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Vol. 1, No. 1 – 1971
Hoxie Bros. Circus Band, 1971
Early Circus Music in America (Robert Mayer) Merle Evans directs GA concerts (Paul Fitzpatrick) Elkhorn, WI, Circus Band (Charles Bennett Jr)
Vol. 1, No. 2 – 1971
Music & Musicians of the New Buffalo Bill Show (Art Stensvad)
King Bros. Circus Band, 1971 (Robert Harrison)
Park Ridge, IL, Circus Band, at Graf Ring, Circus Model Builders
1971 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band (Charles Bennett Jr)
1971 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Musical Program Report on record release, Karl King music
1971 Circus Kirk Band (Jim Kieffer)
Vol. 1, No. 3 – 1971
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 1 of 4 (Earle Moss)
Quincy, IL Band Plays Circus Music (Lloyd Fengel) Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey’s Circus (RBBB) Blue
Unit Band 1971 (Charles Bennett Jr)
Circus Music Composer Sketches (Loren Geiger)
C. L. Barnhouse Swap Column


Vol. 2, No. 1 –1972
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 2 of 4 (Earle Moss)
1971 RBBB Blue Unit Review: Band Selections (Al House) Charlie Stevenson would have King Bros band next year Ringling to buy Union Pacific coaches (Art Stensvad)
Dan Maguire has purchased Railroad private car
Vol. 2, No. 2 – 1972
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 3 of 4 (Earle Moss)
New Member List – District Rep List Morrow, GA, Circus Concert
New Circus March (Grand Entry of Windjammers Unlimited, composer Robert P. Hills)
Ringling Bros. Grand Entry March, Al Sweet (Charles Bennett Jr)
Rodeo! Today! (Loren Geiger) Hanneford Circus 1972 (Jim Kieffer) Beatty-Cole 1972 (Charles Bennett Jr) “Circus” (Joe Williams)
Vol. 2, No. 3 – 1972
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 4 of 4 (Earle Moss)
New Member List
Duplicate Titled Marches
King Bros. Circus Band, 1972 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Harry James, Circus-Trained Band Leader (Robert Mayer)
J. J. Richards- Circus Music Composer (Loren Geiger)
Vol. 2, No. 4 – 1972
Royal Wild West Circus-1972 (Terry Squires) Beatty-Cole 1972, Revisited (Charles Bennett Jr)
Record releases (includes first Whitmarsh Sounds of Circus tape)
Two weeks on a River Boat Show (Joe Williams)
F.H. Losey – Composer Sketch (Loren Geiger) Windjamming with Minstrel Shows 50 years ago, Pt 1 of 2 (Earle Moss)
Morrow (GA) Circus Concert


Vol. 3, No. 1 – 1973
First Convention, Jan. 5-7, 1973, Key Biscayne, FL
On the Road with Carl Clair & Barnum & Bailey Band (Loren Geiger)
Duplicate Titled Marches+
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1841-1854 (Bob Mayer)
Vol. 3, No. 2 – 1973
Upcoming meet on Ward Stauth’s farm, Corydon, IN
King Bros. Circus, 1973
Merle Evans appearance in Plymouth, MI (Robert Harrison)
Beatty-Cole opens 1973 Tour
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1854-1862 (Bob Mayer
continued from Vol 3 No 1)
Vol. 3, No. 3 – 1973
Election results – Report on Corydon Convention
Random Thoughts on Circus Music (Leslie Harkness)
Circus World Florida ground-breaking
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1863-1870 (Bob Mayer
continued from Vol 3 No 2)
Circus Experiences of Percy Cayuga (Ed Cripps)
Windjamming with Minstrel Shows, Pt 2 of 5 (Earle Moss)
King Bros. Circus, 1973 (Charles Bennett Jr)
S E Chenette – Circus Composer Sketch (Loren Geiger)
Vol. 3, No. 4 – 1973
Carson & Barnes Circus Band, 1973
George Matthews Great London Circus
New Circus Opens: The Circus Kingdom 1973
Windjamming with Minstrel Shows, Pt 3 of 5 (Earle Moss)
Letter, Bob Hills, WJU Progress
Complete Membership List


Vol. 4, No. 1 – 1974
JAN – Winter Issue
Wake of the Editor HELP!-status of current circus music
Royal Ranch 1973 Program (Terry Squires)
Bio of Karl King, Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite (Loren Geiger)
Windjamming with Minstrel Shows, Pt 4 of 5 (Earle Moss)
2nd Convention, Jan 18-20, 1974, Atlanta, GA
Vol. 4, No. 2 – 1974
Convention Report President’s Report, 1974
Letters to Merle Evans & Mrs. Karl King
Convention Music List, 1974
Resignation of Bob Hills, president
Reconsideration of Resignation
WJU Tape Offer (Buckeye Sound System statement of
condition) 19 JAN 1974
Vol. 4, No. 3 – 1974
1973 Beatty-Cole Band (Robert Harrison)
1973 Beatty-Cole Band Program (Charles Bennett Jr)
1974 Circus Kirk (Jim Kieffer)
1973 Circus Kirk Music Program (Jim Kieffer)
1973 Circus Kirk troupe personnel
Regional Meet, July 27-28, 1974, Delaware, OH
PHOTOS: Pg.8-Charles “Doc” Boas, owner and Stuart Levins, superintendent; James Kieffer; Pg.9-1973 Circus Kirk band;
Pg.10-Gymnastics team, T.J. Michael-wire walker, Guying the tent; Back Cover-map of City of Delaware, OH showing meet locations
Vol. 4, No. 4 – 1974
Wake of the Editor HELP!- current events
The Calliope (Bob Mayer)
Removal of Names – 1974 Dues non-payment
Tape offer: ’74 Convention Volume Two
Known Music of Karl King
Sawdust in Your Shoes (Col. Joe Williams)
Windjamming with Minstrel Shows 50 years ago,
Pt 5 of 5 (Earle Moss)
PHOTOS: Front Cover– Scene One: 1920 Sells-Sterling Circus truck In Iowa Mud; Scene Two: 1920 Sells-Sterling Circus, Green Bush, WI closing stand; Back Cover– Scene Three: 1935 Sells-Sterling Circus bandwagon Arthur Heller, bandleader; Scene Four: 1936 Sells-Sterling Circus cast photo.
Vol. 4, No. 5 – 1974
3rd Convention, 1975, New Orleans
1974 Beatty-Cole Circus and music program (Robert Peckham)
Long Life as a Circus Musician, Percy Cayuga, cornetist
A Tented Circus Comes to Michigan, 1974
Purple Carnival (Loren Geiger)
PHOTOS: Front Cover– 1944 Clyde Beatty-Russell Bros Circus tent crew; Pg.2-1944 Percheron at Sarasota winter quarters; Back Cover-4/26/1949 Seal Bros Circus- McCook NE- Bonnie & Chuck Fuller riding Mickie.
Vol. 4, No. 6 – 1974
1974 Circus Kirk review (Raymond Rondquist, Bob Hills)
1974 Carson and Barnes circus band and book
(Charles H. Bennett Jr)
Presidents Letter (Robert P. Hills Jr)
WJU Patch offer
1974 Financial Statement and member roster 10/22/74
WJU By-Laws
Ward Stauth seeks players for Merle Evans concert
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1974 Circus Kirk lot aerial; Pg.7-1974 Circus Kirk owner Dr. Charles Boas; 1974 Circus Kirk band 8/5/1974, McKees Rock, PA; Pg.11-1974 Carson & Barnes band (James D. Kalivoda);Pg.21-1943 Dailey Bros Circus Band, Joe Rossi, Bandleader 9/3/43 (Joe Fleming); Pg.24-Turner Bros Circus sponsors Eric & Lynne Beheim cyclethon, 10/20/74; Cole Bros Circus Band, Eddie Woeckner bandleader, 7/17/1943, McCook, NE (Joe Fleming); Pg.25-Merle Evans to appear Corydon IN Muni. Band 2/11/75; Pg.26-pg.28-1974 WJU Atlanta, GA and Delaware, OH convention photos


1975 Vol. 5, No. 1
Editorial, Raymond Rondquist
1972 RBBB Blue Unit book, Bill Pruyn, conductor of 16 pc.
band, Nassau Coliseum, 11/2/72, (Al House)
J. Deforest Cline, Biography (Loren Geiger)
Looking Back Series #1, Edward M Kimball, bandleader,
Baraboo, WI (Bob Mayer)
Circus Horses (Joe Fleming)
Circus Band Music- A Tradition Kept alive- Charles
Schlarbaum Bandleader BIO to 1969 (Bob Harrison)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1953 Cole and Walters Circus Band, Jack Bell-leader, Beaver City, NE 9/6/53; Pg.8-Circus Kirk Band 7/31/74 & Lot view both Derry, PA (James D. Kalivoda); Back Cover-1892 W.B. Reynolds Circus Cast opening day, Rockford, IL
1975 Vol. 5, No. 2
King Bros. Circus 1974, Charlie Stevenson’s circus band
(Charles Bennett Jr)
Beatty-Cole program, season 1969 – Pt 2
1975 Convention, New Orleans
1975 Convention, New Orleans music list
Presidents Letter-Convention and current circus events
Tape offer, Regional Meet Delaware, OH & all inclusive
Wenatchee (WA) Youth Circus, Paul Pugh, director
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1974 King Bros Circus-Charles E. Stephenson bandleader; Pg.5-Charles E. Stephenson Bandmaster 1970-1974 King Bros. Circus; Pg.6-7-Charles Schlarbaum and band on Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus (3 pix by Kalivoda); Pg.8-13-WJU member photos; Pg.20-24- 1974 Wenatchee Youth Circus Photos.
1975 Vol. 5, No. 3
Louisville Courier-Journal article, Merle Evans appearance, Corydon, IN
Merle Evans appearance, Corydon, IN Program
Merle Evans appearance Review, Corydon Democrat
Let’s Blow Our Horns (Art Stensvad)
President’s Letter-current events Tape offer, New Orleans meet
Australian Circus Music, Pt 1 of 4 (Sid Baker)
1975 Aladdin Temple Shrine Circus, Columbus, Ohio
Profile: Robert P. Hills
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Merle Evans conducts Corydon concert-2/11/75; Pg.4- 8-WJU participation at Corydon concert; Pg.13-1/27/75 Middletown Township Boys Club Youth Circus Band- Belford, NJ (William F. Ogden); Pg.15-1975 Aladdin Temple Shrine bandleader, Russell D. Darr; Pg.17- 19-1975 Aladdin Band & circus performers; Pg.18-1944 Cole Bros. Circus Band-Eddie Woeckner, director (Joe Fleming).
1975 Vol. 5, No. 4
Peru (IN) Circus Festival
Australian Circus Music, Pt 2 of 4 (Sid Baker)
Big John Strong Circus review, 1869
South Shore Concert Band at CFA convention, Providence, RI, May 28, 1975
Profile: Paul Fitzpatrick (Maryland)
Beatty-Cole Program, Williamsport, PA, May 31, 1975 (Ward Stauth)
Bye Bye, Buffoons (John Toy)- corrections in Vol5No5.
Hey Rube! Call for membership
Tape offer, 3rd Convention, New Orleans 1975
Down the Sawdust Trail, recent correspondence
Tape offer, Wenatchee Youth Circus
1975 Great London Circus band book (C.H. Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover, Pg.3, Pg.5, Pg.10—Windjammers at Peru, IN meet- Schlarbaum conducting July 18-19, 1975 (Celia Carlson); Pg.9-1944 Cole Bros Circus performer Jan Cidney 7/29/44 McCook, NE (Joe Fleming); Pg.12-South Shore Concert Band-Richard Whitmarsh director 8/6/73; Back Cover-1940 Cole Bros Sideshow Band (P.G. Lowery-leader/trumpet, Noah Robinson-drums, Unk.-trombone, Harvey
1975 Vol. 5, No. 5
President’s Letter- current events
Down The Sawdust Trail – recent correspondence
Tape offer, Combined WJU-Corydon, Merle Evans, conductor
Hoxie Bros. Circus, 1975 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Australian Circus Music, Pt 3 of 4 (Sid Baker)
Carson & Barnes Circus, 1975 (Charles Bennett Jr)
Ft. Mitchell KY convention teaser
The Circus Kingdom, music book (Paul Fitzpatrick)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Proposed site for WJU museum-Stauth Farm Indiana 10/20/75; Pg.4-5-M & M Circus Intl Band- Boom Browning, bandleader (Bill Rhodes); Pg.11-1975 Hoxie Bros. Circus Band 4/19/75 Mountain City, GA (Kalivoda); Pg.12-Big John Strong (Bill Rhodes); Pg.13-14-1975 Carson & Barnes band; Pg.15-1975 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band, Jimmy Ille bandleader, Clarksville, IN 9/21/75 (Bill Rhodes); Pg.17- Advance photo for 1976 meet Ft. Mitchell, KY; Pg.18-19-1975 The Circus Kingdom Band, Rev. L. David Harris, Circus owner/bandleader, Florence, KY 7/16/75 (Paul Fitzpatrick); Back Cover-1945 Al G. Kelly Miller Bros.- C.H. Woolrich, bandleader, McCook, NE 6/22/45 (Joe Fleming); 1975 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band, Jimmy Ille, bandleader, Clarksville, IN 9/21/75 (Bill Rhodes).
1975 Vol. 5, No. 6
Ft. Dodge Museum-Karl King’s
Australian Circus Music, Pt 4 of 4 (Sid Baker)
Royal Hanneford Circus, 1975
Membership list
Down The Sawdust Trail/Misc. Windjamming
Robert J. Aschenbach, circus trumpeter (Norman Wilbert)
Convention Jan 30-31, 1976, Cincinnati, OH
Treasurer’s report/Tape offers
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1975 The Circus Kingdom Band with Merle Evans at Columbia, Kansas; Rev. L. David Harris, circus owner/bandleader; Pg.3-4- Fort Dodge Museum-Karl King; Pg. 5-1975 Royal Hanneford Circus Band, Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader (Bill Rhodes); Pg.7-1975 Hanneford’s Elephants-Tommy Hanneford; Peter Haubner-bareback horses (Bill Rhodes); Pg.13-1907 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Show, Robert J. Aschenbach; 1950 Robert & son Arthur Aschenbach (Norman Wilbert); Pg.19- 1908 Gollmar Bros Circus Band-Robert Aschenbach pictured (Norman Wilbert); 1975 Hanneford’s elephants & Tajana and Hanneford’s Lions & Tigers; Back cover-1909 Great Parker Shows Band-Robert Aschenbach pictured (Norman Wilbert).


1976 Vol. 6, No. 1
Mel Hummitzsch, Clown (Norman Wilbert)
Down The Sawdust Trail/Misc Windjamming
The Buckeye Sound System
Duplicate Titled Marches+
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1871-1877 (Bob Mayer
continued from Vol 3 No 3)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1939 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey’s Circus Side Show Band (Ernest Lawrence); Pg.5-Mel Hummitzsch Clown Band Sheboygan Dec 1972 & Dec 1974 (Norman Wilbert); Back Cover-1936 Al G. Barnes Side Show Band; 1913 or 1914 Gentry Bros. Circus clown bandwagon.
1976 Vol. 6, No. 2
1976 Convention Report & Music List
Highlights, annual meeting
Henry Kyes, 1948, Paul Whiteman of the Big Top-1948
Cole Bros. Circus (Bob Mayer)
Down The Sawdust Trail-current events
Circus Vargas, Feb. 26, 1976, Huntsville, AL (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Int’l All Star Circus, Newman, GA 2/8/76 & Kennesaw, GA
2/14/76 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Art (Mack) Heller Circus Musician Pt 1 of 2 (Norman Wilbert)
Russell D. Darr, Circus Bandmaster (Norman Wilbert)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1976 WJU Convention-Schlarbaum & Hoe (Robert Weaver); Pg.3-WJU convention; Pg.14-1948 Cole Bros. ircus Band- Henry Kyes, bandleader (Gus Taliaferro); 1975 Circus Vargas Band, Kay & Robert Parker-Louisville KY 10/26/75 (Bill Rhodes); pg.16-1976 Circus Vargas Band-Huntsville, AL 2/26/76, Jim Gibson, bandleader (Dr. Paul E. Fitzpatrick); Pg.17-1976 Circus Vargas Band (J. Robert Timmel); Pg.18- International All Star Circus, Bob Amato, bandleader; Pg.19-20 Art Mack Heller circus musician & his circus bands (Norman Wilbert); Pg.21-Russell Darr, Milwaukee shrine circus bandleader (Norman Wilbert); Pg.22-23- Russell Darr & Milwaukee shrine circus band (Norman Wilbert); Pg.22- Russell Darr & Louisville, KY shrine band 2/6/76; Back Cover-1950 Biller Bros. Circus Band–Joe Rossi, bandleader (Gus Taliaferro).
1976 Vol. 6, No. 3
Tribute to Merle Evans, Feb. 3, 1976, Corydon, IN
Hoxie Bros. Circus, Apr. 15, 1976, Covington, GA (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Beatty-Cole Band, 1976 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Aladdin Temple Shrine Circus, Columbus OH- Boom Boom Browning, bandleader 4/7/76
Hanneford Circus, Athens, GA, Mar. 6, 1976 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
The Art Heller Story Continues Pt 2 of 2 (Norman Wilbert)
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1878-1884 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 6 No 1)
Percy Rademacher, Clown from Sheboygan (Norman Wilbert)
Down The Sawdust Trail
Illinois State Univ. Fine arts Fest, Circus Concert
Spectacular, Apr. 27, 1976, Merle Evans, conductor
Merle Evans, circus bands, circus music, reprint from Baraboo
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Tribute to Merle Evans Concert Band 2/3/76; Pg.3-1976 William Browning, Drums; Pg.4-Pg.5-WJU members in concert;Pg.6-1976 Hoxie Bros Circus Band (Paul Fitzpatrick); Pg.7-1976 CBCBband-Charles Bertini, trumpet/leader (Paul Fitzpatrick); Pg.9-WJU Jack”Tiny” Stagg; Pg.12-Clown Al Ross, Big Tom-Diano Elephant from AladdinShrine Circus; Pg.13-1976 Hanneford Circus-Charles Schlarbaum,bandleader; Pg.14-1932 Seils-Sterling show personnel-Art Heller,bandleader (Norman Wilbert); Pg.15-1924 Art Heller, Seils-Sterlingcalliope; 1933 Seils-Sterling band; 1932 Seils-Sterling bandwagon andclown band; Pg.17-1932 Hagenbeck-Wallace band, bandwagon, PercyRademacher-clown trumpeter (Norman Wilbert); Back Cover- 1898 GreatWallace Circus Band (Gus Taliaferro); unk band on bandwagon with tires.
1976 Vol. 6, No. 4
Jonesboro, GA, 1976 Windjammer Circus Band
Interview 1949 Merle Evans/Lauritz Melchoir (Bob Mayer)
Clyde Bros. Circus Band Personnel & Book (Paul
Carson & Barnes Circus Band & Personnel (Paul
Bob Amato, Band Leader (Norman Wilbert)
First “Dixie” Manuscript: The True Story of Dixie
Naperville Band Circus Spectacular, June 24, 1976, Merle
Evans, conductor
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1885-1890 (Bob Mayer
continued from Vol 6 No 3)
Band compositions with similar names+
Tape offers/Invitation, Fourth Convention
1976 Great London Circus Band (2 Photos, Bill Rhodes)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1947 Al G. Kelly and Miller Bros Circus Band, Colby KS 5/24/47, Walter Stevens-bandmaster; Pg.4-1935 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus & 1960 Swenson’s Thrillcade, Percy Rademacher clown trumpet; Pg.6-1976 Merle Evans at Naperville, IL concert; Pg.8-1894 Dr. Morgan’s New Ideal Vaudeville Show (Al Sweet, cornet), Canastota, NY (Ernie Lawrence); Pg.11-1976 Int’l All Star Circus Band-Bob Amato, bandleader; Pg.12-1976 Hoxie Bros. Circus Band (reviewed Vol.6 No.3); 1976 Circus Vargas Band, Waukegan, IL and Lloyd Fengel (James Kalivoda); Pg.13- CIRCUS FANFARE Windjammers Unlimited Index of Articles & Photos 1971 – 2017 Page 4 of 54, “Dixie Land” manuscript; Pg.16-Pg.17, 1976 Naperville Municipal Band with Merle Evans; Back Cover-1915 Sells Floto, Barnum and Bailey’s Circus Mounted band & Cap Devlan’s Drum and Bugle Corps in Ontario Canada (Gus Taliaferro)
1976 Vol. 6, No. 5
Combined Bands, WJU & Corydon, program, Feb. 3, 1976
NC Regional Meet, Elmhurst, IL, Aug 20-21-22, 1976
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Blue Unit, 1976 (Eric
Trumpeter Leslie Harkness (Norman Wilbert)
Carson & Barnes Circus Band, Season 1976 (Charles
Bennett Jr)
Interlochen Music Camp (Ward Stauth)
Fourth convention, Jan. 1976, Cincinnati, OH
Stauth Museum, Corydon, IN
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1976 WJU Chicago Regional Meet Band; Pg.6-Pg.8- WJU member photos; Pg.14-1976 Ringling Circus Band, Ronnie Drumm, musical director; Pg.16,Pg.19-1976 Carson & Barnes circus band, Les Harkness, bandleader; Pg.21-Pg.23-1976 Interlochen Music Camp with Merle Evans and Harvey Phillips; Back Cover-1947 Dailey Bros. Circus side show minstrels-Johnnie B. Williams, leader
1976 Vol. 6, No. 6
March – The Pride of Arecibo, “El Rey” by R. Paul Harper
(aka Robert P Hills, Jr.)
Keith Greene, RBBB Bandmaster (Norman Wilbert)
25th Reunion, Circus Clown Band (Norman Wilbert)
Tape – Tribute to Merle Evans
Down the Sawdust Trail
Treasurer’s Report
Band compositions with Similar Titles+
Circus Bandmasters of the past, 1891-1894 (Bob Mayer
continued from Vol 6 No 4)
Bon Voyage 1976 (Robert P Hills, Jr.
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1976 Ringling Circus Band, Keith Greene, musical director; Pg.3-Pride of Aricebo-conductors part (Paul Harper); Pg.5-Mrs. Karl King and WJU dignitaries; Pg.6-Pg.7-1976 Ringling bandleader Keith Greene; Pg.8-Pg.9-Circus Clown Band reunion-Mel Hummitzsch (Norman Wilbert); Pg.14-1973 King Bros. Circus Band-Charlie Stephenson, bandleader; Back Cover-1946 Cole Bros. Circus Side Show Band, McCook, NE 7/20/1946 (Joe Fleming); 1928 Sparks Circus Calliope, Harry Wills and unk. musician (Raymond Rondquist)


1977 Vol. 7, No. 1
Top Musicians Perform at Baraboo Museum, Jan. 3, 1977 (Norman Wilbert)
Mrs. J. W. Taggert, Circus Music Composer (Norman Wilbert)
Hoxie Bros Acts & Music, Oct. 11-13, 1976 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Past President Comments (Robert P Hills)
Atlanta Bicentennial Concert Tape, All-inclusive tape offer
Maxie’s Gutter Band (Harry Strange)
Profile: Francis Simler, WJU President
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Joseph & Barbara Taggart at the Tangley Air Calliope, Rockford IL; Mrs. Ethel Luckey at the organ, Circus World Museum, Baraboo, WI (Norman Wilbert); Pg.5-Ethel Luckey plays calliope in the daily parade at Circus World Museum 8/21/76; Pg.6-Circus World Museum: Steam Calliope, shaker chimes, air calliope- Harlan Harris (Norman Wilbert); Pg.8-Pg.9-Circus Night Sheboygan, WI 8/11/76 Barbara Taggart, Wm. Haack, Percy Rademacher, Norman Wilbert (Norman Wilbert); Pg.16-Eric Beheim spotted playing Ringling, San Diego, CA 7/14/76; E. Hurst Miles; Pg.17-Dover Gutter Band-Frank Williams, bandleader; Pg.19-Francis Simler, WJU president and George Keller, WJU publicity; Back Cover-1850 Gorton’s Cornet Band, Stowe’s Circus, Riverside Place, Savannah GA-Alf Archer, Joe Gorton, George Berge
(Raymond Rondquist)
1977 Vol. 7, No. 2
1977 All K. L. King convention 1977, St. Louis, MO
Strike Up The Band, Robb Holmes (recording session, Athens, GA)
Ward Stauth, Circus Buff (Norman Wilbert)
1976 Int’l All Star Circus Band Music, Thomaston, GA
1976 Circus Vargas Act Music
Tape offer, WJU Chicago Regional meet, 1976
Conversation with Earle Moss, Pt 1 of 2 (Charles Bennett Jr.)
Wm. Haack, Sheboygan, WI, Band Director (Norman Wilbert)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU 1977 St. Louis Meet; Pg.11-1977 Heritage Circus Band at UGA, Athens GA-Schlarbaum (Bill McDougald); Pg.15-1976 Int’l All Star Circus Band-Bob Amato, bandleader (Paul Fitzpatrick); Ward Stauth at Milwaukee WI Holiday Inn; 1976 Circus Vargas bandleader Jim Gibson & Circus Vargas woodwinds (Paul Fitzpatrick); Pg.22-1921 Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Band-Earle Moss, bandleader; William Haack Sheboygan WI bandleader; Pg.23-Haack & Rademacher (Norman Wilbert); Back Cover-1975 Wm. Haack trombone on Carson and Barnes Circus; 1929 St. Andrews Church Band- Gus Kriese, director. Wm. Haack, band member (Norman Wilbert).
1977 Vol. 7, No. 3
Report, Conservation Concert, Corydon, IN, (Randy West, Corydon Democrat)
Corydon Regional Meet
Aladdin Shrine Circus report
Chatfield Museum
America’s Greatest Concert Band (Allentown)
Circus Rhythm: Carson-Barnes Circus Band, (E. Carlson & C. Bennett Jr.)
Al Young, The Man With The Golden Trumpet (Norman Wilbert)
1977 Hall of Fame Award (A. Lee Hinckley)
Conversation with Earle Moss, Pt 2 of 2 (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1903-1904 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band-Carl Clair, director (Norman Wilbert); Pg.3-1977 Corydon Meet WJU member photos; Pg.7-1977 Aladdin Shrine Circus-Columbus OH, Frank F. Chiarello, Jr- Bandleader (R.P. Hills Jr); Pg.14-Chatfield Lending Library; Pg.16-1976 Allentown Band; Pg.20-1977 Carson and Barnes Circus Band-Perry Johnson, bandleader, clarinet, alto sax; Pg.21-Former tuba from The Circus Kingdom, David LeClair at Corydon meet (Bridget Wilhauck); Pg.22-1977 Tripoli Shrine Circus Band-Al Youngman-Man with the golden trumpet-bandleader; Pg.23-A.Lee Hinckley receives 1977 WJU Hall of Fame award; Pg.27-No date-Hagenbeck Wallace Sideshow-Minstrel- Museum; Back Cover-1901-Ringling Bros. Circus-George Ganweiler, director; 1919-Sun Bros. Shows Band-Gus Barnes named.
1977 Vol. 7, No. 4
Indiana’s March King- Fred Jewell (Rick Johnson,Indianapolis Star)
Tribute to Indiana Circus History- concert program
Their Band Is Great – Beatty-Cole Circus Band, Apr. 1977 (Paul Fitzpatrick)
Charlie Stevenson’s Band at Great American Chautauqua touring show (Charles Bennett Jr)
Show Music, Wenatchee Youth Circus (Paul Pugh)
Circus World Museum Schedule, July-Aug, 1977
Letter to Editor: Charles Bennett Jr
Valdosta Chamber of Commerce welcome letter (1978 convention)
Buckeye Sound System
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Fred Jewell and the Barnum and Bailey Big Top Band;Fred Jewell poses with the Jewell Family Band 1890; Pg.4-Fred Jewell-Indiana’s March King; Pg.6-Young Jewell with clarinet and double bell euphonium; Pg.10-1977 Circus Band of Indiana-Merle Evans conducting,Harvey Phillips narrating; Pg.11-1977 Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus Band, Charles Bertini, bandmaster; Pg.14-1977 Great American Chautauqua lot photos, Pratt KS 5/14/77; Pg.17-1977 WJU hotel hallway band; Back Cover-1916 Miller Bros. 101 Wild West Ranch Band-Merle Evans & 1920 Sells-Floto Circus Band-C.L. Brown, director- Ramon Escorcia, cornet.
1977 Vol. 7, No. 5
Circus Rhythm, Wenatchee Youth Circus (Roy Stauth)
Sparks Circus Band, Victor Robbins, 1946 (Joseph Bradbury)
Trouping With Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1915, Pt 1 of 3 (Earle Moss)
Circus Concert, Sheboygan, WI, July 6, 1977 (Norman Wilbert)
1976 Belleville (WA) Community Band Repertoire
Ward Stauth: Have Recorder, Will Travel
1977 Hagan Wallace-Sells & Gray Circus Band book, Forest Park, GA (Paul Fitzpatrick)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1977 Wenatchee Youth Circus (WA) Band (Ray Stauth); Pg.4-1914 Howe’s Great London Circus, Charles Tinney’s Band; 1934 Milliken Bros. Circus Band (Norman Wilbert); Pg.5-1925 Bill Fowler’s Cowboy Band, Miller Bros. 101 Wild West Ranch Wild West Show, Gus Barnes-cornet; Pg.7-1975 Arabesque Brass Band/Aladdin Shrine Temple, London, OH (Bob Hills, tuba); 1977 Peru IN Circus Parade; Pg.8- President’s Own Marine Band Euphonium group: Price, Lehman, Zimmerman, Humble, Burroughs (Robert Joe Jr); 1975 Percy Cayuga photo op and visit by WJU members; Pg.9-1946 Sparks Circus Band, Waco TX-Victor Robbins, bandleader; 1915 Fletch Fowler Carnival; Pg.14-1977 Sheboygan WI Municipal Band Circus Concert-Wm. Haack director; Pg.18-1908 Gollmar Bros. Circus Band on the Mirror Bandwagon (Don Smith Collection, Ray Rondquist); Back Cover-1892 Ringling Bros. Circus Band- A Trip to Coney Island instrumentation-Wm. F. Weldon, bandmaster; 1939 Parker & Watts Circus Band-L. Claude Myers, bandmaster (Photos from Sverre Braathen collection, submitted by Norman Wilbert).
1977 Vol. 7, No. 6
Regional Meet, Sept. 20, 1977, Indianapolis, IN
Parker & Watts Circus, 1937-38 (Joseph Bradbury)
Musical Memories: William Tell Overture (Joseph Bradbury)
Joe Fleming’s Circus Models (photos Bob Hills)
1977 Carson & Barnes Circus Band book, Jonesboro GA
1977 St. Louis Convention & Treasurer’s Report
Letter to Editor: Charles Bennett Jr
Trouping With Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1915, Pt 2 of 3 (Earle Moss)
Notice: 1978 Convention, Valdosta
1977 Membership List
President’s Letter and news
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1977 WJU Circus Concert Band, Indianapolis IN (James Heath); Pg.6-Pg.7 1977 WJU members (James Heath); Pg.10- Unknown motorized bandwagon Copping’s Shows; Pg.12-1977 Carson & Barnes Circus Band; Pg.13-1908 Yankee American Show Band, Lakeview Park, Sheboygan WI (Norman Wilbert); 1934 Hagenbeck-Wallace Bandwagon (Ray Rondquist); Pg.18-Christy Bros. Circus Band (date); Welsh Bros. Shows Band (date) (Norman Wilbert); 1925 Seils-Sterling Circus Band; Pg.21-1915 Moss Family Band with Fletch Fowler Carnival; Back Cover-1917 Barnum and Bailey’s Band & Sells-Floto Circus Band (Ray Rondquist).


1978 Vol. 8, No. 1
Wesley Jung’s Dream Comes True (Norman Wilbert)
Musical Memories (Joseph Bradbury)
Circus Rhythm (music for various acts)
Circus Days Come Back With Music (Katherine Skiba)
Sousa Programs
Windjammers at Work (Photo: Art Stensvad at the throttle of his train heading to Wyoming)
Tape offer, 1977 Corydon Concert
The Last Spec
Trouping With Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1915, Pt 3 of 3 (Earle Moss)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1953 Centennial Parade Sheboygan, WI-Wesley Jung & Calliope. Pg.3-Wesley Jung and history of Calliope (Norman Wilbert). Pg.7-1932 Circus Band of combined John Robinson Shows and Sells- Floto Circus (Gus Taliaferro). Pg.8-1938 Parker & Watts Circus Band on 1 bandwagon-A. Lee Hinckley bandleader (Joe Bradbury); 1947- RogerBros Circus Band-John Duesch leader (Joe Fleming); 1978-Richard Honzelka age 98 and Charles Schlarbaum, grand nephew (Marqueen Schlarbaum). Pg.9-1977 Circus Kirk sideshow banner, Charles “Doc” Boas-talker and show owner (Charles Hanson). Pg.10-1978 Old Mapleton Circus Band (Robert Ludwig). Pg.11-Old Mapleton’s circus bandwagon- a red 1934 Chevrolet Truck customized by Bob Ludwig. Pg.15-WJU members at work: Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick, Art Stensvad. Pg.17-WJU Raymond Bouillon-OBIT. Pg.18-Earle M. Moss-ca.1818. Pg.23-1913 John R. Smith Carnival-Moss Family Band; 1919 Kaplan Bros. Carnival- Moss family in Band (Earle Moss). Back Cover-Walter L. Smith, Karl L. King, Lt. Charles Benter, US Navy Band, Frank Simon, Taylor Branson, US Marine Band, J.J. Gagnier, Grenadier Guards Band, Montreal, Herbert L. Clarke, cornet soloist Sousa’s Band (no date).
1978 Vol. 8, No. 2
Report, 1978 WJU, Valdosta
King Bros. Band, 1951
Musical Memories (Joseph Bradbury)
Tiny Stagg letter
Tape Offers
Russell Alexander elected to Hall of Fame
Regional Meet Schedule, Rochester, MN
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1978 WJU Convention Valdosta, GA (Dr. Fred Dettman). Pg.5-Convention conductors: Hal Gibson, Charles Schlarbaum (Marqueen Schlarbaum); WJU low brass. Pg.6-7-8-WJU convention members. Pg.9-1951 King Bros. Circus Band- A. Lee Hinckley bandmaster. Pg.10-A.Lee Hinckley’s Band on Cristiani Bros 4/7/1952- Bandwagon No.1 sunburst wheels Athens GA; Late 1952 same band and wagon, pneumatic tires (Joe Bradbury). Pg.17-Hoxie Bros. Billposting August 16, 1978 (Robert P. Hills, Jr); 1947 Monroe Bros. Circus free ticket wagon; A Modica- world’s greatest one man band-RBBB-no date (Ernie Lawrence). 1950s King Bros. Band in parade-A Lee Hinckley bandleader (A Lee Hinckley). Back Cover-Al F. Wheeler’s New Model Shows (no date, two pictures, Earle Moss).
1978 Vol. 8, No. 3
Blowin’ Up A Storm (from Corydon Democrat)
1978 Tripoli Shrine Circus (Norman Wilbert)
Karl King’s Sells-Floto Band, 1914
W. Paris Chambers (editor)
Memories of France & The Circus (Joseph Bradbury)
Regional Meet, Apr. 28-29, 1978, Indianapolis, IN
Tape offer, 1977 Indy Meet
Down The Sawdust Trail
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1978 WJU band Corydon IN. Pg.3-1978 Boom Boom Browning at WJU Corydon meet. Pg.4-5-WJU musicians. Pg.6-1978 Tripoli Temple Shrine Circus Band Milwaukee WI-2/23/78 (Norman Wilbert). Pg.7-1914 Karl L. King’s Sells Floto Band (Earle Moss). Pg.15- Additions or corrections may be sent to Windjammers Unlimited Editor Unidentified-possibly Great Britain Bandwagon with 8-horse hitchca. 1920s 101 Ranch Wild West Show. Pg.16-17-Heritage March Series- January 1978 Athens, GA. Pg.18-1962 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. New Bedford MA-Boom Boom Browning-bandleader 5/9/62 (Joe Bradbury); 1959 Mills Bros. Circus Band-Joe Rossi white jacket-Opening Day Jefferson, OH; 1959 Mills Bros. Circus Band-Jefferson OH (Homer Walton). Pg.23-1915 Moss Family Band. Back Cover-1907 Campbell Bros. Circus Band-Paul Gore leader –Kenmare ND June 19, 1907 (Earle Moss).
1978 Vol. 8, No. 4
Carson & Barnes, 1978, Pt 1 of 2-continued in Vol 9 No 1 (Charles Bennett Jr)
Musical memories of the 60’s & the Circus (Joseph Bradbury)
Some Circus Bandmaster, 1947
Zorah Shrine Circus, 1978 (Matt Huber)
Detroit Concert Band Schedule
Tape Offer, 1977 Indy Museum Concert
Aladdin Temple Shrine Circus, 1978
Circus World Museum new Band (Wm. L Schultz)
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss)
Circus Music A Real Challenge: Joe Rossi
Old Time Circus Band – A Memory (Horrie Harvey)
Percy (Rademacher) The Clown Dies
Robbins Bros. Parade Wagon, 1938 (John McClerman)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1978 Carson and Barnes Eastern Unit Band-Perry Johnson bandleader. Pg.4-1978 Carson & Barnes unit photos; Charlie Stephenson-Western Unit Bandleader with Charles Schlarbaum. Pg.10- Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band units-Eddie Woeckener-ca.1928 or 1929 (Joe Bradbury). Pg.14-1978 Los Obandos High Wire Troupe. Pg.15-1978 Aladdin Temple Shrine Indoor Circus Band-Russell Darr bandleader. Pg.16-1978 Diano’s Elephants (Aladdin Shrine). Pg.21-1920 Neil O’Brien’s Minstrels; 1921 Hagenbeck-Wallace horn section; 1921 Hagenbeck-Wallace Bandwagon crew; 1921 Earle Moss bandmaster Hagenbeck-Wallace Band; 1915 Earle Moss. Pg.25-1925 Percy Rademacher; 1977 Percy and his wife Ella. Pg.26-1938 Robbins Bros. Parade-U.S. Bandwagon. Back Cover-1913 Barnum and Bailey’s Circus Band-Ned Brill Bandmaster; 1978 Long Beach CA-WJU members Ray Koskela & Larry Holstein.
1978 Vol. 8, No. 5
Regional Meet, Aug. 10-12, 1978, Chatfield, MN
Looking Back (Bob Mayer)
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss)
Tribute to Percy Johnson, Carson & Barnes Bandmaster (Norman Wilbert)
Sells-Sterling Tent No. 79 Historical Marker Dedicated (Norman Wilbert)
1979 Convention, New Orleans
Tape Offer, Valdosta Meet
1949 Biller Bros. Circus (Joseph Bradbury)
Classic City Band, Clarke Co. GA
July 4th Parade, Sheboygan, WI Norman Wilbert, calliope
Circus Night Concert, Sheboygan (Norman Wilbert)
Historical Obits-A.W. Hughes, Carl Teike
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Dec. 17-22, 1928
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1978 WJU parade Chatfield MN 8/12/78. Pg.3,6,7,9,17,21,24-1978 WJU Rochester meet. Pg.11-1911 Ringling Sideshow band-Trenton NJ parade; 1923 World Bros. Band on parade. Pg.14-1978 Carson and Barnes Circus bandleader Perry Johnson (Norman Wilbert). Pg.15-1978 Seils-Sterling Circus historical marker; D.R. Miller; Lindemann Family. Pg.17-1978 Tribute to Fred A. Jewel-Brazil IN Concert Band. Pg.23-1978 Jung Calliope-Sheboygan, WI-Norman Wilbert musician. Back Cover-1921 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band; 1921 last train car to Mighty Haag Show (Earle Moss).
1978 Vol. 8, No. 6
Windjammers Donate music to Chatfield
1978 Circus World Museum music program
Franzen Bros. Circus music program
1978 Clyde Beatty-Cole Circus Music
Christmas Greetings
Payson’s Walter Hibbard still fiddling at 92 (Bradshaw)
1979 Convention News
Corydon Circus Concert, Jan., 1979
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1895-1908 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 6 No 6)
Band Titles with Similar Names+
Tape Offer, Valdosta Meet
Treasurer’s Report
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.1-5, 1928
1972 Windjammers Unlimited March-official R. Paul Harper
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1978 Circus World Museum Band-Baraboo WI (James D. Kalivoda). Pg.3-1978 CWM band photos. Pg.6-1978 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band-Charles Bertini bandleader (Irwin Kirby, James D. Kalivoda). Pg.10-1978 Carson and Barnes Circus Band-Perry Johnson clarinet & bandmaster (James D. Kalivoda). Pg.11-1978 Big John Strong meets Art Stensvad, Goodland KS. Back Cover-Mighty Haag Circus band and bandwagon-Everett James bandleader-ca.1915-1916 (photo Norman
H. Wilbert, identified Robert Mayer Vol9 No1).


1979 Vol. 9, No. 1
1850 Stowe Circus-Joe Gorton Cornet Band (Bob Mayer)
Carson & Barnes, 1978, Pt 2 of 2-from Vol. 8, No. 4 (Charles Bennett Jr)
ID of pix in Vol. 8, No. 2
Joe Tarto, A Tribute (Warren Vaché)
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1907-1910 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 8 No 6)
Greeting From Canada (Gordon Brown)
Tape Offer, 1978 Corydon Circus Concert & all inclusive
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.6-12, 1928
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss)
Kohler Co. Christmas Party with circus acts (photos)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1850 Stowe Circus-Joe Gorton Cornet Band. Pg.5- 1978 CWM Charles Schlarbaum and Ethel Luckey (Elton Reinhard). Pg.6- 10-Joe Tarto bands and instruments. Pg.13-1925 American Circus Corp. “Gollmar Bros.” Circus Band- Snare drum became cornet and bandleader in 1933. (Robert N. Mayer, ID by C.C. Day); 1911 Yankee Robinson Shows bandwagon (Phil Turner). g.22-1978 Horst Geyer and Norman Wilbert. Back Cover-1922 Cole Bros band; 1913 Gentry Bros. Circus Band-Elmer Kohlman-bandmaster (Phil Turner).
1979 Vol. 9, No. 2
Convention, Jan. 19-21, 1979, New Orleans, LA
Regional Meet, Aug. 17-18-19, 1979, Ft. Dodge, IA
Harvey Phillips-photo (Giovanna Breu)
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1911-1914 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 9 No 1)
1863 Gardner & Hemming’s American Circus (Bob Mayer)
Carnivals, Circuses Rang With Moss’s Music (Marilyn Mutti)
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Feb.12-16, 1928
Trouping With a Stock Company (Earle Moss)
Tape offer, 1978 & all inclusive
Tape offer, Chatfield Brass Band, MN State Fair; Leonard
Smith, Detroit Concert Band
Photo ID of Pg.13 Vol9, No1- C.C. Day, bandleader on Obert Miller’s Gentry Bros. 1933
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1979 WJU New Orleans Meet. Pg.4,5,8,9-WJU New Orleans meet photos. Pg.13-1920 U.S. Marine Band (Arthur Lehman). Additions or corrections may be sent to Windjammers Unlimited Editor Pg.22-1915 Ringling Bros. Circus Concert Band-J.J. Richards bandmaster; 1913 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band-Al Massey, Bandmaster. Back Cover-Carl Hagenbeck Trained Animal Show parade unit; Hagenbeck-Wallace Calliope (built 1920) 8-horse hitch.
1979 Vol. 9, No. 3
Corydon Concert, Jan. 16, 1979
Looking Back – Jack Phillips, Bandmaster (Bob Mayer)
Tape Offer, Rochester, 1978, Regional Meet
Trouping With a Stock Company (Earle Moss)
Regional Meet, Aug. 17-19, 1979, Ft. Dodge, IA
Public Relations Report
Jack Phillips bandmaster Sparks Circus (Bob Mayer)
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.6-12, 1929
President Lincoln’s Own, re-creation 1st Marine Band of
Howell, MI, Col. David L Joehnig, Commander
Music from the Circus (Norman Wilbert)
Tripoli Temple 41st Shrine Circus, Milwaukee, WI, Feb. 1979 (Norman Wilbert)
1979 RBBB Blue Unit-Atlanta GA-Ronnie Drumm-Pt 1 of 2
(Joseph Bradbury)
Book Offer, Chappie Fox Circus Festival (Betty Schmid)
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1914-1918 (Bob Mayer
continued from Vol 9 No 2)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1979 WJU Corydon IN. Pg.3,4-WJU members Corydon IN. Pg.6-1925 Sparks Circus band; Jack Phillips bandleader (Joe Bradbury). Pg.14-1979 Wuerl Concert band Circus concert-Sheboygan WI. Pg.15-1979 FEB 20-25-Tripoli Shrine Circus Band-Milwaukee WI – Mike Pike director. Back Cover-Pg.20-1888 Barnum and Bailey Circus Band-James S. Robinson-bandmaster; 1912 Barnum & Bailey’s Circus Band, Ned Brill, Bandmaster
1979 Vol. 9, No. 4
Golden Days, Ft. Dodge, IA, Hills/Schive, Aug 18, 1979
Al G Barnes, Master Showman- Eddie Woeckner, Superb
Bandmaster (Norman Wilbert)
Record of Bandmaster Eddie Woeckner (Bob Mayer)
Zorah Shrine Circus, Terre Haute, Apr. 20-22, 1979 Photo
Pg.8 (Matt Huber)
Looking Back, Circus Music in the USA (Bob Mayer)
1979 RBBB Blue Unit-Atlanta GA-Ronnie Drumm-Pt 2 of 2
(Joseph Bradbury)
Tape Offer, Rochester Meet, 1978 & all inclusive
Circus Genoa, R P Hills with George Heavilin
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.8-14, 1928
Karl King Band Program, 4/16/78, Reg Schive, conductor
Sioux Falls Municipal Band, Lee Lillehaug, Director
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1914 Al G. Barnes Circus Band-Eddie Woeckner, Bandmaster. Pg.4-1914 Al G. Barnes Circus Band-Seattle WA. Pg.5,6,7- 1914 Charles Bezucha-double bell euphonium; 1914-1916 Al G. Barnes Circus Band-Bisbee, AZ; Joe Woeckner-cornet (Norman Wilbert). Pg.14- 1953 RBBB at Madison Square Garden full spectacle costumes. Pg.16- 1979 Circus Genoa-Charlie Stevenson bandleader. Back Cover-Pg.20- 1978 Sioux Falls (SD) Municipal Band-Leland Lillehaug, Director.
1979 Vol. 9, No. 5
Golden Days Program- Aug 18, 1979
Sheboygan, WI, Municipal Band-William Haack bandmaster- photo Norman Wilbert)
Old Mapleton Circus Band-truck photo
1882-1884 Story of Edward M. Kimball (Bob Mayer)
Tape Offer, 1979 New Orleans Convention
1979 Aladdin Shrine Circus-Columbus OH
Al G. Barnes Circus Ladies bands 1914-1916 (Norman Wilbert)
1979 Carson and Barnes Band (Charles Bennett Jr)
Sparks & Downie Bros. Circus Bands (Joseph
Bradbury) Bandsmen identified by Guy Warren in Vol.10, No.2
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1979 WJU band Ft. Dodge IA (Jack Stagg). Pg.4-WJU at Karl King gravesite (Jack Stagg). Pg.6,7-WJU members Ft. Dodge. Pg.10-Old Mapleton Circus band members-Robert Ludwig and Gayle Pierce. Pg.17,18,19- Ladies bands ca.1914-16 (C.C. Beernstsen). Pg.20- 1979 Carson and Barnes Band-Perry Johnson bandmaster. Pg.22-1928 Sparks Circus Band. Pg.23-1929 Sparks Circus Band; 1933 Downie Bros. Circus Band. Back Cover-1936-37 Cole Bros. Circus Parade-Lion and Mirror Bandwagon-Vic Robbins-bandleader; 1948 Cole Bros. band waits for opening spec-Henry Kyes bandleader and Otto Griebling-clown (Joe Bradbury
1979 Vol. 9, No. 6
1979 Circus World Museum book (photo)
1979 Franzen Bros. Circus: Paul Niebauer-Ringmaster, Magician & Trumpeter (Norman Wilbert)
Photo ID Back Cover Vol.9 No.5 (Joe Bradbury)
1890 Welsh Bros. Circus-Clymer Ladies Circus Band- Lancaster PA (Bob Mayer)
Peculiar bandleader Chas. E. Post 1914, 1938, 1939
Out of Old Nebraska, Circuses in Broken Bow, 1904
Tape Offer, 1979 New Orleans
100-pg Photo book, Johnnie Schmidt, Lindale, TX
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Mar.11-18, 1928
1946 RBBB circus band-Merle Evans program
1890s Gentry’s Dog & Pony Shows (Bob Mayer)
1895-1919 Gentry’s bandmasters (Bob Mayer)
Crigler’s American Band & Music Revue-photo
Hall of Fame Nominees: Charles Duble & Jack Bell
1938 Al G. Barnes – Sells-Floto Circus contract terms
1894 Walter L. Main’s Royal Military Brass Band-P. Mont Long musical director.
Treasurer’s Report
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1979 Circus Genoa Band-Charles Stevenson
bandmaster (James D. Kalivoda). Pg.3-1979 Circus World Museum Band; with Royal Italian Circus bandwagon (James Kalivoda). Pg.5-1979 Franzen Bros. ringmaster Paul W. Niebauer, bandleader Philip Shear (Norman Wilbert). Pg.18-1913 Sig Sautelle’s Circus Band-E.B. Flanagan- Bandmaster. Back Cover-1921 Lions Bride Bandwagon-Hagenbeck- Wallace Circus Band Unit No.1; Unit No.2-clowns doubled as snare and bass drum (Earle Moss).