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Because we are not able to meet in person just yet, Windjammers Unlimited is going to have a Virtual Convention!  The dates for you to save for this fun series of events are JANUARY 12 – 17, 2021.

Included in this special event will be online instrumental instruction clinics; educational seminars, group socials and recording rollouts.  The week will start on Tuesday, January 12 with an event “at” the Ringling Museum plus a “How to ZOOM” class followed by a Meet & Greet Social utilizing the ZOOM technology.  Learn how to ZOOM, if you haven’t already, and then hangout to catch up with your WJU friends!

Clinics and other happenings will run from Wednesday to Friday.  Saturday will be a group Attitude Readjustment Hour followed by a Bring-Your-Own dinner and meeting with a presentation by Charlie Conrad, our “banquet” speaker. On Sunday, we will be joining the Circus Arts Conservancy for an online event that will feature us with our recordings (see below) and the Sailor Circus.

The Virtual Convention will be free to all WJU members in good standing!!! Remember, all Memberships expire December 31, 2020.   You can RENEW FOR 2021 anytime on or after October 1, 2020.   [Do it October 1st so you don’t forget!!] LET ME RENEW NOW! (to be updated 10/1)

RECORDINGS: No doubt you’ve seen composite video recordings on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere as musicians and others have come together digitally from remote locations during the pandemic to create some fairly impressive works. We want to do the same. Go to the following tabs for accessing the MUSIC and the play-along RECORDINGS.