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2020 Vol. 50, No. 1
Tom Gustin & the Peru Circus Festival Band – Ron Withers
J.W. Pepper & Birth of the Sousaphone – Brendan Lyons
1963 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Hall of Fame (Sverre Braathen) – Joseph Skotzke
Circus & Circus Arts Fellowship – ISU Milner Library
Circus Ring of Fame
RingMistress Aimee Klein
Honorary Ringmasters – Don Covington/Timothy Tegge
Member Spotlight (Barbara Bailey)
Merle Evans Quotes
Play list for 2020 Convention – Norman Woodrick
PHOTOS: Front cover – Windjammers at Peru Circus Festival Parade July 25, 2010; Back cover – WJU Circus Band at Sailor Circus January 20, 2019
2020 Vol. 50, No. 2
48th Convention Report – Jim Roytz
New Members in 2019
Convention Photos – Andy Rawls
Circus Ring of Fame Ceremony Band
IISA Charity Circus Band
Circus World 2020
Hall of Fame (Eddie Woeckner) – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (Andrew & Malinda Rawls)
Ringling-Barnum 102nd Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Strategic Planning Update – Don Covington
Obituary (John Heydt)
PHOTOS: Front cover – 2020 Convention Conductors; Back Cover – 2020 Center Ring Concert Band
2020 Vol. 50, No. 3
Out of the Past and Into the Future – Art Stensvad, Nada Montgomery
Cover Comments – Circus World Museum website
Pawnee Bill & Wild West Shows – Rod Everhart
New Website Plans
Tribute to Art Stensvad – Barbara Bailey
Tribute to Bob Hills, Jr. – Rod Everhart
Hall of Fame (Joe Browning) — Doug MacLeod, Charles Conrad
The Town Band of Cody, WY – Ester Murray
Life on the 101 Ranch (Merle Evans) – Gene Plowden
Buffalo Bill’s Bandmaster (Bill Sweeney) – Charles Conrad
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West – Richard Prince
Circus & Wild West Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Royal Wild West – Terry Squires
1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic – Chris Berry
1962 Al Sirat Grotto Circus – Eric Beheim
Member Spotlight (Dianasue Walton)
PHOTOS: Right and Left sides of the Pawnee Bill Wild West 1903 Bandwagon
2020 Vol. 50, No. 4
The Greatest Show on Earth Mural – Rod Everhart
Tribute to Ward Stauth – Rod Everhart
Windjammers Keep Jamming (1977) – Susan Lennis
Hall of Fame (James Perkins) – Rod Everhart
Karl King – In His Own Words – Karl King
Circus Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Karl King’s “Golden Dragon Overture” – Kathleen Herb
1967 Aladdin Temple Shrine Circus – Eric Beheim
Out of the Past: (1) Mills Bros 1953 – Joe Rossi, (2) Windjammers from Sunbury PA – Bill Michael, (3) Swan Bandwagon photo
Member Spotlight: Career Musings – Roger Blackburn
Donations Report – Howard Habenicht
Stuart Thayer Award (Chris Berry)
PHOTOS: Front Cover – portion of “Greatest Show” Mural; p. 3 WJU’s initial leadership team (Stensvad, Hills, Stauth, Bennett)
2020 Vol. 50, No. 5
Hall of Fame (Johnnie Evans) – Rod Everhart
The Founding of WJU – Art Stensvad
Music for Steel Arena Acts – Eric Beheim
Circus Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Tribute to Percy Turner – Don Covington, Eric Beheim
Earliest WJU Recordings – Rod Everhart
My Favorite Circus Music Composer – Larry Johnson
Member Spotlight (Rod & Aldena Everhart) – Don George
Memories & Recollections – Eric Beheim
Obituaries (Ron Grundberg, Warren Reckmeyer, Celinda Roman)
PHOTOS: Front cover – U.S. Bandwagon in 2019 Baraboo Parade; Back cover – Lion & Mirror Bandwagon in 2016 Baraboo Parade.
2020 Vol. 50, No. 6
Hall of Fame (Paul Yoder) – Rod Everhart
Greatest Experience – Ron Keller
2021 Convention & 50th Anniversary Update
A Growing Treasure Trove on Website – Rod Everhart
Lion & Mirror Bandwagon – Rod Everhart
Circus Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (Trustee Candidates: Bitler, T. Cosenza, Covington, Guilbeaux, F. Manola, Manring, Trapani, Yoh, Zink)
Holiday Promos – CFA, CHS, CMB, WJU
1978 Ringling TV Special – Eric Beheim
Mulhall’s Wild West – Chuck Finley
A Musical Oddity – Mr. Mistin, Jr. – Eric Beheim
Music for Elephant Acts – Eric Beheim
Back Cover Comments – Chris Berry
PHOTOS: Front cover – WJU musicians at Ringling Museum Concert January 28, 2006; Back cover – The Equestrienne March cover; Clown Songster cover


2021 Vol. 51,
No. 1

Cover – WJU Founders Art Stensvad and Charles Bennett, Jr.
Founding of Windjammers Unlimited – Charles Bennett, Jr.
Hall of Fame – KARL KING – Jerrod Jimmerson
King Band SESAC Recordings – Eric Beheim
Circus Music Snippets a’la King – Jerrod Jimmerson
Member Spotlight – CHARLES BENNETT, JR – Rod Everhart
Circus Business Cards – Max Kramer Goodall II
Remembering Merle Evans – Ron Keller
1973 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Music Program – Eric Beheim
Ringling’s 1941 Columbia Records – Eric Beheim
Obituary – Bunny Neu
Back Cover – 50th Anniversary Logo
2021 Vol. 51,
No. 2

2021-2022 WJU Board of Trustees
Virtual Convention Report – Lynette Garlan
Virtual Convention Events – Don George
First of Mays – New Members since 1/1/2020
Hall of Fame – KARL KING – Jerrold Jimmerson
Circus Music Recordings 1946-1947 – Eric Beheim
1943 Fitch Bandwagon Broadcast – Eric Beheim
Bozo’s Circus Band 1948 – Eric Beheim
Ringling’s Discarded 1971 Music Program – Eric Beheim
Circus Music Snippets – Frank Cosenza
Saxophones in the Circus? – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight – NORRIS SIERT – Rod Everhart
Admin – Donations, Financial Report
2021 Vol. 51,
No. 3

19th Century Circus in the British Isles – Gavin Holman
Hall of Fame – RAMON ESCORCIA – Charles Conrad
1959 Cristiani Bros. Circus Music Program – Eric Beheim
1944 Fitch Bandwagon Broadcast – Eric Beheim
Ringling’s 1949 Capitol Records – Eric Beheim
Ringling Slide from the late 1940’s – from TRU-VUE Stereochrome slides
Ringling Bros. Bell Wagon – Rod Everhart
Concert-in-a-Box – WJU 2015 Seminar Music Program
Circus Music Snippets – Frank Cosenza
Memories – Scott Bartz
Member Spotlight – GAVIN HOLMAN – Rod Everhart
A Real Dog and Pony Show – Jim Woodrick
Obituary – J. Rayford Woodrick; Philip “Flip” Yates
PHOTOS: Front & Back Cover – Bostock & Wombwell Band Carriage;
Cristiani Circus Band 7/15/1959; 18 slides of Ringling Circuses in 1940s
2021 Vol. 51,
No. 4

1962 Mills Bros. Circus Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Hall of Fame – JOE STEFAN – Rod Everhart
1945 Fitch Bandwagon Broadcast – Eric Beheim
Tribute to Ted Deppish – Don Covington
Ringling’s 1953 Decca Records – Eric Beheim
Karl King’s Circus Days – Nancy Olson
British Isles 19th Century Circus Bands – Gavin Holman
Member Spotlight – RAOUL CAMUS – Rod Everhart
Out of the Past (Lillian Leitzel) – Jim Juhnke
Last Center Ring Concert under Canvas – Rod Everhart
PHOTOS: Mills Bros. Circus Band in 1960, Joe Rossi Bandleader (Sverre Braathen photo);
Two Hemispheres Bandwagon (Bob Harmel photo)
2021 Vol. 51,
No. 5

Engford Air Calliope – Circus World Museum Staff
2021 Virtual Summer Meet Events
WJU Circus Band at Mid-States Circus Soiree – Charles Conrad/Timothy Tegge
Hall of Fame – JACK BELL – Rod Everhart
1946 Fitch Bandwagon Broadcast – Eric Beheim
Karl King’s Circus Days – Nancy Olson
Carl Frangkiser & Unity Band – Ken Matson
Bozo’s Merry-Go-Round Music – Eric Beheim
Circus Band Organs – Rod Everhart
Myrtle Beach Ruth Organ – Eric Beheim
Karl King and Music Roll Pirates – Eric Beheim
Remembering Harold Ronk, Singing Ringmaster – Eric Beheim
British Isles 19th Century Circus Bands – Gavin Holman
Member Spotlight – BECKY GUTH – Rod Everhart
Henry Fillmore in the news at Univ of Miami – Paul D’Angelo
PHOTOS: Engford Family Shows Air Calliope Truck (Photo courtesy Circus World Museum);
Windjammers Concert Circus Band 7/10/2021 in Baraboo (Jeff Weiland photo);
1916 Sells-Photo Circus Band (musicians identified)
2021 Vol. 51,
No. 6

The Circus Band’s Music – Robert C. Holt, 1964 Holton Fanfare
Hall of Fame – P.G. LOWERY – Betsy Kellem
British Isles Circus Bands – Gavin Holman
1962 Cristiani-Wallace Musical Program – Eric Beheim
WJU Fans of Railroading – Rod Everhart
Tribute to Richard E. Prince – Rod Everhart
Circus on the Move – Rod Everhart
Obituaries: Robert Zellner, Tom Shellenberger
Member Spotlight – DON ALBRIGHT – Rod Everhart
The Henry Fillmore Problem – Andy Glover
“100 Railway Cars” Poster comments – Chris Berry
PHOTOS: 1925 Poster of 100 Railway Cars (Chris Berry Collection);
various P.G. Lowery Side Show bands


2022 Vol. 52, No. 1
Circus Bands – In the Beginning – Charles Conrad
The Calliope Man, JC Stoddard
Merle Evans and His Band in 1928 – Eric Beheim
1957 Ringling -Barnum Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Barbershop Circus Tunes
Hall of Fame (George Ganweiler) – Charles Conrad
Member Spotlight (Philip Herfort) – Rod Everhart
Circuses are Rebounding
WJU Event Tokens and Pins
Obituary – Vic Anderson
2022 Vol. 52, No. 2
Hall of Fame (Jack Phillips, Sparks bandmaster) – Rod Everhart
Sparks Circus “Seas Serpent” Bandwagon – Rod Everhart
Sparks Circus Side Show Band Pay – Robert Cline
Sparks Circus History – Rod Everhart
1958 Ringling-Barnum Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Sound of the Circus Book, 2nd Edition – Paul D’Angelo
Member Spotlight (Marvin Manring) – Rod Everhart
Treasurer’s Report – Financials/Donations – Howard Habenicht
2022 Vol. 52, No. 3
Ringling Bandstand WagonRod Everhart
Ward Stauth Music Library at ICHoF
1959 Ringling-Barnum Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Hall of Fame (Joseph Gorton) – Charles Conrad
Circus Gig from Hell – Mark Van Cleave
Trombone Smear Composer N.C. Davis – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (Mary Anne Harp) – Rod Everhart
101 Wild West Ranch – Chris Berry
Barnum & Bailey’s Women’s Band in 1914
Ned Brill and his Barnum & Bailey Bands – Rod Everhart
2022 Vol. 52, No. 4
The Greatest Show on Earth Movie Score – Eric Beheim
Hall of Fame (Lewis Bader) – Rod Everhart
Ringling’s 1956 Souvenir Album
Merle Evans Comments on GSoE Movie’s Finale
Merle Evans and Lion & Gladiator Wagon – Chris Berry
The Circus Movie That Wasn’t – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (John & Chris Griffith) – Rod Everhart
Obituaries – Barbara Bailey, Howard Tibbals
Clyde Beatty Radio Show March – Eric Beheim
Clyde Betty 1955 Cue Sheet – Rod Everhart
Howard Tibbals Circus Model – Rod Everhart photos
2022 Vol. 52, No. 5
50th Annual Convention Report – Marvin Manring
Convention Photos – Andy Rawls
The Curse of the Golden Dragon – Andy Glover
Circus Soiree – hosted by Timothy Tegge
Member Spotlight (Frank and Judi Manola) – Rod Everhart
Hall of Fame (C.E. Duble) – Charles Conrad
WJU Trustee Candidates
Obituaries – Harry R. Carter, Donald J. Cooksey
2022 Vol. 52, No. 6
Circus World’s Ringmaster Dave Saloutos
Hall of Fame (Joseph A. Emidy) – Rod Everhart
The P.E.O. March – Aldena Everhart
Unusual Instrumentation in Ned Brill Band – Rod Everhart
My Circus Adventure (1973 George Matthews Great London Circus) –
Stan Burton
Ringling Returns – Rod Everhart
Mr. Circus (Charles Schlarbaum) – Roy Blomster, Jr.
Spanish Riding School – Eric Beheim
Member Spotlight (Dan & Terri Schultz) – Rod Everhart
Obituaries – Rich Copeland, Bill Link, Dick Abbot


2023 Vol. 53, No. 1
Cover – Cole Bros. Band in 1948, Henry Kyes, bandmaster
Convention Playlist – Gerald Guilbeaux
Hall of Fame (Henry Kyes) – Rod Everhart
1968 Aladdin Shrine Circus Music – Eric Beheim
Music of Roger Smith’s Cat Act – Eric Beheim
Bruce Chase and his Super Circus Band – Eric Beheim
Toby Tyler Circus Band – Andy Glover
My Time with Toby Tyler 1984-85 – Clarence Smith
My Time with Toby Tyler 1985 (PART 1) – Joe Odneal
Toby Tyler Tent Photo – Clarence Smith
Circus Music in Gainesville, TX – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (Diane Bergholtz) – Rod Everhart
Cardiff – the Musical Using King’s Music – Deann Haden
Back Cover – WJU at The Ringling January 2008
2023 Vol. 53, No. 2
Front Cover: WJU Circus Band with Sailor Circus slack wire act 1/15/2023
Convention Report – Lynette Garlan
Convention Photos – Andy Rawls
Member Spotlight (Allen Lawless) – Rod Everhart
1969 Aladdin Temple Shrine Program – Eric Beheim
Toby Tyler Circus Band LP – Don Covington
Toby Tyler Circus Band 1985 – Part 2 – Joe Odneal
Cardiff Giant Musical – Part 2 – Deann Haden
WJU “At the Circus” photos
Obituaries (Jim Gilmour, Rush Ward)
Donations Report 2022
Financial Statements 2021-2022
Back Cover: WJU Center Ring Concert Band 1/15/2023
2023 Vol 53, No. 3
Front Cover: ASIA Bandwagon – Rick Purdue photo
Summer Meet Planning – Lynette Garlan
Front cover comments – ASIA wagon’s history
Hall of Fame – (Bandmaster Vic Robbins) – Rod Everhart
Mrs. Charles Ringling on GSOE Music
All-Ohio Boys Band 1961-1963 – Eric Beheim
2023 Convention Member Photos – Andy Rawls
1970 Aladdin Temple Shrine Program – Eric Beheim
More Karl King ‘Snippets’ – Jerrold Jimmerson
Member Spotlight (John Wetzel) – Allen Lawless
Out of the Past – Eric Beheim
WJU Music from 50 Years ago
Sousa March Mania 2023 – 10th Edition
Obituary (Cheryl Herfort)
Back Cover: Lions & Mirrors Bandwagon – Rod Everhart photo
2023 Vol. 53, No. 4
Front Cover: Great Britain Bandwagon at Circus World Museum
Events Planning Update – Lynette Garlan
Tentative Summer Meet Playlist – Gerald Guilbeaux
Front Cover Comments – Great Britain Bandwagon’s history
Tribute to John C. Heed – Loren D. Geiger
1971 Aladdin Temple Shrine Program – Eric Beheim
Hall of Fame (William N. Merrick) – Charles Conrad
Ringling Red Unit Band Car – Megan O’Malley
Member Spotlight (Peter Pepke) – Allen Lawless
My Year with Clyde Beatty – Cole Bros. – Jeff Padden
All-Ohio Boys Band Comments
Miscellaneous Info, including back cover comments
Obituary (Al Nacinovich)
Back Cover: The Arena March by William N. Merrick
2023 Vol. 53, No. 5
Front Cover: WJU Center Ring Concert Circus Band at CWM 7/15/2023
Hall of Fame (Charles Gebest) – Charles Conrad
Center Ring Concerts – Charles Conrad
Ron Keller Honored
Baraboo Summer Meet – Lynette Garlan
Baraboo Summer Meet Photos
Part 2: My Year with Clyde Beatty – Cole Bros. – Jeff Padden
Tribute to John Klohr- Loren D. Geiger
Bandmaster Armin Hand & 1938 Int’l Livestock Expo – Eric Beheim
Member Spotlight (Gerald Guilbeaux) – Allen Lawless
Audio Additions, 2024 Annual Convention, WJU Contact Information
Obituaries (Don Albright, Ken Matson)
Back Cover: WJU Circus Band in Concert at Al. Ringling Theatre 7/13/2023
2023 Vol. 53, No. 6
Front Cover: WJU Logo originally created for the 1974 WJU Convention
2024 Annual Convention Playlist – Jeffrey Dent
WJU Convention & Web Info; Ringling-Barnum Show Schedule
Hall of Fame (William F. Weldon) – Charles Conrad
1986 Carson & Barnes Circus Band – Don Covington
The Wizard Buglers – Charles Conrad
1961 Ringling-Barnum Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Member Spotlight (Tex Wyndham) – Allen Lawless
Circus Jargon – Rod Everhart
Update on Schlarbaum Library – Don Covington/Andy Glover
Water for Elephants Musical
Remembering The Circus Kingdom – April Zink
Obituaries (Fink, Fowlkes, Obendorfer, Meade, Schilling, Groover)
Back Cover: France Bandwagon July 4, 1963, Milwaukee, WI


2024 Vol. 54, No. 1
Front Cover: WJU Concert Circus Band at Ringling Museum January 12, 2024
2024 Awards: Meritorious Service and Windjammers Hall of Fame – Charles Conrad
Vice-President’s Message re: 2024 Convention – Lynette Garlan
Convention First of Mays photo – Andy Rawls
Convention Section photos – Andy Rawls
Convention Performance photos – Andy Rawls
Promo for 2024 WJU Summer Meet – Jay Kahn
1961 Mills Bros. Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Member Spotlight (Jay Kahn) – Allen Lawless
Paper Windjammer Part 1 – Jay Kahn
Out of the Past – Tony Pastor – Chris Berry
Out of the Past – The Big Cage Galop – Chris Berry
Obituaries – (Keller, Force, Peter & Alice Coll, Hulbert)
2023 Donation Received
2023 Financial Statements
Back Cover: Convention Trombone Section
2024 Vol. 54, No. 2
Front Cover: Five Graces Bandwagon
Summer Meet Sign Up Info – Jay Kahn
Summer Meet Playlist – Jay Kahn
Experience the Quad Cities
Tribute to Chester Z. Bronson – Charles Conrad
Strike Up the Band – Don Kowell
1927 Downie Bros. Circus Band Trucks
Al. Ringling Theatre Acquired
Sousa’s March Mania – U.S. Marine Band
Clown Bands – Charles Conrad
Ward Stauth Collection at Circus Hall of Fame
Paper Windjammer Part 2 – Jay Kahn
Circus Spectacles – Chris Berry; Charles Conrad
Member Spotlight (Bob Consiglio) – Allen Lawless
Obituaries: (Huntress; Roytz)
Back Cover: Ringling SPEC Band August 1, 1952 – Sverre Braathen
2024 Vol. 54, No. 3
2024 Vol. 54, No. 4