Our Mission

Jared The Juggler with
Windjammers Concert Band at Pittsburgh PA Summer Meet
July 18, 2019

Our mission is the preservation of, education about, and performance of traditional circus music as it was played in the Golden Era of the American circus. Windjammers Unlimited, Inc. (“WJU”) is a 501(c)3 circus music historical society in the education category.

Founded in 1971

Our organization will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021.  Since 1973, we have been fulfilling our mission by holding consecutive Annual Conventions and Summer Meets.  At each event, WJU members perform public concerts, play and record 60—70 tunes, and periodically host educational seminars for school music instructors, members and others.  Further, we are collecting and digitizing circus music, becoming the repository and   “lending library” for our members. Our 2021 through 2023  events should prove to be more exciting than ever.

Official Publication

2020 MAR-APR Cover

Windjammers Unlimited currently publishes Circus Fanfare for members six times a year. The magazine averages 28 pages per issue and is intended to be a historical journal covering informative topics related to circus bands, their music, bandmasters and musicians.

In addition, each issue includes more current information on the organization’s activities in accomplishing its mission. It is available to all Members in good standing in either print format or emailed as a PDF. Both versions will now include color throughout.

About Our Name

Ringling Bandmaster 11/30/1969
Photo By Zack Bloom

Because circus musicians spent their days “jamming wind through their horns”, they were known to others in the circus as “windjammers.” And play they did. Typically, their day started with a circus parade announcing the circus’s arrival to town. Next up was a Center Ring Concert the hour prior to the start of the afternoon performance and then playing for the two to three-hour performance itself. That evening, they did a repeat of the afternoon’s program. As the saying goes in the circus, “If the Ringmaster isn’t talking, the band is surely playing.”


As a 501(c)(3) organization, we adhere to the strict requirements of the US government. Even more importantly, we believe in openness and transparency to advance our mission. If you would like to review our By-Laws, click HERE. Our annual Form 990 is filed on a timely basis with the Internal Revenue Service. CLICK HERE to visit IRS.GOV and search.

IF you require additional information or assistance, please feel free to CONTACT US.