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2000 Vol. 30, No. 1
2000 Convention, Largest Ever – 415 Attending
On Review: That’s Sum Rag, New Columbian Brass Band;
Our Band Heritage, Vol. 14 – Allentown Band;
Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 17 & 18, South Shore Band
Letter to Bill McCollum- RE: Captive Elephant Act (W. Albrecht)
Annual Memorial Service Conducted
Sailor Circus, Center Ring Band & Ringling Museum Programs
The Way To Go – Funeral of circus owner, D. R. Miller (photos)
Roster, Attendees, Sarasota 2000 Convention
Future Plans, Windjammers, Upcoming Meets/Conventions
PHOTOS: Front Cover— is mislabeled 1999 WJU San Francisco. Pg.3-2000 WJU cemetery band members from California- Pam Thompson, Judy Stewart, Scott Green, Molly Wood (Stan Howell). Pg.8-2000 WJU cemetery trombones- Janeen Morel, Bill Fletcher, John Bales (Stan Howell). Pg.12,13,23-WJU member photos. Back Cover Pg.24- Center Ring Band Rehearsal-Donald Albright; Museum Band rehearsal-Raoul Camus; Cornet Soloist April Zink and Cmdr. Donald Stauffer rehearse with the Center Ring Band.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, Vol.17 & 18.
2000 Vol. 30, No. 2
US Marine Band Recordings Available
On Review: Sousa Marches, Sousa’s Band, Crystal Records
Information, Obtaining Music from Convention(s)
Atlanta Circus Parade Report, Don Covington
Windjammers Indianapolis 2000 Plans Announced
Circus Days in Atlanta
News from Circus World Museum
Music for Indianapolis Meet
Review, 2000 Edition of Clyde Beatty Circus
Obituaries: Dow Nida, Marilyn Hoe, Boyd Conway
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2000 WJU members escape from New York winter: Jasper Logerfo, Vinnie Gugliotti, Don Pessia, Raoul Camus, Joe Losh (Jasper Logerfo). Pg.3,11,12,21,22-WJU member photos. Pg.15-New WJU member, circus professional John Herriott (Stan Howell)
2000 Vol. 30, No. 3
On Review: Legacy of the March, Texas A & M Bands
Introduction to Fred Jewell Series –
Charles Conrad Dissertation
Fred Jewell: Musician, Circus Bandmaster, Pt 1 of 6 (C. Conrad)
Gentry Bros. Dog and Phony Show 1891-1901
Contract Provision, Circus Musician, 1938
Top of His Profession: Bandleader Rob Slowik Enjoys Challenge (Larry Katz)
Obituaries: Don Pessia, Robert Baker
Paul Yoder, Windjammer (photo)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1987 WJU Sailor Circus Band- Merle Evans conductor; Pg.3-1987 WJU and Circus Bandleaders: Charlie Moyer, Charles Schlarbaum, Paul Yoder, Charlie Stevenson, Merle Evans (Bob Peckham). Pg.14,15-WJU meet photos, 1986, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997. Back Cover Pg.24-1998 Charles Schlarbaum conducts Jeffersonville summer meet Windjammer concert band; Chris Williams & Ollie Zinsmeister xylophone duet for Ward Stauth in Corydon IN (Russ Williams); reprint 1999 WJU San Francisco band (Reg McGovern)
2000 Vol. 30, No. 4
Indianapolis Meet Huge Success
Warren Wilson Named Chair of Nominating Committee
On Review: Circus Days, Washington Winds;
Emblem of Unity-Music of J. J. Richards, U of Kansas Band
Big Apple Seeks Musicians
Indianapolis Meet Roster, Attendees & Music Performed
Merle Evans Fellow- Amy Weaver
Fred Jewell: Musician, Circus Bandmaster, Pt 2 of 6 (C. Conrad)
Ringling Brothers Circus 1902-1904
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2000 WJU Indianapolis meet hotel; Pg.3-Indy Meet committee (all over age 80) Bill Thomas, Ken Slater, Bob Hughes; Pg.7,14,15-2000 WJU Indy photos; Back cover Pg.28-John Wetzel & Johannes Rasmussen cornet duet with Ted Buenger conducting at 2000 WJU Indy meet (Bob Peckham)
Ad: Indianapolis 2000 CD Order Form
2000 Vol. 30, No. 5
On Review: Great Marches, Vol. 10, Bandleader Recordings;
Great European Marches, Bandboy ( Bandleader)
Ward Stauth Ailing
A Peek at the 2001 Convention & Music (Doug MacLeod)
Closer Look at Windjammer Hall of Fame Recipients
Paul Whiteman of the Big Tops- Henry Kyes
Nominees, Board of Trustees
Fred Jewell: Musician, Circus Bandmaster, Pt 3 of 6 (C. Conrad)
Floto and Sells-Floto Circus 1905-1906
PHOTOS: Front Cover—John Ringling causeway to St. Armands Circle. Pg.3-Vinnie Gugliotti and Bill Thomas, octogenarians (Joe Losh). Pg.22-WJU Elderhostel. Pg.23-2002 WJU Kettering venue. Back cover Pg.24-Schives, Hazens, Kellers
2000 Vol. 30, No. 6
On Review: Sounds of the Circus, Circus Marches, Vols. 19 & 20;
Best of Windjammers, INDY 2000;
Sounds of the Big Top, A Center Ring Concert WJU 2000
WJU Hall of Fame Recipient Edward Woeckner
Report from Big Apple Circus
South Shore Band Performs for Big Apple Circus
Windjammers Invited to Present Seminar in Pensacola
Fred Jewell: Musician, Circus Bandmaster, Pt 4 of 6 (C. Conrad)
Barnum and Bailey Circus 1908
Nelson Starr Edits Cornet Methods Book
PHOTOS: Front Cover and Pg.11—Circus Hall of Fame, Peru IN, Ward Stauth exhibit plaque. Pg.3-South Shore Concert Band at Big Apple Circus, Nov. 5, 2000 (Richard Whitmarsh). Pg.21-Peru Circus Hall of Fame. Back Cover Pg.22-1986 Barnhouse Memorial Gazebo, Oskaloosa IA; 1993 WJU Baraboo Meet on Bandwagons.


2001 Vol. 31, No. 1
On Review: Leonard B Smith, America’s Premier Cornet Soloist;
Music of Leroy Anderson, USAF Band
2001 Convention – Biggest One Yet!
Roster, Attendees, 2001 Convention
Hall of Fame: Jack Bell, WJU Honoree 2001
Article, Vinnie Gugleotti, Incl. Proposed Press Release
Obituaries: Charles Greaves, Carol Durity, Rich Van Santvoord, Robert Calcote, Frank Wolfer
Mike Montgomery Describes New Website
Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 27, 2001
Center Ring Program, Sarasota
PHOTOS: Front Cover— Circus Sarasota Big Top; Pg.3 Bill Albrecht, Mike Montgomery (Stan Howell); Pg.12,13- WJU Sarasota photos (Warren Wilson, Joe Losh).
2001 Vol. 31, No. 2
On Review: Teddy Bears’ Picnic, New Columbian Brass Band
My Old KY Home, Musical Postcards From The
Bluegrass, Advocate Band
Special WJU Band Performs for ACB in Pensacola- March 2001
More Fun-2001-Summer Meet-Kettering, OH July 25-29
Guide for Those Seeking Band CD’s
New Members
Fred Jewell: Musician, Circus Bandmaster, Pt 5 of 6 (C. Conrad)
Barnum and Bailey Circus Band Director 1909
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2001 WJU Center Ring Conductors January- Slater, Scott, House, Losh, Kalina, Carr (Stan Howell). Pg.3-Museum Percussion- Buette, Zinsmeister (Ben Buette). Pg.7-8- Circus Seminar at ACB Convention, Pensacola FL (Warren Wilson). Pg.12-13- WJU 2001 Convention photos (Howell, Wilson, Peckham). Pg.23-WJU First timers (Wilson, Howell). Back Cover-WJU Upcoming Kettering Venue (Connie Thomas).
2001 Vol. 31, No. 3
Recording Selections, 2001 Summer Meet
On Review: Legacy of the March, Texas A&M Band, Vol. 2
Great Circus Parade Scheduled For July 15th, WJU Band to Perform
Letter From Charlie Bennett re: Circus Model Builders
First Windjammer Convention Great Success (reprint 1973)
Members & Musical Selections from First WJU Convention
Fred Jewell: Musician, Circus Bandmaster, Pt 6 of 6 (C. Conrad)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2001 WJU oboes-Geoffrey Stein, Freda Bales (Stan Howell). Pg.3,13,24-WJU snapshots. Pg.12-1973 First WJU meet photo reprints.
2001 Vol. 31, No. 4
On Review: Our Band Heritage, Vol. 14 & 15 – Rare Sound of Frank
Kaderabek with the Allentown Band;
VA Grand Military Band, British Classics, Music of Karl
King, Memorial Day, Sept. 30, 2000, Dec. 2, 2000
Great Success at Kettering Summer Meet, Roster & Music List
Karl King Stories
Obituaries: Ward Stauth, William Eschbach
Percussion Tales from the Big Top
Ollie Zinsmeister Celebrates 90th
PHOTOS: Front Cover—90th birthday for WJU Ollie Zinsmeister (Warren Wilson). Pg.3,12,13,23,24-WJU photos. Pg.11-WJU in 2001 Great Circus Parade.
2001 Vol. 31, No. 5
On Review: Marching Along, Naperville Muni. Band;
Custer’s Last Band, the original Music of Felix Vinatieri
Windjammers, Big Brass of the Big Top (Rose Moore)
2002 Convention Music (Doug MacLeod)
Karl L King: His Life and His Music, Pt 1 of 8 (Jess L Gerardi Jr.)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Ward Stauth 1908-2001 (Ed Ballenger). Pg.3-1987 Merle Evans and Ken Slater, Sarasota. Pg.10-1997 WJU meet Williamsport Trolly. Pg.12,13-WJU snaps from 1974, 1981, 1986, 1993, 1996, 1997. Pg.22,23,24- WJU snaps from 1993, 1995-Ring of Fame for Karl King, 1996, 1998.
2001 Vol. 31, No. 6
Distribution, 2002 Sarasota Convention Music
On Review: More Candy, Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Composer Profile: George L Cobb (Rick Benjamin)
Naples Band Schedules Jan. 30th Concert
Boyhood Friend Tells True Story of Life of Merle Evans
(Reprint from Columbus (KS) Daily Advocate, Apr., 1970)
Karl L King: His Life and His Music, Pt 2 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Windjammers in the Woods (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2000 TubaChristmas- Fred Williams (Connie Thomas). Pg.3-WJU Belles. Pg.22-WJU in the Woods of Ottumwa. Pg.22-WJU in costume for the bandwagon.


2002 Vol. 32, No. 1
On Review: Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 2 Revisited;
Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 16-Americans We
Message from President William Albrecht
2002 Sarasota Convention, Roster & Attendees
Karl L King: His Life and His Music, Pt 3 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Post Circus Era to 1940
Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on a Bandwagon (Bill Roosa)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2002 Merle Evans crypt marker in Manasota Memorial Cemetery, Florida (Stan Howell). Pg.3-Schlarbaum’s WJU circus band January 2002, Sarasota (Stan Howell). Pg.12,13, Back Cover-Pg.24-WJU in Sarasota.
2002 Vol. 32, No. 2
Preview, Baraboo Summer Meet
On Review: Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 21 & 22, South Shore
Concert Band & How Music was Used
Never Anywhere, Such Wind as This (Quad City Tooters)
2002 Big Apple Circus (Bob Peckham)
Board Meeting Minutes, Sarasota, Jan. 26, 2002
Obituaries: Richard Wright, Henry Killinger, Fred Jewell, Jr.,
(Jack “Tiny” Stagg reported in error!)
Karl L. King: His Life and His Music, Pt 4 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Karl L. King: List of Compositions-Titles A-L, Pt 1 of 2 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Letter, Warren Wilson, Re. Nominating Committee
Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee, July 5-14, 2002
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2002 WJU at Sarasota’s Sailor Circus, Ringmaster John Herriott, Performance Director Susan Loeffler (Stan Howell). Pg.3,12,13-WJU photos.
2002 Vol. 32, No. 3
On Review: Brief List Recordings Available Re: Circus Music
Hall of Fame: Joe Browning, 2002 WJU Laureate (Doug MacLeod & Charles Conrad)
Retraction, Tiny Stagg not dead yet
Karl L. King: List of Compositions-Titles M-Z, Pt 1 of 2 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Karl L King: His Life and His Music, Pt 5 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Obituaries: Murray Dickinson; Short History of Fred Jewell Jr. (Matt Huber)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2002 WJU Museum Band. Pg.3-WJU Fred Alton Jewell Jr 1920-2002 (Robert P Hills Jr). Pg.12,13-WJU photos. Back Cover-Pg.24 Alan Beck, Gale Scott; 2002 WJU herald trumpets (Warren Wilson).
2002 Vol. 32, No. 4
On Review: Golden Age of the March, Vol. 3, Washington Winds
Roster, Attendees, Baraboo Meet, July, 2002
Report, Death of Leonard Smith
Arthur Pryor, Ragtime Pioneer (Rick Benjamin)
Karl L King: His Life and His Music, Pt 6 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Old Time Circus Music is Alive and Well – In Silent Films (Eric Beheim)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2002 WJU Baraboo Meet Hotel- Ho-Chunk. Pg.3,12,20,24-2002 WJU at Baraboo.
2002 Vol. 32, No. 5
On Review: Vol. 3, Legacy of the March, Texas A & M Band;
Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 17-Season’s Greetings
Reflections on The “First One” and the “Big One” (C. Bennett Jr)
Board Names Candidates for Election
“Ballyhooed at Baraboo” – Baraboo Committee
Report, Deaths of Russ & Jean Williams
Obituary: Leonard B Smith (by William Rehrig, Loras Schissel)
Quick Peek At Sarasota, 2003
Karl L King: His Life and His Music- Pt 7 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
Performance and Philosophy
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Leonard B. Smith portrait with Sousa (1915-2002). Pg.3-2002 WJU Baraboo meet hosts. Pg.11,12,13,24-2002 WJU Baraboo photos.
2002 Vol. 32, No. 6
Plans Proceed on Windjammer Music Library
On Review: Golden Age of the March, Vols. 1, 2 & 3, Washington Winds
New Address for The Circus Kingdom Recordings
Windjammers in the Woods-Take 2 (Charles Bennett Jr)
– Music List
Obituaries: Edward Bebko, Herbert N Johnson, Jr.
Karl L King: His Life and His Music, Part 8 of 8 (Jess L. Gerardi Jr.)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2002 Al Ringling Theatre, Baraboo, WI- Windjammers on the Marquee (April Zink). Pg.3-WJU unidentified. Pg.8-WJU in Ottumwa. Pg.12-2002 WJU Baraboo. Back Cover Pg.24-WJU in Europe and at Peru IN.
AD: 175th Anniversary Concert, Allentown Band, Apr. 27, 2003


2003 Vol. 33, No. 1
2003 Sarasota Conductors, Music, Center Ring Program
On Review: Pioneers in Brass, Glenn D Bridges, purchase from Fred Williams
Retirement of Librarian, Doug MacLeod; Thanks to Bill Albrecht
Hall of Fame 2003: Joseph Gorton, Lew Bader
Program, Concert, Ringling Museum Gardens
31st Annual Convention is History, Incl. Roster, Attendees
Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 25, 2003
Note from Jean & Russ Williams’ Family
Obituary, Harry Durity
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2003 WJU band at Ringling Museum (Stan Howell). Pg.3-Ken Slater. Pg.9-Calliope at Sailor Circus- Ralph Bacha. Pg.18,23-WJU photos. Back cover Pg.24-2003 WJU Museum Band (Mike Montgomery).
AD: Pg.12-Sounds of the Circus Vol 23 & Vol 24.
2003 Vol. 33, No. 2
Advance Word, Jamestown Meet
On Review: Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 23 & 24
Circus Jargon List
A Visit to The Big Apple Circus
From Where Came Our Circus Music?
(C H Amidon-reprint 1975 White Tops)
Deaths: George Shahan, Suzanne Wood, Stuart Kulp, Bill Pruyn
Obituaries: Joseph Losh, William Wubbena, E Russell Williams, Jean Williams
Don Covington Leaves Big Apple Circus
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2003 New and Old WJU Presidents- Roosa & Albrecht (Warren Wilson). Pg.3-Joe Losh 1919-2003. Pg.11-WJU couple Buster and Barb Bailey; Circus Band Pirates Roosa and Albright. Pg.12-Bandleader Charles Schlarbaum and Ambassador of Mirth Jackie LeClaire at 2003 Tibbals Museum groundbreaking; Terry Abbott & Charlotte Hazen. Back Cover Pg.22-2003 WJU conductors Gale Scott, Loras Schissel, Ken Slater (Warren Wilson).
Ad: Baraboo CD’s & Windjammer Apparel Offer
2003 Vol. 33, No. 3
On Review: Hawkeye Glory, History of Karl King Municipal Band
Karl L King 100th Anniversary Concert, Karl King Band
Karl L King CD, Karl King Municipal Band
SHOWMAN: The Life and Music of Perry George Lowery (C. E. Watkins)
Allentown Band Celebrates 175th Anniversary
Obituaries: William Pruyn, Stuart Kulp, Don Marcks, Robert Johnson, George Shahan
Rise and Fall of the Circus Band, Pt 1 of 2 (Sverre O Braathen-reprint 1958 Instrumentalist)
Preview, Jamestown NY & the Chautauqua Region
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Allentown Band concert photo. Pg.3-Bill Pruyn. Pg.12-1910 Gollmar Bros. Circus steam calliope wagon in parade. Pg.15-P G Lowery portrait with trumpet. Pg.17-1897 Ringling Bros. Mounted Band-George Ganweiler director; 1903 Barnum & Bailey’s Two Hemispheres Bandwagon.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, South Shore Concert Band, Vol. 25
2003 Vol. 33, No. 4
On Review: Band of H M Royal Marines –
Jugendmusikkorps Bad Kissingen
CD’s/Videos Available, Jamestown Meet and Sailor Circus
Reprise, Jamestown Meet
Oliver Zinsmeister’s Latest March Premiered
Roster, Attendees, Jamestown Meet, Incl. Programs, Bemus Pt. & Chautauqua Concerts
Obituaries: Jack H “Tiny” Stagg, Harold F Chase, Knowles B Williams
Rise and Fall of the Circus Band, Pt 1 of 2 (Sverre O Braathen-reprint 1958 Instrumentalist)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2003 WJU Summer concert site on Lake Chautauqua (Stan Howell). Pg.3-2003 WJU Jamestown NY meet hosts Bill and Norma Roosa (Warren Wilson). Pg.10-Conductors Roosa and Schissel; Pg.12,13-WJU meet photos. Pg.23-Circus bandleaders: Karl L King, Frederick Alton Jewell, Everett James and son Harry, Charles Duble, J J Richards, Merle Evans. Back Cover Pg.24-2003 WJU meet photos.
AD: Book: The Band Plays On! Allentown 175th Anniversary
2003 Vol. 33, No. 5
On Review: Vol. 4, Legacy of the March, Texas A & M Band
Geo. M Cohan: Ragtime Man (Rick Benjamin)
Board Meeting Minutes, Jamestown, July 22, 2003
The Ringlings – Their Rise & Fall, Pt 1 of 2
Obituaries: Jim Selland, William Kierig
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2003 WJU view from Chautauqua stage. Pg.3,11,12,23,24-2003 WJU meet photos.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 25
2003 Vol. 33, No. 6
On Review:‘Round The Christmas Tree, Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Iowa Windjammers Support Circus Model Builders with 28-piece Circus Band-photo (Janeen Morel)
Obituaries: Ray D’Camp, Marge Zinsmeister, Richard Ryan
Windjammer Heartland Happenings (Charles Bennett Jr)
The Ringlings – Their Rise & Fall, Pt 2 of 2
PHOTOS: Front Cover—John Ringling portrait from 1927. Pg.3-WJU in the Ottumwa Woods. Pg.21-WJU in Jamestown NY.


2004 Vol. 34, No. 1
On Review: Allentown Band- Vol. 18-Band on Broadway;
Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 26, 27 & 28,
WJU President Bill Roosa Resigns
2004 Sarasota Convention, Roster,
Center Ring & Ringling Museum Concert Programs
Plans for Poughkeepsie Summer Meet, Registration form
Sailor Circus Beset by Financial Problems
Sounds of the Circus, “How the Music Was Used”
Obituaries: John Bales, Bill Thomas, Reginald Schive
Remembering Jimmy Ille (Mike Martin)
Board Meeting Minutes, Sarasota, Jan. 20, 2004
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2004 WJU Center Ring Concert Band of 150 (Stan Howell). Pg.3-2004 WJU conductors Keith House and Andy Glover. Pg.12,13-WJU photos. Pg.19-1975 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus- Jimmy Ille, bandleader (Mike Martin); Jimmy Ille 1920-1999 (Paul Lentz). Back Cover Pg.24-Keith House leads the Ringling Museum Education Band. INSERT: Ad-
ADs: Sounds of the Circus, Vol 26 & 27;
Elderhsotel Community Band Event, Albany, NY
2004 Vol. 34, No. 2
On Review: Black Manhattan, Music of James Reese Europe;
Music of the Marines, US Merchant Marine Academy Band
P G Lowery’s Belated Biography (Clifford E. Watkins) – SHOWMAN
Music of Joe Losh
Circus Names in Band Music Titles
An Evening with Merle Evans, the Old Pros Band, Chicago, 1968
Rules for Band Members, Keith House
Obituary, Harry SaLoutos; Buster Bailey Dies
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2004 WJU Museum Band (Warren Wilson). Pg.3,8,9,15-WJU Terry & Dick Abbott, Buster & Barb Bailey, Dorothy & Merrill Erler, Dr. Clifford Watkins, Prof Keith House. Back Cover Pg.16-2004 WJU Convention photos.
2004 Vol. 34, No. 3
Brief Report on Poughkeepsie
On Review: 11 Recordings of Reg McGovern ….
….. Band of New Zealand Army; Band of H M Royal Marines-Portsmouth; Yankees In Vienna/Militarmusik Karten; Through The Years/Nat’l Band of New Zealand; Stadtmusic Wien (City Band of Vienna);
USSR Defense Ministry Band (Moscow); Jugendmusikkorp Bad Kissingen; Woolston Echoes/Woolston Brass Band (NZ); Ohio State Marching Band; Michigan State Marching Band, When The March Was King (Ohio State Marching Band)
Hall of Fame: Carl Clair Named to WJU Hall of Fame
Obituary: Eldon C. “Buster” Bailey
The Word “Circus” In Titles of Band Music+
Sells-Floto Circus (Richard J Reynolds III)
First Call, Great Circus Gathering (with Model Builders), Ottumwa, Iowa
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2004 WJU Summer Meet hotel Poughkeepsie NY. Pg.3,19-2004 WJU Mary “Hat Lady” Adams & Marilyn Wig; Bill Yoh Jr & Bruce Keck. Pg.10,11, Back Cover Pg.20-Preview photos of Poughkeepsie. Pg.18-1944 RBBB Fitch Bandwagon promo- Horn, trumpet, Lew Bader-trombone (Fred Williams).
2004 Vol. 34, No. 4
Eldon C “Buster” Bailey Memorial Issue
Summary, Evaluation Forms, Music Teacher’s Workshop, Ringling Museum
Eldon C “Buster” Bailey Memorial Service
Obituaries: Hal Hazen, Wm. E “Bill” Root
On Review: Sesquicentennial -Allentown Band, Vol. 19;
Ringside, Foot-Tappers From The Big Top, LymeTown Band
Report, Windjammer Poughkeepsie Summer Meet, Incl. Music List
Report, 2004 Election Candidates
Windjammers Unlimited Financial Statements 2002, 2003
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Eldon C. “Buster” Bailey. Pg.3,10,19-Himmelberger & Keller; trombone soloist Sgt 1st Class Martin Tyce at Vanderbilt Mansion on the Hudson; WJU at the Mills Mansion on the Hudson. Pg.9-WJU families. Pg.14-16-WJU slate for 2004 election. Back cover Pg.20-WJU conductors including Chris Wilhelm, Goldman Band.
2004 Vol. 34, No. 5
Woodcock Archives
On Review: Hands Across The Sea, Advocate Band, Danville, KY;
Blossom Festival Band, Loras Schissel, Cond.
Obituary: Cy Harmon
Fred Jewell: Life & Music Celebrated in Worthington, IN (Nick Schneider)
Fred Williams Named to Goldman Band Board
Gentry Bros. Dog and Pony Show
Band Music Titles Dedicated to Circus Individuals-Particular Circuses+
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1919 Merle Evans, Age 28 new bandleader. Pg.3-1919 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus band, Merle Evans-bandleader. Pg.4-Circus Band Leaders stamp card. Pg.9,10,20-WJU at Poughkeepsie. Pg.17-1904 Gentry Circus Band; 1910 Barnum & Bailey Elephant Band.
2004 Vol. 34, No. 6
Renaissance Man: Ollie Zinsmeister (Celia Timmick)
Preview, 2005 Convention, Sarasota
and “How The Music Was Used”
Music List, Sarasota, 2005
Obituary, Norman Shrider
Harry James-Circus Musician (Bob Peckham)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Ollie Zinsmeister age 93. Pg.3-2004 WJU at Vanderbilt Mansion, Ron Keller conducts (Jean Howell). Pg.6-1919 bandwagon 10-hitch, unknown show. Pg.7-1951 Kelly Miller Circus Band- Charlie Cuthbert, leader; 1920s Sparks Circus Big Top Band and Calliope. Pg.8-1950 Robbins Bros. Circus Band; J.E. Henry Circus 6-man band on elephant Gyp, ready for parade. Pg.15-1923 Christy Bros. Circus Train with Harry Haag James and snare drum, age 7; 1923 Christy Bros. Circus Band- Everette James, bandleader- Harry James, snare. Back Cover Pg.16-WJU dixieland and swing at banquet in Poughkeepsie (Stan Howell)
ADS: Gifts from CWM; Sounds of the Circus, South Shore Concert Band, Vols. 28 & 29


2005 Vol. 35, No. 1
Report, Election & Business Meeting, Sarasota, 2005
When the Elephants Came To Town (Ed Lentz)
Additional Information, Sells Circus
Convention Reprise, Sarasota, 2005
Convention Remembrances, CD’s, Sarasota, 2005
Hall of Fame Nominees: Joseph Emidy, Wm. Merrick
Concerning Trombones
Band Music Titles Relating to the Circus+
Note of happiness from Oliver Zinsmeister
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2005 WJU Center Ring Circus Band, Donald Albright conducts. Pg.3-WJU Education band at Ringling Museum trombones and conductor, Andrew Glover (Jean Howell). Pg.6-1879 Sells Brothers Great European 7 Elephant Railroad Circus and Menagerie railroad car. Pg.9-1911 Murphy’s Comedian’s Tent Theatre, Merle Evans-cornet; ca.1950s Cole Bros. Circus Band- Henry Kyes-bandleader. Pg.10,11,19-WJU Museum Concert. Pg.19-Ed Ballenger conducts cemetery band. Back Cover Pg.20-WJU Center Ring Conductors: Hank Carr, Charles Conrad, Andy Glover, Ron Keller, Charles Schlarbaum, Gale Scott.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, South Shore Concert Band, Vols. 28 & 29; including “How this Music Was Used by the Circus.
2005 Vol. 35, No. 2
On Review: Ringling Museum Concert, Jan. 2005;
Center Ring Concert, 2005;
Sailor Circus Band, Jan. 2005;
Sounds of the Circus, , Vols. 28 & 29
Chatfield Brass Band Music Lending Library
Make Your Plans to Attend Summer Meet (Merrimack, NH)
Report, Windjammer Conductor Committee
New CD Issued Featuring Merle Evans RBBB Band
Windjammer Andy Glover and Group Receive Accolades
Obituaries: Charlotte Owen, Harry Brabec, Levada M Everhart;
Kenneth Slater Dies
Circus Memorabilia
Life on a Circus Train
Musical Terms
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1972 Clyde Beatty-Cole Circus Band, Charles Schlarbaum-bandleader. Pg.3-ca.1900 Forepaugh Sells Circus clown band. Pg.10-1969 Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus Band, Charles Schlarbaum-bandleader; ca.1923 Christy Bros. Circus Band- Everette James, bandleader- Harry James, snare. Pg.11-1916 Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Sideshow band, P G Lowery-Bandleader; ca.1962 Mills Bros. Circus Band- Joe Stefan-bandleader. Pg.18-1947 Cole Bros. Circus Band, Eddie Woeckner-bandleader, Harry Thomas announcer (Nina Evans 1st husband); ca.1916 Heber Bros. Circus Band Chariot- Ray Franklin, bandleader. Pg.19-1937 Cole Bros. Circus Band- Vic Robbins, bandmaster; undated Walter L. Main Circus mounted clown band. Back Cover Pg.20-2005 WJU Bassoons; guest speaker William “Buckles” Woodcock; Full gallery of NPM.
2005 Vol. 35, No. 3
On Review: Marches, USAF Band;
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra-The Entertainer;
Big Top Brass, Nicholas Contorno, Conductor
Scott Joplin in Context (Rick Benjamin)
Kelly-Miller Circus ca.1950- Woodcock Archives
A Typical Circus “Book”, Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros., 1970, (C. Schlarbaum)
Holiday Inn- Sarasota meet hotel is Sold
Obituary, Kenneth B Slater; Deaths: Vincent Mauro, Silvester McElroy, Roland Emmett
2005 WJU in the Woods- Ottumwa, IA (Charles Bennett Jr)
Corrections to photos in Vol.25, No.2 (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—ca.1920s Christy Bros. Circus Parade- Everett James, bandmaster. Pg.3-1894 Orton Brothers Circus Band (R Z Orton grandfather to Buckles Woodcock). Pg.9-ca.1950 Kelly-Miller Circus on the lot ( Pg.10-1950 Kelly-Miller Circus Band, Charles Cuthbert-bandleader; 1950 K-M bandstand and calliope truck, Performance director “Tiger” Bill Snyder setting the back door curtain. Pg.18-1972 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band with Buster and Barbara Bailey; 1973 Buster Bailey, Red Floyd, Sinny Goe. Pg.19-The Circus Kingdom troupe, 1974- Rev. L. David and Mrs. Trudy Harris, directors; 1965 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. bandleader, Ramon Escorcia. Back Cover Pg.20-1909 Porter’s Catalina Band- conductor E C Kammermeyer.
2005 Vol. 35, No. 4
On Review: Trouping Days, Karl King Band
Circus Drumming (Harry Brabec, photo-reprint, 1988)
Report, Summer Meet, 2005
Boom-Boom Browning’s Bandstand – Bill Hall (Reprint, White Tops, 1962)
Report, Windjammer Conductor Committee
Obituary, Silvester “Mac” McElroy
Circus Cookhouse (from Woodcock Archives)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2005 WJU at Anheuser-Busch concert. Pg.3-Quinn eupher family. Pg.7,10,11-2005 WJU NH photos. Pg.17-1962 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Bandleader- William “Boom Boom” Browning. Pg.21-1946 Cole Bros. Circus cookhouse griddles at breakfast. Back Cover Pg.22-Dangerous Life of a Circus Bandsman (
2005 Vol. 35, No. 5
Sounds of the Circus – Mike Morin (July 21, 2005 NashuaTelegraph)
On Review: Trouping Days, Karl King Band
Good Circus Band Selection Muddled By Different Styles (Bill Hall-reprint, White Tops, 1961)
Obituary, Keith House
Keeping The White Tops In Tune: What Would The Circus Do Without Windjammers? Pt 1 of 2 (Earl C May-reprint from Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Sep 1926)
Collecting Early Circus Band Records “On Line” (Eric Beheim)
Sarasota Convention Alert
Von Bros. Circus Band: The Band That Used No Music (from Woodcock Archives)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1916 Mighty Haag Shows- Everett James bandleader’s Family. Pg.3-2005 WJU Nashua circus band. Pg.18-1926 RBBB bandleader Merle Evans ready for opening spec. Back Cover Pg.24-1965 Von Bros. Circus Band- “King” Charles Weathersby bandleader.
2005 Vol. 35, No. 6
St. Armand’s Circle Memorials Honoring Merle Evans, Karl King
On Review: Allentown Band-Vol. 20-A World of Marches;
Sounds of the Circus CD’s, Vol.30 & Vol.31
Advance Word, Sarasota Convention, 2006
Obituaries: John “Fritz” Velke, Robert Grothman, Sid Lichtman, George S Kotrch; Notice, Death of Karl Thompson
Life of a Circus Musician: Not Without It’s Sunnyside – Victor Robbins (Reprint, 1937 Cole Bros. Route Book)
Keeping the White Tops in Tune: What Would The Circus Do Without Windjammers? Pt 2 of 2 (Earl C May-reprint from Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Sep 1926)
Harry James, Elephant Trainer? (from Woodcock Archives)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Santa Christmas Band. Pg.3-Ring of Fame at St. Armands- Merle Evans & Karl L King. Pg.10-Uncle Josh Spruceby “Rube Show”- Merle Evans bandleader and actor. Pg.18-Downie Bros. Circus Band on the truck bandwagon; unknown bandsmen. Pg.19-1970 Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus Band ready for the George Plimpton Special- Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader; 1925 Walter L Main Circus Band- John Griffin, bandmaster. Back Cover Pg.20-Christy Bros. Circus baby elephant “Nero” with Harry James.


2006 Vol. 36, No. 1
Gorton’s Cornet Band, Stowe’s Circus, Season 1850, One of Earliest Circus Bands (photo, only)
On Review: The Music of Karl King, VA Grande Military Band;
Complete Marches of Sousa, Japan Ground
Force Self-Defense Force 1st Band (6 CDs)
Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 30 & 31, South Shore Band
Obituary, Karl L Thompson
Harold Ronk, the “Singing Ringmaster” (Raoul Reinertsen & Galesburg Register Mail)
Windjammer Band & Circus Model Builders, Jan. 28, 2006
Program, Center Ring Concert, Sarasota, Jan. 29, 2006
Roster, Sarasota Convention, Jan., 2006
Red Wagon Rhythms, Pt 1 of 2 (Sverre O. Braathen Vol. 28 No 5)
News on 2007 Annual Convention
Thanks again from “Ollie” Zinsmeister age 94- standing ovation
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1986 WJU Convention Band at Ringling in Venice Arena, Charles Schlarbaum-conductor. Pg.3-1850 Stowe’s Circus- Gorton’s Cornet Band. Pg.13-1961 Beatty Cole Circus Band- Boom Boom Browning, bandleader; 1938 Italy’s Jumping Jack Circus Band in Philadelphia. Pg.14-1944 Cole Bros. Circus Band- Eddie Woeckner, director; 1920 Sells-Floto Circus Band- C L Brown, director. Pg.20-1947 Kelly-Miller Circus Band; 1916 Miller Bros. 101 Wild West Ranch Band- Merle Evans, cornet. Pg.22-1925 Stella Veal Circus bandwagon in parade. Pg.23-1920 Gentry Bros. Dog and Pony Show Band #1. Back Cover Pg.24-reprint from Dec 2004 Fanfare-J E Henry elephant band ready for parade.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, Vol.30 & 31
2006 Vol. 36, No. 2
On Review: Recordings, RBBB Band, 1955
Heritage of the March (Bob Hoe Edition), 8 CDs;
Marches from Various Lands, US Navy Band
The Big Apple Circus
50 Years by the Bandstand (Charles Bennett Jr)
Red Wagon Rhythms, Pt 2 of 2 (Sverre O. Braathen)
Election nomination committee
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2006 WJU Center Ring Band Sarasota (William Link). Pg.3-2006 WJU Ron Keller and piccolo soloist Nada Vencl. Pg.8-Ollie and daughter Carol Zinsmeister. Pg.11-1972 King Bros Big Top Band; 1971 Earle Moss bandleader; Pg.13-Show owner Jack Mills and Charlie Bennett Jr; Roger Boyd (Charles Bennett Jr Collection). Pg.15,16,23-2006 WJU photos. Back Cover Pg.24-1932 Al G Barnes Circus Band- Chas. E “Spud” Redrick, bandmaster; 1938 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band- Henry Kyes, bandmaster (Collection of Buster Bailey).
2006 Vol. 36, No. 3
Advanced Look at Des Moines Summer Meet, 2006
Movement to Honor Karl King (on postage stamp)- photos
On Review: Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 33, Music for the Trapeze, South Shore Concert Band
Photos and extended captions (
A Circus View from Boom-Boom’s Bandstand (Bill Hallreprint,
White Tops, Nov-Dec 1961, a prequel to earlier 1962 article)
Another “Elephant” Circus Band, Great Patterson Shows (from Woodcock’s Blog)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2006 WJU Museum Concert Band. Pg.3-Barbara Bailey, Jean Howell, Ollie Zinsmeister. Pg.7-Ringmaster, Bandleader Joe Stefan, Emmett Kelly (Jerry Stefan, grandson); 1936 Ken Maynard Circus Band ( Pg.10-1948 RBBB- Merle Evans; Pg.11- undated bandwagons- Cooper Bros. Shows, performers wagon Haag Bros 3-Ring Circus, J E Henry show with “Gypsy the elephant pushing the wagon, bandwagon Haag Bros 3-Ring Circus. Back Cover Pg.24- Great Patterson Shows Elephant 12-man Circus Band. AD-Pg.12-Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 32; Pg.13-Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 33
2006 Vol. 36, No. 4
Col. Robert D “Bob” Peckham Memorial Issue
Remembering Bob Peckham; A Final Dance
True to the Tempo-Classic City Band []
Note from New Editor (April R. Zink)
Des Moines in Review (Vic & Barbara Anderson)
Observations by First-of-May Conductor (Paul T. Richards)
Concert Program, Des Moines Meet
My Windjammer Summer Vacation (H. Wayne Clark)
Des Moines Meet Recordings Available
Circus Band Experience (Carly Lis)
Obituaries: Harold Ronk, Jim Dunwoody
Advance on 2007 Summer Meet, Kingston, Ontario
Reminder, Sarasota 2007 Convention
A Signature Collection: Ollie Zinsmeister’s library of autographs (Theresa Winslow, Annapolis Capitol)
50 Years by The Bandstand-Ten Favorite Bandmasters, Pt 1 of 2 (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—2006 Col. Robert D. Peckham (Athens Banner-Herald, David Walter). Pg.3-2006 WJU Euphers at Des Moines (Rachel Ballenger). Pg.8,9,17-19,21-2006 WJU Des Moines meet photos. Pg.25- 1976 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band- Charlie Bertini Bandleader. Pg.26-Hubert Castle Circus- Merle & Boom-Boom; Merle Evans in red uniform watching the act. Pg.27-1966 Mills Bros. Circus- Ramon Escorcia, Bandleader; 1977 Circus Vargas- Jim Gibson, Bandleader. Pg.28-Bill Roosa tribute to Col. Peckham- Auld Lang Syne.
2006 Vol. 36, No. 5
WJU Concert Program Notes, Des Moines, July 2006
Karl L King Municipal Band, Des Moines Meet, July, 2006
Karl King Bronze Statue Unveiled []
On Display at Barnhouse Music
Music for Recording Sessions, Sarasota, 2007
35th Annual Sarasota convention, 2007
Lessons I Learned at the Circus (Harry R Carter)
On Review: Circus Harmony: First Movement, Circus Day Foundation
Big Apple Circus – New Season Underway
CFA Announces Youth Forum Web Site (James Cole)
Advance on 2007 Summer Meet
Memories of “Uncle Will” Strassner (Bish Wolf)
Musicians Wanted: Early Arrivals, Sarasota, 2007 (Charles Schlarbaum)
Joe Rossi, Mills Bros. Circus, 1953 (Reprint, Bandwagon May, 1953)
Sounds of the Circus-Vol.34 & “How The Music Was Used”; Top 40 Whitmarsh Downloads from
George Ganweiler, Bandmaster, Pt 1 of 2 (Carl Landrumreprint,
Bandwagon, 1981)
50 Years By The Bandstand-Ten Favorite Bandmasters, Pt 2 of 2 (Charles Bennett Jr)
Howe’s Great London Circus Renamed Gollmar Bros (Buckles W.
Obituaries: Bob & Doris Peckham; Jim Dunwoody; Jim Natale; Gary Everhart, Roger H Busdicker (Hal Leonard Corp), Warren Barker, Rudy Zeman
CODA: Notes on Inclusion of Websites, Circus Jackpotting for the 21st Century (April Zink)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1908 Howe’s Great London Shows-C.R. Wheeler, Bandleader (postcard). Pg.3- WJU People of Note: Ed Ballenger, Merrill Erler, Bill Albrecht, Fred Williams (Alex Wilson, April Zink); Pg.11-WJU at Des Moines: New Editor April Zink, Charlie Quinn. Pg.15-WJU at 2002 Baraboo Karl Wolf. Pg.6-2006 Karl L. King Bronze statue model; Pg.7- 2006 Karl L. King Band at WJU Des Moines Meet ( Pg.7-Barnhouse display (Bob Strain). Bandleaders: Pg.25-Jimmy Ille; 1980s Carson-Barnes, Bill Reynolds; Pg.26-1971 CBCB Charles Schlarbaum; 1977 Carson-Barnes Charlie Stevenson; Charles Schlarbaum, performance director; 1979 Circus Genoa, Charlie Stevenson; Pg.27-1961 Mills Bros. Circus, Joe Stefan (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.28-1922 Gollmar Bros. Circus lion cage wagon (BucklesW. AD: Pg.20-Sounds of the Circus Vol 34.
2006 Vol. 36, No. 6
Trouping with Karl King: Concert Transcription from Des Moines
Announcing Circus Fanfare Magazine Index
Des Moines Board Meeting Minutes-7/18/06
35th Annual Sarasota Convention, 2007
Experience Kingston (Canada) 2007 Summer Meet
Trouping Days: 1972 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Band
How do you like your Circus Music? (Sverre O. Braathen)
George Ganweiler, Bandmaster, Pt 2 of 2 (Carl Landrum reprint, Bandwagon, 1981)
50 Years By The Bandstand-What is Circus Music? (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1915 Buffalo Bill-101 Ranch Wild West Show Band (Miller Bros. 101 Ranch), Merle Evans cornet (Max Kramer Goodall II). Pg.9-John Robinson Side Show (1920s). Pg.11-2006 Big Apple Circus- Rob Slowik bandleader. Pg.23-1972 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band-Charles Schlarbaum. Pg.28-2002 Royal Italian Circus Bandwagon at Circus World Museum-Baraboo, WI. Pg.29-1916 Al G. Barnes Circus Band-Eddie Woeckner. Pg.30-1900 John Robinson Circus parade; 1912 Sun Bros Circus Band. Pg.31-1934 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus piper band; 1962 Cristiani-Wallace side show band.


2007 Vol. 37, No. 1
People of Note: Dettman & Peckham
35th Annual Sarasota Convention, January 2007
Center Ring Concert Band
Education Band Seminar
Election Results
Windjammers Unlimited Conductors
2007 Windjammers Hall of Fame: Stefan & Schlarbaum
Experience Kingston (Canada) 2007 Summer Meet
Memories of Will Strassner
More on Circus Music on Records
Sarasota Circus Concert Band: 1/21/07
IISA Charity Circus Band: 1/20/07
PHOTOS: Front Cover-Charles Schlarbaum conducts the 2007 Sarasota Circus Concert Band (Trudy Harris). Pg. 9-1912 Band Wagon Mighty Haag Railroad Show-Malone, NY (Max Kramer Goodall II). Pg.10,11,14,15-2007 Sarasota events catching Windjammers in Action. Pg.17-1955-Emmett Kelly Sr., Emmett with daughter Stasia. Pg. 24-1973 1st WJU Convention Band, Key Biscayne, FL. Pg. 25-1973 WJU Summer Meet-Corydon, IN; 1976-WJU Summer Meet, Ft. Mitchell, KY. Pg. 26-1978 WJU Meet, Valdosta, GA. Pg. 27-1982 WJU Summer Meet, Ames, IA. Pg. 28-2007 Cemetery Band, Sarasota, Florida.
2007 Vol. 37, No. 2
People of Note: Bill Pruyn & 2007 posters
Experience Kingston (Canada) 2007 Summer Meet
Your New and Improved Circus Fanfare
On Review: Merle Evans Recollections CD (John Johnson);
A Tribute to Merle Evans (now at;
Euphonium Source Book (Lloyd E. Bone Jr.)
Historic Obituary: Joe Basile
Hoxie Bros. Circus: King Charles Circus Bands
Bronze Statue of Karl King Unveiled in Fort Dodge IA
Circus’s Bandman Seeks Zippy Tunes-Merle Evans
WJU: It’s not just a circus band anymore!
Music Education: Just what the doctor ordered
Glimpses of Yesteryear: 1894 Ringling Bros. Circus
Glissandos Galore: Improving Trombone Smears-Bill Nemoynton
Ringling Kin Hits a Roadblock-John Ringling North
Coda: Merle Evans Autograph (Max Kramer Goodall III)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2007 P.A.L. Sailor Circus preview performance with the Circus Band conducted by Charles Schlarbaum. Photo courtesy of Stan Howell. Pg.3-1986 Bill Pruyn, RBBB Bandleader, 2007 RBBB and Big Apple Circus posters. Pg.6-McPhee & Kiser Co. band-undated. Pg.12- King Charles Circus Bands: 1967 Hoxie Bros. and 1969 King Bros. Pg.14- 2006 Karl L. King bronze statue in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Pg.15-1964 The New York Times article on Merle Evans; Manuscript of Chicken Song- Merle Evans. Pg.17-2007 Sarasota WJU member photos. Pg.22-1894 Ringling Bros. Circus Litho. Pg.24-Circus4youth. Pg.25-2007 John Ringling North II presents Kelly Miller Circus: Mr. North owner and David Rawls-previous owner; Jim Royal, General Manager. Pg.26-2007 KM ringmaster-John Moss; Laura Herriott & camel. Pg.27-2007 KM concession trailer, view from the rear. Back Cover-1955 RBBB Circus Band & Merle Evans.
2007 Vol. 37, No. 3
People of Note: Circus Celebrities
Last Call: All Aboard for Kingston
Community Band Milestone
Historic Obituary: Joe Basile-Revision No. 2
Sailor Circus Paintings Displayed at CFA Convention
Manuscript Revealed (Doug MacLeod)
Music Discussion: Wolfgang Holtzmier
Open Forum: Officers Column
American Composer: Elliott Carter
Music Man in our Midst: Jack Cervone
Balancing Act: Circus Band/More than Clowning Around
A Year with Camels, Elephants and a Union Contract
Music Man: Henry Kyes
Circus and Chautauqua Tents
Coda: WJU members at CFA meet in Hershey, PA
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1937 Walter L. Main Circus. Photo courtesy Buster Bailey Circus Collection. Pg.3-2007 Johnny Herriott, Connie Thomas, William “Buckles” Woodcock. Pg.6-2007-Minnie the elephant, Tim Commerford, trainer. Pg.7-1967 Original PETA certificate. Pg.8-1960 Hamid-Morton Shrine Circus, Joe Basile Bandleader. Pg.11-1970 Wolfgang Holtzmier, Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus-Red Unit. Pg.14-2005 Big Apple Circus Band collage. Pg.15-2007 BAC trumpeter Johnny Hodges & guest April Zink. Pg.17-2005 BAC trumpeter Johnny Hodges. Pg.17-Unidentified Cornetist-J.R. Pearson photography. Pg.18- 1972 Henry Kyes, bandleader, Polack Bros. Circus. Pg.19-1893 Walter L. Main Circus Band. Pg.20-1974 King Bros. Circus: Kirk’s Baboons, Billy Gunga family. Pg.21-1970s Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros.: Fred Logan and the elephants with Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader. Pg.23-1970s Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros.- Dave Hoover. Back Cover-2007 WJU members at CFA.
2007 Vol. 37, No. 4
People of Note: Jimmy Ille
Kingston Invaded: Letters from the summer meet
2007 Kingston Summer Meet Photos
New Conductor Bio Sketches
WJU Board Meeting Minutes- July 18, 2007
WJU Financial Reports- Year End Dec 31, 2006
Historic Obituary: Joe Basile– Revision No. 3
2007 Summer Meet Music Selections
‘Good Circus Band’ Selections Muddled by Different Styles
On Review: CD recordings
Obituary: Russ Swanson
On Review: Circuses
Correction: Elliott Carter
Open Forum: Windjammers Speak Up
Old Pros Circus Band 1968- Merle Evans (CD)
Fifty Years by the Bandstand
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2007 Summer Meet in Kingston, Ontario Canada. Concert at Confederate Basin Park in front of City Hall, conductor pictured is WJU President Ron Keller. Photo courtesy of Diane Frank. Pg.3-Jimmy Ille, Circus Bandleader. Pg.4-9,13-14-Kingston Summer Meet Photos. Pg.17-2007 WJU Kingston concert bands. Pg.21-1964 Polack Bros. Circus, Henry Kyes conductor. Pg.22-1961 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band, William “Boom Boom” Browning bandleader. Pg.33-1972 King Bros. Circus Band on Parade. Pg.34-Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band (ca. 1978); 1964 Mills Bros Circus backyard-Ozzie Kristen. Pg.35- 1982 Carson and Barnes Sideshow Band. Back Cover-2007 WJU Commemorative pin. ADS: Pg.24-Sounds of the Circus Vol. 37. Pg.31- Brelmat Music.
2007 Vol. 37, No. 5
People of Note: Fred Williams
2007 Hall of Fame Recipient: Charles Schlarbaum Part 1
Music for WJU Recording Sessions: Jan. 2008
Big Apple Circus: Celebrate! (Macy’s parade)
Charles Lloyd Barnhouse: Great American Success Story (Andrew Glover)
On Review: 7 CD, 2 DVD, 2 Circuses, Book
Windjammers 2008 Summer Meet: Sacramento, CA
1940 Cole Bros Side Show Band – P.G. Lowery
Forgotten Ragtime of Indiana’s March King
Merrill Erler- Interment at Arlington;
Index of Articles are a Godsend [order articles/issues];
WJU Open Forum: Guest Conductors and Soloists;
Obituary: Herb Schultz;
2007 Big Top Circus Band of Lake County;
If Mom’s Not Home, She has Run Away with the Circus;
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1983 WJU Sarasota Convention: Bandleaders Merle Evans and Charles Schlarbaum. Pg.3-Fred Williams-recording collector. Pg.5-1967 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band-Charles Schlarbaum, Bandleader; 1966 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band-Charles Schlarbaum, Bandleader; 1987 WJU Convention Center Ring Band-Ken Slater, Merle Evans, Leonard Smith, Charles Schlarbaum. Pg.7-Big Apple Circus Celebrate! graphic, Barry Lubin as Grandma; 2006 Big Apple Circus bandstand visible from audience- Rob Slowik bandleader at work. Pg.10-1924 circus music composers and publishers: Otto Zimmerman and son, Arthur, C.L. Barnhouse, Henry Fillmore, John Klohr. Pg.13-2007 Circus Day Foundation PR photos for Circus Harmony: Espressivo. Pg.15-WJU in Canada: Himmelberger, Falconi, MacLeod. Pg.16-1940 Cole Bros Side Show Band-P.G. Lowery bandleader. Pg.17-P.G. Lowery bandleader unknown date, show and place, photographer Stantz. Pg.25- 2007 WJU Kingston meet; John Wetzel, Alex Wilson, Don Albright. Pg. 26&27-2007 Big Top Circus Band-Labor Day Parade. Pg.28-1994 Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus (David Killinger bandleader) invites local flautist, Bish Wolf to sit in with the band. Pg.29-1971 Delavan WI circus fest with Merle Evans. Pg.30-1970 Lloyd Fengel and lasso; Art Stensvad, Engineer of Union Pacific #844. Pg.31-1971 Pre-WJU circus band at Circus Model Builders meet, Park Ridge, IL; 1973 summer at the Bennett’s; WJU foundation: Stensvad, Hills, Stauth, Bennett. Back Cover- The Arena March-W.N. Merrick (Pt 1 of 2).
2007 Vol. 37, No. 6
People of Note: Mike & Nada Montgomery
Windjammers Logo Comes to Life- 2007 Macy’s Parade
Circus Fans offer free Jan/Feb 2008 magazine
The Amos White Musical Career
Moses Smith- The Rest of the Story
Big Apple Circus: Pre-Dawn Circus Music
On Review: 2 CD, Band, Book, Website
Council Should Stop Clowning Around
WJU 2008 Summer Meet- Sacramento CA
Circus: Science Under the Big Top
Searching for record Victor #22671
Back Issues Available: Place Your Orders
Sousa as Circus Bandleader?
2007 RBBB-Gold Unit in Dayton, Ohio
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2007 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York City: United States Bandwagon on loan from Baraboo’s Circus World Museum (Editor photo). Pg.3-Vencl & Montgomery with United States Bandwagon; Macy’s 2007 Participant Badge. Pg.4-2007 Macy’s NBC-TV exposure of bandwagon (YouTube screen shot); Windjammer band and bandwagon pass Macy’s department store (Phil Thurston). Pg.5-All photos Don Covington unless noted: Full WJU band; Paul Binder-Big Apple Circus with Montgomery and Stettler (Nada Vencl); Wagon Boss and Teamster (Editor photo); Teamsters View (Editor photo); Covington and the bandwagon. Pg.6- WJU & Bandwagon in NYC. Pg.7-The crowds and smiling WJU. Pg.10-1938 United States Bandwagon; 1991 restoration; 1993 Great Circus Parade (All photos C.P. Fox). Pg.12-Moses Smith-tuba 1982 Carson and Barnes Circus (Charlie Bennett, Jr). Pg.13-2007 Big Apple Circus clown Fumigalli Pg.16-Jungle tiger cartoon (Reader’s Digest). Pg.17-Bob Bartnik (John Stenstrom). Pg.18- Carmichael Park Bandshell, Sacramento, CA. Pg.22-The Arena March- W.N. Merrick (Pt 2 of 2). Pg.24-1972 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros Circus Band members Lake Geneva, WI; Pg.25-1973 King Bros. Circus Band Oconomowoc, WI; Pg.26-1965 Fort Dodge Municipal Band Program-Karl L. King, Conductor; Pg.27-1958 Cristiani Bros Circus Steam Calliope (Above photos Charlie Bennett, Jr). Pg.28-2007 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Gold Unit opening spectacle (John Wells); 2007 RBBB Gold Unit Bandleader, Robbie Redding with Connie Thomas (Richard Thomas).
ADS: Pg.8-Circus Fans of America. Pg.21-Brelmat Music.


2008 Vol. 38, No. 1
2008 WJU Sarasota Convention Activities
WJU Board Meeting Minutes- Jan. 22, 2008
WJU 2008 Summer Meet- Sacramento, Calif.
California USAR Band Connections
Charles Schlarbaum honored by Ringling Museum
RBBB Circus Musical Programs: 1969-1984-Pt.1 of 6
New Members
Himalya or Himalaya?
Lessons from the Circus: Harry Carter
On Review: 4 CD, Book, Website
Introducing John Roseboom: Sailor Circus Bandleader
Searching for 78-record Victor #22671
Back Issues and Articles Available
2008 WJU Hall of Fame: George Ganweiler
Fifty Years by the Bandstand
WJU Cemetery Band Memorials
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1970 RBBB Blue Unit-San Diego, CA Elephants in the Spectacle parade (Eric Beheim). Pg.3-Missouri clowns? -Wetzel and Glover. Pg.4, 5, 21, 25-2008 WJU Sarasota Convention member bands and photos. Pg.10-2008 WJU Sacramento (CA) Meet committee members (Pat Wheeler). Pg.12-2008 I.I.S.A. Charity Circus Band- Riverview, FL-Charles Schlarbaum Bandleader ( Pg.13-1969 RBBB Music Director-Merle Evans (Eric Beheim). Pg.14-1983 RBBB Music Director-William Pruyn (Max Kramer Goodall III). Pg.15- Pg.19-RBBB 99th & 100th edition show photos (Eric Beheim). Pg.26-1972 Jimmy Ille-Hanneford Circus bandleader; 1970 RBBB bandleader-Jimmy Ille and Bob Wills, Ringmaster. Pg.29-Tubist Ray Koskela (Jim Juhnke). Pg.33-1965 Mills Bros. Circus-Joe Stefan bandleader, Battle Creek, MI (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.34-1974 King Bros. Circus-Charlie Stephenson bandleader, Addison, IL (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.35-1970 Clyde Beatty- Cole Bros. Circus-Charles Schlarbaum bandleader, South Bend, IN (Charles Bennett Jr.); 1978 Carson and Barnes Circus-Perry Johnson bandleader, Salina, KS (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.36-2008 WJU Cemetery Band memorial service (Stan Howell).
ADS: Pg.11-Don Stauffer/
2008 Vol. 38, No. 2
Important Announcement: Trustee Nominations
WJU 2008 Summer Meet- Sacramento, Calif.
Letter to the Editor: 1930 RBBB Band (Roger Blackburn)
Music Spotlight: The Gladiators’ Farewell
Recollections of My First Meet (Jim Juhnke)
BandMusic PDF Library
South Shore Circus Band, Vol. 38 & 39; How the Music was Used
On Review: 4 offers for 16 CDs
RBBB Circus Musical Programs- Pt.2 of 6
Oak Ridge Wind Ensemble
Here Comes the “Fitch Bandwagon”
WJU Member News and Obituaries
Merle Evans RBBB Victor #22671 Found
Eric Beheim Biography
Fifty Years by the Bandstand: The Horn Tooters
Coda: Bob Hills & Buckeye Sound System
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 1940 Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows-Merle Evans, bandleader, Madison Square Garden, New York City (Ed Ballenger). Pg.2-Clown Gale Scott (Tom Hildreth). Pg.8-1930 RBBB Band in Victor Record Catalog (Roger Blackburn). Pg.18-1973 RBBB Red Unit-Gunther Gebel-Williams on Kongo with tiger as another tiger rides horse in ring; Pg.19-1970 RBBB Blue Unit clowns; Pg.20-1977 RBBB Red Unit-Keith Greene bandleader as Gunther passes in Spec, 1977 RBBB Red Unit-Keith Greene bandleader; Pg.21-1974 RBBB Blue Unit elephant boss Alex Gautier unloads elephants from train (Eric Beheim). Pg.22-WJU Trustee Bruce Keck-tubaist (Trudy Harris). Pg.27-unknown band Please Identify. Pg.28-2001 L.E. Barnes Circus elephant herd (Editor photo). Pg.29-1975 Sells & Gray Circus-Ramon Escorcia bandleader with Bev Bennett; 1963 Mills Bros. Circus Band-Joe Stefan bandleader; Pg.30- 1978 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros Circus-Charlie Bertini bandleader; Jim Gibson Circus Vargas bandleader; Pg.31-1972 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Band Charles Schlarbaum bandleader (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.32-1984 Aladdin Shrine Circus tubaist Robert P. Hills, Jr. ADS: Pg.14-Sounds of the Circus, Vol.38 and Vol.39.
2008 Vol. 38, No. 3
Windjammers Hall of Fame/New Member Application
Howard Tibbals Donates $4 Million to Expand Circus Museums
WJU 2008 Summer Meet- Sacramento, Calif.: California
Here We Come!; Merle Evans Fellowship Recipients
(Lindsey Parman, Matt Mackey); Planned Concert Programs
Top Sounds of the Circus iTunes Downloads
Historic Correspondence: “What does the man want?”
RBBB Circus Musical Programs, Pt 3 of 6
Great Circus Parade to Return in 2009
Greatest Show on Earth Grew Out of Music
WJU are Everywhere
On Review: Book, Website, CDs, Tapes
Windjammer Member News and Obituary
2008 P.A.L. Sailor Circus Spring Show Music List
The Future of Circus Music
Fifty Years by the Bandstand
Identified and Corrected
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2008 Tibbals Learning Center, Sarasota FL (Pat Wheeler). Pg.2-2008 IISA Charity Circus: Lee Stevens and Charles Schlarbaum (Tom Hildreth). Pg.4-Howard Tibbals among his model railroad cars (Frank Atura). Pg.5-Janice Tibbals, Connie Thomas, Howard Tibbals at the 2008 CFA Convention, Sarasota FL (Connie Thomas). Pg.6-2008 Carmichael’s Family Circus advance notice- Sacramento CA (Pat Wheeler). Pg.8-2008 WJU Summer Meet speaker, editor and author, Jacqueline Pels book cover; Circuses and Sailing Ships ( Pg.13-1976-77 RBBB Blue Unit-Elvin Bale’s Orbiting Olympians high wire motorcycle. Pg.14-1980 RBBB Blue Unit Bandleader Ronnie Drumm; 108th RBBB Blue Unit drummer, Ricky Drumm. Pg.16-1970 RBBB Blue Unit performance director Charly Baumann with Kismet; Pg.17-109th RBBB Red Unit elephants dressed and waiting for Circus Toyland spec (RBBB photos Eric Beheim). Pg.19- Portrait Mrs. Charles (Edith Conroy) Ringling (Alice Lancaster). Pg.20- Ringling Family ca. 1895 (Gene Plowden). Pg.21-Ringling Bros. Lithograph (New College of Florida- novak/gweb1/archives/Ringling). Pg.22-1940 RBBB and Joe Losh, trumpet (Ed Ballenger). Pg.24-2008 Circus Sarasota-Chuck Sidlow (Lenny Gemski); Steve Smith. Pg.25-2008 P.A.L. Sailor Circus bandleader, John Roseboom (Jim Cole- Pg.28-1911 John Robinson Circus band members-Charles Gerlach bandleader.
AD: Pg.10-Sounds of the Circus, Volume 40.
2008 Vol. 38, No. 4
2008 WJU Sacramento Summer Meet Report
Election Slate for WJU Trustees Announced
Program Selections Swapped out Sousa for Circus Music
Letters to the Editor: Inspired by Charlie Bennett, Jr. (Eric Beheim); M.L. Rupard shares Merle Evans letter
2009 Great Circus Parade
Children’s Circus of Middletown CT
Circus Harmony: Appassionato – Nov 15, 16, 22, 23
Chatfield Brass Band Library Funding Vetoed
Band and Circus Music Available from Multiple Sources
Ringling Circus Musical Programs, Pt 4 of 6
First of Mays: Mackey, Walter, Sherman, Kingdon
2008 WJU Sacramento Personnel
King Band to Rededicate Bandshell; Concert Program
The Sousa of the Circus is Back: Merle Evans
The Center Ring Circus Band (Joel Schilling)
Trouping Days: Charles Schlarbaum
WJU News and Notices: Medical, Obituary, New Members
On Review: Book, CDs
Windjammers play for President George W. Bush
Bone of Contention: Izzy Cervone’s 1956 RBBB Program
Fifty Years by the Bandstand
2008 WJU Sacramento Meet Group Photo
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2008 South Shore Circus Band at Kelly Miller Circus (Bob Lessard, CFA Middleboro MA). Pg.2-1948 Dailey Bros. Circus Bandleader-Joe Rossi ( Pg.6,14,33-2008 WJU Sacramento meet photos. Pg.10-RBBB Red Unit- Gunther Gebel-Williams and Kenny the Leopard (Rev. L. David Harris). Pg.11-1970 RBBB Blue Unit- Charly Baumann in the steel arena (Eric Beheim). Pg.12-1970 RBBB Red Unit tigers (Rev. L. David Harris). Pg.21-1961 Merle Evans. Pg.24- 1966 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Bandmaster Charles Schlarbaum/ Ringmaster Trevor Bale (Lawrence David Epstein); 1959 Hunt Bros. Circus trumpeter Charles Schlarbaum (Richard Schneider Collection). Pg.25-1943 Dailey Bros. Sideshow Band- Joe Rossi bandleader; Undated John Robinson Band (Buster Bailey Circus Collection). Pg.27-Ed Ballenger, Ed Sacher. Pg.29-Zink Family Band (Editor Photo); Richolson Family Band (Stan Howell). Pg.33-1981 WJU Unknown, Oliver Graham, Ward Stauth (Mike Graham). Pg.34-1956 RBBB photos Izzy Cervone, Program Cover, Trevor Bale and tigers, Alzana Troupe (Eric eheim); Pg.36-1949 Alzana Troupe ( Pg.37-1964 Mills Bros. Band-Joe Stefan; Pg.38-1974-CB-CB Schlarbaum; 1972 King Bros. Musicians; Pg.39-1971 Delavan Drummers: Roland Sherbundy, Howard Numbers (Charles H. Bennett Jr.)
AD: Pg.17-Brelmat Music. Pg.26- Stauffer Press.
2008 Vol. 38, No. 5
Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Train Wreck-June 22, 1918
WJU 2009 Sarasota Music for Recording Sessions
Chatfield Music Lending Library Responds
Obituary & Memories: Louis E. “Ed” Ballenger
WJU Board Meeting Minutes- July 22, 2008
RBBB Circus Musical Programs, Pt 5 of 6
Letter to the Editor: WJU Youth Destiny
Circus Sounds in Florida; 1916 H-W Circus/Fred Jewell
Big Apple Circus Play On!
More on Trouping Days: photo captions corrected
On Review: 1 DVD, 1 CD, 3 Books
Windjammer Member News and Notices
The Circus: A Poem by Red Skelton
Youth Circus: Sailor Circus & Circus Harmony
Fifty Years by the Bandstand
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1966 CBCB Bandleader Charles Schlarbaum and his Great Uncle Richard Honzelka (Charles Schlarbaum). Pg.4 & Pg.5-1915 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Personnel; Pg.6-1918 wreck photo; Pg.7-1918 Great Dierckx Brothers (No Performances Today). Pg.5-Elephant memorial-Woodlawn Cemetery (Connie Thomas). Pg.10-Eddie & Annie Lou Ballenger (J. Robert Strain). Pg.11-Ballenger granddaughters (Annie Ballenger). Pg.13-Danville Advocate Brass Band and friends (Connie Thomas). Pg.18-1981 RBBB Red Unit Wally Naughtin’s bears; Pg.19- 1980 RBBB Blue Unit Ursula Bottcher’s polar bears; Pg.20-1980 RBBB Blue Unit 110th edition Betty and Johnny Zoppe, Jr. elephants for spec; Pg.21-1981 RBBB Bandleader Keith Greene; Pg.22-1981 RBBB Dickie the Giraffe; 1980 RBBB Circus in Space horse; 1980 RBBB Karoly CIRCUS FANFARE Windjammers Unlimited Index of Articles & Photos 1971 – 2017 Page 39 of 54 Additions or corrections may be sent to Windjammers Unlimited Editor Donnert’s horses for tiger ride (RBBB photos Eric Beheim). Pg.26-27. 2009 Big Apple Circus- Play On!; Grandma (Barry Lubin); Johnny Hodges and Rob Slowik; Sarah Schwartz; Nanjing Acrobats; Flying Cortes Trapeze (Press photos). Pg.28-1959 Hunt Bros.; 1966 CBCB w/Charles Schlarbaum (reprint from Aug 2008). Pg.31-Richard Ryan identified. Pg.32-Dan Tetzlaff. Pg.34-Elephant Brass Band litho (Eric Beheim). Pg.35-Merle Evans and half Low Brass Section in Holton Catalog (P.T. Richards). Pg.36-1976 CBCB Band-Charlie Bertini; Pg.37-Ron Grundberg, Gordon Brown; 1973 King Bros. bandleader Charlie Stevenson; 1973 King Bros. Band; Pg.39-Harvey Phillips; Karl L. King (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.40-2008 Carson and Barnes Circus elephants (Ed. Photo)
AD: Pg.25-Sounds of the Circus Vol.41
2008 Vol. 38, No. 6
Sailor Circus Band Invited to “Barnum” at the Asolo Rep
Conducting the Circus Band a Highlight- Jenna Vincentore
Ringling Circus Musical Programs, Pt 6 of 6
Historic Correspondence: Bill Pruyn on Circus orchestration
Across America March- R. Paul Harper for Eric J. Beheim
Academia Contacts WJU with Circus Music Research Inquiries
Windjammer Member News and Notices; Obituaries
VH1 Contest Winner at Big Apple Circus/ Wall Street Opener
2008 RBBB Gold Rhythm Section Featured
Sacramento Meet Final Items
Schlarbaum Needs Windjammer Musicians
Memories of the Circus- Theodore Peters, Jr.
On Review: The Circus Kingdom CD- Jan. 1993
‘Twas the Night Before the Band Director’s Christmas
Fifty Years by the Bandstand
Coda: The Circus Kingdom Program Cover 1991/92
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2008 Big Apple Circus Band at Lincoln Center (Bertrand Guay). Pg.2-Domestic Feline Susie (Charlie Bennett). Pg.4-Barnum marquee (Trae McConahay); 2008 Sailor Circus Band asst. conductor Jenna Vincentore (Kelly Knake). Pg.5 and Pg.6-2008 Sailor Circus Band (Trae McConahay, Jean Smith). Pg.10-1980 RBBB Blue elephants; Pg.11-1981 RBBB Red clown Cathy Herb; Pg.13-1989 RBBB Red bandleader Keith Greene and Eric Beheim (Eric Beheim). Pg.12-Gunther and his tigers (Editor photo). Pg.15-1976 RBB San Diego, CA- Eric Beheim (Robert P. Hills, Jr.). Pg.16-Merle Evans library (Kenneth Slater collection, courtesy of Evelyn Slater). Pg.20-11/14/2008 BAC Carrie Harvey, Grandma open Wall Street (NYPost). Pg.21-2008 RBBB Gold rhythm section (Pittsburgh City Paper). Pg.23-1992, Thurs. July 23- The
Circus Kingdom- Edinboro, PA; guests WJU Buster Bailey and Keith House (Mrs. Trudy Harris). Pg.26-2006 WJU Des Moines- Ed Ballenger, Jay Kahn, Charlie Bennett; Pg.27-Stensvad & Bennett (Charlie Bennett, Jr.). Pg.28-1991/92 The Circus Kingdom Christmas Program (Editor Photo).

Ad Exchange: Pg.8-CFA. Pg.9-CHS


2009 Vol. 39, No. 1
WJU 2009 Sarasota Convention Summary
WJU 2009 Sarasota Board Meeting Minutes
NEW Membership Application with YOUTH category
WJU 2009 Naperville Summer Meet
WJU 2009 Sarasota Convention Bands
Hall of Fame Inductees: Harry Crigler & Sverre O. Braathen
Buffalo Bill Cody Virginian Train Wreck (Aubrey Wiley)
On Review: 9 CDs- Buffalo Bills Cowboy Band; 2008-9
WJU Convention Recordings; Allentown Band- Volume
23; 1962 Mills Bros. Circus; The Circus Kingdom
Windjammer Member News and Obituary: Circus Polka
Marine Band Days: Remembering Owen and Zinsmeister
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders
Who were the Zouaves?
Letters to the Editor: Fanfare Costs, Un-Kung-Foy-Ya, Circus of Dr. Lao
Making Magical Music Under the Big Top
“King Tusk” Spec Music (Eric Beheim)
Fifty Years by the Bandstand: Elephants (Charlie Bennett)
Just Follow the Arrows!
PHOTOS: Front Cover-Paul Luckey and Merle Evans, 1969 RBBB in Minneapolis, MN (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.2-2009 New WJU Board Members (Andy Rawls). Pg.11-Maestro Charles Schlarbaum (Andrew Glover). Pg.13-1904 Gentry Bros. Circus Mounted Band with clown Fritz Smith (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.14-15, Pg.22-Buffalo Bill’s circus posters; Pg.26-1914 Barnum & Bailey Circus posters of Imperial Chinese Circus Stars (Howard Tibbals Online Collection). Pg.16-1993 CDs from The Circus Kingdom (April Zink). Pg.17-1962 Mills Bros. Circus Routebook pages (Bill Strong). Pg.18-2009 Schlarbaum’s Sarasota Circus Concert Bands in Riverview and St. Armands Circle (Anne Richards). Pg.28-29-1976 Carson and Barnes Circus Bandleader- Les Harkness. Pg.29-31-1987 RBBB publicity materials for King Tusk (Eric Beheim). Pg.32-2009 Bandleader Charles Schlarbaum and Animal Dignitary “Buckles” Woodcock at IISA Charity Circus (James Cole); 1978 Carson and Barnes Bull Herd ( Pg.34-1969 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Elephant Presenter Rex Williams; 1959 Mills Bros. Bull Burma at Eisenhower’s Inauguration, Wash. D.C.; Pg.35-1978 Carson and Barnes Circus Band- Perry Johnson, Bandleader (Collection of C. Bennett, Jr.). Back Cover-2001 L.E. Barnes Circus arrows (April Zink); 2009 WJU Convention Banquet Speaker Barry DeChant (Andy Rawls).
2009 Vol. 39, No. 2
Windjammer Statement of Purpose
Open Letter to the Membership: Stay Where the Action Is!
2009 Naperville Summer Meet Information; Tentative Schedule; Music List
NEW Membership Application with YOUTH category
Windjammer Member News and Notices
On Review: 2009 WJU Convention Recordings & WFR
WJU Hall of Fame: 2006 Inductee William Sweeney
Rodeo Today! (Reprint from Vol.2 No.2- Loren Geiger)
Percussion Artistry: Drumming on the Chisholm Trail
1968 RBBB Musical Program (Eric Beheim)
May all your Days be Circus Days!
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1904 Norris and Rowe Circus Bands on parade and in concert setting (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.2-Fillmore’s Trombone Family- Band book cover. Pg.9-2009 Big Apple Circus Maestro Rob Slowik and WJU Editor April Zink on the bandstand (Don Covington). Pg.10-1958 Circus Band Concert handbill featuring Merle Evans with Elkhart (IN) Municipal Band- Sunday, March 23, 1958 (Ken Slater Collection). Pg.11-1896 Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Sideshow Bandleader Louis Saketto (Buster Bailey Collection); Pg.13-2009 WJU Convention photos. Pg.15-1908 Colonel Cody with Native American troupe (Tibbals Online Collection). Pg.19-1915 Col. Wm. F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody on Sells- Floto Buffalo Bill Circus ( Pg.20-1968 RBBB Program cover; Pg.21-Merle Evans photo from 1968 RBBB program; Pg.22-John Ringling North photo from 1968 RBBB program; Pg.23-1968 RBBB Evy Altoff with equestrian tiger; 1968 RBBB Elephant in Mod Spec (Eric Beheim Collection). Back Cover-1914 Sells-Floto and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Combined Shows Circus Band (Charles Conrad).
AD- Pg.12- Sounds of the Circus Vol.42 and Vol.43.
2009 Vol. 39, No. 3
WJU 2009 Naperville Summer Meet Information/Schedule
NEW Membership Application with YOUTH category
Windjammer Member News and Notices
Summer Circus Events
The Big Top: Book excerpt from Ch.19: Hold your Horses!
E-O-O-S-O composer B.J. McFall/Toby Tyler Circus Music
The Wonderful Circus Drum (Douglas MacLeod)
Music Spotlight: Oh! You Circus Day
R.B. Hall Days in Maine Every June
Barnhouse New Editions Honor Circus Musicians
Fifty Years by the Bandstand: Troupers
1978 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band
PHOTOS: Front Cover-Barnum and Bailey Circus poser-Carl Clair, bandmaster (Editor collection). Pg.2-Windjammer President, Ron Keller (Stan Howell). Pg.8-9 1930 RBBB Circus Band- Merle Evans, Conductor; autographed by W.H. Plummer; Century photo (Doug MacLeod). Pg.11-2007 Macy’s Parade horse team for United States bandwagon (Don Covington). Pg.12- 13 1935 RBBB Circus Band- Merle Evans, Conductor; E.J. Kelty-Century photo (Doug MacLeod). Pg.15-1942-49 RBBB Circus drums and drummers (Doug MacLeod). Pg.18-R.B. Hall, composer and cornet soloist; Grave marker for R.B. Hall; Pg.19-Brown Family Orchestra- R.B. Hall a member (Duncan Webster collection). Pg.21-1976 WJU Summer Meet Circus Concert Band- Elmhurst, IL; Pg.22-1903 C.W. Parker Amusement Company Band- Abilene, KS; Pg.23-1980 WJU Summer Meet group photo- Abilene, KS; Pg.24-1978 CB-CB Circus Band-Charlie Bertini, Bandmaster (Charles Bennett Jr.).
2009 Vol. 39, No. 4
WJU 2009 Summer Meet Music Review (Ron Keller)
Letter from Scholarship Recipient: Allison Buettner
NEW Membership Application with YOUTH category
Member News; Letter: Abilene Rodeo; Back Issues
Circus Composer: Charles E. Post
Who was Harper Joy?
Windjammer Meet Recordings Available
On Review: Girl Circus CDs
Is Windjammers Worth It? (David Collings)
Three Bandwagons in Two Circus Parades
Merle Evans Collector (Connie Thomas)
1944 RBBB: Panto’s Paradise
WJU Board Meeting Minutes
Fifty Years by the Bandstand: Circus Bands (Pt. 1 of 2)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1888 Barnum and Bailey Circus Band-James S. Robinson, bandmaster (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.4-Naperville band sculpture along Washington Street; Pg.5-Scholarship Recipients: Allison Buettner and Mike Petzold (Stan Howell). Pg.5,10,11,20- WJU 2009 Naperville Meet photos. Pg.15-Circus Bandwagons and bands: In Milwaukee, Wisconsin- Cole Bros. Asia Tableau No. 71 and F.J. Taylor No. 52; In Peru, Indiana- Great Van Amberg. Pg.16-Merle Evans jacket (Dick Thomas); Merle Evans Circus World Museum cornet display (Paul Gutheil); 1891 Skerbeck Circus troupe (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.21- RBBB ca.1954-Merle Evans on Bandwagon #29; Pg.22-Joe Stefan on Mills Bros. ca.1962 (Charles Bennett Jr); Pg.22-Cristiani Bros. Band ca.1958 (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.24-2009 Circus City Circus Parade- Great Van Amberg Shows Bandwagon (
ADs: Pg.4- First 150 years-Naperville Municipal Band.
Pg.14-Sounds of the Circus- Vol. 44.
Pg.23-Traditional Circus Band Tapes (Charlie Bennett)
2009 Vol. 39, No. 5
WJU 2010 Annual Convention: Big Changes; Recording
Music Selections; Spouses Luncheon
NEW Membership Application with YOUTH category
Have YOU Ever Wanted to be a Circus Band Leader?
We Almost Played Carnegie Hall (Doug MacLeod)
Windjammer Member News, Notices and Awards:
Fred Williams ARSC Certificate of Appreciation;
Rod Everhart- Songs from the Circus Attic;
2nd place Award for Windjammers on Parade
On Review: Walking Frog Golden Marches, Vol. 4
Windjammer Meet Recordings Available
Indiana Wind Symphony Circus Concert
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Trumpeter (Jim Buttolph)
Fifty Years by the Bandstand: Circus Bands (Pt. 2 of 2)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2009 Great Circus Parade, Charles Schlarbaum bandmaster F.J. Taylor bandwagon. Pg.2-2009 Great Circus Parade, Charles Schlarbaum (Don Covington). Pg.7- Lipizzaner Stallion marketing materials from www.Lipizzaner. com. Pg.11-1984 Merle Evans and his Circus Concert Band at Carnegie Hall-Poster (Doug MacLeod). Pg.14- 2009 Circus City Festival 2nd Place Winners (Connie Thomas). Pg.18- 1978 CBCB trumpeter Jim Buttolph; Pg.20-1978 CBCB Band-Charlie Bertini bandleader (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.21-1967 CBCB Jimmy James as whiteface clown and as ringmaster (Renee Story). Pg.22-1971 CBCB Band-Charles Schlarbaum bandleader; Pg.23-1973 King Bros. backyard- Charlie Stephenson bandleader; Pg.24-1978 CBCB Band-Charlie Bertini bandleader; Count Nicholas, performance announcer (Charles Bennett Jr.)
AD: Pg.12-Sounds of the Circus-Vol. 45.
2009 Vol. 39, No. 6
Bequeath your Estate to Windjammers
2010 Membership Application with Donation categories
Fifty Years by the Bandstand: Instrument Companies
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Musicians:
FOUND-Gene Nichols; OBIT-Tex Guerin
Obituary: Paul Ferla
Windjammer Member News:
Schlarbaum needs to fill the Bands;
WJU Recordings;
Circus Fanfare Archives
Grandfather was Bandleader: Virgin Evan Ward
Editorial: Membership Needs YOU!
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1943 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus- Merle Evans Bandleader ( Pg.5-1897 Walter L. Main Circus- John H. Gill Bandleader (C. L. Barnhouse Archives). Pg.6-1906 Forepaugh-Sells Circus Band- John H. Gill Bandleader; Pg.7-1907 Forepaugh-Sells Circus Band- John H. Gill Bandleader; 1907 Forepaugh- Sells Circus newspaper advertisement ( Pg.8- 1954 RBBB Circus Band- Merle Evans Bandleader; Pg.9-1915 Ringling Bros. Circus- J.J. Richards Bandleader; Pg.11-1912 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band- Park P. Prentiss Bandleader; 1909 Ringling Bros. Circus Band- Al Sweet Bandleader (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.10-1915 Ringling Bros. Route Book showing Center Ring Band Concert (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.14,15-CBCB musician Gene Nichols, today (Bangor Daily News, reprinted with permission). Pg.16- CBCB musician William “Tex” Guerin (Charlie Bertini Collection). Pg.19-1922 Ringling Bros. Side Show Band- P.G. Lowery Bandleader (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.20-Circus Band photos: Ward’s Concert Band, Ward’s Marine Band-Rice & Dore Water Circus; Pg.21-Capital City Band; possibly S.W. Brundage or Miller’s 101 Ranch Show (Jody Dowdy). Pg.22,23-WJU Meet photos (Thomas, Richards, Stettler). AD- Circus Fans of America; Sounds of the Circus- Vol.46.