2021 Convention Check-in & Social

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January 12, 2021 7:00PM – Time to Socialise With Windjammers as we Kick-off the Convention

Learning About The Week’s Activities

The Tuesday evening tradition at WJU’s Annual Convention continued this evening: A night to Check-in and Socialise with fellow Windjammers. Secretary Joe Shearin (WJU #3773) and Vice President Lynette Garlan (WJU #3633), hosted this event where people gathered with appropriate beverages, discussed the challenges of 2020 and shared their enthusiasm about the Convention.

First of May – Valerie Welch (WJU #3966)
Asking About the “New Initiatives” at WJU

Nearly 50 people participated, and it was terrific to see folks hangout in the various BREAKOUT ROOMS. It was like the first night at the Marriott Courtyard in Bradenton: people splitting off into smaller groups to catchup after starting in the main room (session) where overview of the week’s activities were outlined. Whilst no replacement for live and in-person events, it was awesome to see everyone and hear what they had to say.

Thanks to all who joined us. Enjoy the Convention. May All Your Days be Circus Days! To replay all the convention presentations, members should login and CLICK HERE.

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