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2010 Vol. 40, No. 1
2010 WJU Annual Convention: Bands at Ringling Museum;
An Afternoon at the Circus
Life and Works of Roland F. Seitz 1867-1946 (reprint Vol13 No4)
2010 WJU Hall of Fame: Carl Neel & Harvey Phillips
Music Program: 1981 Disney’s World on Ice (Eric Beheim)
Obituary: William “Bill” Yoh, Sr., Bob Isele
2010 WJU Convention Recordings, Circus Fanfare Archives
1955 Clyde Beatty’s Music Cues- Vic Robbins handwriting
Around the World with Sousa (reprint-Herbert L. Clarke- Pt 1 of 6)
Be Careful What you Wish For- Part Two- 2010 IISA
Charity Circus, Riverview, FL (Paul T. Richards)
SIXTY Years by the Bandstand: Music for the Clown Acts (Charles Bennett Jr.)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1924 Al G. Barnes Circus Band- Chas. Redrick, Bandleader (Rev. L. David Harris Collection); 1923-24 Al G. Barnes Circus Sideshow Band- Prof. Arthur Wright (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.2,5-7,10 2010 WJU Member photos. Pg.10-1892 Ringling Bros. Circus Band- A Trip to Coney Island instrumentation- Wm. F. Weldon, bandmaster; cornet C Neel (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.5- Howard Tibbals at groundbreaking for Phase II (Stan Howell). Pg.13- 1981 Walt Disney World on Ice Program cover (Eric Beheim). Pg.20-21- IISA Charity Circus WJU (Pete Adams, April Zink). Pg.22- 1972 King Bros. Circus clowns Bobby Rawls and wife; 1979 Carson and Barnes concession wagon; Pg.23- 1978 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. bandleader Charles Bertini and clown Jimmy James; 1964 Mills Bros. Circus clown from Wallendas musical clown act; (Charles Bennett Jr. Collection). Pg.24- 2010 WJU Sarasota Convention Circus Band rehearsal- Charles Schlarbaum, Don Albright and John Wetzel cutting up jackpots while some of the circus band members get the music straight (April Zink).
2010 Vol. 40, No. 2
2011 Board of Trustees Nominations
2010 WJU 38th Annual Convention
WJU to Return to Baraboo for 2010 Summer Meet
WJU Board Meeting Minutes – JAN 19, 2010
WJU 2010 Baraboo Meet Music Selections
First World Circus Day – APR 17, 2010
OABA Circus Pin Available
Windjammer Member News:Recordings Available; Circus Fanfare issues for Archive; March Grandioso; OBIT Bob Hornyak
Under the Big Top (Adrienne Cannon)
2010 Circus Music in Atlanta: RBBB, Big Apple, UniverSoul Circuses
Around the World with Sousa (reprint- Herbert Clarke- Pt.2 of 6)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Shrine Bands
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1972-JUL-1 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Band in Middletown, RI Charles Schlarbaum Bandleader (Roger Blackburn). Pg.6- Admission for 2 Nuts (Circus World Museum). Pg.13-2010 Sailor Circus principal and bandleader (Stan Howell). Pg.16-18- WJU 2010 Florida member photos. Pg.18-2010 Sarasota Circus Concert Band- Charles Schlarbaum (Pete Adams). Pg.27-1964 Lincoln, NE Shrine Band-Ramon Aguilar, Bandleader and J. Arthur Curtiss, trumpet; 1984 Sesostris Shrine Band-Boom Boom Browning, Bandleader and J. Arthur Curtiss, trumpet; 2003 Lincoln, NE Shrine Band-John Mallett, Bandleader and Lee Reynolds, keyboard (J. Arthur Curtiss); Pg.28-2010 Big Apple Circus Asst. Conductor Johnny Hodges and Bello Nock (April Zink).
AD: Pg.14-15 Sounds of the Circus and How the Music was Used-Vol.47&48.
2010 Vol. 40, No. 3
Needed: Band Instruments for St. Paul’s in Genesee Depot, WI
WJU Donations: January 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010
Windjammers Return to Baraboo/Visit Thunder Valley Inn
1879 Cooper, Bailey & Co’s Great International Shows
Big Apple Circus: PBS preview of CIRCUS multi-part series;
Circus to the Far East
Windjammer Member News: WJU-CDs & DVD; The
Drummer Drives-book; Water for Elephants movie
Carl Frangkiser, circus musician (Ken Matson)
P.A.L. Sailor Circus Big Top Comes Down
Around the World with Sousa (reprint- Herbert Clarke- Pt.3 of 6)
Sixty Years: Great American Chautauqua 1977
PHOTOS: Front Cover-ca. 1879 Cooper, Bailey & Co. Circus sheet music cover from Melbourne, Australia (Roger Blackburn). Pg.6- Circus World Museum logo and patch (from website). Pg.9- ca. 1879 Cooper, Bailey & Co’s Great International Shows-sheet music back cover (Roger Blackburn). Pg.12,13- 1956, 1958 Carl Frangkiser, Unity Band Director, (Ken Matson). Pg.14- Photos 1982 Detroit Concert Band; Tubas & Euphs; Trumpet and Cornet section; Pg.15- Euphers Earle Louder and Andy Glover, 1982 & 2009 (Andrew Glover). Pg.15- Kenneth Slater, US Marine Band and Leonard Smith, US Navy Band in 1940s; Musicians gathering at Frank McGrann home Lancaster, PA; Including Herbert L. Clarke, Frank Simon, William Santelmann, William Isele (Mrs. Evelyn Slater). Pg.16-
PAL Sailor Circus Big Top skeleton ( Pg.22-Charlie
Stephenson, bandleader and baritone on King Bros. Circus 1974 (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.24-Can you identify these musicians?… 1907 Springfield (MA) Brass Band; “Compliments Geo Troeber”; City Band Norwich, NY (Mrs. Evelyn Slater).

AD: Pg.8-Sounds of the Circus-Vol. 49 & 50.
2010 Vol. 40, No. 4
2010 Baraboo Summer Meet
First of May: Alec Weiland New Windjammer
Windjammer Member News: Extra 2009 June Circus
Fanfare; Band CDs: Sounds of the Circus, Allentown,
Virginia Grand Military; Circus Fanfare Archives
Peru Circus Band Performance and WJU Guests
Andrew Glover Circus Band- 20 Years in St. Louis VP Parade
Thoughts from your Windjammer President, Ron Keller
2010 Windjammer Recordings: Sarasota & Baraboo
Merle Evans 2 CD set from Walking Frog Records
P.A.L. Sailor Circus Tent Raising (from Pete Adams)
Band Photo ID: 1944 McGrann Estate, Norwich NY City Band
Around the World with Sousa (reprint- Herbert Clarke- Pt.4 of 6)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Pop Quiz
Peru Circus City Parade Windjammer Bandwagon
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1930 Osman Shrine Circus Program woodcut of parade (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.5,6,7- WJU member photos on bandwagons. Pg.8- Ellen and new WJU Alec Weiland (Stan Howell). Pg.10,11- 2010 Peru Circus City Final Show Day (Connie Thomas, April Zink). Pg.12,13- St. Louis VP Parade Circus Band (Andrew Glover). Pg.16,17- 2010 Sailor Circus Arena new roof (Pete Adams. Pg.18- 1944 Frank McGrann bandsmen ID’ed; Norwich NY City Band (Ken Slater collection). Back Cover-Pg.28- Great Van Amberg Bandwagon- John T. Ryan sponsor and 2010 parade Windjammers (Gloria Cooksey, Connie Thomas).
AD: Pg.14- Sounds of the Circus-Vol. 51 & Vol. 52.
2010 Vol. 40, No. 5
2011 Ring of Fame: Musicians needed
2011 I.I.S.A. Charity Circus: Schlarbaum needs YOU
2011 Ring of Fame: Charles Schlarbaum to be inducted
2010 WJU Board Meeting Minutes
2010 Baraboo Meet Summary (Connie Thomas)
2010 Baraboo Meet Concerts and Bandwagon selections
Windjammer Member News
2010 PERU Circus Band (YOUTH Angela Ebert)
Be a Circus Bandleader: Contribute to Windjammers
Obituaries: William Roosa; William Hastings; Harvey Phillips; Harry Begian; Frank V. Bibb; Al Tuttle; Richard Steele
2011 WJU Convention Music Selections- Bradenton
Around the World with Sousa (reprint- Clarke- Pt.5 of 6)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Pop Quiz Answer KEY
Renew Your Membership Today
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2010 WJU Baraboo- Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader (Richard Thomas, Diane Frank). Pg.8-13, 25- WJU Bands and Bandwagons at Baraboo- David Salutos, Gerald Stich. Pg.14-1921-22 Campbell, Bailey & Hutchinson Circus and Wild West Band- S.W. Floyd, bandleader; 1907 Cole Bros. Circus-needs bandleader IDs; Pg.15- 1921 Hagenbeck-Wallace Band-Earl Moss, bandleader; 1921 Howe’s Great London Show; 1921 Rhoda Royal Show (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.18- 2010 PERU Circus Band, with WJU guests (Joel Ebert). Pg.20- 1986 WJU conductors: Keith House, unk, Ken Slater, Merle Evans, Charles Payne, Don Albright, Ron Keller, unk, Bill Roosa (Ron Keller); Pg.32-2010 International Circus Hall of Fame elephant (Rod Everhart)
AD: Pg. 16-Sounds of the Circus-Vol. 53 & 54.
2010 Vol. 40, No. 6
Windjammers needed for Ring of Fame and IISA
WJU 39th Annual Convention Information
WJU Enjoy Local Circus Events: Youth Select Circus
Theme- Plainwell H.S. Marching Band; Brazil (IN)
Concert Band Honors Fred Jewell
2010 Circus Smirkus Composer Makes Circus Sing
Indiana Wind Symphony- Circus 2010 Season Opener
Circus Harmony: Grazioso in January & Circus Kids Documentary
Windjammer Member News
Cincinnati Art Museum: Strobridge Lithograph Exhibit
Bader Family Musicians and Ringling photos
Obituaries: Willie Jacus, Ross Cali, Evelyn Fletcher
Around the World with Sousa (reprint- Clarke- Pt.6 of 6)
Tuba Virtuoso Showcased Versatility- Harvey Phillips Obit
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1983 Christmas postcard from Merle Evans (M.L. Rupard). Pg.7- 2010 Circus Smirkus bandstand (Online). Pg.8- 2009 Big Apple Circus and Barry “Grandma” Lubin (John Powers). Pg.9- 1977 Circus Kirk newspaper ad from Annandale, VA (Don Covington). Pg.11- Old Mapleton Circus Band at Great Circus Parade; WJU Flute Section (Ron Keller). Pg.16- 1954 Lewis D. Bader; Pg.17- Russell A. Bader ca. 1946; Pg.18- 1946 RBBB Circus Band- Merle Evans, bandleader; Pg.19,20- 1946 Lewis D. Bader; Pg.20- 1946 Merle Evans; 1946 RBBB band members in the circus backyard (Mrs. Linda Mikel). Pg.28-Harvey Phillips as Santa at TubaChristmas (Univ of Indiana archives).
AD: Pg.14- Circus Fans of America. Pg.15-Circus Historical Society.


2011 Vol. 41, No. 1
2011 St. Armands Ring of Fame: Charles Schlarbaum
President: Connie Thomas, new board members
WJU 2011 Summer Meet to Oskaloosa, Iowa
Charles Schlarbaum- Ring of Fame Circus Band
WJU Members, News, Recordings; YOUTH memberships
WJU 2011 Hall of Fame: Charles Louis Gebest
One Beat to the Bar: Merle Evans (reprint- Pt.1 of 6)
Obituaries: Dr. Frank Blair, Marga Parent
Billboard magazine: Cincinnati, July 30, 1904 excerpts
including: A Cruise with a Circus; Circus Gossip; ADs-
Everett Haag, Great Van Amberg, Trotting Ostriches
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Instrumentation (C. Bennett Jr)
Golden Days of Circus: John Robinson-Cleopatra Spec poster
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2011 Ring of Fame award: Charles Schlarbaum (John Cooley, Gloria Cooksey). Pg.11- ca.1910 Charles Gebest and the Elks Concert Band, Madison IN (Charles Conrad). Pg.12&13- 1914 Ringling Bros. poster of Spectacle Solomon and the Queen of Sheba; Pg.13- 1899 John Robinson Circus Band- M.C. Rogers bandleader (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.15- 1955 RBBB Circus Band- Merle Evans, bandleader ( Pg.16- 1909 Deneen Carnival band- Merle Evans, cornet (Tibbals Digital Collection, Pg.22- 1984 Carson and Barnes backdoor Bill Reynolds; Pg.23- 1984 Carson and Barnes Circus Band- Charlie Stephenson, bandleader. Pg.23- 1978 Beatty-Cole Circus- Charles Bertini-bandleader, Bill Chocianowski-drums, Chris Price-trombone (Collection of Charles Bennett Jr)
2011 Vol. 41, No. 2
People of Note: Election Results
Youth Membership Update (Connie Thomas, WJU Pres.)
2011 WJU Center Ring Concert – Afternoon at the Circus
2011 WJU Museum Band Concert
2011 WJU Convention Report (Mike Montgomery)
WJU Board Meeting Minutes- 18-JAN-2011
2011 WJU Oskaloosa Meet Hotel Information
O.A. Gilson and A.W. Hughes: Composer Team- Reprint from Circus Fanfare, Vol. 21, No. 3 (Richard E. Prince)
Circus Musician: Arthur Wellesley Hughes
MOVIE: Water for Elephants- Opens April 22, 2011
IISA Charity Circus Band- 8 JAN 2011- Charles Schlarbaum
WJU Notices: NEW Youth Members, NEW Recordings
Bailey’s Crossroads (Adrienne Cannon)
Down East Maine- Center Ring Circus Band- Gene Nichols, dir.
2011 WJU Convention photos
Tuba Confession (David Luessenhop Miller)
One Beat to the Bar: Merle Evans (reprint- Pt.2 of 6)
Obituaries: Ray Kuhn, Leonard Shifres, Dick Sparrow, Lloyd Fengel
Sixty Years by the Bandstand (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1952 RBBB Spec costumes- Merle Evans and elephant (Doug MacLeod, Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.2- 2011 WJU Board of Trustees (Stan Howell). Pg.5- 2011 PAL Sailor Circus- JD Roseboom, Bandleader (Philip Herfort); Circus Band (Andy Rawls). Pg.6- 2011 WJU Center Ring Concert Band- Cindy Herriott-Wells, Ringmaster (Andy Rawls). Pg.7- WJU Museum Band (Andy Rawls). Pg.13- 1924 A.W. Hughes, RBBB musician ca.1924-1926 (Doug MacLeod). Pg.16- Maestro Charles Schlarbaum and the 2011 IISA Circus Band (Penny Wilson Rodriguez, Pete Adams). Pg.19-Down East Circus Band- Don Blodgett, trombone; Gene Nichols, bandleader. Pg.20-2011 WJU Convention photos. Pg.21-1971 CBCB Circus Band- Charles Schlarbaum.Pg.23-1936 RBBB Band with moustaches-Merle Evans (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.25-1970 Lloyd Fengel, 1983 Lloyd & Eleanor Fengel; Pg.27-1973 WJU First Circus Band- Key Biscayne (Charles Bennett Jr.). Back Cover-Pg.28- 1911 Murphy’s Comedians’ Band- Merle Evans, cornet. (Buster Bailey Collection).
AD-Pg.15-Sounds of the Circus-Music for Elephants.
2011 Vol. 41, No. 3
Circus Musician: Hugo Helander, baritone
WJU Donations Received 5/1/10 to 4/30/11
WJU 2009-2010 Financial Statements
WJU 2011 Oskaloosa Meet Music Selections & Information
One Beat to the Bar: Merle Evans (reprint- Pt.3 of 6)
WJU Events at 2011 ACB Convention in Muskegon
Obituary: Allen J. Koppenhaver: Circus Tuba
Sun Bros. Circus ADs and Bandleaders
Charles Gerlach, Old Time Circus Musician
Dorothy Herbert and Merle Evans’ Galop “Fire Jump”
Ringling’s ‘Pat’ Hand- Pat Valdo, Circus General Director;
Merle Evans- Ringling Bandmaster (1966 RBBB Route Book)
Ringling 1932 (Time Cover Story Vol XIX, No 16)
Windjammer Member News and Notices: On Review
Gene Spafford: Circus Musician
Searching for Buxton (Iowa)
Obituary: George S. Goodell
Movie: Water for Elephants
Sixty Years by the Bandstand (Charles Bennett Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-Big John A. Strong Circus Owner in Goodland, KS, August 14, 1978 with WJU co-founder Art Stensvad; stock poster (Douglas MacLeod). Pg.2- Hugo Helander ca.1902, circus musician. Pg.5- 2010 Peru (IN) Calliope (Rod Everhart). Pg.10- Cotton Blossom showboat; Pg.11- 1916 Buffalo Bill’s 101 Ranch Wild West- Merle Evans (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.12- 1954 RBBB Route book pages ( & Pg.17-1900s Sun Bros. Circus Band. Pg.18- Dorothy Herbert RBBB poster; Pg.19- Merle Evans; Pg.20- Pat Valdo- RBBB clown poster (Tibbals Online Digital Collection); Dorothy Herbert one-leg kick (autobiography). Pg.21-1949 Clyde Beatty-Africa Screams. Pg.22- Norman and Rayford Woodrick. Pg.26-27-1973 WJU Convention photos: Schlarbaum, Hills, Harrison, Stagg, Stauth, Dettman, Whitmarsh (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.28-Back Cover- Oskaloosa Town Band Gazebo CIRCUS FANFARE Windjammers Unlimited Index of Articles & Photos 1971 – 2017 Page 43 of 54 and Chief Mahaska (Andrew Glover).
ADs: Pg.14-15-Sounds of the Circus Vol.55 & Vol.56 & Rudy Bundy.
2011 Vol. 41, No. 4
Hugo Helander- 1915 Ringling Bros. Circus musician
QR codes: New Technology to WJU- Editors excitement
WJU Circus Fanfare Index available on Website
Correction: Addition to WJU Donations Received
2011 WJU Oskaloosa Summer Meet Report (Andrew Glover); Spouse/Guest Outing to Pella and Leighton, Iowa (Diane Maddy)
A Conversation with Connie – WOW Oskaloosa
Who was George Daily? (Oskaloosa, Iowa)
WJU Board Meeting Minutes, Oskaloosa – July 12, 2011
40th Windjammers Convention in January 2012
Sailor Circus to Merge with Circus Sarasota
Circus World Museum- WJU Brick (Weiland Family)
Windjammer Member News and Notices/ Recordings
Playing … Might Help Protect Against Dementia
One Beat to the Bar: Merle Evans (reprint- Pt.4 of 6)
Obituaries: Ken Kalina, Bob Trendler, Byron Burford
Sixty Years… Still Windjammers (Charles Bennett Jr)
1903 Barnum and Bailey Circus- Professor Carl Clair
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2011 Iowa Brigade Band at the Oskaloosa Summer Meet (Weiland). Pg.2- 1915 Ringling bandsmen: Crow, Thomas, Wosky, Hugo Helander; Pg.5- 1929 Robbins Bros. Circus musicians- O.A. Gilson, Red Hazel, Red Payne (WJU Archives). Pg.6- 2011 WJU Oskaloosa Conductors (Rich Nicklay). Pg.7- Iowa Brigade Band on the Oskaloosa Bandstand (Harry Carter); Pella, Iowa windmill (Rod Everhart). Pg.8,9,16,17,19- 2011 Oskaloosa Meet photos. Pg.16- Personalized Musical Tags. Pg.21- 1944 RBBB Bandstand photos before and after the Hartford Fire ( Pg.24- RBBB Blue Unit band at Entrance (Paul Gutheil). Pg.25- 1973 WJU members at Stauth’s in Corydon; Pg.27- Carson and Barnes Circus Band personnel (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.28- Back Cover: 1903 Barnum and Bailey Circus Band- Carl Clair Great Military Band of Skilled Musicians (Peter Rosa). AD: Pg.14-Sounds of the Circus- Vol.55 & Vol.56; Pg.15-How the Music Was Used. QR codes: P.3,5.
2011 Vol. 41, No. 5
People of Note: Percussion in Oskaloosa
New Technology- Editors apology
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
WJU 40th Annual Convention Events- Big Cat Habitat
WJU 2012 Convention Music Selections (Doug MacLeod)
Windjammer Additional Contribution Categories
WJU 2011 Oskaloosa Circus Concert Program
Cirque du Soleil “Iris” Music and LA Times review
1884 Sells Bros. – Music Programme (Doug MacLeod)
2011 South Shore Circus Band at Kelly-Miller Circus
Photos: Sideshow Bands of Perry George Lowery
1897 Ringling Bros. Monument to Lightning Fatalities
Today’s Circus: Wallenda over Niagara/ Shrine Bands
Windjammer Member News and Notices/ Recordings
Obituaries: Kathy Alsum, Vinnie Gugleotti
Downie Bros. Circus- Rodney Harris, Bandleader
One Beat to the Bar: Merle Evans (reprint- Pt.5 of 6)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Bandleaders
Who is reading Circus Fanfare?
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1913 Gollmar Bros. Circus band at the cemetery monument to Ringling’s 1897 tragedy (Roger Hartman). Pg.2, 21- WJU member photos. Pg.5- Big Cat Habitat photos (Richard Czina). Pg.11- 1895 Sells Bros. Circus poster- Acres of Canvas. Pg.12-13- P.G. Lowery Bands: 1916 Hagenbeck-Wallace; RBBB-1923, 1920, 1921 (Doug MacLeod and WJU archives). Pg.14- 1913 Gollmar Bros. Circus (in street clothes) Memorial Service (Roger Hartman), Pg.15-1897 Ringling Monument at Bohemian (Riverside) Cemetery at Wahpeton, ND; Pg.17- Vic Robbins leading the Clyde Beatty Railroad Circus (Charles Schlarbaum). Pg.20- Downie Bros: 1933-Circus Band & George Washington Band Truck No.1; 1934- Musicians; 1932-Circus Band (Peter & Joyce Rosa Collection). Pg.23- Merle Evans one-handed conducting (Nelson Starr). Pg.24- Alzanas; Pg.25- 1940 Merle Evans RBBB letterhead (Paul Gutheil). Pg.26- 1975 Emil Hahn (Don Covington); Pg.27- 1978 C-B, Perry Johnson; 1978 CBCB, Charlie Bertini, clown Jimmy James; 1979 CBCB Gene Nichols, performance director Jimmy James (Charlie Bennett Jr). Pg.28- Back Cover- 2011 Dayton Shrine Circus- Billy and Angela Martin with Bandleader Larry Stout (Connie and Dick Thomas)
2011 Vol. 41, No. 6
Windjammers Hall of Fame
Tis the Season! 1951, 1954 RBBB Christmas Cards
Officers and Trustees/Billboard of Coming Events
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
WJU 40th Annual Convention: Ring of Fame Inductees
Shalom, Grandma: Barry Lubin to Retire from Big Apple Circus
Windjammers Diary: Charlie Duble (1912 Mighty Haag Show)
Chester Z. Bronson- Circus Bandleader and Musician
1901 Great Wallace Shows Roster of Bands
Books Explore Sinking of Circus Ship- Royal Tar
Obituary: Donald W. Stauffer, Cmdr. U.S. Navy, Ret.
One Beat to the Bar: Merle Evans (reprint- Pt.6 of 6)
WJU News and Notices: IISA & Ring of Fame
A Mounted Circus Band: 1897 Ringling Bros.
What does “HEY RUBE!” mean to you?
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1898 Great Wallace Circus Band-C.Z. Bronson, Bandleader; Pg.3- Merle Evans and manuscript (Archives). Pg.6- 2011- 2012 Big Apple Circus Band-Rob Slowik, Bandleader; Pg.7-Barry “Grandma” Lubin (BAC photos). Pg.8- 1932 Al G. Barnes Circus Band from “King of the Jungle”. Pg.9- C.Z. Bronson, clarinet in Sousa Band 1893 (USMBand Library); P.T. Barnum’s Great Show 1872; Pg.10- Wallace Shows poster and newspaper ad; Pg.12- 1919 Coop & Lent Circus rolling truck stock; Portrait Chester Z. Bronson ca.1914 (Kalamazoo Library). Pg.16- 1836 Royal Tar Painting. Pg.16,17- Cmdr. Stauffer (USNavy). Pg.18- 1942 Merle Evans at Hardin Simmons (Plowden); Pg.19- Ubangi Women and Men (Chappie Fox); Pg.20- Nena and Merle Evans ca.1970 (Plowden). Pg.23- 1904 Gentry Bros. Boys Mounted Circus Band; 1897 Ringling Bros. Circus Mounted Band (Buster Bailey Collection). AD: Pg.13-CFA.


2012 Vol. 42, No. 1
WJU Hall of Fame
Cover: “That Mysterious Rag” – Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
Officers and Trustees/Billboard of Coming Events
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
WJU 40th Annual Convention:
A Conversation with Connie;
Memorial at Cemetery
Circus Band
Extra Circus Band for Tibbals
Sailor Circus Donation Report
Convert Programs
WJU Board Meeting Minutes- 17 JAN 2012
2012 Ring of Fame- Sarasota Circus Concert Band
2012 WJU Summer Meet in Gettysburg PA
2012 WJU Hall of Fame: William Weldon & Mike Montgomery
2012 IISA Charity Circus: Charles Schlarbaum (photos)
RBBB Circus Poster was California, not Iowa
Band Music PDF Library- Music to Share
Windjammer Member News and Notices: CDs
Obituaries: Ed Sheehan, Dave Aldrich, Chuck Barnhouse
Sixty Years by the Bandstand
PHOTOS: Front Cover-That Mysterious Rag sheet music cover & solo cornet; Pg.5- 2012 St. Armands Ring of Fame ceremony; Charles Schlarbaum; tubas Ron Keller and Bruce Keck; piccolo Don Covington. Pg.6- 2012 WJU at Sailor Circus, Charles Schlarbaum Bandleader; Pg.7,8-2012 WJU candids; Pg.9,10- William F. Weldon, circus bandleader ca.1895; 1892 Ringling Bros. Circus Band; 1894 Ringling Bros. Circus- Weldon’s Big Show Band (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.11-Mike & Nada Montgomery. Pg.12- Piccolo soloists 2012 WJU convention: Chris Griffith and Nada Montgomery. Pg.18-Cigar table by the pool. Pg.20-2011 Circus World Bandwagons travel for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pg.28-Back Cover- 1971 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus bandleader Schlarbaum (Bennett). AD: Pg.26-CHS members.
2012 Vol. 42, No. 2
WJU Hall of Fame
Thanks from Stan and Jean Howell
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Schilke visitors
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
A Conversation with Connie
Music Publisher C. L. “Chuck” Barnhouse III (Andrew Glover)
2012 WJU Summer Meet Music/ Gettysburg Timeline/Hotels
Pennsylvania Composers: G. Robert Rehrer, Althouse, Chambers,
Hiram Miller, George H. Rosenkrans, Peter Buys
The Calliope (Robert Mayer- Reworked Vol.4 No.4)
WJU Member News and Notices: 33 new members, CDs,
Meet Recordings, iTunes, YouTube
Remembering Don Stauffer (Bruce Keck)
Obituaries: Dutch & Joann Schultz, Johannes Led Rasmussen,
John W. McPherson
First of May: Sue Hanline, Clarinet
Sawdust in Your Shoes (Col. Joe Williams- reprint Vol.4 No.4)
Niagara Falls Daredevil? Nik Wallenda (submitted by Diane Bergholtz)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 1930 Osman Shrine Circus cut- St. Paul, MN (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.2- Stan and Jean Howell. Pg.3-2012 RBBB Red bandleader Brett Barlow; WJU Licocci family. Pg.7-9 2012 Chuck Barnhouse (Andrew Glover). Pg.11- 2012 WJU Meet Hosts Link and Von Drach. Pg.15- 1935 Seils Sterling Bandwagon; 1936 troupe. Pg.16-17 Calliope- Cole Bros America; 1933 Two Jesters; 1925 Walter L. Main or 1920 John Robinson. Pg.22- 2012 Naperville Band April 22 concert (USMC). Pg.23- 2012 WJU Circus Band at Sailor Circus- Schlarbaum bandleader (Diane Frank). Pg.24-25 Getzen Gazette: RBBB 1982 Keith Greene, 1980 Ronnie Drumm, 1979 Merle Evans, 1977 Bob Amato (Mike Graham). Pg.28- 2012 Nik Wallenda. Pg.31- 1974 King Bros.; 1971 King Bros. Bandleader- Ramon Escorcia; Pg.32- Back Cover: 1954 Super Circus cast (Charles Bennett Jr).
2012 Vol. 42, No. 3
WJU Hall of Fame
Reprint visitors to Schilke showroom
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events
Membership Application
A Conversation with Connie- Membership
WJU Donations to 4/30/2012
March Back to Mecca (C.H. Amidon, White Tops reprint)
Masonic Band March Plethora (Gene Nicodemus)
More Pennsylvania Composers: Harry J. Lincoln,
Charles C. Sweeley, The Vandersloot Publishers
Another Library Gem: 1929 Sparks Circus AD (Fred Awbrey)
Windjammer Member News and Notices: 11 new members,
NEW Publications, iTunes, YouTube, Walking Frog CDs
Community Band at Sea 2012 (Rod Everhart)
Obituaries: Helen Walters, Larry Pate, Joel Robert Cannon
Origins of WJU and the First Convention (Robert P. Hills, Jr.)
Gettysburg Meet – Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen…!
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1908 Glen Rock Musical Association Band- Roland F. Seitz, Bandleader (Gene Nicodemus). Pg.2- 2012 RBBB Red bandleader Brett Barlow-trumpet, Hope Cory-trombone, Brian Anderson-trumpet; WJU Licocci family ( Pg.13- 1925 & 1923 Sparks Circus Bands- Jack Phillips bandleader (Buster Bailey). Pg.15- Getzen Gazette photo key for previous Circus Fanfare (Mike Graham). Pg.20,21,23- 1973 Key Biscayne- First Windjammers Convention rehearsal, circus band, and group photo (Robert P. Hills, Jr.). MUSIC: Pg.8- Abdallah-BAR T.C. (King). Pg.11- Sliding Sid-solo COR (Losch), Minstrel King-solo COR (Sweeley), Midnight Fire Alarm-Drums etc. (Paull). Pg.24-Grandioso-Solo COR (Seitz)
2012 Vol. 42, No. 4
WJU Hall of Fame
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Membership Application
A Conversation with Connie- Gettysburg/ Membership Elections
2012 Gettysburg Summer Meet Statistics
WJU Board Meeting Minutes- 17-JUL-2012, Gettysburg, PA
WJU 2010/2011 Financial Reports (Howard Habenicht, Treasurer)
Selections: 2013 New England Conservatory CD – Merle Evans
C. L. Barnhouse Co. acquires BOVACO (press release)
Windjammer Member News and Notices
Galops, Marches, and Waltzes… Oh My! (Isabelle Macioce)
Circus and Military Service- Marines, Navy and Army
Circusiana: Oddity of Circusdom (A. Morton Smith,Hobbies)
Search for Musician Fritz Huppa – Barnum & Bailey’s Band
On the Road with Carl Clair and Barnum & Bailey (Loren Geiger- reprint from Circus Fanfare 1973 Vol.3 No.1)
Andrew Glover Circus Band- July 4, 2012
Obituaries: Theodore “Ted” Buenger, Ernest Borgnine
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: 1981 Carson & Barnes Musical Book
1924 Al G. Barnes Circus Band (L. David Harris Collection)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-Barnum and Bailey bandwagons- 1896 All-women circus band (L. David Harris Collection); 1903 King Solomon and his court (reprinted from Great Circus Street Parade- C.P. Fox & F.B. Kelley). Pg.2- Charles Schlarbaum and friend. Pg.9- 1917 John Robinson Circus Band- Chas. Gerlach, Bandleader (L. David Harris Collection). Pgs.13-16- 2012 Gettysburg WJU photos. Pg.17- 1944, 1945 Ken Slater, Leonard Smith, Merle Evans (Mrs. Evelyn Slater). Pg.19- 1966 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros flying trapeze; sousaphone (L. David Harris Collection). Pg.21- 1903 Barnum & Bailey’s Music programme (Loren Geiger); Pg.22- 1898 Barnum & Bailey’s Circus Band- Carl Claire, bandmaster; Woody English, Russell Alexander (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.23- 1888 B&B Circus Band- James S. Robinson, Conductor (WJU archives). Pg.25- Helen & Ted Buenger 1999 (Robert P. Hills). Pg.26- 2012 Jeannie and Bill Reynolds with Barnum & Bailey’s 1903 Two Hemispheres Bandwagon at Circus World Museum, Baraboo, WI (Charles Bennett Jr.) Pg.28- 1924 Al G. Barnes Circus Band- Chas. Redrick, conductor (L. David Harris Collection).
2012 Vol. 42, No. 5
WJU Hall of Fame
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Membership Application
Windjammer Additional Contribution Categories
A Conversation with Connie- Ringling Blue/ 41st WJU Convention
2012 Gettysburg Concert Program/ First of May correction
2013 WJU Bradenton- Music for Recording Selections
How I First Met Merle Evans (Douglas D. MacLeod)
Windjammer Member News and Notices/ CDs
Obituary: Mrs. Anne Richards
Photos from Around Gettysburg (Marjorie Von Drach)
Barnum & Bailey’s Musicians: English, Jewell, Brill
Old Time Windjammer: Ralph Blackwell – Stories of Sells-Floto Circus (Pt.1 of 2); Lewiston Journal– 9/1/1956( Mina Titus Sawyer)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Backyard (Charles Bennett)
1924 Al G. Barnes- Charles Redrick bandleader
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1926 Sells-Floto Buffalo Bill Concert Band- Victor H. Robbins, Conductor (Charles Schlarbaum archives). Pg.2- 1898 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band- Carl Claire, bandmaster, Woody English-tuba; Russell Alexander-euphonium (Andrew Glover). Pg.6- Pg.7- 2012 Gettysburg Meet concert at GHS (H. Wayne Clark). Pg.12- Barnum & Bailey Circus Musicians: 1906 Walter P. English- tuba; 1908 Frederick A. Jewell- Bandmaster; 1912 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band- MSG- Ned Brill, Bandmaster (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.13- 1926 Sells-Floto Circus Band musician Ralph Blackwell; Pg.14- 1926 Sells-Floto Buffalo Bill Concert Band portraits- Victor Robbins, Conductor; Pg.15- 1926 Sells-Floto circus scenes: Unloading the Train, Putting up the Big Top, Elephants on Parade; Pgs.16-17- 1930 Sells-Floto Circus Entire Cast (Charles Schlarbaum archives); Pg.18-1964 Mills Bros.- Ozzie Kristen “first call”; 1975 Sells- Gray Circus- Bev Bennett and Ramon Escorcia; 1977 Carson & Barnes- Stevenson and Schlarbaum; Pg.19-1972 King Bros.-Charlie Stevenson, bandleader; 1916 Al G. Barnes- Eddie Woeckner, bandleader (Charles Bennett Jr.) Back Cover Pg.20- 1924 Al G. Barnes Circus Band- Chas. Redrick, conductor (Robert Cline’s
2012 Vol. 42, No. 6
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Membership Application
A Conversation with Connie- Plan for 2015
2013 Circus Ring of Fame: Coronas, Holst, Rodriguez
Big Apple Circus 2013- LEGENDARIUM
Caruso’s of the Circus: Songsters of the Sawdust Ring of Yesterday (Etude Magazine)
Circus and the City, 1793-2010 – PRESS RELEASE
Windjammer Member News and Notices: CDs
Old Time Windjammer: Ralph Blackwell –Stories of Sells-Floto Circus (Pt.2 of 2); 9/1/1956 Lewiston Journal (Mina Titus Sawyer)
Sells Bros. Circus House (Submitted by Robert P. Hills, Jr.)
Carson & Barnes Circus Classical Music Connection
No one outgrows a circus! Let’s build WJU membership!
PHOTOS: Front Cover-Big Apple Circus Band- Legendarium 2012-2013 ; Pg.6- BAC Ringmaster, John Kennedy Kane; Pg.7- BAC bandstand (Big Apple Circus/ Bertrand Guay). Pg.8,10- Clown Dan Rice; Pg.9- Clowns Milt Taylor and Shorty Flemm. Pg.10- Johnny Patterson Songster. Pg.11- Grand Zoological March sheet music covers. Pg.13- 1926 Sells-Floto Circus Band musician Ralph Blackwell (article); Victor Robbins, Bandmaster ; Pg.14- 1942 Sells-Floto Circus Band (Buster Bailey Collection); Pg.16- Sells-Floto elephant, Mary on stampede, Lewiston, Idaho Aug. 9, 1928; Pg.17- Horse drawn bandwagon in Sells-Floto parade; Pg.18- 1926 Sells-Floto Sideshow People (article). Pg.19- 1924 Sells-Floto bandwagon (Buster Bailey Collection) . Pg.20-Sells Bros. Circus House 2007; 1883 Sells-Bros. Circus town Sellsville (R.P. Hills Jr.). Pg.21- Julius Fucik portrait; 1916 Sells-Floto and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Combined Shows Band ( Pg.22- 1915 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band- Ned Brill Bandmaster (Buster Bailey Collection); 1903 Welsh Bros. Circus identified (Circus Fanfare archives); 1902 Welsh Bros. Circus musicians unidentified (L. David Harris collection).
ADs Pg.23- CFA and CHS end of year Swap.


2013 Vol. 43, No. 1
WJU Hall of Fame
Spectacular Herrmanns’ Royal Lipizzaner Stallions
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events
Membership Application
A Conversation with Connie
2013 Annual Convention/ Plan for 2015
2013 WJU Hall of Fame: C. Bennett Jr., Robert P. Hills Jr.
WJU 2013 Bradenton Member Photos/ Concert Programs
Three Bills: Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill, Wm. Sweeney
2013 IISA Charity Circus- Riverview, FL
2013 WJU Summer Meet: Reno NV
Obituaries: Vernon Hockenberry, Duane “Oley” Olson
Windjammer Member News and Notices: CDs
First of May: Bradford Shughart
C.L. Barnhouse Letter to Fred Jewell: Crimson Petal
WJU 2013 Bradenton Circus Band/ Cemetery Band
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Three Circus Bandmasters
Legendarium: Big Apple score highlights traditional music
PHOTOS: Front Cover-WJU 2013 Center Ring Band watches Sailor Circus Band; Pg.2- Hermann’s Royal Lipizzaner Stallion (Rod Everhart). Pg.5- World Circus Summit 2015 logo. Pg.7,8- WJU members at Bradenton. Pg.9- Two Bills concert program ( Pg.10- Charles Schlarbaum conducts IISA Riverview, circus band members (Gloria Cooksey). Pg.12- 2004 Oley Olson and Andy Glover. Pg.13- 2012 Oley and Nancy Olson in King Band uniform (Calhoun County Journal- Herald- IA). Pg.15- First of May- Carlisle Band on Parade (Bradford Shughart). Pg.17- WJU Circus Band at Sailor Circus; First of Mays- Vicki Pinson, Dianasue Walton; WJU Cemetery Band- Charles Conrad conducting; Merle & Nena Evans crypt with WJU flowers (Andy Rawls). Pg.18- Merle Evans at Sailor Circus; Pg.19-Karl King in Ft. Dodge parade;
Earle Moss at home (Charles Bennett). Pg.20- Back Cover- 2013 Big
Apple Circus near Atlanta GA- View from the Bandstand (April Zink). MUSIC Pg.16- The Crimson Petal Valse Caprice- Jewell (Baritone TC); Pg.20- Old Glory Triumphant March- Duble (Solo cornet).
2013 Vol. 43, No. 2 & 3
WJU Hall of Fame/ Electronic Circus Fanfare/ Index
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Roster mailed
Membership Application
A Conversation with Connie: Springtime is for Circus
Guest Luncheon in Virginia City, Nevada
Reno- Biggest Little City in the World
Windjammers 2013 Bradenton Board Meeting Minutes
2013 Summer Meet- Reno, NV- Silver Legacy Casino
2013 Summer Meet- Music for Recording Sessions
Windjammer Member News and Notices: Apparel
Obituaries: Allen Botimer, Frederick P. Williams,
Diane Gutheil (2012)
Windjammers Donations: Decline in Extra Giving
4th Annual World Circus Day
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: The Golden Era
Internet distractions for Circus Music Historians
PHOTOS: Front Cover-WJU 2013 Bradenton trombone section gathered for a photo shoot, however several men missed the call. Shown here are most of the trombones- Names are listed from the 41st convention printed program: Bill Albrecht, Bob Knowler, Bill Yoh, David Collings, Vicki Pinson, Earl Whitney, Rush Ward, Janeen and Wayne Killian, Allen Botimer, Ed Neu, Ed Shevlin, Jack Smyth, Arnie Huntress, Bill Fletcher, Don Cooksey, Marvin Luckett, Joe Shearin, Charles Emerich, Stan Howell (Andy Rawls). Pg.15- 1912 Sun Bros. Circus Band- Charlie Duble, bandmaster; 1912 Hagenbeck-Wallace Band Martin Instrument card- Park Prentiss, bandleader; 1924 Sells-Floto Circus Band and calliope- Vic CIRCUS FANFARE Windjammers Unlimited Index of Articles & Photos 1971 – 2017 Page 46 of 54 Additions or corrections may be sent to Windjammers Unlimited Editor Robbins; Pg.16- 1979 CBCB- Gene Nichols; 1979 Circus Genoa- Charlie Stephenson, bandleader-baritone, Bill Reynolds-trombone, George Heavilin-trumpet; 1974 Delaware, Ohio- Big Four- Art Stensvad, Bob Hills, Ward Stauth, Charlie Bennett (Charles Bennett). Pg.16- Back Cover- 2013 Kelly-Miller Circus tiger (Valerie Berta Torales).
2013 Vol. 43, No. 4
WJU Hall of Fame
L.E. Barnes 2001 Circus Band- Marshal Eckelman
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Membership Application
Barbara Bailey Reporting on the Summer Reno Meet
WJU 2013 Reno Board Minutes & Member Statistics
WJU member photos at Reno Summer Meet
A Conversation with Connie: Reno Summer Meet Report
Marching to Lincoln – 2014 Summer Meet
More WJU member photos at Reno Summer Meet
Wonderful Circus Drum (Val Maxim-Moore)
Feld’s Monte Carlo Circus (Bill Chocianowski)
[Patterson’s] Circus and Animals Winter Home (Paola, KS)
WJU Member News and Notices: Apparel, Sounds of the Circus
Obituaries: Mary Anne Torrence, Jim Everhart,
Warren Wilson, Robert Geasey
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Early Windjammer Bands
Summer is for circus- and for Windjammers playing music
PHOTOS: Front Cover-WJU 2013 Reno trumpet section (Submitted by John Wetzel). Pg.2- 2001 L.E. Barnes Circus Band. Pg.5- WJU Reno percussion and Doug MacLeod, bass drum soloist. Pg.8- Susan Garro submits Reno sights. Pg.10- Pres. Connie lunches at Virginia City outing (Rod Everhart); Lake Tahoe view with impending storm clouds (Mike Montgomery). Pg.14-1924 Poster for Gentry Bros. Famous Shows James Patterson’s Big 4-Ring Wild Animal Circus (Tibbals). Pg.15- 1907 Gollmar Bros. four-mirror bandwagon in parade; band posed with bandwagon; 1915 Patterson and Gollmar bandwagon; 1915 Great Patterson’s bandwagon- E.M. Freiburger, bandleader. Pg.16- Elephants Modoc, Empress, Judy (TheCircusBlog). Pg.20-1971 CMB/Circus Days Delavan, WI; 1973 WJU first meet Key Biscayne, FL; WJU Summer Meets- Pg.21- 1973 Corydon, IN; 1974 Delaware, OH; 1976 Showman’s Rest Cemetery Elmhurst, IL; Pg.22-1976 WJU members Elmhurst, IL; Winter Meet- 1977 St. Louis, MO; 1978 Valdosta, GA. Pg.23- 1912 Sun Bros. Circus Band- Charlie Duble, bandmaster; 1912 Hagenbeck-Wallace Band Martin Instrument card- Park Prentiss, bandleader; 1924 Sells-Floto Circus Band and calliope- Vic Robbins (Charles Bennett). Pg.24- Back Cover- WJU 2013 Reno tuba section (Bruce Keck).
2013 Vol. 43, No. 5
WJU Hall of Fame
The Circus Kingdom 20 year reunion
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Membership Application
A Conversation with Connie: Windjammer Committees
Marching to Lincoln – 2014 Summer Meet
Review: Cirque Musica – San Diego, CA (Don Covington)
Big Apple Circus Percussionist: Sam Wiley Jr. (Zildjian)
WJU 2014 Annual Convention Music Sessions (MacLeod)
Windjammer Extra Giving Contribution Request
Charlie Conrad conducts Indiana Wind Symphony at CHS Conv.
Windjammer Member News and Notices: CDs, Apparel, Spectacle
There Must be Music: Backbone of American Circus [Cole Bros. Bandleader Eddie Woeckner] (George Brinton Beal)
As I See It: George Brinton Beal (Joe Callahan)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand: Windjammers Early Years
1922 Sells-Floto Sideshow bandsmen- Who can I.D. them?
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1936 Willie Mayo Sideshow Band (The Circus 1870s- 1950s: Taschen). Pg.9- 2013 Big Apple Circus Legendarium- Quinterion Troupe (Bertrand Guay/ BAC). Pg.12-2013 International Circus Hall of Fame at Peru, Indiana – Charles Conrad conducts the Indiana Wind Symphony for the Circus Historical Society Convention (Pete Adams). Pg.12- Kelly-Miller Circus Tiger (Valerie Berta Torales; Pg.16-1979 WJU New Orleans; Ted Viola, Doug MacLeod; Ruth Keller, Hurst Miles, Bev Bennett, Ray Koskela, George Keller; Pg.17- 1980 WJU Abilene, KS program & Saloon Girls; Pg.18- 1982 WJU Ames at Iowa State University- Carrey, Grunberg, Brabeck; ISU Auditorium; Pg.19- WJU 1983 Sarasota CBS filming On the Road with Charles Kuralt; Fred Carney with Hoffman’s from Brazil, Indiana (Charles Bennett). Pg.19- 2013 WJU Summer Meet Reno, NV Virginia Railroad excursion train (Rod Everhart). Pg.20- Back Cover- 1922 Sells-Floto Sideshow musicians (The Circus 1870s-1950s: Taschen).
2013 Vol. 43, No. 6
WJU Hall of Fame/ Circus Fanfare Index
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
A Conversation with Connie: Florida warmth
2014 WJU 42nd Annual Convention
Two Musicians Who Make a Difference in Circuses from Ringling Bros. to Circus Smirkus (Ernest Albrecht, SPECTACLE)
Marching to Lincoln – 2014 (Capital dome, Huskers)
Windjammer Member News and Notices: CDs, Apparel, Books; Bish Wolf visits Cirque Musica; Reno patron moved to comment
Down in Old Corydon- 1973 WJU meet (Robert P. Hills, Jr.)
Obituary: Michael Gorman
The Circus Arts Conservatory
Will you Renew? (Editor April R. Zink)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1942 RBBB Elephant Ballet (100 Years of Circus Posters, p.72). Pg.2- 2013 Circus Circus entrance at Reno, NV (Editor photo). Pg.6- Tristan Moore, Circus Smirkus composer; Michael Picton, Feld Entertainment composer. Pg.7- Circus Smirkus musicians- Tristan Moore-composer/ keyboards and Parker Bert- percussion. Pg.11- Tristan Moore at Smirkus. Pg.13- Troy Wunderle in Smirkus’ Oz Incorporated (SPECTACLE photos). Pg.9- DVD Circus Dreams poster (Harry Powers). Pg.18- WJU 1973 Corydon idyllic location on the Stauth property. Pg.19- Bob Hills and Ward Stauth- tuba section. Pg.20- Recording set up picturing Hills, Dettman, Stauth, Bennett, Clarence Stauth (Robert P. Hills Jr.). Pg.22- 1977 Circus Vargas Program (Don Covington). Pg.24- Back Cover- Year End Membership Editorial.
AD– Pg.14- CMB
AD– Pg.23- CFA


2014 Vol. 44, No. 1
WJU Hall of Fame/ Circus Fanfare Index
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
A Conversation with Connie: Florida Invigorating
Plan for Worldwide Circus Summit 2015 (WCA)-Springfield, MA
WJU 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee: Charlie Stevenson
WJU 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee: Joe Basile
Marching to Lincoln 2014 (Runza and Bedient)
WJU Member News:, CDs, Apparel, Convention Recordings, Books, Olympic Whitmarsh
Banquet presentation: Leonard B. Smith (Andrew Glover)
2014 Ring of Fame – Sarasota Circus Concert Band
WJU 2014 Afternoon at the Circus- Sailor Circus
Obituaries: Joe James, Charlie Jones, Evelyn Slater
Bonjour from Monte Carlo (Don Covington)
Is the American Circus Industry Extinct (Preetam Kaushik)
PHOTOS: Front Cover-1919 Sanger Circus Annex Band, 1920 Howard King, owner. Pg.2- 2014 Bradenton Riverwalk (Rod Everhart). Pg.6- 1973 Charlie Stevenson, bandleader King Bros. Circus (Charles Bennett Jr.); 1970 King Bros. Circus (Andrew Glover). Pg.7- Cowboy Charlie Stevenson; Bandleaders Charlie Moyer, Schlarbaum, Yoder, Stevenson, Merle Evans in Sarasota; Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Stevenson (Andrew Glover). Pg.8- 1976 Clyde Beatty Circus Band- Harkness, Stauth, Stevenson. Pg.9- 1972 King Bros. Circus Band- Charlie Stevenson, Bandleader (Charles Bennett Jr.). Pg.10- Sealtest Big Top YouTube, Joe Basile during spec and atop the bandstand. Pg.11- Joe Basile, Mr. Five by Five; Pg.12- 1960 Hamid-Morton Circus, Memphis Shrine (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.13- 2014 IISA Charity Circus- Charles Schlarbaum bandleader (Terry O’Brien). Pg.15- Andrew Glover and Leonard Smith in Arizona, eb.2002. Pg.15- Andrew Glover and Earle Louder in The Detroit Concert Band (Glover photos). Pg.18- Ring of Fame (Gloria Cooksey). Pg.19- Windjammer Concert Band, Sailor Circus student troupe. Pg.21- Prince Ranier’s military band opens each Monte Carlo Festival Circus performance; 2014 38th poster ( Pg.24- Back Cover- 2014 WJU Bradenton Riverwalk concert cornet soloist Diane Roytz and conductor Andrew Glover.
AD- Pg.20- Celebration Concert Band- Robert Ullery, Facilitator.
2014 Vol. 44, No. 2
WJU Hall of Fame/ Circus Fanfare Index
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Back Issues
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
A Conversation with Connie: Ready for Lincoln
Plan for Worldwide Circus Summit 2015- Springfield, MA
WJU 2014 Board Meeting Minutes
Marching to Lincoln – 2014 Summer Meet (Shopping)
Oom Pah for 80 years (Bob Adams)/ WJU Apparel
Music for Recording Sessions 2014, Lincoln, NE
WJU 2014 – 42nd Annual Convention photos
What is that music on our cover? Windjammers Unlimited March
European Circus Orchestras (Don Covington)
Floating Music Box: The Calliope (Reprint from Etude)
International Community on Wheels: Circus Train
WJU 2013 Reno, NV Summer Meet- Concert Program
Obituary: Dr. Nicholas Contorno
WJU Member News: CDs, WJU Recordings,, Books, Whitmarsh, Memorabilia, Naperville Uniforms
Indiana Wind Symphony at the Circus (Charles Conrad)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand, Charlie?
The Backrow Boys in Brass
PHOTOS: Front Cover-2014 Windjammers Circus Band at Sailor Circus (Roger Blackburn). Pg.2- 1930 Hagenbeck-Wallace daub (Buckles Blog). Pg.12- MUSIC: 1972 Windjammers Unlimited March; Pg.13- 2014 35th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival Orchestra- Reto Parolari, conductor. Pg.14- 2014 Massey Festival Orchestra- Carmino d’Angelo, conductor; 2014 Cirque d’Hiver bandstand- Pierre Nouveau, chef d’orchestre and musical arranger. Pg.15- Don Covington with Sir Norman Barrett; Gartner family elephants. Pg.17- RBBB Red Unit train; 1976 RBBB program drawing. Pg.22-1977 Carson & Barnes- Stevenson Schlarbaum; 1970 CBCB- Schlarbaum; Pg.23-1982 Carson & Barnes- Stevenson; 1978 CBCB- Bertini (Charles Bennett Jr). Pg.24- Back Cover- 2014 WJU Two Tubas – Jerry Deutscher and Bruce Orlin.
2014 Vol. 44, No. 3
WJU Hall of Fame
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Index/ Back Issues
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
Plan for Worldwide Circus Summit 2015- Springfield, MA
Bandleader “King Charles” Weathersby, Obituary
Here Comes the Circus! Rise and Fall of the Circus Band Pt.1 of 2 (Sverre O. Braathen, reprint from Circus Fanfare 1997-8)
WJU 2014 Annual Convention member photos (Andy Rawls)
Obituary: Larry Speyer, WJU #2829
Windjammer Member News and Notices: Bruce Keck tuba soloist, Rich Copeland at Amtrak, CDs, WJU Recordings,
WJU Donations Received 2013-2014 (Howard Habenicht)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand- Railroad Buffs (Bennett)
National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota
PHOTOS: Front Cover- In Memory- Circus Bandleader “King Charles” Weathersby; 1967 Hoxie Circus Band, 1969 Von Bros circus band (WJU archives). Pg.2- 1982 Detroit Concert Band Percussion (Andrew Glover). Pg.5- 24-hr Man King Charles Weathersby (2004 Hendricks Bros.- Lane Talburt, 2009 Lewis & Clark- Robert Houston); Pg.6- 1966 Hoxie Bros. Circus; Pg.7- 1950 Al G. Kelly Miller Circus, Weathersby Bandleader. Pg.8-15 (Braathen article) Sverre O. Braathen; Merle Evans; Perry George Lowery; 1897 Ringling Mounted Band- George Ganweiler director; 2003 Two Hemispheres Bandwagon; 1898 Carl Clair’s Military Band on Barnum & Bailey Circus; Bandleaders J.J. Richards, Fred Jewell, Karl King; 1899 John Robinson Circus Band- M.C. Rodgers bandleader; Phineas Taylor Barnum. Pg.16-17 2014 WJU Annual Convention members (Andy Rawls). Pg.20- 2014 IISA backyard band jackpots- Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader. Pg.21-23 WJU train buffs- Art Stensvad, Charlie Bennett Jr, Lloyd Stagner, Bob Harrison, Bob Hills, Ward Stauth, Ed Ballenger, Rich Copeland (see pg.18), Fred Schmitt, Charlie Bennett Sr. with No. 6819 Manhattan Limited locomotive. Pg.24- Back Cover- Summer diversion to National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota.
2014 Vol. 44, No. 4
WJU Hall of Fame
WJU Board Nominations/ Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
2015 Summer in Springfield, MA, PRESS RELEASE (7/14/14) –
Worldwide Circus Summit
A Conversation with Connie – Lincoln, What a friendly place!
WJU Board Meeting Minutes, Lincoln, NE
WJU Treasurers Report: 2013 Summarized Financial Statements
Here Comes the Circus! Rise and Fall of the Circus Band- Pt.2 of 2 (Sverre O. Braathen, reprint from Circus Fanfare 1997-8)
Victor H. Robbins, American Circus Bandmaster, 1976 WJU Hall of Fame (Richard E. Prince, reprint Circus Fanfare V18, N5, 1988)
Karl King Band Concert for CFA, Sept. 17, 2014
WJU Member News: CDs, WJU Recordings, music websites
Ringling Blue Bandleader: Wages Argott (interview excerpts)
Sixty Years by the Bandstand, Tunes Quiz (Bennett)
RBBB Red, Bandleader Brett Barlow (Paul Gutheil, photo)
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 1924 Sells-Floto Center Ring Band, Victor H. Robbins, Bandleader (Doug MacLeod). Pg.2- 2014 WJU Lincoln Summer Meet,Dixieland contingent (Bob Gross). Pg.6- 2014 Lincoln Summer Meet: Organ factory, 1st Cornets, Fred Evans- nephew to Merle Evans. Pg.7- 2014 WJU members at the Lincoln Meet. Pg.10- 2014 Lincoln Summer Meet WJU Conductors (Rod Everhart). Pg.12- 1921 Christy Bros. Circus, Everett James, bandleader; Harry Haag James, snare; Pg-14- 1912 Gollmar Bros. 4-mirror bandwagon in parade; 1915 Barnum & Bailey’s Circus Band, Ned Brill, Bandleader. Pg-15- 1946 RBBB, Chicago, ILMerle Evans, Bandleader. Pg.16- 1942 Cole Bros. Circus Bandleader, Vic Robbins; Pg.17- 1924 Sells-Floto Circus Band, Vic Robbins, Bandleader (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.20- Wages Argott, 2014 RBBB Blue Band Leader. Pg.21- 2014 Kelly-Miller tigers (Ryan Easley). Pg.22- 1924 John Robinson’s Big shows combined with Sells-Floto, parade bandwagon (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.24- Back Cover- Brett Barlow, 2007 RBBB Red Unit bandleader (Paul Gutheil).
2014 Vol. 44, No. 5
WJU Hall of Fame/ New Finance Committee
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Index/ Back Issues
2015 WJU 43rd Annual Convention- Music for Recording Sessions
Composer Spotlight: Melvin H. Ribble
A Conversation with Connie – Worldwide Circus Summit 2015
Worldwide Circus Summit- Participating Organizations
King Band Performance (Jerrold Jimmerson)
King Band Launches Circus Convention (Dubuque Messenger)
Honoring Russell Alexander (Andrew Glover)
WJU 2014 Summer Meet photos
Secrets of Circus… A Guidebook for Musicians (J.W. Pepper 1887)
From Barnum & Bailey to Feld (Book Review by Don Covington)
Composer Spotlight: George Wiegand
WJU Member News: CDs, WJU Apparel,
Obituaries: Bob Unterreiner, Charles Otis, John Wheeler
Have you ever wanted to be a Circus Band Leader?
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
Merle Evans and Coco the Clown
PHOTOS: Front Cover- The Fitch Bandwagon radio program was a commercial for their shampoo as well as publicity for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus with Bandleader Merle Evans. This photo is a rare PR shot at Madison Square Garden, from Fred Evans presentation in Lincoln (NE). An audio recording of that broadcast on April 18, 1943 was made to be distributed to our Armed Servicemen. Pg.2- 1985 Merle Evans and Johnny Herriott at Sailor Circus before the WJU performance. Pg.8- 2014 Karl King Band. Pg.9- ca.1908-1910 Barnum & Bailey’s Circus Band, Bandmaster Fred Jewell. Pg.15- 1892 Gollmar Bros. Circus, Pg.18- ca.1850 Gorton’s Cornet Band (Buster Bailey Collection). Pg.19- 2013 KM Tigers. Pg.21- 2001 L.E. Barnes Circus (Editor photo). Pg.24- Back Cover- Merle Evans and Coco the Clown (Fred Evans). MUSIC Pg.5- Bennet’s Triumphal- Solo Cornet (M.H. Ribble); Pg.11- Solo cornet- From Tropic to Tropic, Hampton Roads (Russell Alexander).
2014 Vol. 44, No. 6
Color photos of Big Apple Circus new show Metamorphosis
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Index/ Back Issues
WJU Hall of Fame
January Events/ Deaths: Floyd Kruger, Bob Adams, Fred Kingdon
A Conversation with Connie – Farewell
UPDATES: Worldwide Circus Summit 2015/ Participating Orgs.
Letter from the Editor (April R. Zink)
Circus Windjammers, Pt.1 (Sverre Braathen, CHS Bandwagon ’71)
Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
Have you ever wanted to be a Circus Band Leader?
Obituary: Brian “Slick” Anderson, RBBB trumpeter
WJU Member News: CDs, WJU Apparel, Circusiana
Sixty Years by the Bandstand- Quiz Key (Bennett)
US Postal Service commemorates the Circus
PHOTOS: Front Cover- “Built to Amaze” Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Red Unit Circus Band; Brett Barlow- bandleader; lead trumpet, Brian Anderson standing back row left (; Inset photo reprinted from Chicago Tribune with permission. Pg.5- 2012 Gettysburg meet photo, WJU logo projected. Pg.9-13 Photos from Bandwagon article: 1881 Barnum & London Circus Band- bandleader J.S. Robinson; 1905 Barnum Band- Bandleader Carl Clair. Pg.14 Rob Slowik and Big Apple Circus Band (Bertrand Guay/Big Apple Circus Photo); Pg.15- Jenny Vidbel and camels (NYC Review/Fred Cohen). Pg.18-19- Brian “Slick” Anderson on Ringling ca.2013. Pg.21- Merle Evans, red uniform (Fred Evans). Pg.22- Clyde Beatty Poster (Buckles Blog). Pg.22-23- WJU members in Lincoln: Doug MacLeod, Barb Bailey, Fred & Sheila Evans, Dave and Andrew Anderson, Midnight Fire Alarm smoke effects in concert, Jay Kahn conducts (Bennett). Back Cover- USPS Plate Block of new circus poster stamps First Day of Issue May 5, 2014, Sarasota,

AD: Pg.12- CFA- 1/2 page, Join Us. Pg.13- CMB- 1/2 page offer for free issue.


2015 Vol. 45, No. 1
43rd Annual Convention conductors and cemetery band
Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Index/ Back Issues
Hall of Fame/ Dues increase, Date change/ Ring of Fame Band
WJU New President – John Wetzel
2015 WJU An Afternoon at the Circus, concert program
UPDATES: Worldwide Circus Summit 2015/ Participating Orgs.
Circus Windjammers (Sverre Braathen, CHS Bandwagon’71) Part 2 of 2
AT THE CIRCUS – A New Column (Rod Everhart)
WJU Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
— Dues increase
Have you ever wanted to be a Circus Band Leader?
WJU Member News and Notices: CDs,; WJU Apparel, Circusiana
Obituary: Bob Adams, Herbie Greggerson, Helga Vaishvila
Circus Electronica: Blending Acrobatics with Club Music
Newly elected WJU Officers and Trustees
Soloists at the Bradenton Riverwalk Pavilion
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2015 Windjammers 43rd Annual Convention Conductors under the Sailor Circus big top: Schlarbaum, Fleming, Harp, Anderson, Roytz, Glover, Albright, Keller, Roman (Andy Rawls). Pg.4- 2015 Sarasota Circus Concert Band- Maestro Charles Schlarbaum conducts Gloria Cooksey. Pg.9-13 Photos from Bandwagon article, Braathen collection unless otherwise indicated: 1922 Everett James and snare drummer boy Harry Haag James; 1913 J.J. Richards bandleader of the Ringling Bros. Center Ring Band (Bailey Collection); Russell Alexander portrait; 1942 Merle, Roland, Red and that bass drum (MacLeod collection); 1940s Lew Bader RBBB trombone (WJU archives); 2015 WJU Horns- Herfort & Frank; 2015 WJU Piccolo duet- Griffith & Montgomery (John Frank). Pg.22 Circus Electronica stage display (Courtesy Jeff Farsai Photography); Pg.23- WJU new officers and trustees (Andy Rawls); Maestro Schlarbaum conducts Ring of Fame (Rebecca Ostroff). Pg.24- Back Cover- Herbert L. Clarke’s “Cousins” duet played by actual cousins, Paul McCutcheon-trombone and Roger Blackburn-trumpet (Diane Frank).
2015 Vol. 45, No. 2
2015 WJU Riverwalk Pavilion Concert program and photos
WJU Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events/ Index/ Back Issues
WJU Hall of Fame
Dues increase, Date change
2015 Circus Band trumpets
WJU 43rd Annual Convention Photos (Andy Rawls)
WJU Board Meeting Minutes (prelim. draft) Jan-13-2015
UPDATES: WJU at the Worldwide Circus Summit 2015 tentative schedule; WCS 2015 more details from Don Covington
Composer Edward Taylor Paull (from Circus Fanfare Vol.14 No.2)
E.T. Paull- America’s Other March King (,
All About That Bass: RBBB Legends Musician Mike Brown
At The Circus – Column No.2 (Rod Everhart)
WJU Membership Application with Youth & Donation categories
WJU Member News and Notices: CDs,; WJU Apparel
Circus Windjammers- Part 3 (Sverre Braathen letter to Karl King)
Obituary- The Last Ringmaster: John Milton Herriott
2015 Windjammer Circus Band at Sailor Circus
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Music P.E.O March (Aldena Everhart). Pg.2- 2015 WJU Riverwalk Pavilion concert (Andy Rawls). Pg.3-2015 Circus Band trumpets (Diane Roytz); Kris Hartman & Charles Schlarbaum (Andy Rawls). Pg.7- Facebook. Pg.5,8,9- 2015 WJU Annual Convention photos (Andy Rawls). Pg.17- RBBB Bassist Mike Brown ( Pg.20- Garfield the Cat- reprinted with permission (Roger Hartman). Pg.21- CBCB Logo from 1990 Route Book. Pg.22- John Herriott, equestrian director, elephant hind leg stand ( Pg.24- Back Cover- 2015 WJU Circus Band at Sailor Circus, Charles Schlarbaum bandleader (Rod Everhart).
MUSIC: PEO March (CL Barnhouse)
2015 Vol. 45, No. 3
WJU Double Concert Program 7/25/14 – Lincoln, NE
WJU Officers and Trustees/ Coming Events
WJU Hall of Fame/ Dues increase, Date change/
1955 Canton YMCA Circus Band
2015 WJU Summer Meet, Music for Recording Sessions
Russell Alexander to be Honored July 20, 2015
WJU at Worldwide Circus Summit 2015 (Connie Thomas)
Worldwide Circus Summit 2015 (Don Covington)
3rd Baraboo Big Top Circus Parade, July 25
Int’l Circus Hall of Fame, Peru IN, Circus Parade, July18
WJU Membership Application
WJU Member News: CDs,; WJU Apparel, music
WJU Donations Received to April 30, 2015
At The Circus No.3 – Center Ring Concerts (Rod Everhart)
Music and Culture: Seeking the Bubble ( 1947 Etude magazine)
BOOK- Guaranteed Notes: The Demand for Perfection
When the Music Stopped (M.L. Rupard)
2014 West Valley Pops Band (Sam Licocci)
Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music (
OBITUARIES- Suzanne Carr, Jean Howell
Indiana Wind Symphony Circus Marches (Charles Conrad)
Jenny Lind and P.T. Barnum Timeline (
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Bandwagons on parade; Pg.2- 2014 WJU Lincoln, NE concert (Jordan H. Luke). Pg.4-1955 Canton YMCA Circus Band (Bruce Keck). Pg.6- Russell Alexander, portraits (Andrew Glover). Pg.21- CBCB Logo from 1990 Route Book. Pg.10- 2009 Great Circus Parade- Asia bandwagon. Pg.11- Joey Kelly in the Peru Circus Parade ( Pg.16- P.T. Barnum (Matthew Brady). Pg.24- Back Cover- 1938 ETUDE magazine featuring Barnum’s Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind (John McPherson Estate). MUSIC Pg.7- From Tropic to Tropic- Alexander (Solo Cor), Hampton Roads- Alexander (Solo Cor); Pg.11- Billboard March- Klohr (Solo Cor); Pg.23- Wyoming Days Intermezzo- King (Solo Cor); Galop Zip Boom- Duble (Bb Baritone).
2015 Vol. 45, No. 4
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
An Awesome Journey to the Summit (Dick and Connie Thomas)
Windjammers Provide the Heartbeat of the Worldwide Circus Summit (Don Covington)
At the Circus No.4 – Golden Age of Circus Music (Rod Everhart)
WJU 2016 Annual Convention Music Selections and Info
Thank You to Outgoing Editor (April R. Zink)
Keller Celebrates 50 Years Leading Naperville Band (A. Glover)
WJU 1984 Hall of Fame Profile: W.P. English (1867-1916)
Russell Alexander Honored with Concert and Plaque
Russell Alexander Program Booklet (Donnie Frey)
Obituary: Alex Wilson
Bandlover’s Bookshelf: Great Guys by Mayhew Lake
WJU President’s Report- John Wetzel
WJU Vice President’s Report- Andrew Glover
WJU Membership Application
2016 WJU Music for Ringling Museum Concert
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2015 WJU Center Ring Concert Band before the Cole Bros. Circus Performance (Paul Gutheil). Pg.3- 2015 WJU band after the Russell Alexander dedication in Liberty, NY with Charlie Barbuti’s 1917 Ford (John Wetzel). Pg.4- 2015 WJU Center Ring Concert band at Cole Bros. Circus (Paul Gutheil). Pg.5,6,7- WJU at the WCS. Pg.8- 1920s composers C.L. Barnhouse, John N. Klohr, Henry Fillmore in Cincinnati; Charles Duble; Andy Glover with crate B&B Favorite (Barnhouse Archives). Pg.11- Keller 50 years at Naperville with Andy Glover. Pg.12- Walter P. English with tuba approx. 1905. Pg.13- 2015 Liberty NY concert of dedication for Russell Alexander. Pg.19- Richard Whitmarsh visits WCS (Rod Everhart); 2009 Barb Bailey, Doug MacLeod, Rowland Nielsen. Pg.24- Back Cover- Designed by DigiCom Graphics, Independence, OH. MUSIC Pg.11- March Kings March Commissioned and dedicated to Ron Keller for 50 years conducting Naperville band (composer Andrew Glover)
2015 Vol. 45, No. 5
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Obituary: Douglas Daniel MacLeod (Andrew Glover);
A Windjammer at Heart – Douglas Daniel MacLeod;
My Pal Doug (Andrew Glover)
World Circus Summit Seminar (Connie Thomas)
Springfield Summit Circus Music list
WJU 1975 Hall of Fame Profile: Fred Jewell (1875-1936)
Summer Meet 2015 Photo Album- Pg.15,16 (Andy Rawls)
At the Circus: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (Rod Everhart)
Karl King and his Circus Bandmaster Friends – March Dedications:
Appolos “Woody” Van Anda (Woody Van’s),
Walter P. “Woody” English (Garland Entree),
Theodore Stout (Salute to the Sultan,
Ned Brill (Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite).
Karl L. King, An American Bandmaster (Thomas J. Hatton)
President John Wetzel Report; VP Andrew Glover Report
WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Doug MacLeod 1921-2015 (Photo Detroit Concert Band, Andrew Glover collection). Pg.3-2015 WJU Center Ring Concert Band- Raoul Camus conducting. Pg.4-Doug MacLeod and Barb Bailey, July 2013 (Rod Everhart). Pg.5- Doug MacLeod library and office; Pg.6,7- Doug and Andy- July 2015, Jan.1985, Oct.2006 (Andrew Glover). Pg.8,9- Doug MacLeod Photo Album; Merle Evans, Buster Bailey, Bob Barnes, Bob Bray, Keith House, Bob Barnhouse Jr. & Sr., Bob Peckham, Bob Hills, Ron Grundberg, Andy Glover, John Johnson (MacLeod archives). Pg.10- Don Covington at WCS; Pg.11- WCS Seminar Band (Andy Rawls). Pg.12- Frederick Alton Jewell. Pg.19- 1915 Sells-Floto Circus Band, Karl King, Conductor. Pg.24- Back Cover- Merle Evans Ring of Fame Plaque; Baraboo 2016 Summer Meet July 26-31; 2013 Doug MacLeod BD&C Sailor Circus (Rod Everhart).
MUSIC: Pg.13,14- Up from the Ranks- 1908 flyer for Jewell’s Music at C.L.Barnhouse Publishers. Pg.18- Solo Cornet parts for King Marches
AD:Pg.11-Circus Fans of America; Pg-22- Circus Model Builders; Circus Historical Society.
2015 Vol. 45, No. 6
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Merle Evans and His Band: Concerts in Sarasota 1925-29 (Doug MacLeod Collection)
Karl Lawrence King (Jerrold Jimmerson)
Playing Under Karl King (Nancy Olson)
WJU Hall of Fame: Elected 1996 P.G. Lowery (1869-1942)
Merle, Doug & Me (Ron Keller)
Welcome New Members
At the Circus: Band Organs (Rod Everhart)
WJU Summer Meet 2016: Baraboo (Howard Habenicht)
Showman: Life and Music of Perry George Lowery (C.E.Watkins)
President’s Report: John Wetzel; VP’s Report: Andy Glover
Windjammers with the Carson & Barnes Circus, 1982 (Robert L. Barnes)
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Band Organ at Worldwide Circus Summit (Rod Everhart). Pg.3- 2016 WCS Center Ring Concert Band introduced by Cole Bros. Circus ringmaster Chris Connors (Paul Gutheil). Pg.8-Karl King in uniform (Jimmerson). Pg.10- Young Nancy Olson in her Karl King Band uniform; Pg.11- Duane “Oley” and Nancy Olsen, King Band members (Olsen). Pg.12- 1920 RBBB sideshow bands; P.G. Lowery bandleader (Doug MacLeod Collection); Pg.13- A Breeze From Alabama- dedicated to P.G. Lowery by Scott Joplin (Barnhouse Archives). Pg.15- Bob Barnhouse, Ron Keller, Merle Evans, Doug MacLeod (Doug MacLeod Collection). Pg.16- WJU Ron Keller, Keith House, Bill Roosa, Ron Grundberg, Don Albright, Doc Dettman, Bob Peckham; RBBB Kenneth H. Baldwin, Rex Rondstrom, Merle Evans; Paul Yoder (Doug MacLeod Collection). Pg.17- Circus Band Organs at WCS (Rod Everhart). Pg.18- 1897 Ringling Bros. mounted band; Pg.20- 1982 Central Methodist meeting with Merle Evans (Doug MacLeod Collection). Pg.24- Back Cover- Attend the Baraboo Meet, July 26-31, 2016; Musical Chimps at the St. Louis Zoo in the 1960s.
MUSIC: Pg.14- Galop “Prince of Decorah” dedicated to my Friend B.O. Marsh (P.G. Lowery); “High and Mighty” dedicated to P.G. Lowery (Fred Jewell).


2016 Vol. 46, No. 1
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU 2016 Hall of Fame Profile: Richard Whitmarsh
President John Wetzel Report
WJU 44th Annual Convention & Museum Concert Program
Convention Participants by Section (Photos Andy Rawls)
At the Circus- Circus Parades (Rod Everhart)
Rudy Bundy as Circus Musician (Bill Armstrong)
Vice President Andrew Glover Report
WJU 2016 Cemetery Band (Photos Andy Rawls)
Special Notices: Thank you from Doug MacLeod Family;
CD Recordings Available
WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2016 WJU Circus Band at Sailor Circus, Charles Schlarbaum bandleader, Pg.3- WJU officers; 2016 WJU Circus Band in Sailor Circus arena (Andy Rawls). Pg.4- Richard Whitmarsh conducts 2015 WJU rehearsal band (Rod Everhart). Pg.5- 2016 Sailor Circus Director Jennifer Mitchell receives WJU donation (Pete Adams). Pg.13- 2010 bandwagons Great Van Amberg before Peru, IN circus parade, Columbia and United States at Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI (Aldena Everhart). Pg.14-1969 Merle Evans with Rudy Bundy, John Ringling North in JOMAR ca.1940s, Pg.15-1969 RBBB circus band Merle Evans bandleader, Rudy Bundy in clarinet section (Bill Armstrong). Pg.16- 17 Manasota Memorial Cemetery photos: Wetzel & Keller, full band in rotunda. Pg.18-Outgoing editor April R. Zink receives plaque. Pg.20- Back Cover- Summer Meet 2016 in Baraboo, WI.
2016 Vol. 46, No. 2
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU Balance Sheet & Income Statement (Howard Habenicht)
WJU Vice President’s Report (Andy Glover)
WJU 44th Convention Recap (Mike Montgomery)
WJU 44th Convention Photos (Andy Rawls)
WJU 2016 Baraboo Meet Preview (Howard Habenicht)
WJU 1984 Hall of Fame: Walter P. English (Charles Conrad)
Celebrating Karl King his 125th Birthday, FEB 21 (Andy Glover)
Red Floyd, RBBB drummer 1899-1966 (Bill Armstrong)
My York Tuba (Bruce Keck)
A Part of History: 2015 WCS (Adrienne Cannon)
2016 IISA Charity Circus in Gibtown (Don Covington)
Special Notices: Thanks from Whitmarsh; CD Recordings; Barb Anderson birthday, Hal Hazen memorial dance band
Out of the Past: Herman Ludwig, circus bandleader 1831-1901 (Dan Schultz)
Bandlover’s Bookshelf: “Guaranteed Notes: The Demand for Perfection“: The Erdman Brothers in The President’s Own USMC Band (April R. Zink)
2015 WJU New Members
WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- United States Bandwagon at CWM, Baraboo WI (Rod Everhart). Pg.3- Barnum & Baileys circus band “Playing Cowboys Patrol and Floating Along” (under Loop-the-Loop rigging)- W.P. English, director; 1946 RBBB circus band in Chicago, Red Floyd and Circus Drums. Pg.9- Headshot W.P. English, tuba and bandleader (Conrad Collection). Pg.10- Larry Mitchell as Karl King in uniform with King portrait, Pg.11- Karl King exhibits (Glover Collection). Pg.12-13- Ray Floyd and special circus drum on RBBB; photos with Red and Lou Jacobs, Roy Blomster, Merle Evans (Archives). Pg.20- Great Van Amburg bandwagon in Peru, IN; Herman Ludwig portrait and tombstone. Pg.24- Back Cover- Barnum & Bailey circus poster of monkey family (CWM Baraboo WI).
2016 Vol. 46, No. 3
COVER: 1902 Columbia Bandwagon from Bode Wagon company
WJU 2016 Committee Members
Circus Jargon (Part 1)
History of Circus World Museum (Rod Everhart)
WJU 2016 Baraboo Meet Music- selected by Ron Keller
2016 Baraboo Parade to honor Gollmar Bros. Circus
The Elephants (M.L. Rupard)
Music of Karl King (Jerry Jimmerson)
A Tribute to Keith House (John Wetzel)
Maestro Merle Evans (Rod Everhart)
Roy “Buddy Roye” Blomster, circus organist (Bill Armstrong)
A Kid Again Under the Big Top: retired Navy Captain Don Covington (Kelly Hannon, US News & World Report reprint)
WJU 2005 Hall of Fame: Wm.Sweeney (Charles Conrad)
Obituary tribute: tuba Ed Livingston
Fanfare of the Windjammers: excerpts Part 1 from Small Town- Big Top (Charles Hexom)
Special Notices: Music for Youth Circus (Leslie Vogel), Charles Conrad circus bandleaders list, Doug MacLeod music library catalog 5,500 selections, Indiana Wind Symphony, WJU recordings, WJU Apparel by Mary Adams
Obituaries Dorothy Erler & Cdr. Ralph “Bill” Barnum (USN Ret.),
WJU Membership (Ron Keller); WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Columbia Bandwagon (Rod Everhart). Pg.3- 1946 Merle Evans conducting, RBBB Bandstand. Pg.4- Columbia Bandwagon: 1927 & 1935 in parades (Conover Collection), 1906 Columbia bandwagon backdrop for Adam Forepaugh & Sells Circus Band, bandmaster John Gill (Buckles Blog). Pg.5- 2001 Macy’s Parade South Shore Concert Band playing circus music on the Columbia Bandwagon, Grandma “Barry Lubin” from Big Apple Circus guest rider (Sounds of the Circus CD Vol.23). Pg.6- Bandwagons at CWM Cole Bros Calliope, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West (Rod Everhart). Pg.8- Poster Gollmar Bros. Circus “Greatest of American Shows” (CWM image); Pg.9- Mother Goose circus float in modern parade (Anthony Gartner, One K Photography). Pg.10- Circus Elephants (Feld Entertainment & Rod Everhart). Pg.12-13 Prof.House with John Wetzel, Rafael Mendez, two Central Methodist College LPs with Merle Evans. Pg.14-15 portraits of Merle Evans, cornet at Barnhouse. Pg.16-17 Roy Blomster photos on RBBB, with children Bunky & Helen, Merle Evans, RBBB Choreographer Dick Barstow, Red Floyd. Pg.20- Wm. Sweeney portrait Cornetist, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. Pg.21- Wm. Sweeney tombstone in Northe Platte, NE. Pg.22- Graveside bench Ed Livingston “World’s Greatest Circus Band Tuba Player” Pg.28- Back Cover- Columbia Bandwagon in 1948 as a ticket wagon (CHS photo); 1949 Columbia in Cole Bros. Circus colors (Milner Library, ISU). MUSIC Pg.21- Sheet Music cover for The Two Bills, composer Wm. Sweeney. Pg.23- Galop “Prince of Decorah” by P.G. Lowery – solo cornet part.
2016 Vol. 46, No. 4
COVER: America Calliope Wagon, Sebastian Wagon Co. of New York built 1902 for Barnum & Bailey Circus
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Obituary & Memories- Personification of Integrity: Paul Bierley (Andy Glover)
Ringling Reinvents Post-Elephants (Rod Everhart)
Bookshelf- Through Sun, Rain, Wind and Mud: On the Road with Cole Bros. Circus (Bill Carter)
1973 Carson & Barnes Circus Band, bandmaster Ty Jeffrey
1955 Clyde Beatty Animal Music Cues (Buckles Blog)
A Tribute to Ollie Zinsmeister (Barb Bailey)
Circus Music King: Karl L. King (Rod Everhart)
Remembering Karl King (Reginald Schive)
At the Circus: Sousa (Rod Everhart)
Circus Jargon (Part 2)
WJU 1981 Hall of Fame: J.J. Richards (Charles Conrad)
Out of the Past – 1894 Dayton Charity Circus (Dayton News)
Fanfare of the Windjammers: excerpts Part 2 from Small Town- Big Top (Charles Hexom)
Special Notices: Thank you from CA conservatory,
Return Links to WJU on YouTube,
WJU Annual Member Donations (H. Habenicht, Treasurer)
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 1963 America Calliope wagon at CWM (Sverre O. Braathen collection at Milner Library, ISU). Pg.3- 1911 Karl King as euphonium in Yankee Robinson Circus, 1928 Karl King’s Fort Dodge Municipal Band ( Pg.4- 1903 America Tableau wagon, 1927 America Bandwagon on Christy Bros. Circus (M.B. Brinley collection), 1940 & 1950 America Calliope Wagon for Cole Bros. Circus (all photos Conover Collection, unless noted). Pg.5- 1947 America Steam Calliope Wagon in Denver parade, America Wagon details today in color at CWM (Rod Everhart). Pg.7- 1988 Detroit Concert Band alumni Paul Bierley, Chuck Turner, Andy Glover. Pg.8- 2016-MAY-1 in Providence, RIRBBB final elephant long mount Pg.11- Clyde Beatty animal trainer, 1955 Music Cues handwritten on Mayflower Hotel letterhead, Program cover from Clyde Beatty & Hamid-Morton 3-ring Circus. Pg.13- Charles and Josephine Smith, Barb and Buster Bailey, Marge & Ollie Zinsmeister WJU JAN 2001. Pg.14- 1913 Karl King with baritone, on Barnum & Bailey Circus; Pg.15- 1917 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band, King’s 1936 Conn Model 20-I Baritone; King’s Trouping Days 1910-1918. Pg.16- 1961 Reggie Schive on bandstand with Karl King, Pg.17- Lassie Jr. with Mr. & Mrs. King (Schive archives). Pg.20- J.J. Richards portraits Ringling Bandleader, Pg.21- 1913 Ringling Bros. Concert Band- J.J. Richards, Director; Conductor of the Long Beach Municipal Band. Pg.28- Back Cover- America Bandwagon details and Carson-Barnes Circus elephant.
MUSIC: Pg.17- Solo Cornet excerpt of Bolivar March by K.L. King dedicated to Ed Wosky “Toreador”
2016 Vol. 46, No. 5
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Obituary: Charles Schlarbaum, Circus bandleader (CFA)
Chuck Schlarbaum: In His Own Words (Interview Transcript Excerpts from 2008 USF Tampa Library & World history program)
Remembering Charles Schlarbaum (Andy Glover)
Charles Schlarbaum, circus bandmaster (Charles Bennett)
Tributes to Chuck (Ron Keller, Armand Olevano, Rod Everhart, April Zink, Don Cooksey)
Donation Opportunity: Fund Schlarbaum’s Library
Circus Jargon (Part 3)
Tribute to Buster Bailey WJU #17 (Bill Armstrong #3610)
Harry Brabec “Sits In” with Carson & Barnes Circus (Barbara Brabec)
Remembering Karl King (Duane “Oley” Olson)
Today’s Ringling Band: Circus Extreme 145th ed. Red Unit; Brett Barlow, bandleader (Andy Bell, trombone and long time circus fan near Boston)
WJU 1982 Hall of Fame: Albert C. Sweet (Charles Conrad)
WJU 2016 Summer Meet – Baraboo (Howard Habenicht)
OUT OF THE PAST: Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus: Reprint Sept. 1927 Cherokee (KS) Sentinel (submitted by M.L. Rupard WJU #1032); Burr Robbins’ Moral Museum, Circus and Menagerie (newsprint 1878)
Fanfare of the Windjammers: excerpts Part 3 from Small Town- Big Top (Charles Hexom)
Obituaries: Georgine Salisbury, Dr. Clifford E. Watkins
Special Notices: Ollie’s Autographs, Indiana Wind Symphony, Arizona Surprise Pops, YouTube link to 2011 Oskaloosa Cemetery memorial
South Shore Circus Band, Richard Whitmarsh on YouTube
WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Maestro Charles Schlarbaum, 2008 Great Circus Parade (Don Covington). Pg.3- 1972 Charles Schlarbaum bandleader CBCB (Fanfare archives); 2016 Schlarbaum conducting Windjammers at Sailor Circus (Andy Rawls). Pg.4- Circus Bandleader Charles Schlarbaum; 1967 Schlarbaum conducts Clyde Beatty Circus Band (; 1972 Schlarbaum fronts CBCB circus band (Fanfare archives). Pg.6- 1974 CBCB Schlarbaum and Charlie Bertini (Jim Buttolph); 1967 Schlarbaum plays CBCB Calliope (; 1971 Schlarbaum at CBCB. Pg.8&9- Schlarbaum and Glover at Sailor Circus; Pg.9- Schlarbaum conducts Glover’s Ring of Fame band (Andy Glover). Pg.10- 1970 CBCB band at So. Bend IN; 1973 first Windjammers convention band (Bennett). Pg.11- Conductor Schlarbaum (Don Curtis, Armand Olevano). Pg.12- Schlarbaum 2011 Ring of Fame awarded (Gloria Cooksey). Pg.14-16- Buster Bailey at NY Phil and Ringling at MSG with Barbara, with Schlarbaum, with Paul Yoder and Red Floyd’s snare, with Doug MacLeod (Bill Armstrong). Pg.18- Oley and Karl King. Pg.21- RBBB Circus Extreme. Pg.22- Al Sweet portrait with trumpet, 1907 Ringling Bros. circus band (CWM). Pg.23- 1911 Ringling Bros. Circus band (Ringling Museum). Pg.24- Baraboo conductors, WJU Al Ringling Mansion Ballroom concert, Front page press. Pg.25- Windjammer bands in concert in the Hippodrome circus arena at Circus World Museum (Andy Rawls). Pg.32- Back Cover- 2007 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade circus band led by Charles Schlarbaum on CWM United States Bandwagon (Don Covington).
MUSIC Pg.16- Wrist Twisters and Mental and Manual Calisthenics for the Modern Mallet Player – Elden (Buster) Bailey
2016 Vol. 46, No. 6
COVER: Two Hemispheres Parade Wagon: The Aristocrat of the
Bandwagon Family (Heritage Auctions, Dallas TX)
Canadian Buys 114-year old (Two Hemispheres) Wagon (Carson Gerber, reprint from Kokomo Tribune)
Circus Jargon (Part 4)
2017 WJU 45th Annual Convention & Music List
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU Officer & Trustee Nominations
Mr. Tuba: Harvey Phillips (Rod Everhart)
Christmas Greeting Cards over the years
Remembering Karl King (Karl Killinger, Frank Piersol, Carl “Tim” Pray, Max Whitlock)
WJU 1995 Hall of Fame: Hale A. Vandercook 1964-1949 (Charles Conrad)
Fanfare of the Windjammers: excerpts Part 4 from Small
Town- Big Top (Charles Hexom)
Obituary: Stan Howell; Bob Ferrante- South Shore Circus
Band drummer; Return old Fanfares; Cousin Reunion; Circus Fanfare Index; Merle Evans Christmas card.
Barnum & Bailey Circus posters of Two Hemispheres
WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Two Hemispheres Bandwagon; Pg.3- 1903 Two Hemispheres Bandwagon; Pg.4- Band Wagon House at Davenport (IA) Fairgrounds (Heritage Auctions, Dallas). Pg.5- 1944 NOV Polack Bros. Circus elephants pulling the Two Hemispheres Bandwagon. Pg.6&7- Two Hemispheres bandwagon on the move to new home in Peru IN (Kokomo Tribune). Pg.13- 1948 Ringling tubists Harvey Phillips and Johnny Evans; 2009 and 2014 TubaChristmas. Pg.23- Calliope photos- John Robinson Circus; old Gentry Bros. Steam Calliope; Kratz family 34 whistle calliope 1858-1934 ( Pg.28- Back Cover- Two Hemispheres bandwagon hitched at The Great Circus Parade.
MUSIC: Pg.19- Solo cornet part Hosts of Freedom by Karl King
AD: Pg.16- Circus Historical Society, Circus Fans of America; Pg-25- Circus Model Builders.


2017 Vol. 47, No. 1
Band Music Engraving (Andy Glover)
Charles Lloyd Barnhouse- The Early Years (Andy Glover)
President John Wetzel Report
WJU Member Spotlight: Mike & Nada Montgomery
Circus Bandmaster Jimmy Ille (Rod Everhart)
A Tribute to Bob Hoe 1922-1983 (John Johnson)
Circus Jargon (Part 5)
Sarasota Circus Arts Conservatory to D.C. (Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
WJU 1994 Hall of Fame: Paul Luckey
IWS features Indiana circus music (Charles Conrad)
WJU 1980 Hall of Fame: Charles Edward Duble 1884-1960 (Charles Conrad)
Obituaries: Henry “Hank” Carr; J. Robert Strain; Robert P. Hills, Jr. Thoughts on Bob Hills by Charles Bennett)
Circus Man Rudy Bundy 1966 (Marian Coe, St. Pete Times)
WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Printing plate for Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite (1913) from C.L. Barnhouse Company. Pg.3-C.L. Barnhouse with cornet, ca.1882, Pg.6- C.L. Barnhouse 1882 in Grafton (WV) Band; 1883 Arthur Love’s Musical Comedy Company Band; Pg.7-1889 in Burlington IA photo and engraving (Barnhouse archives). Pg.8-Schlarbaum library to Barnhouse warehouse. Pg.10-11- Jimmy Ille, 1968 Circus Circus, Las Vegas, 1969 RBBB Bandleader, 1970 Royal Hanneford Circus, 1975 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus bandleader (Mike Martin). CD The Grand Old Circus Band 1997. Pg.16-1975 Paul Luckey CWM ringmaster, 1965 Luckey with John Herriott and Swan Bandwagon CWM, 1969 Paul with Merle Evans, 1967 Chappie Fox, John Herriott and Paul Luckey at CWM (Barbara Bailey photos). Pg.18-Duble portrait, 1912 trombonist on Mighty Haag Circus, 1913 with the DeRue Minstrels (Conrad Archives). Pg.24- Back Cover- 1896 Adam Forepaugh & Sells Bros. poster from CWM.
MUSIC: Pg.5- Solo cornet excerpts from Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite– Dedicated To Mr. Ned Brill, Bandmaster Barnum and Bailey [circus] and The Defending Circle– Dedicated To my friend Cleve Dayton, Brighton, Ia. by K.L. King. Pg.14-Six of the Best! Prestissimo, The Big Cage, Circus Days, Broadway One-Step, Trouping Days, Invictus (Order form from K.L. King Music House). Pg.19- piano cover The Warrior March (1913) by C.E. Duble Pg.22- Flying High by Rudy Bundy.
2017 Vol. 47, No. 2
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU Financial Reports (Howard Habenicht)
WJU 2017 Hall of Fame honors Keith Greene, Paul Bierley
President John Wetzel Report
2017 WJU 45th Annual Convention (Mike Montgomery)
Changing Times: Ringling to Close (Adrienne Cannon)
Convention Photos by band and by section (Andy Rawls)
IISA Charity Circus “on Ice” at Gibtown (Don Covington)
Ringling Highlights: 1882 to May 2017
Ringling’s Connection to Sarasota (Jeff LaHurd, Sarasota

On Tour with Ringling Red (Megan O’Malley)
Ringling Memory from M.L. Rupard WJU #1032
On Tour with Ringling Blue (Wages Argott)
The Grand Finale- Beatty Cole’s Final Bow (Timothy Noel Tegge)
Obituaries: William John “Bill” Foster, Paul Shartle
Special Notices: Thanks from Howard Scheib; Review – The Grand Finale CD
Circus Jargon (Part 6)
WJU Member Spotlight- Charles Conrad
WJU New Members & Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2017 Charles Conrad conducts the Windjammers Circus Band at Sailor Circus (Andy Rawls). Pg.3- RBBB trombonist Megan O’Malley; Vic Anderson conducts WJU Center Ring Band. Pg.8-13 Convention participants (Andy Rawls). Pg.14- 2017 IISA Gibtown Circus Band (James Cole). Pg.15- Bandmaster Don Covington, Horses waiting their entrance, Elephant rolling globe. Pg.16- RBBB Entrance Way, 1928 Sarasota Herald front page. Pg.17- Ringling elephants, Beneva Road showgrounds. Pg.18- RBBB Megan O’Malley trombonist, Red Unit circus band. Pg.20- RBBB Blue Unit bandleader Wages Argott, Pg.21- RBBB Blue Unit circus band. Pg.22- 1996 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus band, director Jim Haverstrom, Pg.23- 1996 CBCB Band group b/w photo (Tim Tegge). Pg.25- RBBB Ringmasters: Blue Jonathan Lee Iverson and Red Kristen Michelle Wilson. Pg.28-Back Cover- 2017 WJU Convention conductors (Andy Rawls).
MUSIC: Pg.19- RBBB cue sheet from Megan O’Malley
AD: Pg.23- Tim Tegge’s recordings
2017 Vol. 47, No. 3
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
A Tribute to RBBB Circus Bands (Rod Everhart)
RBBB Bandmasters 1871 to 2017 (Charles Conrad)
WJU 1997 Hall of Fame- William Goodwin Pruyn
The Greatest Gig on Earth: (Brett Barlow, Bandmaster RBBB Red)
RBBB Gold Unit Bands 2004-2015 (Rod Everhart)
Keith Greene: Circus bandleader (reprints 1979; 1999)
Circus Jargon (Part 7)
Merle Evans 90th Birthday CD (Andy Glover)
Special Notices: WJU committees, WJU Apparel
Obituary: Richard Whitmarsh; Deborah Butterworth
President John Wetzel Message
2017 WJU Summer Meet & Music (Jim Roytz)
WJU Member Spotlight- Dick & Connie Thomas
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2017 RBBB Blue Unit Bandstand, Wages Argott Bandmaster (Photo by Rob Slowik, Big Apple Circus bandleader). Pg.3- Merle Evans portraits; 1911 Ringling Band bandmaster Al Sweet (CHS). Pg.4- 1966 Merle Evans on cornet. Pg.5- Merle Evans and sousaphone player. Pg.6- Bandmasters: 1906-1911 Ringling- Al Sweet; 1907- B&B Walter P. English; 1908-1910 B&B- Fred Jewell; 1892-1906 B&B- Carl Clair; 1911-1916 B&B Ned Brill; 1912-1918 Ringling- J.J. Richards; 1917- 1918 B&B Karl King; 1919-1969 RBBB Merle Evans (1940). Pg.7- Merle Evans Circus Hall of Fame award and cornet; 1956-1960 RBBB Izzy Cervone; 2001-2017 RBBB Red Brett Barlow; 1974-95, 1997-2001 RBBB Red Keith Greene; 1970-72 RBBB Blue Jimmy Ille; 2011-2017 RBBB Blue- Wages Argott. Pg.8- 1910 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band Bandmaster Fred Jewell; 1912 Barnum & Bailey Circus band Bandmaster Ned Brill. Pg.9- 1917 Barnum & Bailey Band Bandmaster Karl L. King; 1930 RBBB Circus Band Bandmaster Merle Evans; 1935 RBBB Circus Band Bandmaster Merle Evans. Pg.10- 1940 RBBB Circus Band at MSG, NYC Bandmaster Merle Evans (future Windjammer Joe Losh back row far left cornet, white socks); 1945 RBBB Circus Band Bandmaster Merle Evans; 1954 RBBB Circus Band Bandmaster Merle Evans (ISU Milner Library). Pg.11- 2015 & 2016 RBBB Blue Unit circus band Bandmaster Wages Argott; 2015 & 2016 RBBB Red Unit “Circus Extreme” circus band Bandmaster Brett Barlow; 2016 RBBB Blue “Out of This World”. Pg.15- Brett Barlow’s RBBB bands 125th 1995-1996; 137th 2013-2014 “Zing Zang Zoom”; 129th 2005-2006; 135th 2001-2012. Pg.16- RBBB Gold Unit Bandleader Robbie Redding. Pg.17- 2015 OCT- RBBB Gold unit Band members. Pg.21- Columbia MO musicians for Merle’s 90th. Pg.28- Back Cover- Barnum & Bailey Circus poster Carl Clair’s Grand Military Band and Orchestra 1892-1906 (
2017 Vol. 47, No. 4
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU Annual Convention Close-ups (Andy Rawls)
Andy Glover Circus Band concert at CFA Convention
Ringling Reflections from RBBB school teacher (Eryn Skye Dewey)
Brett Barlow RBBB Red bandleader, his musicians, and Ringmasters
Ringling Bands in Transition: Size and instrumentation
WJU 2010 Hall of Fame: Carl “Pop” Neel (Charles Conrad)
Ellis “Skinny” Goe: Circus Bandleader (Rod Everhart)
Barnhouse letter RE: Neel’s Fashion Plate March
RBBB Circus Homecoming at CWM Baraboo, July 2017
Doug MacLeod Library Update (Ron Keller)
Schlarbaum Library in Oskaloosa, Donations requested
Circus Jargon (Part 8)
Ringling Recordings by Merle Evans and his Circus Band
Member Spotlight: Jim & Diane Roytz
WJU Annual Donations Report; WJU Membership Application
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2017 Circus Fans of America convention Andrew Glover Circus Band in St. Louis (John Wells). Pg.3- Last 3 Ringling Bandmasters Brett Barlow Red Unit, Robbie Redding Gold Unit & Wages Argott Blue Unit; 2017 WJU January First of Mays. Pg.4-6 WJU Convention close ups (Andy Rawls). Pg.9- CFA Convention Andrew Glover Circus Band photos. Pg.10-11 RBBB Ringmaster Andre McClain and Eryn Skye Dewey RBBB School teacher; Megan O’Malley RBBB Red trombonist; Brett Barlow RBBB Red bandleader. Pg.12- 1897 Ringling Circus Parade unit Ganweiler’s Artillery Band on horseback (CHS); 2017 RBBB Gold Unit Band (Robbie Redding); 2017 RBBB Red Unit Band (Brett Barlow). Pg.13- 1940 Merle Evans and those Circus Drums; 2017 RBBB Red Unit Chaz A. Chambers drum setup, snare and sticks; RBBB Blue Unit drummer Landon Baker (Chaz Chambers). Pg.15- James Adams Floating Theatre ca.1913-1941. Pg.17- 1947 Bailey Bro’s Circus Band Bandleader Ellis “Skinny” Goe ( Pg.19- MacLeod music in Naperville Band Library (Ron Keller). Pg.22- Charles Schlarbaum Ring of Fame Award (Gloria Cooksey). Pg.24-Back Cover- Ringing Red Unit empty bandstand May 7, 2017 “All Out and Over.” (Drummer Chaz A. Chambers).
MUSIC: Pg.14- March “Neel’s Fashion Plate” -Dedicated to CARL NEEL Bandmaster Walter L. Main’s Big Fashion Plate Shows- Solo Cornet part.
2017 Vol. 47, No. 5
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Annex Bands (Rod Everhart)
Out of the Past- Sideshows (Buckles Woodcock)
2017 WJU Cleveland Meet (Jim Roytz/ Mike Montgomery)
WJU 1985 Hall of Fame: Leonard B. Smith (Anthony M. Messina)
Remembering Leonard Smith (Andy Glover)
Special Notices: CWM Baraboo, WJU apparel & website,
Thanks to Rupard, Schlarbaum music, donations correction
Circus Showtime: Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Cirque du Soleil Crystal, Circus 1903, The Greatest Showman (movie about P.T. Barnum)
Carson and Barnes Circus Saurus, Big Apple Circus is BACK in NYC
Double-Bell Euphonium (Mike Montgomery, Doug Ruby)
WJU Member Spotlight: Robert J. Ullery WJU #1600
PHOTOS: Front Cover (and Pg.4)- 1931-JUN-12 Hagenbeck-Wallace Sideshow, Bandmaster K.B. Brewer, Brooklyn NY ( Pg.3-CD Leonard Smith, 1920s PG Lowery RBBB sideshow band, Pg.7- 1920s PG Lowery portrait with cornet (Doug MacLeod archives). Pg.4- 1895 Allessandro Liberati, RBBB Center Ring Concert bandmaster. Pg.5- 1922 RBBB side show band PG Lowery bandleader, Pg.6-1920 RBBB side show band PG Lowery bandleader (Ringling Museum). Pg.6-1954 Cole Bros. Clyde Beatty Sideshow, Pg.7-1924 Tom May’s RBBB sideshow band ( Pg.8-1950 Kelly-Miller Circus Sideshow, portrait of Boss Mel Lewis, ticket boxes; 1939 Parker & Watts Sideshow Band with dancers ( Pg.10-2017 WJU Conductors: John Roman, Vicki Pinson, Jim Roytz, Gerald Guilbeaux, Mary Anne Harp, Andy Glover (Rod Everhart). Pg.11-15, 26- 2017 WJU Summer Meet participation (photos by Amber Veverka, Jeff Weiland, Flip Herfort, Aldena & Rod Everhart). Pg.18- snapshots of Leonard and Andy (Glover collection). Pg.21- 1978 & 1993 Big Apple Circus entrance. Pg.28- Back Cover- 1895 Ringling Bros. Circus poster Liberati’s Band.
2017 Vol. 47, No. 6
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Circus Clown Bands (Rod Everhart)
Clown Band Photos (CWM,, Tegge) and Early Clown Bandleaders 1897-1911 (Charles Conrad)
Clown and circus historian Timothy Noel Tegge
Out of the Past, Ft. Dodge Clown Bands (
Clowning Around: Barry DeChant & Bruce Keck
GoFundMe- Showpeoples Winter Quarters
Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Don Covington)
WJU 2009 Hall of Fame- Harry O. Crigler (Charles Conrad)
Ringling modern all-access Pre-Shows (Don Covington)
President’s Message: John Wetzel
WJU 46th Annual Convention Plans (Mike Montgomery)
WJU 46th Annual Convention Music Selections
New look to WJU Website:
Holiday Greetings… from the past
WJU Members: Nancy Olson and daughter Susan Garro
WJU 2016 Summer Meet photos
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Timothy Noel Tegge clown 1988. Pg.3- 1937 Cole Bros. Circus Clown Band (CWM); Downie Bros. Circus Clown Band. Pg.4- 1936 ca. Cole Bros. Clown Band w/Otto Griebling, Emmett Kelly (CWM). Pg.5- 1897 Ringling Bros. Clown Band- Spader Johnson clown Sousa (CHS). Pg.6- 1920 RBBB Spain Tableau bandwagon and clown band, NYC MSG; 1924 Sells-Floto Circus clown band #45 bandwagon; 1914 Barnum & Bailey Circus “Funny Folks” tableau Clown band; 1931 Barnett Bros. clown band truck No.17; Pg.7- 1934 Hagenbeck-Wallace clown band on Lion & Wrestler bandwagon; 1935 Hagenbeck-Wallace & Forepaugh Sells Bros. Circus clown band on No.75 Fairy Tales tableau Houston, TX; 1935 Al G. Barnes Clown band; 1949 Mills Bros. Clown Band (CWM archives). Pg.8- 1902 Ringling clown band on Mirror Tableau; 1921 Walter L. Main Shows Jester Band three section cage wagon; 1915 Ringling clown band on Large oval tableau; 1909 Christy Shows clown band; 1916 Tableau wagon; Cole Bros. clown band on Clyde Beatty cage wagon (Ivan M. Henry and Pg.9- 1944 Cole Bros. Circus clown band; 1950 Mills Bros. Circus Clown Band in Wausau WI; 1960 Polack Bros. Clown band; Pg.10- 1988 Timothy Noel Tegge and the late Jerry Bisbee clown musicians Tarzan Zerbini Circus and PR photos Pg.12- 1994 Dena Lou clown and the Everhart boys, 2008 WJU leadership. Pg.16-17- Two Hemispheres bandwagon at 2017 Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Peter Gorman). Pg.18-19- Harry Crigler bandleader, 1907 Gentry Bros. Circus Band, 1913 Gentry Bros. Dog and Pony Show, 1925 Bloomfield IN Community Band (Charles Conrad). Pg.28-Back Cover- 2017 Bindlestiff Family Circus with Two Hemispheres bandwagon (Maike Shultz).
ADs: Pg.14-Circus Fans of America, Circus Model Builders; Pg.15- Circus Historical Society, Windjammers Unlimited.


2018 Vol. 48, No. 1
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
History of Brass Instruments (Rod Everhart)
The Keyed Bugle (Charles Conrad)
WJU 2006 Hall of Fame- Edward “Ned” Kendall (Charles Conrad)
A First Hand Look at Kendall (John Dingess, 1854)
WJU Members and their Vintage Brass
Brass Instrument Patents, Brass Humor
WJU Member Spotlight: Bruce Keck WJU #2177
Obituary- Dick Thomas; Gloria Jean Cooksey
Kelly Miller Circus closed 10/26/2017
Tribute to Douglas D. MacLeod
2018 Circus World Museum Theme – Circus Doo-Wop?
Ned Kendall’s Silver Keyed Bugle sold.
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Bruce Keck’s tuba bell (Jeff Weiland). Pg.3- Keyed Bugles; 1910 J.W. York & Sons cornet (Cathy Smith WJU #3637); Pg.5-1840 Anaconda contrabass serpent. Pg.6- 1987 Helicon, 1893 Sousaphone by J.W. Pepper. Pg.7- 1841 Graves & Co. (Boston) E-flat keyed bugle (Charles Conrad). Pg.12- Dennis Tuttle (WJU #3612) 1907 King Master Model Cornet by H.J. White Cleveland, OH; Philip Hertfort (WJU #2074) 1890s era M.J. Kalashen New York 2229 cornet; 1921 Keefer Sousaphone. Pg.13- John Wetzel (WJU #949) 1909 Holton Couturier cornet, 1862 Quinby & Hall rotary valve corner, 1893 Conn presentation cornet; Bill Reynolds (WJU #3504) Wurlitzer baritone helicon; Ron Delong (WJU #2930) 1917 Holton trombone in Elkhorn, WI. Pg.14-15 Kenton Scott (WJU #3450) 19 vintage horns; Ron Keller (WJU #492) seven vintage horns; Pg.14- Bob Ullery (WJU #1600) just 5 of his horns; Ron Berry (WJU #3423) four vintage horns. Pg.16- George Downs (WJU #2839) Sousaphones 1908 Conn upright & 1925 York 186; Frank Manola (WJU #3444) 1908 Conn 3-valve euphonium; Lloyd Grandprey (WJU #3434) 1912 Conn Helicon bass. Pg.17- Bill Armstrong (WJU #3610) percussionist has 1918 Conn valve trombone, played on Ringling; Merle Evans 1918 Besson prototype cornet given by Rudy Bundy & red painted clown Wurlitzer mellophone; Rod Everhart (WJU #1351) 1905 Lyon & Healy Cornet, Civil war bugle, vintage Alto Horn. Pg.18-19 instrument patent diagrams. Pg.22-23 Bruce Keck. Pg.26 Ned Kendall’s 1840 Henry Sibley, Boston keyed bugle. Pg.28- Back Cover, Brass Exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.
2018 Vol. 48, No. 2
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU 2018 Summer Meet in Oskaloosa planning
WJU 2018 46th Annual Convention & Section Photos
WJU New Members in 2017 & First of Mays
Out of the Past – Vintage Instruments
Circus or the Marines? America’s Story: John Philip Sousa
WJU 2018 Hall of Fame – Thomas G. Canham (Charles Conrad)
Obituaries- WJU past president, Connie Thomas; Rebecca Lee, Jerry Deutscher.
Meritorious Service Awards: Connie Thomas, Art Stensvad
Convention Extras – Andy Rawls Photo Link
Circus Arts Conservatory/Sailor Circus thank you letter
All-America Concert Band- Sioux City, IA (Bob Knowler)
Solomon’s Castle, Ona, FL (Rod Everhart)
WJU Member Spotlight: Howard Habenicht)
2017 Financial Results (Howard Habenicht)
PHOTOS: (by Andy Rawls, unless otherwise identified) Front Cover-
Windjammer Circus Band conductor Charles Conrad at Sailor Circus January 14, 2018, Pg.3- WJU Officers & Trustees, Conductors Ron Keller braving the time signature & Mary Anne Harp braving the cold, Pg.5- Ring of Fame- Andy Glover conductor; Center Ring Concert Band; Sailor Circus Band; Barry DeChant, announcer; Triad trumpet trio- Lloyd Grandprey, Linda Ziemann, Jim Cross; Pg.6-WJU participants by section, Conductors, Clarinet/Oboe; Pg.7- Tuba, Trombone; Pg.8- Saxophone, Trumpet; Pg.9- Euphonium, French Horn/Bassoon; Pg.10- Percussion, Piccolo; Pg.11- First of Mays 2018; Pg.13- 1898 Circus/ Poley (Denver Public Library). Pg.14- Thomas Canham, keyed bugler. Pg.16- Connie Thomas portrait. Pg.18-19 Convention portraits; Pg.21 Sailor Circus action; Pg.28-Back Cover- 2018 Sailor Circus Windjammer circus band.
2018 Vol. 48, No. 3
Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
The Circus Parade (Rod Everhart)
Cover Comments- Lion & Mirror Bandwagon
Out of the Past- Circus publicity in 1915 Watertown (WI) Gazette
Al G. Barnes “Electric” Bandwagon 1916
Mighty Haag Circus Bandwagon- 1912
F.J. Taylor No. 1 Bandwagon 1925
Sig Sautelle Band Chariot 1887
Liberty Bandwagon 1943, Merle Evans RBBB circus band
Five Graces Bandwagon 1878
Lion & Snake (Lion’s Bride) Bandwagon 1905
WJU 1987 Hall of Fame – Earle Moss (1900-1991)
Windjamming by Earle Moss (from 1974 Fanfare Vol.3 No.4)
Musical Archaeology: Schlarbaum Library (Dave Strickler)
A “Circus Music History” Seminar- Circus Texas 2018 (Rod Everhart)
Member Spotlight: April R. Zink
Lodi (CA) Community Band honoring Robert Gross
Obituary- Howard Scheib
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Lion & Mirror Bandwagon in 2017 Baraboo Circus Parade (Photo by Bill Johnsen, courtesy of Circus World Museum). Pg.3- Sunburst wagon wheels; Lions & Mirror Bandwagon in green (Richard Cline, CHS). Pg.5- 1893 Adam Forepaugh Band Chariot (Conover Set #703/ BB12 CHS); Barnum & Bailey’s Two Hemisphere’s Bandwagon -See Circus Fanfare NOV-DEC 2016 bandwagon feature (Heritage Auctions – Dallas). Pg.6- Ringling’s Columbia & United States Bandwagons at CWM, Baraboo, WI (Rod Everhart). Pg.7- 1881 St. George Tableau became the Lion & Mirror Bandwagon. Pg.9- 1893 Adam Forepaugh Band Chariot (Conover Set #703/ BB11, CHS); 1909 Cole Bros. Lion Bandwagon (, Kansas State Historical Society). Pg.10- 1916 Al G. Barnes Bandwagon, Eddie Woeckner, bandleader (Charlie Bennett); 1916 Al G. Barnes Electric Bandwagon (CHS JTB 60/ 23A, C Beerntsen). Pg.11- 1912 Might Haag Railroad Show in a Circus Parade at Malone, NY (Photo by Charles Bernard; from the Max Kramer Goodall II collection (WJU #1060); 1925 F.J. Taylor No. 1 Bandwagon (Rod Everhart). Pg.12- Sig Sautelle Band Chariot today in Peru, IN (Bob Cline); Chariot in Columbus, OH in 1958, with a Clown Band on board (Pfening Archives collection, courtesy CHS). Pg.13- Merle Evans RBBB band on the Liberty Bandwagon, pneumatic tires (Bob Harmel). Pg.14- Five Graces Bandwagon, CWM & 1890s (P.M. McClintock collection, courtesy CHS). Pg.15- Lion & Snake Bandwagon (2013 CWM, Johnny Trapino, courtesy CHS). Pg.18-19 2017 Schlarbaum library at Barnhouse (Dave Strickler). Pg.22- Columbia Bandwagon at CWM (Rod Everhart). Pg.28-Back Cover- Sells-Floto Circus, Free Street Parade Poster.
2018 Vol. 48, No. 4
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
Hartford Circus Fire in 1944 (Rod Everhart)
Hartford Fire Memorial Photos (RBBB trombonist M. O’Malley)
Composer Joseph Rogelio Lopez (Joanne & Ellen Aylward)
Circus Music Tidbits:
1920s Ringling Music librarian & clarinetist Joe Simon,
Bob Hoe (John Johnson),
Fillmore pseudonyms,
Ballet for Elephants by Stravinsky (1942),
Mysteries at the Museum: Hartford Fire,
More on Earle Moss.
Ringling Red Band Railroad Car (trombonist Megan O’Malley)
Circus 250th Birthday (Rod Everhart)
WJU 1977 Hall of Fame: A. Lee Hinckley
1918 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Train Wreck; Showmen’s Rest, Woodlawn Ceremony, Forest Park, IL (Howard Habenicht)
Obituary- Earl Whitney
WJU 2019 election, online WJU dues & apparel, ISU Milner Library Circus Arts Collection, 2019 Circus Summit, Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Big Apple Circus.
Member Spotlight -Vic Anderson
2018 WJU Summer Meet Music Titles – Andy Glover
2018 Annual Donations Report
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Charred Music from RBBB July 6, 1944 Fire (Merle Evans Collection, courtesy CWM). Pg.3- RBBB poster Lou Jacobs, July 5-6, 1944 Hartford (Tim Tegge Collection). Pg.4- Hartford poster. Pg.8- 1916 Tinney’s Circus Band on Robinson Famous Shows (Big Ten Shows) & roster; passport photo of J.R. Lopez. Pg.12-13 RBBB Red Band Car 41406 (Megan O’Malley). Pg.14- drawing 1800 ca. Philip Astley. Pg.16- A. Lee Hinckley 1938. Pg.17- 1938 Parker & Watts Circus band, 1950s King Bros. Circus Band. 1951 A.Lee Hinckley on King Bros; 1952 King Bros – Cristiani #1 Bandwagon on parade (Circus Fanfare archives). Pg.18- Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Train Wreck marker at Woodlawn Cemetery; Sig Sautelle Bandwagon (Bob Cline). Pg.19- 1918 H-W Circus train wreck. Pg.28-Back Cover- Hartford Circus Poster July 5 & 6, 1944; photo after the fire.
MUSIC: Front Cover- Charred Music from RBBB July 6, 1944 Fire (Merle Evans Collection, courtesy CWM). Pg.4- Merle Evans 3-pages charred music. Pg.8- March “Crescent City” by Joseph Rogelio Lopez – solo cornet part. Pg.25- Manuscript page from Charioteers of Semiramis Galop– Russell Alexander
2018 Vol. 48, No. 5
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU 2018 Oskaloosa Meet Report (Andy Glover); George Daily Auditorium; Historic Oskaloosa Bandstand; WJU Oskaloosa Meet Concerts; WJU Oskaloosa Meet Photos by Jeff Weiland
Fred Jewell’s Time in Oskaloosa
Iowa Band Law (Rod Everhart)
C.L. Barnhouse Company
Music Publishing at Barnhouse (Andy Glover)
Schlarbaum Music Library (Rod Everhart)
Member Spotlight: Jerrold Jimmerson
WJU 1978 Hall of Fame – Russell Alexander (Andy Glover)
National Music Museum, Vermillion, SD
WJU 2019 Officer & Trustee Nominees
Russell Alexander His Life & Music- book for sale
Obituaries- Dick Cummings, M.L. Rupard, Charles Liddle
Membership Application- renew by Sept.30
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Painting of Historic Oskaloosa Bandstand, Original at C.L. Barnhouse Co. Pg.3- Oskaloosa Bandstand by stained glass artist Floyd White; Historic Barnhouse music engraving tools. Pg.5- 2011 Iowa Brigade Band of WJU members on the gazebo. Pg.6- 2018 Oskaloosa Meet band concert posters. Pg.7- 2018 WJU Conductors; 1986 WJU Oskaloosa convention members. Pg.8-11 WJU photos by Jeff Weiland. Pg.12- Fred Jewell portraits 1898, 1923. Pg.13- Portraits Karl King, Alonzo Leach, George Landers. Pg.18-19 Schlarbaum Library at Barnhouse. Pg.21- Jerrold Jimmerson, Karl King Bandshell. Pg.22-23 Russell Alexander portraits. Pg.24- 1898 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band bandmaster Carl Clair, Alexander on euphonium. Pg.29- Mike & Larry Appel, WJU members. Pg.32-Back Cover- 1913 Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster from Oskaloosa; Oskaloosa Band Gazebo.
2018 Vol. 48, No. 6
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
WJU 1974 Hall of Fame- Merle Evans (Robert Parkinson)
Merle’s Last Blast 11/30/1969 Utica, NY (Bill Armstrong)
Out of the Past- tuba Ozzie Osmundson (Rod Everhart)
Beck Family Calliope Wagon (Jake Prinsen)
Circus Christmas Cards (Tegge Circus Archives)
1962 RBBB Musical Program (Eric Beheim)
2019 CFA Convention – Big E Fair, West Springfield, MA
Cirque du Soleil Paramour
Gene Kelly’s Clownaround (Rod Everhart)
Merle Evans endorsements
Obituaries Robert J. Ullery, Thomas Hildreth
WJU Member Spotlight: Marvin Manring
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Merle Evans in his final performance as Ringling Bandmaster, November 30, 1969 (Zack Bloom). Pg.3- Merle Evans red uniform & white uniform. Pg.4- Merle Evans 1941 album cover drawing. Pg.5- 1912 Uncle Josh Spruceby’s Melodrama- Rube Band; 1916 Buffalo Bill 101 Ranch Wild West Show band (Tegge Archives). Pg.6- Merle Evans cornet portrait; 1940 RBBB at MSG, NYC. Pg.7-9 color photos of Merle Evans last performance, including Rudy Bundy, Bob & wife Kveta Dover, Trolie & wife Engeborg Rhodin, ringmaster Harold Ronk, veterinarian J.Y. Henderson, Ringling manager Dean McMurray (Rudy Bundy scrapbook). Pg.10-11 Borge Martin “Ozzie” Osmundson 1920s tube with RBBB. Pg.12-13 Color photos Beck Family Calliope. Pg.17- Merle Evans pastel by David Farrell. Pg.18- 1962 RBBB program cover. Pg.23- Merle Evans Fitch Shampoo, Conn instruments, Sanka coffee, Holton cornet. Pg.25- 1983 Windjammers at Sailor Circus program A Tribute to Merle Evans. Pg.28-Back Cover- Merle Evans Uniform (Timothy Tegge).
AD: Pg.14-Circus Model Builders, Circus Historical Society; Pg.15- Circus Fans of America; C.L. Barnhouse apparel.


2019 Vol. 49, No. 1
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
“Only Show of its Kind in the World” – Gainesville TX Community Circus; listing of band music from 1962 Season
President John Wetzel Message
WJU 47th Annual Convention Plans
Gainesville Community Circus (Lucy Sutton)
Gainesville Circus Band (Larry Johnson)
WJU 2004 Hall of Fame- Carl Clair (Charles Conrad)
Harry Sullivan’s 1947 GSOE Production Music (Eric Beheim)
1949 RBBB Production Music (Eric Beheim)
BOOK: Sounds of the Circus: A Tribute to Richard Whitmarsh and the South Shore Concert Band (Paul J. D’Angelo and Jon Mitchell)
Member Spotlight: Norman Woodrick
WJU 2019 Annual Convention Music in Bradenton, FL
Special Notices: CWM in Baraboo, PBS mini-series The Circus, WJU Apparel, Renew, CFA circus band
Obituary – Robert Skipper
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 1923 Tangley Circus Calliope at Gainesville TX Community Circus. Pg.3- Gainesville TX Circus posters. Pg.4- Wild animal trainer Frank Buck. Pg.6-7 older Gainesville TX circus poses. Pg.8- Larry Johnson circus bandleader. Pg.13- 1903 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band, Carl George Clair (real name, George W. Smith) bandmaster. Pg.14- Henry Sullivan, Ringling composer; 1940 Ringling Circus Song Folio cover. Pg.15- 1950 RBBB production photos; GSOE album cover. Pg.16- 1949 RBBB circus program cover. Pg.17- 1949 Bandleader Merle Evans, Dressage rider Cilly Feindt. Pg.18- 1949 Harold Alzana high wire troupe; 1949 RBBB program credits, Dog Act, Pygmy Elephant. Pg.20- 1992 WJU brothers Woodrick: Rayford, Norman, Lavelle. Pg.22- CWM 2019 A Summer of Luv under the Big Top- cast promo photo. Pg.24-Back Cover- Gainesville TX Community Circus poster & Calliope.
2019 Vol. 49, No. 2
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
President Nada Montgomery Message
2019 WJU Summer Meet, Pittsburgh, PA (Lynette Garlan)
2019 WJU Convention Report from co-hosts Montgomery & Roytz
Convention Photos with online links (Andy Rawls)
2018 WJU New Members
Windjammers Band for Sailor Circus – Charles Conrad
WJU 2005 Hall of Fame: Joseph A Emidy (Charles Conrad)
Joseph Emidy’s Grandfather (Rod Everhart)
2019 WJU Hall of Fame Inductees:
Charles Edward Ringling
Norman E. Smith
1950 RBBB Musical Program (Eric Beheim)
William E. Strassner Canton, OH and young Karl King (Bish Wolf)
Member Spotlights – photos Andy Rawls
Obituaries: Armand J. Olevano, Jr.; Robert Van Hal
2018 WJU Financials – Howard Habenicht, Treasurer
PHOTOS: Front Cover- January 20, 2019: The Center Ring Concert Band during the Windjammers 47th Annual Convention, playing prior to the Sailor Circus performance by The Circus Arts Conservatory of Sarasota. The location was the Sarasota Circus Big Top. Photo by Andrew B. Rawls) Pg.3- Circus Sarasota Big Top; WJU Presidents John Wetzel & Nada Montgomery, WJU Cemetery Band. Pg.7-13 Photos WJU convention, by section, Conductors at Sailor Circus, First of Mays. Pg.14-15 Sailor Circus performance with Windjammers Circus Band. Pg.16- Joseph A. Emidy portrait (1835-1905), Pg.17- gravestone. Pg.18- Grandfather Joseph Antonio Emidy (1775-1835), gravestone, drawing. Pg.20- 1950 MSG performance photos Merle Evans, Albert Rix & Bears, Bareback Act, Clown Walkaround, Spec float When Dreams Come True, Jugglers Francis & Lottie Braun, Realies Trio foot jugglers, Jungle Drums elephants & long mount. Pg.23- Karl King in Canton (OH) Thayer Military Band uniform. Pg.28-Back Cover- Tuba view WJU 2019 Center Ring Band.
2019 Vol. 49, No. 3
Celebrating Naperville Municipal Band
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
President Nada Montgomery Message
Naperville Municipal Band Celebrates its 160th Year (Positively Naperville)
WJU 1988 Hall of Fame: Henry Fillmore (Rod Everhart)
Fillmore’s Trombone Family of Smears (Rod Everhart)
Circus Music Tidbits: 1864 Seth Howe’s Circus,
Music Milestones timeline (Charles Conrad)
Circus Musical Program: 1951 Ringling-Barnum (Eric Beheim)
Member Spotlight: Ron Keller
More Circus Music! IISA Charity Circus Band & Ring of Fame Induction ceremony (April Zink)
Our Naperville Windjammers, present and past
Out of the Past– Ringling Bandstand at ICHoF in Peru, IN;
Obituary of Hale A. VanderCook (1864-1949)
Obituaries: William E. Fletcher, Lloyd O. Grandprey
Ringling “Final Farewell” on AXS TV May 27, 2019
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Naperville Municipal Band’s 160th Anniversary Concert February 17, 2019. Windjammer trumpeters Jim Cross and Linda Ziemann center (Positively Naperville). Pg.3- GSOE window card, New WJU Board Trustees. Pg.8-11 Henry Fillmore portraits. Pg.14-16 RBBB 1951 Merle Evans on the bandstand, Ringling Bell Wagon, Spec float, Aerialists on the ground, Veronica Martell juggling, Elephant display, Harold Alzana on high wire. Pg.17- Ron Keller in Merle Evans white uniform, gold sleeves. Pg.18- Keller’s helicons. Pg.19- Keller 1957 family, Julie, Adam, Ron, Dorothy and Cookie the Smart Dog. Pg.20- David Pruyn bandleader IISA Charity Circus (John Cooley). Pg.21- Gerald Guilbeaux conducts Ring of Fame Band (Aldena Everhart). Pg.22- NMB at WJU musicians (Linda Ziemann). Pg.24-25 Ringling Bandwagon in need of repair in Peru, IN. Pg.26- portrait Hale VanderCook. Pg.28-Back Cover- 160 years of Naperville; 1885 Naperville Band Gazebo replica.
2019 Vol. 49, No. 4
Calliope Themed Issue
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
President’s Message – Nada Montgomery
Calliope Trivia: Keyboardists – Ruth (Karl) King on Barnum & Bailey Circus; Maybelle (Everette) James on Mighty Haag and Christy Bros. Circuses
WJU 2019 Summer Meet Update & Music Playlist (Lynette Garlan)
Feature: Musical Bonds That Tie! (Don George)
A Clown’s Calliope, Bob “Smiley” Corbin (Bill Armstrong)
Out of the Past:- Harry Shell (Rod Everhart)
Circus Musical Instruments (Charles P. ”Chappie” Fox, reprint 1983-01
Ringling Bell Wagon Note (Fred Dahlinger, Jr. on
Sailor Circus Arena Renovation (Rod Everhart)
Gainesville (TX) Circus Memories (Rod Everhart)
Circus Musical Program: 1955 Ringling-Barnum (Eric Beheim)
Member Spotlight: Lynette Garlan
Hall of Fame 1981: J.J. Richards – How I became a Transient Musician (reprint 1920 Musical Messenger)
Pittsburg (KS) J.J. Richards Band Shell (M.L. Rupard)
Membership and Contact information
WJU Convention/Meet History
Obituary: Mrs. Terry Abbot
Donations Report: Howard Habenicht, Treasurer
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Two Jesters Steam Calliope at Ringling Museum, Sarasota FL (Bob Cline). Pg.3- Gainesville TX Circus Band concert 2019; 1934 Two Jesters Bandwagon on Hagenbeck-Wallace lot (CHS Conover collection). Pg.4- Calliope Trivia (Rod Everhart). Pg.6- European Zoological Association calliope. Pg.7- Steamboat Nachez calliope; America calliope bandwagon at Milwaukee Great Circus Parade. Pg.8- Internal pictures of the America calliope; Miner Manufacturing Air Calliope Model CA-53. Pg.9- Corbin’s Calliope; The Tangley Calliaphone, Trademark Reg.U.S. Nov.4, 1924, Muscatine, IA. Pg.10- 1950s ca. Harry Shell at the steam calliope; portrait Harry Shell; 1905 Hagenbeck-Wallace Elephant Tableau No.2 bandwagon, Harry Shell on cornet; 1963 Harry Shell bandleader, trumpet and keyboard Isla Garcia. Pg.11- 1955 cartoon by Karl Kae Knecht about Harry Shell, Calliope; Gentry Bros. Steam Calliope No.1 by truck at 2009 Peru, IN circus parade (Bob Cline). Pg.12- Morecraft Calliope, Peru, IN; Cooper Bros. truck air calliope (Buckles Blog); Deagan Una-Fon. Pg.13- 1951 Ringling bell wagon; Kilgen pipe organ pipes. Pg.14- 2019 Sailor Circus renovations. Pg.15- 2019 Gainesville TX Circus Band. Pg.16- 1955 RBBB circus program. Pg.18- 1951 RBBB show horses in the backyard; RBBB Christmas card; 1969 Merle Evans portrait. Pg.19- 1955 Merle Evans circus band; side show banner; News AD Circus Time at Soldier Field, Chicago IL. Pg.22- J.J. Richards portrait. Pg.23- 1910 Forepaugh-Sells circus band, bandleader J.J. Richards; 1913 Ringling circus band & portrait, bandleader J.J. Richards. Pg.24-25 J.J. Richards Bandshell and bronze plaque in Pittsburg, KS (M.L. Rupard). Pg.28-Back Cover- 1941 Two Jesters Calliope on parade in Chicago, IL (Charles Cushman collection); 1961 at Ringling Museum Sarasota (Robert Cline)
MUSIC: Pg.5- Solo cornet Bravura by C.E. Duble.
2019 Vol. 49, No. 5
Pittsburgh Summer Meet
WJU Officers and Trustees/ WJU Hall of Fame
President’s Message – Nada Montgomery
2019 WJU Pittsburgh Meet Host Report (Lynette Garlan)
First Meet Experience (Don George)
Circus Musical Program: 1965 Ringling-Barnum (Eric Beheim)
2019 WJU Pittsburgh Summer Meet Photos
Lyrics to Greatest Show on Earth (April Zink)
Circus Tempos (Larry Johnson)
Out of the Past: A Mystery Solved (Don Covington)
Hall of Fame 1998: Everette James (Rod Everhart)
Member Spotlight: Frank & Teresa Cosenza
Circus Memories: 1955 RBBB (Helen Gross)
Obituaries: John Frank, Wayne Killian
PHOTOS: Front Cover- 2019 Windjammers Circus Concert Bands in Pittsburgh, PA (Don George). Pg.3- 1956 RBBB Pittsburgh ticket; 1965 RBBB Newsprint; Pittsburgh skyline. Pg.4- 2019 WJU Strategic Planning Committee. Pg.5- 2019 WJU Concert band ad Masonic. Pg.6- 2019 WJU First of Mays. (Jeff Weiland). Pg.8- 1965 RBBB program cover; Pg.9- Lou Jacobs baby carriage, Hanneford horses, Meckners Russian barre; Pg.10- Charlie Baumann & tiger; Elephant display; Chrys Holt hairhang; Pg.11- Newspaper AD vintage style (Eric Beheim). Pg.12- Three-rivers cruise; Pg.13- PGH bus tour & rehearsals (Lynnette Garlan & Don George). Pg.18-19 1919 ca. Wortham Alamo Wild West band, Raymond Samuels Lawrence clarinet, Park Prentiss, bandleader. Pg.20- Mighty Haag bandleader James family. Pg.21- 1920s Christy Bros. Circus band and toddler snare drummer Harry James; 1925 Lee Bros. circus sideshow bandleader William James Jackson, cornet; Pg.22- Calliope wagons from Mighty Haag and Christy Bros. circus musician Mrs. Maybelle James; Harry James trumpet method book cover. Pg.23- Maybelle James aerialist, elephant girl; Harry James WWII draft card, 1917 Mighty Haag circus contract for Everette James family; 1922 Christy Bros. Clown Band. Pg.26- WJU souvenirs 1955 RBBB program, ticket, and peanut bag (Helen Gross). Pg.28-Back Cover- 2019 WJU Pittsburgh concert band circus performers, Jeff the Juggler and Tank Tana Karo (Jeff Weiland).
2019 Vol. 49, No. 6
Honoring Merle Evans Time with Ringling (1919-1969)
WJU Officers and Trustees,
WJU Hall of Fame & WJU Meritorious Service Awards
WJU 48th Annual Convention (Host Jim Roytz)
President’s Message – Nada Montgomery
Feature: Illinois, Sousa & the Birth of School Bands (Scott Schwartz, U of Illinois, Sousa Museum Archivist)
Gamma Phi Circus- 90 years at Illinois State University
Gamma Phi Circus Band (bandleader Paul Hefner)
Composer Tribute: George D. Barnard (Rod Everhart)
Circus Music Program: 1961 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. (Eric Beheim)
1961 CBCB bandleader Boom Boom Browning
Out of the Past: Songsters (Chris Berry)
Circus Tempo Counterpoint (Don Covington)
WJU Band at CFA Convention, recruited by April R. Zink (Don Covington)
Marching Illini Band goes Green (Rod Everhart)
Hall of Fame 1974: Merle Evans – Reflections over a Century (Chris Berry)
Member Spotlight: Stephen Liljegren
A Circus Dirge? (Larry Johnson)
Obituary: Loie Grandprey
PHOTOS: Front Cover- Merle Evans portraits, 50 years with RBBB. Pg.3- 1893 John Philip Sousa portrait; Merle Evans portraits & signed Christmas Card. Pg.5- Circus Christmas 1925 RBBB, 1937 Cole Bros. Circus, Hunts Three Ring Circus- Charles & Mrs. Hunt. Pg.6- 1925 Sousa portrait, A.A. Harding portrait, 1897 Illinois Symphonic Band. Pg.7- 1904 Illinois Symphonic Band (University of Illinois Military Band), 1912 U of Illinois Military Band. Pg.9- 1930 Joseph Maddy, Sousa, A.Austin Harding; 1930 Illinois Concert Band. Pg.11- 1950, 1974, 1978 Gamma Phi programs. Pg.12- 1996 Gamma Phi Circus Band, Paul Hefner bandleader. Pg.15- 1922 Maysville (KY) Boys Band, Geo.Barnard bandleader; covers Alabama Dream 1899, Golden Age Waltz 1906 composer Barnard. Pg.18- 1967 CBCB photos (Eric Beheim) drummer William “Boom Boom” Browning & bandleader Izzy Cervone; Pg.19- CBCB Midway & Main entrance, Program cover; Pg.20- elephants walking; Pg.21- Under the big top between shows, cat trailer; 1884 William Washington Cole portrait; 2015 WJU center ring concert band at Cole Bros. Circus (Paul Gutheil). PG.22- 1961 CBCB Circus, bandleader Boom Boom Browning; 1967 photo of Boom Boom (Eric Beheim). Pg.23- 1880 W.W. Cole’s circus Songster. Pg.24- Windjammers CFA Circus band, April R. Zink band organizer; P.T. Barnum combined with The Great London Circus Christmas poster. Pg.26- 1969 Merle Evans portrait on the bandstand. Pg.27- 1941 Merle Evans and the Liberty Bandwagon. Pg.28- 1944 RBBB bandstand after the fire; 1969 Roy Blomster, Merle Evans, Red Floyd; 1958 Merle Evans Circus Band program. Pg.31- Twins Loie & Lloyd Grandprey at their last annual convention, WJU 2018. Pg.32-Back Cover- Poster 1909 Pawnee Bill’s Great Far East combined with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows, Monsignor Alfredo Rossi’s Marvelous Musical Elephants.
ADS: Pg.16- Circus Historical Society, Circus Model Builders; Pg.17- Circus Fans of America, Windjammers holiday greetings.
MUSIC: Pg.30- Solo cornet from Westlawn Dirge by Karl L. King.