A Great Way to Spend A Historic Afternoon

We are thrilled that you’ve taken the first step towards joining Windjammers Unlimited. Whether you are a playing musician, non-playing enthusiast, and educator, history buff, or otherwise have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for music, you are welcomed into out tent!

Consider this…

Circus music goes far beyond the circus: it has been used to launch and sustain marching bands, community bands and other musical organizations. Concert Bands often include traditional circus compositions in their repertoire.

Collecting, preserving and availing our growing historical library are critical components of our mission. Our emerging youth programs are designed to further the educational efforts of WJU.

It’s easy for you to help achieve our objectives and support our mission.

Top reasons to join now
  1. Take advantage of all the opportunities to participate with WJU where it’s “All About the Music!”
  2. Receive the highly acclaimed and informative Circus Fanfare official publication of WJU
  3. Have unrestricted access to our feature-rich and historically significant content at MYWJU.ORG
  4. Attend and participate at rehearsals and performances, whether a PLAYING or NON-PLAYING member
  5. Improve your sight reading skills at events where you choose to play and perform
  6. Broaden your exposure to music styles and purpose as used in the traditional American Circus and Wild West Shows
  7. Meet new friends and enjoy the activities and venues at Summer Meets and the Annual Convention
  8. Learn, continuously, the rich history and dispatch of this unique genre of music
  9. Offer your skills and knowledge to do the preservation, education and/or performance work in fulfillment of our mission

Is my instrument appropriate for Windjammers?

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Is there still a place for me if I don’t want to play?

Absolutely! CLICK HERE to learn more.

Still not convinced?

Thinking that you want to support the cause but not actively participate? Visit the pages of our website, and take a tour. You’ll learn so much more and can JOIN at any time.

If you still have questions, contact any of our members or CLICK HERE to leave a message for our Membership Team.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Be well, safe, and remember,
“May all your days be Circus Days!”