2020 Annual Convention

Bradenton & Sarasota FL - January 14 - 20, 2020

SOURCE: Jim Roytz (WJU #3800), 48th Convention Report
Extracted from Circus Fanfare 2020-02
Windjammers Circus BandTM Ring of Fame Induction – Sarasota Fl 01/12/2020

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel was once again the venue for this year’s 48th Annual WJU Convention.  Many members came to Bradenton early for the Ring of Fame Ceremony held on St. Armands Circle on Sunday, January 12. Under the leadership of Gerald Guilbeaux, the all-volunteer band gave a 45 minute pre-ceremony concert and tag introductions for those being inducted to the Ring of Fame.

Rehearsal, Play & Record Session – 01/18/2020

Tuesday afternoon the dance band held its rehearsal from 1:30 to 4:00 under the leadership of Drew Trapani and Rod Everhart. At registration that evening, renewing old friendships and meeting new members for the first time is always wonderful. This year we had eleven “First of Mays” (new members in circus lingo) and as a result we were again up in attendance over last year’s convention. 

A huge “thank you” to all the conductors of the recording bands and Center Ring band. They include: Don Albright, Charlie Conrad, Frank Cosenza, Teresa Cosenza, John Fleming, Gerald Guilbeaux, Mary Anne Harp, Ron Keller, Vicki Pinson and John Roman. 

2020 CONVENTION CONDUCTORS at the SAILOR CIRCUS ARENA: Mary Anne Harp, John Roman, Ron Keller, Teresa Cosenza, Frank Cosenza, Vicki Pinson, Gerald Guilbeaux, John Fleming, Charles Conrad.
Not shown: Don Albright. Andy Rawls Photo.
Windjammers Concert BandTM – Ca’ d’Zan Sarasota FL – 01/18/2020

A very special thank you to Gerald Guilbeaux for conducting our Saturday afternoon concert at the Ringling Ca’d’ Zan. The concert was well attended, and the ambience under the palm trees and next to the water of Sarasota Bay was spectacular.

The Center Ring Concert and Sailor Circus Performance was back at the Sailor Circus’ newly remodeled arena. I think all who attended will agree that the improvements to the arena were dramatic to say the least. The Sailor Circus Academy also continues to remain a partner for two of our musical events.