Trumpet Clinic with Roger Blackburn

January 13, 2021 1:00PM – From The Symphony to Windjammers, An Extraordinary Adventure in Techniques

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Roger Blackburn (WJU #3123) Sharing Practice Techniques & Devices

Roger Blackburn (WJU #3123) retired from the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra after 37 years and is a Windjammer! More than 50 people joined Roger to learn about his career as a professional musician and hear his tips for improving skills, honing tone and pitch, lip positioning and other techniques for improved trumpeting.

In an expertly produced video produced by Andy Rawls (WJU #3435), Roger detailed his earliest playing and experiences in High School through College, and his education at Curtis. He also demonstrated practice techniques along with some VERY unique devices (can you say Spirometer?)!

First of May, Michael Olson (WJU #3982)
Asked About Practice Regimens

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