An Open Letter to Concert Band & Music Enthusiasts

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July 2020

Re: A Stellar Opportunity to Make and Preserve History!
Please Join us, today.

Dear Concert Band & Music Enthusiasts:

Windjammers Unlimited, Inc. is The Circus Music Historical Society. We are a national 501(c)3 organization, established to advocate the preservation, education, and performance of traditional circus band music. As our organization celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2021, we are inviting musicians and admirers of circus music to assist us in promoting our mission for the next 50 years … and beyond.

WJU offers opportunities that band directors, musicians, and enthusiasts across the U.S. have continued to value and cherish. And we know you would feel the same via:

  • Meeting, performing, learning, and socializing with other musicians, former musicians, and non-playing enthusiasts who share your passion for the music as you explore the unique richness and challenge of circus music.
  • Experiencing sight-reading opportunities with a challenging repertoire unique to your instrument.
  • Being exposed to vintage and historically significant music by participating in rehearsals and performances (60-80 pieces at each Meet and Convention).
  • Learning about the history of circus music, its composers, the acts performed, and context of the music.
  • Discovering hidden music treasures that your hometown bands and schools can adapt to its programs, rehearse, performances and promotions.
  • Educating other bands, their members, music teachers, young musicians, and public in general about this outstanding music and its significance.
  • Applying your talents and skills to assist in the administrative, preservation, education, marketing, and other tasks contributing to growing and sustaining the Windjammers Unlimited mission.

Why not hop on the “Bandwagon” and join us for our 50th Anniversary? CLICK HERE to learn more or visit our website at You can also contact any member of Windjammers Unlimited.

It is easy to join WJU online and the membership cost is minimal. We look forward to making music with you and for you under the “Big Top”.

May all our Days Be Circus Days!

WJU Membership Team,
Chris Griffith, Tom Barlow, Bill Yoh