Clarinet Clinic with Michelle Anderson

January 14, 2021 3:00PM – Michelle Anderson, Master of the Clarinet, delves into Techniques for achieving the best sound possible.

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Michelle Anderson Shares Exercises and Techniques to Improve Sound & Control

Michelle Anderson (WJU #3975) led nearly 40 Windjammers with a delightful and informative presentation focused on individual player positioning and techniques for maximising sound and control. Michelle started with the mouthpiece and explained how its position can drasticially impact tone.

Fingering and posture play a huge role in the ability to consistently produce high quality sound. Michelle’s impactful advice: Work continuously to refine the air flow and achieve the best sound.

Using her training and teaching experiences, Michelle shared a series of exercises that players can use to understand how to improve their results. She demonstrated these and jokingly said the view might not be the most pleasant but it certainly shows how you can improve. In fact, many of the techniques apply to other instruments as one Cornet attendee commented.

Michelle’s down to earth and friendly style relaxed attendees and made the session both informative and fun. Her Mastery Classes are available to the public. Learn more at Clarinet Mastery with Michelle Anderson.

We’re thrilled that Michelle shared her knowledge with us and look forward to hearing the results of her tips at our next Play and Record sessions.

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