It’s 2021 Convention TIME!

January 12 – 17, 2021! Be there… virtually, We will be!

We’re excited about this historic 2021 Convention – the first event of our 50th Anniversary year-long celebration. The 2021 Virtual Convention is FREE to current Members.

50 Years, Fulfilling a Mission

Fifty years ago, Charlie Bennett and Art Stensvad launched Windjammers Unlimited with the vision for preserving circus music and the music of the Wild West Shows; educating the public about the music; and keeping the music alive with performances. Today, 50 years later, their vision is alive and growing.

See An Exclusive Interview With Charlie Bennett, Founder

Members who login can view all of the recorded presentations of the 2021 Windjammers Virtual Convention. CLICK HERE.

More than 120 people are already registered to participate. Are you?There’s something for everyone in our convention this year, whether a musician or not. Several educational sessions are available LIVE and in real time via ZOOM meetings. There are Social Events to mingle with other members and catchup on life. The first-ever BANDWAGON BAND performances, recorded virtually by WJU Members in October and November 2020 will be launched. You can attend exciting sessions by internationally renowned experts in their field.

Twenty four sessions are scheduled over the 5 days of our 2021 Convention.

It’s All About The Music!

Support our Mission today!

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