2020 WJU at IISA Charity Circus

International Independent Showman’s Association, Riverview, FL - January 11, 2020

IISA Charity Circus, Riverview FL – 01/11/2020

Windjammers Unlimited and our members participate in several events throughout the year. On January 11, 2020, the Windjammers Concert BandTM provided musical entertainment at the Annual IISA Charity Circus. The Marquee Entrance tent through which all guests entered and exited the circus venue provided the backdrop to the band’s performance this year.

In her “spare” time, April Zink (WJU #1253) handles numerous requests from various organizations in establishing an appropriate Concert or Circus Band as needed. Annually, April coordinates the participation of Windjammers Unlimited Concert or Circus Band to help make the IISA’s charity event a success. This year, IISA shifted their event to coincide with the time period leading up to WJU’s Annual Convention, so many more WJU members were able to participate.

Windjammers Concert Band, IISA Charity Circus – Riverview FL 01/11/2020

Charles Conrad (WJU #1525) was the band’s conductor and the charts used were largely those planned for possible use by the Windjammers Circus Band TM at the Sailor Circus on January 19, 2020. Participants in the band included: Charles Conrad as leader/trumpet; trumpets – John Wetzel, Rod Everhart, Dave Wisner, Mary McKain, April Zink, Pete Dykhusizen; piccolos – Chris Griffith, Don Covington; Tenor Sax – Tom Tolrud; Alto Sax – Terri Schultz; Horns – David Carter, Nancy Wisner; Clarinets – Carol Gilmour, Henry Arkin, Linda Kasprzak, Wayne Kasprzak, Jim Rumbaugh; Trombones – Don Cooksey, Joe Shearin, Jim Meek, Bill Yoh, Dirk Schmidt, Allen Lawless; Euphoniums – John Griffith, Lynette Garlan, Harry Tyrer; and Tubas – Dan Schultz, Gary deBroekert.

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