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1980 Vol. 10, No. 1
Circus World Museum, Baraboo Parade Announcement, 7/5/1980
J. Harry LaPearl circus musician (Bob Mayer)
Addition to Crigler’s reputation (Earle Moss)
1947 King Bros. Circus band-A. Lee Hinckley & sideshow band (Rick McConnell)
1958 Cristiani Bros. Circus Bands-Phil Doto/Ramon Escorcia – bandleader (Rick McConnell)
1908 Sells Floto Circus Band-Park B. Prentiss-band director-photo (Don Marcks)
1949 Biller Bros. Circus Band-Jack Bell-bandmaster-photo (Rick McConnell)
1937 Downey Bros. Circus Band-Rodney Harris bandleader- photo (Rick McConnell)
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.15-22, 1928
1979 Membership List
Tape offers: Corydon WJU & all-inclusive
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1918-1926 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 9 No 3)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1979 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band-Kalamazoo MI-Gene Nichols-bandleader (James D. Kalivoda). Pg.7-1917 APR-5- LaMont Bros. Circus parade wagon (Jack Franklin). Back Cover-Pg.16- 1918 Gentry Bros. Circus Band-Billie Rabbie director; 1918 Gentry Bros. Mounted Circus Band
1980 Vol. 10, No. 2
8th Annual WJU Concert, Jan. 1980, Corydon, IN
Children’s Christmas Party, Kohler Theatre WI-photos (Norman Wilbert)
Geo. Mitchell age 72 First of May, Oxford, NE photos (Tom Allen)
WJU Concert Program Standardized
Regional Meet, Apr. 24-26, 1980, Indianapolis, IN
By-Laws Reprint, Article II-Regional Trustee Divisions
Photo ID for Vol.9 No.5-Sparks and Downie Bros. Bandsmen (Guy Warren).
OBIT: Robert G. Willaman-windjammer clarinetist-photo
Tape Offer, Ft. Dodge Meet
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.13-20, 1929
1924 Al G. Barnes Circus Band-Charles Reddick-conductor photo (Circus Report).
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1973 WJU Circus Band-Key Biscayne FL; 1980 WJU Circus Concert Band-Corydon IN. Pg.3,4,5,7-WJU orydon members. Pg.10-unidentified circus band.
1980 Vol. 10, No. 3
1980 WJU Meet Indianapolis, Apr., 1980
Jackpotting Around the Bandstand (Art Stensvad)
Bonny & Clyde’s Car Traced to Windjammer Charles Stanley
Cash Donations To Chatfield Library
Henry Kyes-Paul Whiteman of the White Tops (Jack “Tiny” Stagg)
Info Sought on Circus Musician Simeon Van Winkle Postcornet or wife Libby Corcoran (Dale Peterson)
1939 RBBB Circus Band program-Merle Evans bandleader (Bob Mayer)
Music from the Circus (John Bourgeois)
Tape Offer, Ft. Dodge Meet, 1979
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1980 WJU Indianapolis meet. Pg.4,5,10-WJU members. Pg.6-Wm.Sweeney tombstone-North Platte NE. Pg.13-1945 Arthur Bros. Leaping Tiger Bandwagon. Back Cover-1912 Howe’s Great London Circus Band-Charles H. Tinney-director (Circus Report).
1980 Vol. 10, No. 4
1980 WJU meet Abilene advance press (Henry Jameson)
1980 Circus Vargas LA Area (David Kennedy)
Windjammer brochure-with photos
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1927-1937 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 10 No 1)
Band Compositions with Similar Titles+ (Sverre Braathen)
Letter to Editor-do modern circus bands have traditional circus music? -(Joseph Bradbury)
Tape Offer, Corydon Concert, 1980 & all-inclusive offer
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan.30-Feb.5, 1927
King Bros. Circus needs musicians-Charles Schlarbaum
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1980 The Big Parade-Columbia Bandwagon 8-horse hitch- Richard Sparrow teamster. Pg.6-Ted Viola and WJU banner for Abilene KS meet. Pg.19-Cole Bros Circus Band ca.1946-Eddie Woeckner, bandleader (Joe Bradbury ID); 1958-APR 19-Mills Bros. Circus Band (Gus Taliaferro). Back Cover-1939 Cole Bros Circus No.2 Band-Great Britain Bandwagon; not pictured No.1 Band rode United States Tableau-Victor Robbins-Bandleader (Gus Taliaferro, Photo ID Joe Bradbury)
1980 Vol. 10, No. 5
1980 WJU Abilene (KS) Meet/Music List
Tape offer, Corydon Concert, 1980
1980 WJU meet program Abilene KS
Announcement, Sarasota Convention, Guest Conductors
1980 Baraboo Circus Parade (Norman Wilbert)
1980 Carson & Barnes Band book, Wm Reynolds, bandleader-
photos (James D. Kalivoda)
Joe Bradbury photo IDs for Vol.10 No.4
1940s Henry Kyes Que Sheets/act order (Tiny Stagg)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1980 WJU Abilene KS band. Pg.3-Abilene news articles collage. Pg.4,56,7-WJU meet photos-Abilene KS. Pg.14-Merle Evans. Pg.15-1980 Gollmar (Bros. Circus) Mirror Bandwagon #26 at Baraboo Circus Parade (Norman Wilbert). Pg.16-Lion and Mirror Bandwagon (Forepaugh’s Circus) #1 (Norman Wilbert). Back Cover-1901 Ringling Band-Geo. Ganweiler, Bandleader.
1980 Vol. 10, No. 6
Announcement, Sarasota Convention Jan/Feb, 1981
Membership, 1980
A Weekend With The Old Mapleton Circus Band (Doug MacLeod)
1899 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Congress of the Rough Riders, band members, side show band (member photo – Bob Mayer)
Tape Offer, Corydon, 1980 & all-inclusive tape offer
Treasurer’s Report
Big Top Bandmaster, Composer Bob Hills-photos (Columbus Dispatch)
Fred Jewell Memorial (J. Schaefer & Morris)
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Feb.13-19, 1927
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Merle Evans at Corydon meet. Pg.4-1980 Old Mapleton Circus Band with Lion and Mirror Bandwagon-Baraboo WI (Doug MacLeod). Pg.5-Old Mapleton Truck Bandwagon. Pg.17-Fred Jewell Memorial Marker Worthington IN. Back Cover-The Great Bell Wagon built 1892-pneumatic tires photo at Ringling Museum, Sarasota.


1981 Vol. 11, No. 1
Corydon Program, Jan. 27, 1981
Carson & Barnes Circus Band, Sept 9, 1980, Great Northern Mall, Cleveland,
Profile: Leonard B Smith- corrections by Smith in Vol 11 No2 – photo
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1938-1950 (Bob Mayer continued from Vol 10 No 4)
Band Compositions with Similar Titles+
Quincy College, Collegium Musicum, 19th Century Band, Dr. Lavern Wagner (Lloyd Fengel)
1900 Circus Band Wagon (Norman Wilbert)
Circus Band Concert with Merle Evans, Elkhart Municipal Band, 1958
Tape Offer, Indianapolis, 1980 & all inclusive tapes
Brantford (Toronto, Ontario) Band Has Contributed To Community
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1980 Carson and Barnes Circus band; Elephants on Parade (Wm. Reynolds). Pg.3-1980 Carson and Barnes bandwagon; llamas (Wm. Reynolds). Pg.10-1900 Circus Band Wagon destroyed by fire in 1962-Beatty’s Jungleland (Norman Wilbert). Pg.15-1980 Fred Jewell, Jr. at Worthington IN memorial marker. Back Cover-1980 Silverton Brass Band (Dale Myers).
1981 Vol. 11, No. 2
1981 WJU Sarasota meet & letters of accolade
Tape Offers, Indianapolis, 1980 & all-inclusive tapes
WJU Chatfield, MN meet- Western Days, Aug. 6-9, 1981
President’s Page, Ron Grundberg
History & Purpose, Chatfield Lending Library (MN)
Long Beach (CA) Municipal Band-J.J. Richards, Program photo- Apr. 6, 1947
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1981 WJU circus concert band Sarasota FL-Merle Evans, bandmaster. Pg.3,4,5,6-1981 WJU Sarasota meet-Merle Evans, Ron Keller, Bob Hills conducting. Back Cover-1915 Ringling Bros. Circus Band photos-Alva OK (John Willaman).
1981 Vol. 11, No. 3
1981 Circus World, Orlando, FL-photo (Bob Barnes)
Report, Corydon Concert, Jan. 27, 1981
Walter P. English-photo (Boombah Herald)
Chatfield Regional Meet Announcement
1981 RBBB Blue-Bill Pruyn (Joe Bradbury)
Scant WJU convention history (Tiny Stagg)
1980 Circus Bands on the road (Tiny Stagg)
Music List, upcoming Regional Meet, Rochester (MN)
Tape Offer, Abilene Meet, 1980
Is Martial Music Dead?
Interview with Mr. Circus: Merle Evans (Daniel Tetzlaff)
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Feb.26-Mar.3, 1928
Beaumont March-Sousa-Denver copyright ca.1895 (Bob Hills)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Circus World elephant booth (Leo Vogt); Ballyhoo Band-Max Flaig bandmaster (Bob Barnes). Pg.4-RBBB Circus World bandwagon (Bob Barnes). Pg.5,6,7-1981 WJU band-Corydon IN. Pg.18- Marion OH Concert Band-Neil A. Miller conductor. Back Cover-1935 RBBB Concert Band Albany NY-Merle Evans bandmaster
1981 Vol. 11, No. 4
1981 Carson & Barnes Circus Band, Traditional Tunes (Charles Bennett Jr)
1981 Aladdin Shrine Circus, Columbus, OH (Bob Hills)
Manuscript-bass charts Aladdin Shrine Band
1936 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Band-Merle Evans, bandleader personnel & folio; Side Show band- Arthur A. Wright, bandleader
Naperville Municipal Band Info
Plymouth Municipal Band Info
President’s Page / Tape Offer, Abilene Meet
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Mar. 4-11, 1928
Double Feature Guest Speakers (Wm. Revelli, Paul Bierley)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1981 Chatfield MN Music Lending Library-new building. Pg.6,7-Aladdin Shrine Band contingent; circus PR photos. Pg.12-Circus Band gathering (Neil Downing). Back Cover-1981 Chatfield Western days parade entry Bob Barnes Big Top Brass Band bandwagon.
1981 Vol. 11, No. 5
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Jan. 8-15, 1927
Tribute to Henry Fillmore-photo (Paul Bierley)
1981 Tommy Bartlett’s Water Circus-Pigeon Forge TN (Joe Bradbury)
1947 King Bros. Circus band personnel (Jack Stagg)
1934-1935 Russell Bros. Circus band personnel (Jack Stagg)
Woody Van’s March (Joseph Bradbury)
Mel Hummitzsch and his Sheboygan Clown Band-photo (Norman Wilbert)
The Prince of Humbugs-Phineas T. Barnum (Bob Mayer)
Titus March (Bob Mayer)
Tape Offers, all
George Rosenkrans, Master Band Music Composer-photo (Fred Long)
Carl Pray – a Link with old maestro-Karl King-photo (Walter B. Stevens)
Abilene KS Municipal Band Programs
Classic City Band of Athens, GA
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Abilene Municipal Band 100th year. Pg.3,4,5- Abilene (KS) Cowboy Band. Pg.18-1981 Carson and Barnes-Broken Bow, NE. Back Cover-Pg.20-1915 Ringling Bros. Ticket Sellers bandwagon-Alva OK; 1915 Ringling Bros. Band “Fat Babies”-Springfield MA (John Willaman).
1981 Vol. 11, No. 6
10th Annual Convention, Jan. 28-31, 1982, Cincinnati, OH
Recording Sessions List, Cincinnati, OH
Reynolds Circus Band Family (Norman Wilbert)
1981 Circus Model Builders Convention Draws Two Circus Bands, Evan L Reichard
Program, Long Beach Municipal Band J. J. Richards, Conductor, 1947
Around The World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly 1934, Pt. 1 (Herbert L Clarke)
Detroit Concert Band Program, Yorktown, Oct. 16, 1981
Tape Offer, 1981 Sarasota Convention
Payson (IL) Old Settlers Whoop It Up (Holly Wagner)
Quincy Park Band Info, 1981
Sarasota Concert Band Program, Oct. 18, 1981
1981 Carson and Barnes Elephant Act Music (Joe Bradbury)
Letters to the Editor: Jack “Tiny” Stagg
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1981 WJU-Chatfield bands-Dr. Wm. Revelli director (Bob Barnes, Shirley Ryon). Pg.3-WJU bands-Wm. Revelli. Pg.4-1981 Western Days WJU band rides Bob Barnes bandwagon; Ron Keller, Keith House, Dr. Wm. Revelli, Bob Barnes at Chatfield Library; WJU Pres. Ron Grundberg presents certificate to Dr. Wm. Revelli (Bob Barnes photos). Pg.7-WJU parade unit-Chatfield MN (Jack “Tiny” Stagg). Pg.8-1981 Carson and Barnes-Bill Reynolds Circus Band. Pg.10-WJU certificate to D.R. Miller. Pg.11-WJU banquet speakers Wm. Revelli and Paul Bierley (Shirley Ryon). Pg.19-Lloyd Fengel lassoes at Payson Old Settlers days. Pg.26-27-WJU bands-Chatfield MN. Back Cover-1980 Royal Hanneford Circus-Keith Killinger bandleader.


1982 Vol. 12, No. 1
Dedication: Corydon (IN) Bandstand
Charles Rondeau, Friend of Karl King, Bandmaster- (Norman Wilbert)
Schell’s Hobo Band (MN) Marks 35th Year (Al Tietel)
Bellevue (WA) Comm. Band Program
Around The World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly 1934-Pt. 2 (Herbert L Clarke)
This Town Blows Its Own Horn-Elkhart, IN-photos (Roberta Grant)
Tape Offer, Inclusive
Pryor’s Band Program, Riverview Park, Chicago, July, 1911
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1982 Corydon IN bandstand dedication. Pg.4-1916 Sells-Floto Circus Band-Karl King-bandmaster. 1982 Schell’s Hobo Band (Al Tietel). Pg.8-1899 Forepaugh-Sells Bros. Circus Band-W.N. Merrick band director. Pg.10-1923-Al G. Barnes Circus-Prof. George Wright sideshow band (Bob Mayer). Pg.15-1911 Ringling Bros. Circus Band-Al Sweet-director (Bob Mayer). Pg.18-1914 Yankee Robinson Big Show Band. Pg.19,20-WJU at Chatfield. Pg.22-1982 Mr. Jack Daniels Original Silver Cornet Band and Mrs. Karl (Ruth) King; 1929 Hunt Bros. Circus troupe-Matawan NJ. Back Cover-1909 Norris & Rowe All-Colored Circus Band-a mirrored cage wagon.
1982 Vol. 12, No. 2
1982 Cincinnati Meet (Simler, Stanley & Keller)
Circus Music Will Never Die – And That’s That (Cliff Radel)
Brass Band Repertoire Runs Gamut, Gold Nugget Band, Denver
Requiem for “Beyond the Blue Horizon” Ringling Red Unit, Feb. 1982
Regional Meet, Aug. 5-8, 1982, Ames, IA-photo
Around The World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly 1934-Pt. 3 (Herbert L Clarke)
The Capitol Epic, Pt. 1 of 2 (R. P. Hills)
Saturday Pops Program, 3/6/1982-Baltimore Symphony,
Marching With Sousa-Keith Brion conductor
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1982 WJU Cincinnati meet. Pg.3,4,5,7-WJU at Cincinnati. Pg.8-Gold Nugget Brass Band. Pg.27-1850 Stowe’s Circus Band (Bob Mayer). Back Cover-Pg.28-1908 Gollmar Bros. Circus bandwagon (Bob Mayer).
1982 Vol. 12, No. 3
Requiem For “Beyond The Blue Horizon” Pt.2-1982 RBBB Concert Program, North Junior HS, Ft. Dodge, IA-Karl King conductor, Jan. 15, 1967
Karl King Story: An Informal Interview-1966 tape transcription, Pt. 1 of 2 (Journal of Band Research- Karl M Holvik)
Tape Offer, Inclusive
Around the World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly 1934 Pt. 4 (Herbert L Clarke)
Centennial of a Bandmaster: Henry Fillmore (George Stempf)
The Wisconsin History-Ringling Bros.-Apr., 1964, (H Russell Austin, Milwaukee Journal)
1982 Summer Band Season-Wash DC; Abilene KS; Naperville IL.
The Capitol Epic, Pt. 2 of 2 (R. P. Hills)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1982 Chatfield Brass Band on Capitol Hill, March 5. Pg.15,19-1982 Chatfield Brass Band-Columbia, MD. Back Cover-Pg.20- Major Charles Erwin directs U.S. Marine Band and Chatfield Brass Band at Sousa’s grave.
1982 Vol. 12, No. 4
1982 Carson & Barnes Band and musical program (Charles Bennett Jr)
1982 Carson and Barnes Circus music (Circus Report- Robert Barnes)
Jimmy Ille-The Old Circus Band-New Orleans, LA
Karl King Story: An Informal Interview, Pt. 2 of 2 (Karl Holvik)
Boom Boom (Browning) in Circus Hall of Fame (WI)
Around The World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly 1934 Pt. 5 (Herbert L Clarke)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1982 Carson and Barnes Circus Band (Charles Bennett Jr, Bob Barnes). Pg.6-1982 Carson and Barnes circus band. Pg.19-1982 Jimmy Ille’s 18-pc Old Circus Band-New Orleans, LA. Back Cover-Pg.20-1913 Al G. Barnes Wild Animal Circus-All Girl Circus Bandwagon (Bob Mayer).
1982 Vol. 12, No. 5
Letters to the Editor on Ames IA meet spectacular
Regional summer meet, Ames, IA (Charles Bennett Jr)
Jeffersonville, IN Community Band (Peggy Mull)
Sarasota meet plans to honor Merle Evans 90th
Around The World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly 1935 Pt. 6 (Herbert L Clarke)
Tape Offers/Rochester, MN
Summer Circus Attractions-photos (Norman Wilbert)
Sarasota Mobile Home Park Band-photo
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1982 WJU Ames IA. Pg.3,7-WJU Ames IA. Pg.19-1950 Manlius Military Band-Syracuse NY. Back Cover-Pg.20-1982 Jung Calliope-Harrison “Bud” Whaley; 1982 Old Mapleton Circus Band Truck.
1982 Vol. 12, No. 6
What Is Circus Music (Lloyd Fengel)
Sarasota Sailor Circus Ends 33rd Season (John Hurdle)
Sarasota Meet and Music List, Jan. 1983
Around The World with Sousa-Jacobs Band Monthly Pt. 7 of 7 (Herbert L Clarke)
1982 Membership List
Tape Offer, Chatfield, MN, Wm Revelli, conductor
Corydon Concert & Music List, Jan. 23-24, 1983
Article IV (amended by-laws)
Old Mapleton Circus Band (Geo. Lehmann)
Ames IA Meet repertoire, 1982 (Fred Schmidt)
1978 Sarasota Concert Band Program-photos-Merle Evans, guest conductor
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1951 Bandmaster Eddie Woeckner-Peru IN. Pg.7-1982 Sarasota Sailor Circus double-triple trapeze. Pg.11-1981 Wuerl Concert Band-Rodney Gibson, conductor (Norman Wilbert). Pg.17-1982 Mark Heter and his Brass Band (George Keller). Pg.18-1982 Naperville Municipal Band on parade-Ron Keller, conductor. Pg.20-1924 Oshweken Tuscarora Band-Ontario Canada-Percy Cayuga, Bandmaster (Ed Cripps); 1940 Wheelock’s U.S. Indian Band on the J.E. Ranch Rodeo-Col. Jim Wheelock, bandmaster, Percy Cayuga-trombone. Back Cover-Pg.24-1929 Sparks Circus Band-Jack Hoit, leader (Bob Mayer).


1983 Vol. 13, No. 1
1905 Story and Libretto of Ringling Bros. Superb Spectacle
~The Field of the Cloth of Gold~ full 12-page program.
Tape Offer, 1982 Cincinnati Meet/Inclusive
Merle Evans – Ringling’s Music Man- (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
Circus Musical Instruments-photos (Charles P Fox, International Musician)
“The Mouse Farm” –Orlando’s Walt Disney World-photos
The Fixer and Mr. Simpkins (Gordon Brown, M.D.)
Hallelujah Trombone! (R. Paul Harper)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1911 F.A. Robbins Show Band (Joe Bradbury). Pg.17- Sax-Gana musical instruments (Bill Rhodes). Pg.26-1981 Walt Disney World Calliope. Back Cover-Pg.28-1974 George Matthews’ Great London Circus-Louisville, KY- John Molinari, Bandmaster (Bill Rhodes).
1983 Vol. 13, No. 2
Famed Merle Evans, 90, Will Strike Up The Band Again pre-Sarasota convention news (Sarasota Herald- Tribune)
Central Methodist Circus Tape with Merle Evans
1983 Windjammers Meet (Robert L Barnes)
Windjammers Salute Merle Evans
Windjammers Unlimited & Sailor Circus Program, Jan. 30, 1983 (music & personnel lists)
The Only Man in the WAC: Leslie Harkness circus band veteran (Jeanne Toomey)
Comments (Buster Bailey, Paul Yoder, Ken Slater, Arvel Allread)
Notes on Bob Hoe Funeral (Paul Bierley)
President’s Page – Ron Grundberg
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Feb.24-Mar.2, 1929
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1983 WJU Circus Concert Band-Sarasota; John Herriott & Merle Evans (Bob Barnes). Pg.14,15-WJU convention photos. Back Cover-Pg.24-1916 Cole Bros. Big Show Bandwagon-E.M. Freiburger bandleader (Bob Mayer).
1983 Vol. 13, No. 3
Sioux Falls Meet repertoire, Aug 4-7, 1983
Inclusive Tape Offer
What Circus People Used To Say About Circus Music (Lloyd Fengel)
W.W. Cole’s Grand Zoological March- 4-page piano score
1879 John Church Co. (P Steinhagen)
Contracts: Harry P Bowman’s Big Vaudeville Show, 1901
A High School Circus Band? You’re Kidding!-Webster Groves MO-photo (Andrew Glover)
Sioux Falls Schedule of Events
Letter from trouper Clarence Arsers
One of a Kind Museum (Streitweiser Trumpet Museum), Pottstown, PA
Winona State Univ. MN Tribute to Karl King (Chatfield Brass Band)
K.L. King Municipal Band recording-Reg Shive, conductor
La Pere du la Victoire (Joseph Bradbury)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Sioux Falls SD Municipal Band-Dr. Leland Lillehaug bandmaster-next WJU meet host. Pg.5-1983 Merle Evans and John Herriott rehearsing (Harold Hazen). Pg.17-1983 Sarasota WJU members. Pg.22-1933 RBBB Opening Spec-Durbar of Dehli-Merle Evans bandmaster, Pat Valdo personnel, Fred Bradna Equestrian director. Back Cover-Pg.24-1983 George Keller and Mark Heler’s Dixieland Band.
1983 Vol. 13, No. 4
Merle Evans Program, California, MO-The Town Band
Concert program-Keith House, director-photo
Survey Feedback, WJU conventions and summer meets
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Feb.13-20, 1928
Life and Works of Roland Seitz (Fred Long)
Jack Daniels Original Silver Cornet Band
1888 Barnum and Bailey Circus Route Book- Prof. James
S. Robinson, bandleader- named musicians
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Franzen Bros. Circus Band- Paul Niebauerbandleader/ringmaster (Norman Wilbert). Pg.5-1983 Franzen Bros. backyard; 1983 Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale beer wagon (Norman Wilbert). Pg.13-1903 Welsh Bros. Circus Band-Chas. Gerlach bandleader named musicians (Circus Report). Back Cover-Pg.20-1888 Barnum and Bailey Circus Band (Gary Lundgren, Bandwagon Editor).
1983 Vol. 13, No. 5
Regional Meet Sioux Falls (SD) Municipal Band-Leland
Lillehaug, conductor-photos
Sarasota Convention, Jan. 5-8, 1984
French Nat’l Defile March
The Confederate Brass, Clyde Noble, conductor
Summer Nights, When the Band Plays (Yankee magazine)
Forward, March! (Musical Heritage Review-Richard Carlin)
Review, Exploring Music Marches (David M Greene)
Inclusive Tape Offer
Obituary, Harry Haag James b.3/15/1916 (Albany, GA on Haag Bros. Circus)-d.7/5/1983 (Vegas) Hometown of Beaumont, TX was circus winterquarters (Circus Report photo)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU Sioux Falls band and bandmasters. Pg.9-1983 Merle Evans leads a WJU band in Sarasota. Back Cover-Pg.20-1934 Al G. Barnes Circus personnel (Bob Mayer)
1983 Vol. 13, No. 6
Music for Windjammer Convention (Doug MacLeod)
Naperville Band Goes to the Circus with Merle Evans
Merle Evans bio, Guest for Windjammer Convention, Sarasota, including program
Robert Weaver, The Greatest Clowns (R. Paul Harper)
Merle Evans with Classic City Band (Athens, GA)
Circus Musician: 1983 Circus World Museum-Rick Percy bandleader (Jim Peterson)
Happiness is Listening to 500 Tubas Playing ‘Silent Night’-
Harvey Phillips talks to Joseph McLellan-photo (Washington Post)
1983 WJU membership List
This Band Still Plays That Old Time Music-Saxton Band, Clyde, NY-photo (Caryl Engles)
Circus, It’s Magic Lost Forever (toy store fire, Nashville)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Merle Evans playing cornet. Pg.12,13-Circus World Museum’s bandleader, Rick Percy. Pg.16-WJU members at 1983 Sioux Falls SD meet. Pg.19-1978 Edward Hollis’ miniature circus. Back Cover- Pg.20-1888 Locke & Long Old Time Wagon Show Band-Hillsdale MI (Bob Mayer).


1984 Vol. 14, No. 1
WJU Concert at Sailor Circus- Merle Evans guest conductor-photo (Bradenton Herald)
The “late” Merle Evans conducts Windjammers-photo (Bradenton Herald)
1984 Sarasota Highlights-quote from Paul Yoder (Malinda Zenor)
A Day to Remember-Fired and Rehired by Merle Evans (Ron Anson)
The Greatest Clowns of the Circus- Robert Weaver plates (Andrew Glover)
An Evening with Merle Evans-1968 Midwest, Chicago (full program)
Old Mapleton Circus Band tape
Sarasota jackpots and circus sightings (Jack “Tiny” Stagg)
Inclusive WJU Tape Offer
Summer Band Schedules: Ephrata, PA; Corydon, IN
New Members since Dec.1983
Photos available from Ward Stauth of 1984 Sarasota
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1984 WJU Sarasota Band. Pg.7,8,10,11,15,17,18,19- WJU members 1984 Sarasota. Back Cover-Pg.20-1946 RBBB Circus Band-Merle Evans bandleader-Sep 13, 1946 (W.B. Griffin).
1984 Vol. 14, No. 2
Summer Meet, July 26-29, 1984, Naperville, IL (Bill Albrecht)
Merle Evans at Carnegie Hall (Lloyd Fengel)
Trouping Days: 1984 Garden Bros. Circus (Charles Schlarbaum)
1984 Garden Bros. Circus Music Program & Route, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Hoe Memorial Concert Great Success-Allegheny H.S. Band, Bill Roosa
Hawkeye-Cornhusker Meet, Abilene, KS, Jun 15-17, 1984
Ring Out Wild Bells: E T Paull (R Langhenry)
Strike Up The Band: Lee Lillehaug with Marine Band (Maricarol Kueter)
US Marine Band Program for ABA, March 30, 1984
Summer Band Schedules, Naperville-Abilene-Plymouth (MI)-Cook’s Show Band-Brazil
Schlarbaum’s report from Sarasota
New members since Feb. 1984
Chatfield Brass Band Program, Mar. 17, 1984
Young Sailor Circus Performers Present Seasoned Show
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1984 Naperville Municipal Band. Pg.8-1984 WJU percussion. Pg.17-1984 Sarasota, Andrew Glover, euphonium soloist, Keith House conducting. Pg.20-1984 WJU conductors. Back Cover- Chuck Schlarbaum’s Great Uncle Dick Honzelka in the ca.1908 Silver Cornet Band, Van Horn, IA.
1984 Vol. 14, No. 3
1984 Naperville Meet Music/map/directions
Obituary, Earl Van Cleef
MENC Program, Naperville Muni. Band, Mar. 24, 1984
Trouping Days: Garden Bros. modern circus (Chas. Schlarbaum)
WJU recordings (Buckeye Sound System)
Band Programs Winona State Univ. Music Dept: Pg.10-12
Edwards Baking Co. Night at the Circus, Merle Evans
guest conductor-with Chatfield Brass Band (MN); Pg.13-18 Tribute to Hal Leonard- Symphonic Wind Ensemble
The Midwest’s Own Tin Pan Alley-Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.
Solo Cornet Part, 1st Regt Band (Atkisson) & Col. Miner’s March Rosenkrans)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU Masons celebrate Merle Evans 33rd Degree Honorary of the Scottish Rite. Pg.9-1929 Robbins Bros. Circus band members: “Red” Payne-baritone, “Red” O.A. Gilson-bandmaster, “Red” Hazel-sousaphone (Guy Warren-cornet supplied photo); 1934 Downie Bros. Circus band members: Rodney Harris-bandmaster, Phil Garkowcornet, Bill Sund-cornet, Roy Brownell-snare (holding a cornet in photo), Woody Brokow-baritone. Back Cover-Pg.20-Merricks Military Band with Forepaugh and Sells Bros Circus Season of 1884-5 (W.B. Griffin).
1984 Vol. 14, No. 4
Windjammers Play Center Ring Concert at Carson-Barnes Circus with Abilene (KS) Municipal Band
1984 Allentown Band Schedule-photo
Maestro: Strike Up The Band (Bob Hughes’ Radio Program, Indianapolis)
1984 Summer Chatfield Concerts
Bandtown, USA (Chatfield, MN) Honors Favorite Son- Clarence Arsers-photos (Chatfield News)
Golden Crest Records catalog listing
Centennial Celebration of Ringling Bros. by Gollmar- Moeller-Ringling CFA Tent #100 (Lloyd Fengel)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1983 Garden Bros. Circus Band-Allentown, PACharles Schlarbaum bandleader (Warren Wilson). Pg.3-1895 Ringling Bros. Circus parade Abilene TX (Ted Viola). Pg.4-WJU members rehearse for Carson and Barnes pre-concert. Pg.9-Paul McDowell and E. Robert Hughes at Corydon concert; 1984 Toby Tyler Circus Band-Charles Schlarbaum bandleader. Pg.10-11-Centerfold-ca.1920s-Sells-Floto Circus Band, Chicago Coliseum-Victor Robbins, director (Charles Schlarbaum). Back Cover-Pg.20-1984 Carson and Barnes Pre-Concert band comprised of WJU and Abilene (KS) Municipal band members (Ted Viola).
1984 Vol. 14, No. 5
Circus Bandmaster to Direct Windjammers Saturday
Windjammers & The Sounds of the Circus
1984 Naperville Highlights (Malinda Zenor)
Music for Sarasota, Jan. 1985 (Doug MacLeod)
Dentist Packs Up, Joins The Circus: Doc Dettman (Jim Ware)
No Winds In Hawaii: Polynesian Brass Band (R P Hills)
List of Recording Sessions/Band Size 1973-84
1953 Mills Bros. Circus Personnel (Pg.18)
Sioux Falls Circus Concert, July 29, 1984
Brazil (IN) Concert Band Finale, Sept. 2, 1984
New WJU members since April 1984
1984 (Wendell) Cook’s Show Band, Burlington, VT-photo
Kansas Windjammers Have a Circus (Charles Bennett Jr)
Carson-Barnes Music List, Ogallala, NE, (John Fleming)
Naperville Band members on Circus Wagon, Baraboo Parade, July 7, 1984
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1984 WJU Naperville meet (John Lord). Pg.3,4,5,9,10- Merle Evans & WJU members at Naperville meet. Pg.13-1984 Toby Tyler circus trombone-Doc Dettman, D.D.S. Pg.14-16-1984 Polynesian Brass Band-Laie, Hawaii (Robert P. Hills Jr). 1984 Sioux Falls (SD) Municipal Band. Pg.27-1984 Carson and Barnes Circus Band-Charlie Stevenson bandleader. Back Cover-Pg.28-1984 Naperville Band provides Windjammers for Baraboo’s Centennial Parade (Great Britain Bandwagon #100)
1984 Vol. 14, No. 6
It’s Sarasota Time Again – Music Countdown to 1985 Convention (Doug MacLeod)
Announcement, Keith House appointed as Dean
More About Merle Evans, Pt 1 of 2 (Anne Simpson)
Treasurer’s Report-Oct. 15, 1984
Regional Meet, Altoona, PA, July, 1985
Ringgold Band, 132nd Anniv. Concert, 5/20/1984, Scott Shelsta, Trombone
1983 Good Times Band, Houston, TX
The Music Man: Charles Lee Hill – and a Personal American Dream-photo
1984 Toby Tyler: New Circus Follows Old Traditions
1984 Membership List/Meet Registrations/Ballot
Tape Offer, Corydon Concert, 1983
Toby Tyler Band Recording Sessions, Allentown
Closing Chord for Harold L Walters (Chas. Schlarbaum)
Chatfield Brass Band Concert, Aug. 11, 1984
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1984 Holidaysburg Alumni Community Band (Fred Long). Pg.4-1984 WJU Hills & Grundberg join Carson and Barnes for a day. Pg.7-Merle Evans. Centerfold-Pg.14-The Good Times Brass Band- An Old Fashioned Park Band, Charles Lee Hill-bandleader. Back Cover- Pg.28-Early Al G. Barnes band over a cage wagon (Bob Mayer).


1985 Vol. 15, No. 1
The Music Man: Leonard Smith (Leonard Yourist)
More About Merle Evans, Pt 2 of 2 (Anne Simpson)
The Great Circus Train Wreck of 1893 (Fred Long)
Fidelity Recordings – Circus Echoes with Merle Evans & Central Methodist Band
Windjammers Unlimited, Incorporated: Official By-Laws, 1976
Regional Trustee Divisions
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Dr. Leonard B. Smith-WJU Hall of Fame. Pg.6-1985 WJU Sarasota. Pg.7-Merle Evans and pocket cornet. Pg.9-1893 Walter L. Main Circus Band. Centerfold-Pg.12-Detroit Concert Band. Back Cover- Pg.24-Christy Bros. Circus Bandwagon #1 ca.1920s-1930s (Bob Mayer).
1985 Vol. 15, No. 2
Leonard Smith, Sarasota speech, Jan. 26, 1985, Pt 1 of 3
Windjammers Attending Mid-West
1950 Ringling Big Show Band-Merle Evans director
Rosenkrans Marker-photo
Circus Parade to Return to Milwaukee in 1985
1856 Rowe’s Pioneer Circus Band and wagon-woodcutting
The Bell Wagon
Larry Henri-circus drummer (Jack Franklin)
Who Was Gordon Newham? (Jim Perkins)
Complete WJU Tape List, 1973-84
1947 Arthur A Wright’s Band (Ringling sideshow band)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1985 Sailor Circus-Merle Evans bandleader. Pg.9- 1985 WJU meet photos. Centerfold-Pg.10-1932 Sells-Floto/Hagenbeck- Wallace Bandwagon (Norman Wilbert). Backcover-Pg.20-1934 Hagenbeck-Wallace Clown Circus Band (Norman Wilbert).
1985 Vol. 15, No. 3
Merle Evans Big Show Band roster
1985 summer in Altoona, PA (Fred Long, WJU Pres.)
Altoona Meet Music List
1904 Hunt Bros. Circus Band, Bill Badger bandmaster
1953 Mills Bros. Circus Band, Joseph Rossi director
Leonard Smith, Sarasota speech, Jan. 26, 1985, Pt 2 of 3
Merle Evans Strikes Up the Band at Opera House-photo, Pt.2 of 3 (Dorothy Stockbridge)
Dots & Dashes, Victor Fain, Editor: Memories, Charles Lee Hill
Summer Band Schedules-Naperville-Abilene-Corydon (IN)
Merle Evans Circus Band, Musical Director
Lexington Retiree Gives Record Collection to Univ. of KY
Don Covington reviews Central Methodist College with Merle Evans
Have We Lost the Roots of Our Heritage?-photo of Liberati (James Perkins)
Iowa Western Comm. College Annual “March!” Concert, Mar. 12, 1985
The Band Plays On, Royal Hawaiian Band
US Marine Band Spring 1985-Col. Bourgeois director
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1926 Miller Bros. Circus Band (Norman Wilbert). Pg.5,7-1985 WJU Sarasota photos. Pg.6-1920s Seils Sterling Circus Band. Centerfold-Pg.12-1985 WJU Circus Concert Band-Merle Evans bandmaster. Pg.15-1985 WJU Trombone section Sarasota. Pg.17-1924 Miller Bros. Circus Band; 1908 Gollmar Bros. Circus Band. Pg.20-1985 WJU Sarasota Soprano Sax section. Pg.21-1873 Royal Hawaiian Band- Iolani Palace, Henry Berger bandleader. Back Cover-Unidentified 8-horse hitch #40 bandwagon (Sparks in Maine?).
1985 Vol. 15, No. 4
Band Adds Lively Music to Circus World Museum
Leonard Smith, Sarasota speech, Jan. 26, 1985, Pt 3 of 3
Circus Bands from the Good Old Days: Howard “Mulie” Marshman-photos (Norman Wilbert)
Misc. Bandleaders 1938-1946 (Mulie Marshman)
1985 Toby Tyler Circus, Charles Schlarbaum bandleader
Story of Keith P. Latey, Pt 1 of 4
Tape offer inclusive-Robert P. Hills Jr.
President’s Message, Fred Long
By-Laws Questionnaire/What’s YOUR Opinion?
Tape Offer, Altoona Meet, 1985 & all-inclusive offer
New WJU members
US Army Band presents A Tribute to Merle Evans, July 12, 1985-program, Harvey Phillips-tuba soloist
Allegro, Adagio & Alleluia: Howard E Akers (R Paul Harper)
Bellevue (WA) Comm. Band Program, Apr. 21, 1985
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1985 Circus World Museum band, Rick Percy bandleader and Peter Sturgis ringmaster. Pg.5-1985 WJU drummers Altoona. Pg.8-Jung Calliope-Norman Wilbert. Pg.12-13-1985 Altoona meet photos. centerfold-Pg.14-1985 WJU Altoona band (Fred Long). Pg.19-Merle Evans Sarasota Shrine. Back Cover-Pg.28-1936 Seils-Sterling Four Ring Circus cast photo, Ripon, WI.
1985 Vol. 15, No. 5
Windjammers Coming To Town (Sarasota) Jan. 1986
Notes From Altoona
Circus Fan Assn of America, Letter of Appreciation to US Army Band
Story of Keith P. Latey, Pt 2 of 4
Mark of the Arrow or Seventeen Days With a Circus (Harold Simon Jr)
Circus Bands from The Good Old Days (Norman Wilbert)
Old Mapleton Band at Cedar Grove’s 138th anniversary – photos
Sioux Falls, SD, Circus Concert, June 23, 1985
1985 Allegany (NY) High School Band-Merle Evans guest conductor-Bill Roosa Band Director
1985 Brazil Concert Band, Sept. 1, 1985-Matt Huber band director
1985 Quincy (IL) Park Band Concert-Carl Landrum director
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1985 Old Mapleton Circus Band-Holland Festival Parade, Cedar Grove WI (Norman Wilbert). Pg.4,5,7-WJU at Altoona, PA. Centerfold-Pg.12-Undated Lewis & Clark’s Great Western Shows (Fred Schmidt). Pg.14,15-Carson and Barnes Circus Band photos, Charlie Stevenson & William Reynolds. Back Cover-Pg.24-1908 Gollmar Circus Band.
1985 Vol. 15, No. 6
Music List, Upcoming Sarasota Convention
California Windjammers Concert, Sept. 8, 1985-photos
Nilo Hovey, Bandmaster-photo
Nat’l Band Assn Hall of Fame, Distinguished Band Conductors
Community Band Festival, Dedicated to Howard E Akers, Shorewood, WA,
Altoona Meet Band Personnel
President’s Message/Treasurer’s Report
Story of Keith P. Latey, Pt 3 of 4
Tape Offer, Altoona Meet, 1985
My Musical Background (Dr James Thorpen)
Trouping Days: 1985/86 Toby Tyler Circus (Chas. Schlarbaum)
Closing Chord: Paul T Rhode, Musician, Astronomer (Chas. Schlarbaum)
Too Many Irons in Fire to Retire (Geo. Keller)
Program: Concert, McKellar Ranch Herd Foundation Red Brahman Sale, Marriott Astrodome, Houston, TX Feb. 19, 1985
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1985 Fred Long & Merle Evans (Warren Wilson). Pg.3-WJU members. Centerfold-Pg.14-1985 WJU Altoona PA concert band (Warren Wilson). Back Cover-Pg.28-1973 Great Britain Bandwagon #100- band unknown (Norman Wilbert).


1986 Vol. 16, No. 1
Report, Sarasota 1986 (John Reeves)
By-law voting results (Malinda Zenor)
U.S. Marine Band, The Band of Presidents, Pt 1 of 2 (Chuck Erwin)
Stauth Circus Museum (photos)- from 1975 (Art Stensvad)
WJU from The Pennsylvania Bandwagon (J. W. Dugan)
Story of Keith P. Latey, Pt 4 of 4
Ringling Bell Wagon to Toll at Baraboo
And The Band Plays On! (Oliver Graham)
Garden Bros. Circus Schedule
Toby Tyler Circus Concert Band, 1986 (Chas. Schlarbaum)
Closing Chord, A Lee Hinckley, Bandmaster, Pioneer Artist
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1986 WJU Euphers-Venice FL (Fred Long). Pg8,9,19,26-WJU members. Pg.14 (centerfold) 1986 WJU Circus Concert Band at RBBB-Venice FL-Charles Schlarbaum Bandleader (Bob Barnes). Back Cover Pg.28-Proposed WJU Circus Music Museum Corydon, IN.
1986 Vol. 16, No. 2
Cover, Norwegian Clown Band
U.S. Marine Band, The Band of Presidents (Chuck Erwin) Pt 2 of 2
1986 Harrison Co, Comm. Band Schedule
Bandmaster Henry Kyes (photo) (from Waco News, 1950)
Arnardo Circus, Norway (Egil Gundersen)
Milwaukee Circus Parade, July 13, 1986
WJU Circus Band Plays Center Ring Concert for Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus (Venice FL)
Letter from Canada’s Dr. Gordon Brown
Good Times (Houston TX) Brass Band Program (C Lee Hill, conductor)
1986 Toby Tyler Concerts, Chas. Schlarbaum, director
1986 WJU Circus Concert Band, Sarasota, Merle Evans, Director
Tape Offer, WJU Circus Band & all-inclusive
Photos of Proposed Windjammer Museum
Photos from 1986 Sarasota Convention (Warren Wilson)
The Great Gilmore (Oliver Graham)
Lt. Col. Kline, US Marine Band Keith Killinger (12/31/1926-5/3/1985)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Norwegian Clown Band (Egil Gundersen).
Pg.3,9,10,19,20,23,27-1986 WJU member photos. Pg.7,8,9-Circus
Arnardo Elephants (Egil Gundersen). Pg.14 (centerfold) 1986 WJU Circus Concert Band-Merle Evans Bandleader (Bob Barnes). Pg.18-Stauth museum photos. Pg.19-Lt. Col. Chuck Erwin 1986 WJU speaker. Back Cover-Pg.28-Arnardo Circus Performers (Egil Gundersen).
1986 Vol. 16, No. 3
Info on Oskaloosa & Music List to be Recorded
Robert Willaman’s Experience as a Circus Musician
Karl King & His Music (Richard E. Prince)
Karl King Band Books detailed discussion
New Members – count 19
Iowa Western Comm. Band Concert
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1986 Peckham & Barnhouse Meet Hosts. Pg.3,28- 1986 WJU member photos. Pg.15-Karl L. King gravesite and WJU band. Pg.16-centerfold-80th Birthday concert of Karl L. King (Dr Mark Foutch). Back Cover-Pg.32-1921 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band-Earle Moss Bandmaster (Norman H. Wilbert).
1986 Vol. 16, No. 4
Story Oskaloosa Meet from Des Moines Register (photos)
Personnel, Windjammer Meet, Oskaloosa
Letter to Editor: Keith Latey’s Photos
Sermon: Karl King Funeral
Robt. Willaman’s Circus Experiences
Good Times (Houston TX) Brass Band
Cook’s Show Band, 8th ACB Convention, Burlington, VT
Good Times (Houston TX) Brass Band Program
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 1 of 4-reprint from Vol.1 No.3 (Earle Moss)
168th Infantry Band (Keith Latey, Director)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1986 Merle Evans directs WJU band in Oskaloosa IA (Bob Barnhouse). Pg.3,7,8,9-WJU members in Oskaloosa. Pg.20-1986 Cook’s Show Band-Wendell W. Cook director-Burlington VT. Pg.14- centerfold-1986 The Good Times Brass Band (Charles Lee Hill). Back Cover-Pg.28-1933 (ca.) 68th Infantry Band-Iowa National Guard-Keith P. Latey, Warrant Officer, Council Bluffs IA.
1986 Vol. 16, No. 5
1987 Sarasota Convention
1986 WJU Oskaloosa Meet- Penn Central Mall Center Ring
Concert Program-Merle Evans guest Conductor
1969 Port Chester (NY) Senior H.S. Band Concert
dedicated to Karl L. King and Merle Evans- Kenneth R. Force-Band Director
Henry Fillmore, Master of American Band Music-list of The Trombone Family (Richard E. Prince)
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 2 of 4-reprint from Vol 2 No 1 (Earle Moss)
Tape Offer
President’s Message – Fred E. Long
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1986 WJU drum section-Paul Yoder on Bells. Pg.3,20,27-1986 WJU member meet photos. Pg.14-centerfold 1986 “Sweet Sixteen” Euphonium Section, Oskaloosa. Pg.28-Back Cover- Henry D. Kyes – Cole Bros. Circus Band (no date) & his show history
1986 Vol. 16, No. 6
1987 Sarasota Convention Highlights
Instructions on Music Availability (Doug MacLeod)
List of Music to be recorded at Sarasota
Letter from Earle Moss to the Editor
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 3 of 4-reprint from Vol 2 No 2 (Earle Moss)
Sarasota’s Details (Tiny Stagg, in a Letter to the Editor)
1986 Carson and Barnes Circus Band- Charlie Stephenson, bandmaster
Golden Age of Bands Concert Program May 8, 1986 – Shrine to Music Museum, Vermillion SD
Meet preview- WJU president, Fred Long
Treasurer’s Report
Monroe Althouse- Reading’s March King
City Guard Band, San Diego CA (Don Covington)
Recital of Bassoon Music- Paul McDowell
1986 Membership List
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Cole Bros. Circus Band-Eddie Woeckner on Frisco slide whistle and bandleader; Show owner, Zack Terrell holding cane (Pat DiPonzio). Pg.3-WJU members. Pg.12-Centerfold- 1930 First ABA Convention, Middletown OH. Pg.19-1985 Toby Tyler Circus Band, 1985 Merle Evans. Pg.21-WJU & Allentown Band members-Albright, Wilson, Leonard Smith, Ezra Wenner. Pg.24-back cover-1913 Al G. Barnes Show Band-Eddie Woeckner, Bandleader- members identified in Vol 17 No 6 on Pg.18 (Pat DiPonzio).


1987 Vol. 17, No. 1
1987 Sarasota Convention Program and Roster
Windjammers “Set Sail” at High Tide-1986 Oskaloosa IA meet-reprint from The School Musician, U of I Chicago- photos (Euana B Gangware)
Past Presidents Message- Fred E. Long
President’s Page- Bob Peckham
Great American Circus Empire (Richard E. Prince)
Stauth Bros. American Circus Museum
Association of Concert Bands 1987 Conference
The Cooper & Company Southern United Railroad Show – reprinted
from Bandwagon, 1948 (Charles Duble)
For Sale: Sound of Sousa Book (Walter Mitziga)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1937 Merle Evans, 1987 Merle Evans. Pg.3,17-WJU members- Lt. Col. Charles Erwin conducts; Sax Choir. Pg.14-centerfold- 1923 John Robinson’s Concert Band, Montgomery, AL-Ed A. Woeckner, Director (Photo by Demott). Back Cover-Besses ‘O’Th Barn Brass Band copyright Martin Prestwich (Eddie Martin)
1987 Vol. 17, No. 2
President’s Page-revamping Circus Fanfare
Association of Concert Bands Conference- Chatfield MN 4/23 to 4/25/1876 with Chatfield Brass Band Concert Program
A Tour with the Mighty Haag Circus- Season 1911 (written for The Bandwagon by Charlie Duble)
Military Band Time in London (Richard E Prince) Pt 1 of 2
Mapleton Band Keeps sound of circus music alive
1986 Bentley Bros. Circus (George J Keller)
Branson Hall Dedication-Fort Harrison, Ind. (Bob Hughes)
1987 Conductors, Sarasota
Iowa Western C.College Band Program-Council Bluffs IA
Earle M. Moss Sr. receives WJU Hall of Fame award
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, Pt 4 of 4-reprint from Vol 2 No 3 (Earle Moss)
Tape Offer-Buckeye Sound System
Stauth Bros. American Circus Music Museum
Charles Lee Hill’s Memories
Edna White Chandler, A Profile (Paul McDowell)
Bellevue, Wash., Band
Death Notice: Arvel Allread, 1987 Carson and Barnes bandsman
Harrison Co. Concert Band-Corydon, Ind.
PHOTOS: Front Cover— 1987 New WJU president, Bob Peckham. Pg.3-1987 WJU Sarasota-Lt.Col.Charles Erwin, John Burroughs, Ron Keller, Merle Evans. Pg.6-WJU Sarasota-Paul Yoder, John Lord. Pg.9-Tiny Stagg dances. Pg.13-WJU cornets. Pg.16-17 1987 WJU conductors. Pg.19- Earle M. Moss Sr. Pg.21-WJU photos (Earl Sacher). Back Cover-1987 WJU Center Ring Concert Band with Merle Evans-Allentown contingent; Kenneth Slater, Leonard Smith, Charles Schlarbaum.
1987 Vol. 17, No. 3
Jamestown Summer Recording Selections (Doug MacLeod)
Founding of Windjammers Unlimited (Arthur E. Stensvad)
President’s Page- Robert Peckham
Record Reviews
1986 Carson & Barnes Circus Band and music, Charlie Stevenson, Director (Charles H Bennett Jr)
Military Band Time in London (Richard E Prince) Pt 2 of 2
Selections With Like Titles+
Band Leaders of the Old Days with Gentry Bros. Shows (Charles Duble)
Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee, July 12, 1987
A Windjammer with Merle Evans-Pt.1 of 2 (John Shideler)
Iowa Western Comm. College Band, Program, June 24,
1986- Dr. Fred Glassburner, Bandmaster (Obituary) (Richard Prince)
1940 Cole Bros musicians-photo (Guy Warren) – Vic Robbins, bandmaster
Brazil (IN) Concert Band, Summer, 1987
Distaff Questionnaire for future interest (Peckham)
1987 Circus Vargas (Don Covington)
Karl King Recordings Available (Keith Altemeier)
Letter to the Editor (Oscar Kaelber)
Stauth Bros. American Circus Museum (Anne Simpson)
Article, Darmstadt Echo (in German) re. native Ward Stauth
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1987 WJU Center Ring Band. Pg.3,5,15,26-WJU photos, Centerfold-1912 Howe’s Circus-Tinney’s Band (identified as Howe’s Great London Circus Band-Charles H. Tinney-bandleader by Richard Prince in Vol 18 No 2), Pg.19-CWM parade photos, Back Cover- Pg.32-WJU photos.
1987 Vol. 17, No. 4
Keeping Circus Alive With Sounds of Music (Ed Bebko)
Merle Evans Autographs – 78 yr. old Photo
Jamestown Convention Registration & Music List
Walter Jacobs Publications Recreated (Schlarbaum)
A Windjammer with Merle Evans-Pt.2 of 2 (John Shideler)
Era of Robinson Shows & Pageantry on Main Street (Charles Duble)
The Band Room- Eugene Ormandy remarks (Ed Bebko)
Bellevue (WA) Comm. Band Concerts
Tape Offer & all-inclusive offer
Dedication, The Smittie Concert Green, Cincinnati
Obituaries: Markwardt, Haack, Royer
Great Old Time Salvation Army Marches & Composers, Pt 1 of 2 (Richard E Prince)
Musical Memories, Ted Viola, Drummer, Abilene, KS
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1987 WJU Jamestown NY Concert Band, Pg.3,14,15,16,26,27-WJU photos, Pg.5-Merle Evans autographs carnival photo, Back Cover-Pg.28 Ted Viola at his drumset.
1987 Vol. 17, No. 5
On Review: The Music Men-Hazen, Mark Heter & his Brass Band.
1987 Retirement Concert, Leland Lillehaug- Sioux Falls Municipal Band
The Santelmann USMC Legacy-photos (John Burroughs) Pt.1 of 2
Carl Clair, Circus Bandmasters of Other Years (Charlie Duble)
Showfolks of Sarasota Circus Concert Band, Honoring Merle Evans
1987 Great Circus Parade-Milwaukee Bandwagon Bands (Jack Franklin)
1988 Great Sarasota Circus Parade- (C. Schlarbaum)
Famous Syracuse (KS) Cowboy Band (Joseph T. Deep)
New WJU Members Listed
Account of Concert by Bohumir Kryl Band, Dec. 13, 1935
Great Old Time Salvation Army Marches & Composers, Pt 2 of 2 (Richard E Prince)
1987 Toby Tyler Circus Band Program-Chas. Schlarbaum, Director (Hal Hazen)
Letter to Editor-as published in the Sarasota Herald- Tribune: Merle Evans on RBBB “Three Ring Battle”
Sioux Falls Municipal Band Program at Chatfield MN, ACB, Apr. 25, 1987
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1987 Toby Tyler Circus Band-Charles Schlarbaum bandleader (Warren Wilson), Pg.3,19,22,25-WJU photos, Pg.14-1903 Barnum and Bailey Circus Band-Carl Clair bandleader, Pg.15-Tuba Mailbox (Fred Morgan), Pg.16-Columbia Bandwagon at 1987 Great Circus Parade, Pg.17-Syracuse Cowboy Band; 1954 Mercer Univ. Army ROTC Band, Back Cover-1987 Milton Marcus trumpet soloist with the Iowa Western Community Band.
1987 Vol. 17, No. 6
1988 Sarasota Highlights Sweet Sixteenth
1988 Sarasota Convention Music (Doug MacLeod)
On Review: Brass in Blue- HMRM
American Federation of Musicians Letter (Lew Mancini) & Reply
Ad Libitum Letter to Windjammers (Dave Lorentz, circus organist
1987 Carson & Barnes Circus band members & music listing (John Reeves)
1987 Zerbini report (Ed Bebko)
1987 Great American Circus article
1988 Sarasota Convention Registration Forms
Magic of Circus Life, Tough Life Special
1913 Al G. Barnes Show Band-Eddie Woeckner,
Bandleader- Identified from Vol 17 No 1 (Richard E. Prince)
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Congress of Rough Riders of the World (Richard E Prince) Pt.1 of 2
The Santelmann USMC Legacy (John Burroughs) Pt.2 of 2
Wisconsin Tuba Marching Society-photos (John Violetta)
Columbus (Ohio) Municipal Band (R P Hills)
“Ted” Paschedag Is Still Directing (Bob Ellis)
Obituaries: Keith Latey, Clarence C. Stauth, Samuel Walter
Harvey, Raymond Connet, Lowell Hoffman
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1987 Carson & Barnes Circus bandleader, Charlie Stevenson, Pg.3,13-1987 Carson & Barnes Circus band members.


1988 Vol. 18, No. 1A
Merle Evans, 1892 – 1987 Memorial Issue
Merle Evans Funeral Card, Jan. 4, 1988, Sarasota FL
Merle Evans, Circus Bands & Music (Robert L Parkinson)
Merle Evans Eulogy (Bob Peckham); Merle Evans (Bob Barnhouse)
Merle Evans Dies: Central Methodist College Benefactor (Keith House)
Merle Evans, Former Ringling Band Leader, Dead At 96
Letter: W D Settle, Attorney, Merle Evans
Merle Evans: Ringling’s Music Man (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
AD: Confederate Brass Band recording (Dr. Clyde Noble)
WJU Summer Meet, Cincinnati, July 20-24, 1988
Old Mapleton Circus Band recording available
Merle Evans-Music Man under the Big Top (James Perkins)
Merle Evans (Paul Yoder); Merle Evans (Bob Barnhouse)
Merle Evans Discography; Memories of Merle (Charles Bennett Jr)
Merle Evans Remembered (collection of Merle’s tales)
The Merle Evans Photo Albums, 1943
Report of Board of Trustees Meeting, Jan. 23, 1988
1987 Membership List
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Merle Evans in library with cornet. Pg.11-Merle Way, Pg.13-1946 RBBB Circus Band, Pg.14-Merle & Charlie Stevenson, Pg.15- Ken Slater & Merle, Pg.16-Photo Collage, Pg.18-WJU conductors, Back Cover-Farewell to Merle Evans (Charles Schlarbaum).
1988 Vol. 18, No. 1B
Taps for Merle Evans, Legendary Bandmaster [1-17-88]; A hearty send-off for a Legend of the Big Top [1-31-88] (W.C. Burton-Greensboro Daily News)
Circus Conductor Merle Evans Is Dead (Local 721-Tampa)
AD: 1987 Carson Barnes Circus, 50th Anniversary, Video, Performance
Circus Band Concert, Merle Evans, Elkhart Munipal Band, Mar. 22, 1958
Barnhouse Boys Spread Circus Joy-photos (Register)
Merle Evans McAnsh Park Program, Mar. 4-11, 1928
Merle Evans Strikes Up the Band-Opera House (Pt.1 of 3)
Merle Evans, the Man Who Called The Tunes For The Greatest Show On Earth (Gene Plowden)
1987 Membership
Our Guest This Evening – Merle Evans
Program, Merle Evans Festival & 15th Annual Circus World Museum Opening Day Banquet, Presented by Gollmar-Moeller Tent No. 100, Baraboo, May 11, 1974 (Paul Luckey)
WJU Music Convention Dedicated to Merle Evans (Dorothy Stockbridge)
Bandmaster’s Life An Echo of Circus (Janet McGovern)
Closing Chord, Merle Evans 1892-1987 (Jim Perkins, Chatfield Brass Band)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Merle Evans 1892-1987, Pg.3-Merle at WJU events, Barnhouse gravesite. Pg.7-90 yr old Merle Evans to guest conduct at Detroit Concert Band; 1955 RBBB Band, Pg.8-1975 Merle & Leonard Smith at the State Fair. Pg.17-Merle conducts Harvey Philips sousaphone solo/Boom Boom Browning in percussion section; Merle Conducts WJU Sailor Circus Band during Web Act. Pg.19-1943 Liberty Bandwagon Litho; 1943 RBBB Big Show Band, Philadelphia PA. Pg.25-WJU conductors. P.26 – Merle & Keith House with CMC band in background. Pg. 27-WJU photos of Merle.
1988 Vol. 18, No. 2
1988 WJU Summer Meet, Cincinnati, July 20-24.
AD: Circus Model Builders 20-24 JUL 1988 Cincy.
Hard work behind the Sarasota Meet (Bob Peckham)
On Review: Allentown Band No. 3; Regimental Band.
Summer Concert Schedule, Corydon, IN, 1988
Sailor Circus & Windjammer Band, Jan. 24, 1988 Program, WJU, Sarasota
Chord in B-Flat: Jobs well done 1988 meet
Personnel, Sarasota, 1988
Tape Offer & all-inclusive 1985 Corydon Windjammer Circus Concert Tape
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Congress of Rough Riders of the World (Richard E Prince) Pt 2 of 2
1912 Howe’s Circus band identified from Vol 17 No 3 (Richard Prince)
Book Review, Campbell Bros. Great Consolidated Shows
REBUTTAL Letters to “Ad Libitum Letter to Windjammers (Dave Lorentz, circus organist and WJU member)” from E.B.-IN Hornblower, B.H.-Texas, W.P.L.-Peru, IN
Circus Band: The Best of The Big Top (Robt. Siegel)
Paul McDowell Bassoon Chair Endowment, Louisville KY Orchestra (photo)
Pittsburg KS Band Shell named For J.J. Richards
Insert: WJU March Popularity Poll (Norman Smith)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Greetings from Cincinnati. Pg.3-Paul Yoder at Merle Evans crypt; Gayle Pierce directs WJU band. Pg.7-Paul Yoder directs WJU band. Pg.20-Prof. Sweeney’s Famous mounted Cowboy Band.
1988 Vol. 18, No. 3
1988 Garden Bros bandleader Charles Schlarbaum;
1988 Hanneford bandleader Ted Buenger for May/June
Music for Summer Meet, Cincinnati OH (Doug MacLeod)
1987 Jamestown NY tapes available
Info Summer Meet, Cincinnati OH (John Reeves)
Windjammers in Report, Int’l Military Music Society (James Barnes),
Karl L. King Stamp Committee (News Release)
Old-Time Calliope Whistles into Town (Baltimore Evening Sun)
Life of a Circus Musician, 1865 (Gil Robinson)
Elderhostel: a Seat at The Circus (John Fleming, Director)
Tweet, Tweet. Tweet: Db/C Piccolos in School Bands (Robert P. Hills Jr)
1988 The Circus Kingdom at Bellarmine Univ., Louisville KY-July 30, 1988 (L. David Harris, D.Min-director)
Tape Offer, Corydon Concert, 1986
1918 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band Program
Sousa’s Band Plays the Old Corn Palace (Richard E Prince)
PHOTOS: Pg.3-WJU: Ed Bebko, Barb & Buster Bailey & Warren Wilson. Pg.8- WJU conductors Wm. Pruyn; John A. Velke II. Pg.10-WJU conductors Charles Schlarbaum; Bill Roosa. Pg.11-WJU conductors Donald Albright, Paul Yoder. Pg.13-WJU conductors Ron Keller, Keith House. Centerfold- Pg.14-Circus Band for the movie “Greatest Show on Earth”-Merle Evans bandleader (Doug MacLeod). Pg.17-WJU conductors Dr. Leonard Smith, Gayle Pierce. Pg.18-WJU soloist Dr. Frank J. Scimonelli, Charles Schlarbaum & his All-Stars. Pg.20-WJU photos John Herriott ringmaster at Sailor Circus. Pg.21-1975 The Circus Kingdom with Merle Evans, Columbus KS. Pg.24-1907 Corn Palace. Pg.25-1904 Corn Palace. Pg.26- Paul Yoder. Back Cover-RBBB drummers and Merle Evans for GSOE movie (Doug MacLeod).
1988 Vol. 18, No. 4
WJU Program, Oldenberg, KY, Cincinnati Meet
1988 WJU Summer Meet, Cincinnati- Pre-convention registrations
Windjammers Keep Music in Center Ring-photos (KY Post)
President’s Report on Cincinnati
On Review: Gems of the Concert Band-15,16,17; Praise!
Hendon Band of the Salvation Army.
Conductor Waves Marines Goodbye-photos (Chuck Erwin)
Foot-Tapping Good Time: Windjammers gather (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Excerpt “Hey Rube” pub. 1933- Leslie’s Porcine Circus
Karl King Band at the Corn Palace: List of Band Appearances over the Years (Richard Prince)
J. J. Richards – All-American Bandmaster & Composer (Richard E Prince)
1910 Forepaugh-Sells Circus Band Program
Big Top Rhythm: Merle Evans (Ned Roberts)
R. B. Hall March Featured In Royal British St. Parade-
Imperial Life Guards (Richard Prince)
Obituaries: Ruth King (Mrs. Karl L.); Cook; Carl Pray
King Band to perform Memorial Concert for Carl Pray
A Lee Hinckley – Circus Bandmaster – Modern Medium-Size Tent Shows (Richard Prince)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1988 WJU Cincinnati meet-Buster Bailey and Doug MacLeod (Charles Stanley-Cincinnati Enquirer). Pg.3,8-9,11,18,19,26,27- 1988 WJU Cincinnati meet photos. Pg.15-1940 RBBB in MSG-Merle Evans bandleader, Joe Losh 3rd trumpeter. Centerfold Pg.16-17 1988 WJU rehearsal- John McDonald conducting (Cincinnati Enquirer). Pg.20- 1921 Corn Palace, Pg.21-1986 Corn Palace; 1921 Karl King’s Band at the Corn Palace. Pg.24-WJU Cincinnati Meet Logo. Pg.30-Circus Model Builder wagons. Pg.31-14-month Joe DeLiberato and painting of Merle Evans. Back Cover-Pg.32-Charlie Stevenson and Merle Evans (Ann Stevenson).
1988 Vol. 18, No. 5
1989 Sarasota Announcement-Presidents Page
The Merle Evans’ Fellowships
Family Memberships
1988 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band (Peckham)
On Review: Delta Music CD-Germany
1938 Big Top Band-Cole Bros. Circus Bandleader-Eddie Woeckner (Ora O. Parks, sub. by Richard Prince)
Tuba player self-image (cartoon)
Bellevue Comm. Band Concert Program, Mar. 20, 1988
Victor H Robbins – American Bandmaster (Richard E Prince)
C. L. Barnhouse, American Band Music Pioneer (Richard E Prince) Pt 1 of 3
Golden Age of Bands, 1860-1915, Vermilion Shrine to Music Museum-Univ. of South Dakota LP Old Time Band Recording (Richard Prince)
Merle Evans, The Final Interview- photos (John Lentz, reprinted from Bandwagon)
Southern Illinois Concert Band, July 4, 1987 Program
Reflections of a Windjammer (Myron “Mike” Ash)
Central Methodist Band Plays Funeral
Obituary – W D Settle Esq., lawyer for Merle Evans
Band Shell Named After Distinguished Director: J.J. Richards (Ken Simons)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1926 Victor Robbins-Bandmaster (Jack Franklin). Pg.3,8,27-1988 WJU Cincinnati photos. Centerfold-Pg.14-1926 Buffalo Bill Concert Band/Individual portraits of bandsmen-Victor Robbins Bandleader (Richard Prince). Pg.25-1988 WJU euphers at Cincinnati. Back Cover- Merle Evans and RBBB Circus Band at Madison Square Garden, NYC (Doug MacLeod).
1988 Vol. 18, No. 6
President’s Page-Obituaries missed: Long & Burroughs
1989 Sarasota Convention preview highlights
Conductor Roster, Windjammers, Oct., 1988
1989 Sarasota Music List (Doug MacLeod)
C. L. Barnhouse, American Band Music Pioneer (Richard E Prince) Pt 2 of 3
Delta Airlines – Windjammer Rate- 5 to 40% off
Hall of Fame Committee Report (Kenneth Slater)
Saga of the Classroom Building: Storage of Phonograph Records (Ed Bebko)
Greatest Show on Earth Opens in Japan
He’s a Military Maestro, Capt. John McDonald (Robert Erne)
Cap’n Mac, Alumnus of the Year (Northeastern St. Univ, Oklahoma)
Life’s a Circus for Mt. Washington Man: George Keller (Bonnie Winters)
Obituary: Fred E. Long
Music, The Heartbeat of The Circus (Keri Olson, CWM)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1954 SEP 30-Merle Evans of Lawrence, Kansas (Doug MacLeod). Pg.3,6,12,13,15,18,24-1988 WJU photos


1989 Vol. 19, No. 1
1989 WJU Sarasota Convention (Eleanor G Fengel)
Info, Summer Meet, Sacramento, CA
On Review: Central Methodist Concert Tour;
Allentown Band Vol. 4
1989 Ringling Bros. Circus and Gunther’s Farewell.
Report on Board of Trustee’s Meeting, Jan. 21, 1989
1999 Sarasota Convention Roster
Old Mapleton Circus Band
Columbia Community Band’s New Director: Keith House
Obituary: John S “Buddy” Burroughs-Asst. Drum Major U.S. Marine Band
C. L. Barnhouse, Amer. Band Music Pioneer (R E Prince) Pt 3 of 3
March Music Notes: add BIO for Dr. Ralph H. Woods (R E Prince)
How Jeremiah Mugivan & Bert Bowers Made It (R E Prince)
Inserts: A Seat At The Circus, Elderhostel, Edinboro
1915 Billboard Ads for Circus & Wild West Shows
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1989 WJU Sarasota Recording Band (Warren Wilson). Pg.3,14,15,17,21,26-1989 WJU Sarasota photos. Back Cover-1955 RBBB-Merle Evans, bandleader (Doug MacLeod).
1989 Vol. 19, No. 2
Abilene, KS Mourns Day Music Died Feb 15, 1989/Royer Band Shell Destroyed by Blaze (submitted by Ted Viola, George Keller)
Music Music Music: Photo Alexandria VA Citizen’s Band delegation to the 1989 WJU convention- (Anthony H Flores)
Robert G Willaman, Master Clarinetist (Richard E Prince)
Herbert Barnum Seeley’s Rolling Trolley Circus (Dr. Bebko)
Harvey G Philips- Circus Music Golden Age Style: Instructor Homer F Lee Circus Bandleader (Richard E Prince)
John Robinson Circus at The Battle of Jacksonville or The Righteous Win Over Evil/ Verse “Hey Rube”-Gil Robinson (Reprinted from the book “Old Wagon Show Days”, submitted by Richard Prince)
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Charles P Erwin- Washington Inc.
J.J. Richards Research (Richard Pletcher)
Lifelong Dream Comes True (Jimmy Cole’s All-Star Circus & Billy Martin)- reprinted from the Independent Olean (NY) Press
Obituary: Alfred Wood- Founder of Cameron-Graham Music Library Band
Tape Offer, 1986 Corydon Concert
1989 Membership Roster
First Adult Music Camp, Edinboro
Delta Airlines WJU discount
Musical Opportunity Upcoming Circus Concert, Corydon June 8, 1989 (Ward Stauth)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Harvey Phillips tuba soloist (Richard Prince). Pg. 3,12 centerfold,18,21, Back Cover-WJU members. Pg.19-Music cartoons.
1989 Vol. 19, No. 3
Music for Summer Meet, Sacramento, CA
Compositions of C L Barnhouse
Russell Alexander – Composer of the Vandercook Style of Circus Music (Richard E Prince)
American Band Music, an Arsers Family Tradition (Clarence Arsers)
Cincinnati Band Music-Frank Simon (George Stein Jr)
8th Annual Commemorative Concert, Music of Karl King, Feb. 19, 1989
Summer Meet Info, Sacramento, CA
AD- Video RBBB 1953-4 & 1956, Last Years Under Canvas
John E Weber, 1855-1938, Cincinnati, OH
Symphony of the Sawdust, 30 Years With Circus Band, Merle Evans (from ETUDE magazine) Pt 1 of 2
Circus Life Still in Blood of Musician Lloyd Fengel age 70
Parade Tune: March of the Hoosiers (Wm. C Miller)
Letter to Editor: Ed Bebko aka Eddie Baker
Am. Legion Band of Tonawanda, Post No. 264, Apr. 8, 1987
OBITUARY – Bill Gardiner, Drummer
Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee, July 10, 1989
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1989 Naples (FL) Concert Band. Pg.11 1920s ARMCo Band-Frank Simon, director. Pg.22-1986 Carson and Barnes Circus Band, Charlie Stevenson bandleader; Bob Gardiner, drummer. Pg.3,9-1989 WJU photos. Back Cover- 1924 JAN 31- General Electric Band of Pittsfield (MA) Works (George Stein Jr)
1989 Vol. 19, No. 4
Board of Trustees Meeting, July 28, 1989, Sacramento
The Sacramento Convention (thru the eyes of first time attendee)
Windjammer T-Shirt Order
W. P. English (Richard E Prince)
Russell Alexander’s List of Published Music
Earle M Moss – Last of the Golden Age Circus Bandmasters (Richard E Prince) Pt 1 of 3
Univ. of Nebraska – Omaha, 3/22/89 Center Ring Concert, Harvey Philips
Symphony of the Sawdust, 30 Years With Circus Band, Merle Evans (from ETUDE magazine) Pt 2 of 2
Program, Bellevue Comm. Band, Mar. 19, 1989
Way We Were, Chicago’s Past, Under The Big Top
Video Review, Last Days of Ringling Under Canvas (Charles Bennett Jr)
Egil A. Gundersen, Windjammer from Norway
Charles Moyer: Bandmaster-Circus Owner-Showman
Charles Stanley Will Help Celebrate Anniversary of Eisenhower’s Birth
Final Chord: Charles Moyer & Frank Jones
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1989 WJU Sacramento Meet Band (Warren Wilson). Pg.3,13,24-1989 WJU photos. Pg.13-1903 The Exposition Four- Newton, Woodruff, Russell Alexander and James Brady (in blackface) (Ballenger/Johnson collection). Pg.18 1989 Sacramento Calliope concert- Ed Bebko (Jack Franklin). Pg.22-1931 Sells-Floto circus parade newsprint photo from Chicago Tribune. Back Cover-1989 Famous Cole Indoor Circus Band, Charles Schlarbaum bandleader; Marshall & Brooks Eckelman.
1989 Vol. 19, No. 5
Lifelong Band Director About to Take Up No. 4, Geo. Mitchell, Omaha
Earle M Moss – Last of the Golden Age Circus Bandmasters (Richard E Prince) Pt 2 of 3
Sioux Falls Municipal Band Circus Concert Aug. 1, 1989
Iowa Western Comm. College Program, June 30, 1987
Robinson Famous Shows – Karl King’s First Circus (R E Prince)
Albert C Sweet (Richard E Prince)
George Ganweiler, Outstanding Circus Bandmaster, (R E Prince)
Windjammers in the Great Circus Parade Program, Fayette Star Cornet Band, July 30, 1988
Letter, Capt. Donald H. Covington, U.S. Embassy, Paris
G. E. Band, G. J. Abbott, Conductor Photos 1913/1926
Frank V. Lemen – Circus Musician Who Made Good (Bert J. Chipman from “Hey Rube”) Pt 1 of 2
Don Keller, Champion of the Trombone Section (R E. Prince)
Abilene (KS) Band Rebuilds After Loss of Band Shell (Charles Stanley)
Hudson Valley Circus Concert Band (Don Pessia)
Circus Concert Band- Hudson Valley Circus Concert Band 12/2/1988
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1971 Merle Evans and A.L. Myers, Lions Club International. Pg.3,7,11,13,14,17,21-WJU photos.
1989 Vol. 19, No. 6
Music for Sarasota, 1990
Earle M Moss – Last of the Golden Age Circus Bandmasters (Richard E Prince) Pt 3 of 3
Unpublished Band Music of Earle Moss
Tape offer, Calliope, Band Organ & Circus Bands
Program, Brazil Concert Band, “The Old Circus Band”, Aug. 13, 1989 (Matt Huber, Director)
Lloyd Fengel & the Quincy Union Band, 1950
Evolution of the Circus Band (W. N. Merrick)
W. N. Merrick (Richard E. Prince)
First Adult Music Camp 1989, Edinboro, PA (John Z. Fleming)
Frank V. Lemen – Circus Musician Who Made Good (Bert J Chipman from “Hey Rube”) Pt 2 of 2
Program, Iowa Western Comm. Band, Nov. 12, 1988
All-Star Circus Band Ballot Results (Charles Bennett Jr)
Tightrope Walk to Freedom-Bertalina Kazakova & Nikolai
Nikolski-photo (Ed Bebko)
Move Over Roy Rogers, Here Comes The Band (Patricia Backhaus)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1988 WJU Sarasota conductor Paul Yoder (Ed Sacher). Pg.3,18- 1988 WJU conductors Bill Pruyn, Ted Buenger, Leonard Smith. Pg.11-1950 Quincy Musicians Union Band-Local 265, Carl Landrum, director (Lloyd Fengel). Back Cover-Undated Al G Barnes Ladies Band on bandwagon.