Harp braving the cold, Pg.5- Ring of Fame- Andy Glover conductor; Center Ring Concert Band; Sailor Circus Band; Barry DeChant, announcer; Triad trumpet trio- Lloyd Grandprey, Linda Ziemann, Jim Cross; Pg.6-WJU participants by section, Conductors, Clarinet/Oboe; Pg.7- Tuba, Trombone; Pg.8- Saxophone, Trumpet; Pg.9- Euphonium, French Horn/Bassoon; Pg.10- Percussion, Piccolo; Pg.11- First of Mays 2018; Pg.13- 1898 Circus/ Poley (Denver Public Library). Pg.14- Thomas Canham, keyed bugler. Pg.16- Connie Thomas portrait. Pg.18-19 Convention portraits; Pg.21 Sailor Circus action; Pg.28-Back Cover- 2018 Sailor Circus Windjammer circus band.