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January 13, 2021 11:00AM – The Circus –
A Ringmaster’s Perspective with Timothy Noel Tegge

Timothy Noel Tegge, Ringmaster Royal Hanneford Circus 2020

Wednesday morning’s convention opener saw a group of more than 60 attendees spellbound by Tim Tegge’s perspectives regarding the role of the Ringmaster and the importance of windjammers in the circus… and now. Tim took us on a nostalgic trip about his rise in  limelight – sometimes as a clown, often an illusionist, and more recently as ringmaster. In 2019 and 2020 he toured with the Royal Hanneford Circus as its Ringmaster.

Trustee Rod Everhart (WJU #1351), Circus Fanfare Editor introduced Tim to the group and noted his contributions as a resources to our Preservation activities. A Q&A session following the presentation was a real eye-opener for those less familiar with the musical history and importance to the traditional American circus. Tim also expressed his views on the next steps in the evolution of the circus and the shift away from animal acts and into more intimate and localised productions in the European style.

Thank you. Timothy Noel Tegge, for your outstanding contributions to Windjammers today, and always. Thanks to all who joined us. Enjoy the Convention. May All Your Days be Circus Days!

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