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2020 Vol. 50, No. 1Tom Gustin & the Peru Circus Festival Band – Ron Withers
J.W. Pepper & Birth of the Sousaphone – Brendan Lyons
1963 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Hall of Fame (Sverre Braathen) – Joseph Skotzke
Circus & Circus Arts Fellowship – ISU Milner Library
Circus Ring of Fame
RingMistress Aimee Klein
Honorary Ringmasters – Don Covington/Timothy Tegge
Member Spotlight (Barbara Bailey)
Merle Evans Quotes
Play list for 2020 Convention – Norman Woodrick
PHOTOS: Front cover – Windjammers at Peru Circus Festival Parade July 25, 2010; Back cover – WJU Circus Band at Sailor Circus January 20, 2019
2020 Vol. 50, No. 248th Convention Report – Jim Roytz
New Members in 2019
Convention Photos – Andy Rawls
Circus Ring of Fame Ceremony Band
IISA Charity Circus Band
Circus World 2020
Hall of Fame (Eddie Woeckner) – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (Andrew & Malinda Rawls)
Ringling-Barnum 102nd Musical Program – Eric Beheim
Strategic Planning Update – Don Covington
Obituary (John Heydt)
PHOTOS: Front cover – 2020 Convention Conductors; Back Cover – 2020 Center Ring Concert Band
2020 Vol. 50, No. 3WILD WEST EDITION
Out of the Past and Into the Future – Art Stensvad, Nada Montgomery
Cover Comments – Circus World Museum website
Pawnee Bill & Wild West Shows – Rod Everhart
New Website Plans
Tribute to Art Stensvad – Barbara Bailey
Tribute to Bob Hills, Jr. – Rod Everhart
Hall of Fame (Joe Browning) — Doug MacLeod, Charles Conrad
The Town Band of Cody, WY – Ester Murray
Life on the 101 Ranch (Merle Evans) – Gene Plowden
Buffalo Bill’s Bandmaster (Bill Sweeney) – Charles Conrad
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West – Richard Prince
Circus & Wild West Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Royal Wild West – Terry Squires
1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic – Chris Berry
1962 Al Sirat Grotto Circus – Eric Beheim
Member Spotlight (Dianasue Walton)
PHOTOS: Right and Left sides of the Pawnee Bill Wild West 1903 Bandwagon
2020 Vol. 50, No. 4The Greatest Show on Earth Mural – Rod Everhart
Tribute to Ward Stauth – Rod Everhart
Windjammers Keep Jamming (1977) – Susan Lennis
Hall of Fame (James Perkins) – Rod Everhart
Karl King – In His Own Words – Karl King
Circus Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Karl King’s “Golden Dragon Overture” – Kathleen Herb
1967 Aladdin Temple Shrine Circus – Eric Beheim
Out of the Past: (1) Mills Bros 1953 – Joe Rossi, (2) Windjammers from Sunbury PA – Bill Michael, (3) Swan Bandwagon photo
Member Spotlight: Career Musings – Roger Blackburn
Donations Report – Howard Habenicht
Stuart Thayer Award (Chris Berry)
PHOTOS: Front Cover – portion of “Greatest Show” Mural; p. 3 WJU’s initial leadership team (Stensvad, Hills, Stauth, Bennett)
2020 Vol. 50, No. 5Hall of Fame (Johnnie Evans) – Rod Everhart
The Founding of WJU – Art Stensvad
Music for Steel Arena Acts – Eric Beheim
Circus Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Tribute to Percy Turner – Don Covington, Eric Beheim
Earliest WJU Recordings – Rod Everhart
My Favorite Circus Music Composer – Larry Johnson
Member Spotlight (Rod & Aldena Everhart) – Don George
Memories & Recollections – Eric Beheim
Obituaries (Ron Grundberg, Warren Reckmeyer, Celinda Roman)
PHOTOS: Front cover – U.S. Bandwagon in 2019 Baraboo Parade; Back cover – Lion & Mirror Bandwagon in 2016 Baraboo Parade.
2020 Vol. 50, No. 6Hall of Fame (Paul Yoder) – Rod Everhart
Greatest Experience – Ron Keller
2021 Convention & 50th Anniversary Update
A Growing Treasure Trove on Website – Rod Everhart
Lion & Mirror Bandwagon – Rod Everhart
Circus Music Snippets – Rod Everhart
Member Spotlight (Trustee Candidates: Bitler, T. Cosenza, Covington, Guilbeaux, F. Manola, Manring, Trapani, Yoh, Zink)
Holiday Promos – CFA, CHS, CMB, WJU
1978 Ringling TV Special – Eric Beheim
Mulhall’s Wild West – Chuck Finley
A Musical Oddity – Mr. Mistin, Jr. – Eric Beheim
Music for Elephant Acts – Eric Beheim
Back Cover Comments – Chris Berry
PHOTOS: Front cover – WJU musicians at Ringling Museum Concert January 28, 2006; Back cover – The Equestrienne March cover; Clown Songster cover


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