The Toby Tyler Circus Concert Band LP was a project by Chuck Schlarbaum (WJU #61), It was recorded at the Masonic Temple in Allentown, PA on November 6-7, 1984, using a group of musicians that included many Windjammers. The album was sponsored by Dick Garden, the owner of Toby Tyler Circus. It was advertised for sale in the Circus Fanfare. Chuck also sold it at Windjammer conventions. It, along with a cassette version, was likely also sold at the Toby Tyler Circus. At the time, Chuck commented that Dick Garden was “a firm believer in live music and enjoys a balance of traditional and modern music in the program.”

Thanks to Eric Beheim (WJU #66) for digitizing the LP provided by Don Covington (WJU #119) and doing the sound cleanup in that process. Here is the playlist from the album.

  1. Fanfare: Christy Bros. Circus (Everett James
    arr. Schlarbaum)
  2. Toby Tyler Circus Triumphal March (Schlarbaum)
  3. The Lobsters Promenade (Porter Steele 1902)
  4. Mr. Trombonology (N. C. Davis)
  5. Sells Bros. Circus Galop (Southwell 1880)
  6. Oh! Henry! (Dedicated to Henry Crespi –
    Allentown Band) (Schlarbaum)
  7. Ben Hur Chariot Race (E.T. Paul 1895)
  8. Ciribiribin March (Harry L. Alford 1938)
  9. The Golden Era March (Schlarbaum 1982)
  10. Louisiana Rag (Leon M. Block 1911)
  11. “Barnum’s Jumbo” March (Keller 1882)
  12. Lawzy Massy (Fred Jewell)
  13. Sur La Mer (Vereecken 1905)
  14. Velocity Galop (Schlarbaum 1979)