ZOOM Clinic – A Helpful Guide for the Novice

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January 12, 2021 6:00PM – ZOOM Clinic
with Lynette Garlan

Vice President Lynette Garlan (WJU #3633), Trustee and Leader of the 50th Anniversary Team conducted a great opportunity for people to learn how to use ZOOM. About 25 people benefitted from the experience and learned how to use CHAT, VIEW, and other important functions. The Breakout Room Function, which will come in handy later this week at the Banquet for TABLE assignments and participation, was also explored.

Lynette Garlan Explains the use of Breakout Rooms

It was interesting to note how well prepared these folks were for the following Social Check-in Session. They were all able to successfully navigate the various functions and should have no issues or challenges for the remainder of the Virtual Convention.

Thanks Lynette and Jim Rumbaugh (WJU #3665) for helping us all!

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