Trombone Clinic with Christopher Bill

January 14, 2021 1:00PM – Insights into Making Music in the Electronic Generation by Internet Professional Musician Christopher Bill.

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Christopher Bill, Composer, Arranger, Trombonist and Internet Phenom

Nearly 60 members were spellbound by the creativity of Christopher Bill (WJU #3974), a classical trombonist with outstanding composing, arranging, performing and digital skills. Christopher launched his segment demonstrating his unique adaptation of the guitar loop box setting a couple of measure of rhythm using his voice. The loop added 6 additional parts ranging from 2 to 8 measures all set with his custom built trombone, and then the final lead part played live for about 32 measures.

It’s no wonder that Cristopher has become an internet sensation with millions of viewers world-wide. His skills, presence and finesse are unparalleled. The ability to become a one-person full band blending the technology with his stellar musicianship has created a totally modern art form used in movies, commercial applications and in live performances.

Christopher’s interactive presentation and friendly personality allowed for questions to be answered. Perhaps the best wisdom this young aficionado shared regarding creativity was ” listen to everything and go with what you like and want to play and interpret.”

Learn more at Christopher Bill – Classical Trombone.

Thanks Christopher for sharing your skills and launching a new thought process for future Windjammers play and record sessions.

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