Piccolo Clinic: More Than A Flute

January 13, 2021 3:00PM – Chris Griffith, Nada Montgomery & Don Covington Explain This “Little” Instrument with the BIG Sound

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Piccolo Clinic Attendees At Attention during the Programme

Over 40 Windjammers learned about the Piccolo and it’s role in circus music at todays outstanding session. Chris Griffith (WJU #3791) articulated the differences between several piccolos explaining that the D♭ instrument was produced in the early 20th Century and for which John Phillip Sousa wrote The Stars and Stripes Forever solo. President Don Covington (WJU #119) provided a circus history and context for the use of piccolos and their uniqueness in the repertoire.

Nada Montgomery & Chris Griffith Perform;
Chris Explains the Instrument

Nada Montgomery (WJU #1958), performer extraordinaire was featured along with Chris in a Windjammer duet of Two Little Butterflies performed with the Windjammers Unlimited Concert Band in 2015. And perhaps the highlight for those players was their participation in a play-a-long of several pieces during the clinic.

BRAVO Chris, Nada and Don… and thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent with the group!

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