NOTE: This site went “LIVE” on 2020-05-08. We are continuing to work on rolling out various features and capabilities. There are also some “bugs” or incomplete functions that will be resolved as we work through the process in May and June 2020. Please be patient as we make these improvements. If something is NOT working at all, or there appears to be a major issue, please feel free to report a “BUG” by notifying the WebMaster.

April 30, 2020 – “My Windjammers” IS “MYWJU”

From the very beginning, shortly after the founding of Windjammers Unlimited, Charles Bennett, Jr. (WJU #001) and Art Stensvad (WJU #002) began referring to their group in very possessive terms. It was not uncommon to hear them (and others) refer to the organization as:
“My Windjammers”
“My Windjammers Unlimited”
or “My WJU” for short.

The moniker caught on. Several members at their regional meets were often heard calling the group “My WJU” and the tradition grew and continued. The earliest documented references can be found in Circus Fanfare from the mid-1970s. No doubt, “MYWJU” was part of the early culture of Windjammers Unlimited.

In Honor of WJU Founders, Memorializing “MYWJU”

What better way to honor our Founders than to further memorialize their moniker for our 50th Anniversary? Our new website, a cornerstone of our 50th Anniversary celebration in 2021, brings together all of the elements of MYWJU.

This new site is modernized, content-rich and reflects the three pillars of our mission.  The site sports a fresh, new and business-like theme. It is easy to navigate. And it uses many modern techniques and engineered standards that will provide outreach internationally.

Content is updated and added regularly, so be certain to visit often. With this site, we are pleased to be launching increased use of Social Media. In addition to our Official Windjammers Unlimited, Inc. FaceBook presence, we now feed Twitter and also have our own “WJU TV” Channel on YouTube where official videos will be kept and available to the Public.

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of the new site is the MEMBERS ONLY section content. Once members in good standing receive their request to confirm their Member Credentials and assign a new password, they will be able to login and access additional content not available to the general public: 50 years of Circus Fanfare; Membership Directory; Direct Renewal and Payment of Annual Dues; Member-only surveys; and much much more.

BUT, please be patient as all of these features will roll out and become available over the next several months. Here’s what to expect and when it is targeted to become available.

Schedule Of Features & Target Implementation Dates

Start-End Target Date
= Complete
= Underway, Continuous Process
= Started but lots of work remains
= Late BLANK = Not Started, No Progress
April 30 – May 4 2020Replacement of old site with
New, Content-rich and modern Site;
All CURRENT Members sent Introductory email
May 1 – May 5 2020
Initial Membership Application,
Renewal and Maintenance using
Downloadable/fillable PDF FORM
and MAIL (USPS) with check for payment
May 6 – May 9 2020email to current members with initial Members Only credentials to website.
May 9 – May 14 2020Online Payment Processing;
Online Donation Purchase & Payment;
Introductory email to former members who have not renewed in 2018 or 2019
May 12 –
May 16 2020
Basic OnLine New Membership Registration;
Renewal and Maintenance (Members Only)
May – July 2020♫♫♫♫Completion of Circus Fanfare thru 2019
for Members Only access ♫♫♫♫♫
288 Issues Completed 5/1/20
June – August 2020Enhanced Membership processing capability;
Membership Card Availability & Printing
August – October 20202021 Convention Site preparation; OnLine registration and Payment Processing
May – December 2020Content and Feature Enhancements
Weekly or soAdditional content Updates: announcements; Educational and historical content worthy of sharing and preservation