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1990 Vol. 20, No. 1
President’s Page: more on Sarasota – Robert Peckham
Trustee’s Meeting
Program from Sailor Circus, 1989
1990 Sarasota Conductor Biographies: Donald Albright, Byron Autrey, Edward Ballenger, Ted Buenger, Bob Griswold, Keith House, Ronald Keller, John McDonald, Charles Payne, Bill Pruyn, William Roosa, Gale Scott, Kenneth Slater, Earl Slocum, LB Smith.
1990 Sarasota Convention (Eleanor Fengel)
1990 Sarasota Pre-Convention Roster
Sarasota, From a First-Timer (Lavalle Woodrick)
1990 Edinboro Adult Band Camp
Sarasota Circus Festival & Parade
Charlie Smith Tent #131 Meeting, Sarasota
H. A. Vandercook, New Style of Circus March (Richard E Prince)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU 1990. Pg.3,14,15-WJU photos. Pg.26- 1890 Allegan Town Band, H.A. Vandercook, cornet. Pg.27- ca.1895 profile photo of H.A. Vandercook, Circus Bandmaster of J.J. LaPearl Shows. Back Cover-Pg.28- 1932 Vandercook as teacher.
1990 Vol. 20, No. 2
President’s faux pas- Robert Peckham
Sarasota Convention (Anthony Flores)
H. A. Vandercook, New Style of Circus March (Richard E Prince)
Letters: Charles Lee Hill, R. Hughes, Richard E. Prince
List of Vandercook Published Music
Music & Muscle (Jim Perkins)
1990 Peru Circus City Festival (Charles Schlarbaum)
Announcement, Corydon Concert, June 8, 1990
Patricia Backhaus, WJU Cum Laude (Richard E Prince)
Programme: Backhaus’ Grand Spring City Band
Iowa Western Community Band Program of German-American Music- 6 MAY 1984; Dr. Arthur Hansuld, Director
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1990 WJU at Sailor Circus Arena. Pg.3,14,15-WJU photos. Pg.24-25 Patricia Backhaus mounted band in Great Circus Parade, 1990 (Richard E Prince). Back Cover-1990 WJU Sarasota Tuba Section (Vern Cooley).
AD: Al Koran Shrine Band, Cleveland sells Bolero Jackets and Zouave pants
AD: Tape Offer, Corydon Concert 1987 & all-inclusive to 1973
INSERT: Membership List, 1990
1990 Vol. 20, No. 3
Earl Slocum’s Schedule
The Circus Kingdom to play Summer Meet at Columbia
Music List for Columbia Meet
1990 Peru Circus Festival Music List (Charles Schlarbaum)
Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, Indiana
Tape Offers, Corydon, 1988 & Inclusive Offer, 1973-90
Special Tape Offer, Ward Stauth
Milwaukee Circus Parade, July 15, 1990
The Circus March: Saving a Tradition (Patricia Backhaus)
Circus March Hits the Street (Patricia Backhaus)
Obituary, Paul Yoder Oct 8, 1908 – Apr 4, 1990
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1990 WJU Swingsters (Earl Slocum). Pg.3-WJU photos. Pg.5-1988 Paul Yoder conducts WJU, his last. Pg.14-17 WJU photos incl. Frederick Fennell. Pg.16- Miss Gayle Presents the Famous Side Show Band. Back Cover-Paul Van Buskirk Yoder, Obituary.
1990 Vol. 20, No. 4
Proclamation, City of Columbia and Pre-Registration List
Impressions of First Time Windjammer-Paul Copenhaver
President’s Page: Allentown Band & Detroit Concert Band
Detroit Concert Band Moves to Arizona
Allentown Band Program, July 7, 1990
Tape Offers, 1973-90 & Ward Stauth Offer
Awards, Oliver Graham-FBA & Ward Stauth-WJU Hall of Fame
Strike Up The Band: Summer Sounds – Fayette, MO
Lesson In Non-Conformity (Herman Parks)
Charles E. Duble, Circus Musician & Composer (Richard E Prince)
Paul Yoder, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, (Jim Perkins)
Proclamation, State of Minnesota for Paul Yoder
Ringling Band Program, June 22, 1947, Harrisburg, PA
Bellevue Comm. Band Programs
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1990 WJU cornet soloist Byron Autrey, Columbia MO. Pg.3,8,18,19,23,34- WJU photos. Pg.20-21- Nik Palo, Smiley Herrin, Fayette MO Band volunteers. Pg.24- ca.1905 Charles Duble; Pg.25-1912 Charles Duble on Mighty Haag Rail Show; Pg.27-1913 De Rue Bros. Minstrel Band, Ogdensburg, NY- Charles Duble, trombone; Pg.28- 1918 C E Duble on Sells Floto Circus (Ballenger/Johnson Collection). Back Cover-1990 WJU Euphonium and Tuba sections, Columbia MO.
1990 Vol. 20, No. 5
President’s Page: Death notice Anthony Flores,
Yoder Brings Music Home Again – Steve Lord, Beacon-News
John Paynter Memorial for Paul Yoder (Robert Weitz)
Memories of Ringling (Wilbur Fredericks)
Turn-of-Century American Music, Warren Lee Ctr, Vermillion, SD
Programs, Bellevue Comm. Band
Naperville Band Concert with Capt. John McDonald, May 5,1990
Charles E. Duble, Circus Musician & Composer (Richard E Prince)
Allegro Band Music Imports List
The Circus Band’s Music (Robert C. Holt)
Tape Offer, Inclusive & Special Tape Offer
In Memoriam: Ted Viola (photo)
Charles Stanley Helps Celebrate Eisenhower birth
Musician Known as Advotuba (Harvey Phillips)
In Memoriam: Hamilton B Smith
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1990 WJU summer meet photo. Pg.3-1988 Charles Schlarbaum & Paul Yoder in Sarasota; 1990 Sailor Circus Arena. Pg.6- WJU member photos. Pg.7-Paul Yoder. Pg.15-Capt. John D. MacDonald. Pg.21-Charles E. Duble. Pg.34-Harvey Phillips. Back Cover-1988 Sarasota meet Paul Yoder & Doug MacLeod; 1913-16 ca. Al G. Barnes Ladies Circus Band.
AD: Video order form: Charlie Tucker of Smithville, MO
1990 Vol. 20, No. 6
Music for Sarasota
News Release, Karl King Band Board of Directors
Karl L King & Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite March (Richard E Prince)
Circus World Museum Winter Hours
1990 Adult Band Camp, Edinboro
Bandmaster Centennial
Let Military Bands Sing for their Supper (John A Barnes)
Sousa Post at Legion Confab-photos (Joe Losh, Conductor)
Letter to Editor: Charles Lee Hill age 80
Musical Stories, Chicago Symphony Member
Tribute to Paul Yoder
Tape Offer, Inclusive & Special Tape Offer
Circus program, Sioux Falls, IA Municipal Band, Aug. 1, 1989
Nicholas G “Nick” Brown & His Music
Obituaries: Harold Cowden, Joseph Barabe, Ladimir Rypka, Stanley Muenkel, Mrs. Viola Bacon
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1990 Carson and Barnes Circus trucks (Art Stensvad). Pg.9-Robert Bray, Ed Ballenger. Pg.13-Jaxon Kyes, bandleader. Pg.15-1990 Columbia, MO WJU students; Percussion section. Pg.17-Ed Ballenger conducts 1990 Columbia, MO. Pg.18-19-Carson and Barnes photos, WJU member photos, Walter Volkwein. Pg.26-Bob and Dorothy Gray; Jo Anne Horton, 16 and Earl Slocum, 88. Pg.34-1989 Russ Swanson; 1990 Larry Wells, Gail Simon.


1991 Vol. 21, No. 1
Merle Evans Obituary, from Washington Post 1/5/88
Personnel List, Sarasota, 1991
Report, Board of Trustees meeting
Outgoing President’s Report, Bob Peckham
President’s Page, John Reeves
Letter to Editor: First Time Attendee (April Zink)
Conductors, 1991 Windjammer Meet
Convention/Meet dates, next 2 years
Of Sousa and Circuses-Johnny Evans (Harvey Phillips)
Early American Bandmasters Association (Earl Slocum)
Keeping the Beat for 68 Years, Paul Hoy, Bass Drummer
Of Bands & Band Music in Modern Times Published Quotes of Karl King
Third Annual Adult Band Camp, Edinboro, PA
Obituary, Jim Perkins
Lad Rypka Still Busy Recording (Owatunna People’s Press, Aug. 1977)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1953 Mills Bros Circus-Joe Rossi. Pg.3-1987 Ken Slater, Merle Evans, Joe Losh. Pg.7-1991 WJU percussionists- Don Engle, Buster Bailey, Doug MacLeod, Jean Howell. Pg.10-Reuben Clinton “Johnnie” and Rheba Evans, Donnie Albright, Earle Hogate. Pg.18-19- WJU members. Pg.27-Bill Lee, Dr. Earl Slocum, Capt. John D. McDonald. Pg.30-Karl King band history photos. Pg.31-Gale Scott, Chuck Erwin. Pg.33-John Shideler, Theodore Buenger.
1991 Vol. 21, No. 2
Corydon Windjammer Concert, June 13-14, 1991
Announcement, Circus Auction, Gene Harris Antiques
Letter to Editor: Paul Hoy
Summer Meet, Naperville, July 24-28, 1991
Conductor’s Committee Report
Program Karl King Band, 100th Anniv. Concert (Richard E Prince)
The Phenomenal Bryson Band-1982 photo (Ray C Russell)
Tape Offer, Sarasota Convention Band, 1991
Obituary-Robert L. Parkinson
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1991 Charles Schlarbaum and his Circus Band, Sarasota; 1991 Allan C. Hill’s Great American Circus. Pg.3-WJU member photos. Pg.6-Bill Roosa, Ed Gloss, Harold Bayes. Pg.9-1991 Schlarbaum circus band trombones- Dettman, Wenner, Erler, Wilson. Pg.14-1991 WJU members.
1991 Vol. 21, No. 3
Herbert L. Clarke to Elden E. Benge: trumpet is a fad.
Music List for Naperville Meet
Desert Storm March (R. Paul Harper)
Karl King Quotes (Ft. Dodge Today Magazine)
Clinton “Johnnie” Evans: Low Notes & High Times
Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee, July 14, 1991
Made In Iowa: Surging Calliope Sales-photos (Bill Jacobs)
I Love Circus Music (Lauritz Melchior)
O. A. Gilson & A. W. Hughes …
… Mysterious Team of Composers (Richard E Prince)
‘S All Right, Gus!: Sousa, Molasses & Beans
Will the Real Will Huff… (Owen Miller)
WICR Indianapolis Concert Band Hour with Bob Hughes
Schlarbaum in Allentown- Broadway Express (Lynne Sellon)
Circus World Museum to Feature Thrilling New Daredevil
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1991 WJU Euphonium section (Dan Stockbarger). Pg.14-Johnnie Evans, tuba; Sandy Hulbert, Carol Lenz.
AD: Tapes for sale, Circus Bands of the past (Pat DiPonzio)
1991 Vol. 21, No. 4
Naperville Meet Roster
Program, Sioux Falls Circus Concert, July 23, 1991
Recording Offer, K L King 100th Anniversary Special, Amer. Marches, Continental Marches, King Marches, Fillmore Marches, U. of Illinois Band
Two Band Performances of Karl King 1991 Centennial Concert
Chef of the Week, Band Director/Dreamer, Charlie Payne
Naperville Band Receives Sudler Scroll Award
WJU Members of WMCCI Band- photo (Erler, Griswold, Parks, Hinsley, Kitrch, Kane, Selland)
One Beat To The Bar, Merle Evans Profile (Robt. Lewis Taylor)
Thanks Note, Russ Girsberger, Marine Band Librarian
Program, Summer Concert, Marine Band, Aug. 18, 1991
Tape Offer, Karl L King Band
Program, Fayette Star Cornet Band, Roanoke, MO, July 20, 1991
Letter to Editor: Charles Lee Hill
Ward Stauth Donation of Circus Music to Peru Museum
Historic Circus Tour, Peru, Aug. 20-25, 1991
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1990 WJU at Columbia Mall. Pg.3-1991 WJU
members Roosa, Pruyn, Rypka. Pg.4-Keith House, 1991 Sarasota. Pg.11-1991 WJU Sarasota Sailor Circus Concert. Pg.14-centerfold-1954 SEP 5-RBBB circus band, Merle Evans- Madison, WI. Pg.28-Back Cover-Bandsmen identified by Bill Pruyn- “Bee” Carsey of San Antoniobandleader of Pollack Bros. Shrine Circus-Western Unit, while Henry Kyes directed the Eastern Unit. Bee’s brother “Jingle” played trombone for Merle on RBBB.
1991 Vol. 21, No. 5
Board Meeting Minutes-Naperville July 27, 1991
The Circus Kingdom thanks from Dr. L. David Harris
Merle Evans Fellow Report, Naperville Meet (Emily Sykora)
One Beat to the Bar (Robt. Lewis Taylor) Pt 2 of 4
38th Season, Sarasota Concert Band (Bill Pruyn)
Harry Crigler’s American Band (Richard E Prince)
John Robinson’s 10 Big Shows (Richard E Prince)
John Robinson Circus in Eastern Kentucky (Gil Robinson)
C L Brown – Circus Bandmaster (Richard E Prince)
Lemen Bros., Great Pan American & Lemon Bros. Shows,1887-1906
Tape Offer, Sarasota Convention, 1991
Peru Circus Organizer, artist, Robert Weaver Dies (photo)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1991 WJU Concert at Naperville (Harry Durity). Pg.3-1925 Sparks Circus Band- Jack C. Phillips bandleader; WJU member photos. Pg.25-1923 Sparks Circus Big Top Band- Jack Phillips, bandleader (Billboard, July 9, 1938).
1991 Vol. 21, No. 6
Music for Sarasota Convention, 1992
One Beat to the Bar (Robt. Lewis Taylor) Pt 3 of 4
Bill Clifford & Ringling Band, 1966 Astrodome with Merle Evans
John Robinson Circus in Alligator Land (son, Gil Robinson)
Sarasota Int’l Circus Festival/Parade, Jan. 1-5, 1992
Walter D. Peele, Southern Gentleman & Trouper (Schlarbaum)
CWM, Baraboo Names Library after Robt. L Parkinson
Tribute to Karl King- Iowa Western Comm. College Band
The Circus Kingdom Music List, Oct. 1991 Mini-Tour
Brantford, Ontario, 60th Anniv. Concert, Apr. 28, 1991
Nominating Committee Report & Proposed Bylaw Changes
Obituary-George Mitchell, Oxford, NE (photo)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1991 WJU at Naperville: Ollie Zinsmeister, Jean Jones, Jean Howell, Bob Peckham (Stan Howell). Pg.3-1922 Petterson’s Trained Animal Circus- Rodney Harris, bandmaster; 1987 WJU Capt. MacDonald in Jamestown, NY. Pg.14-1894 Ringling Bros. Circus- Weldon’s Big Show Band No.171 (Bernard). Pg.17-1958 Cristiani Bros. Circus Band ID’ed, Rubber Bowl, Akron, OH- Ramon Escorcia, bandleader; Charles Schlarbaum trumpet. Pg.23-WJU members: John McDonald, Russ Swanson, Keith House, Chuck Erwin.


1992 Vol. 22, No. 1
On Review: Fillmore Marches, Florida State Univ. Band;
Rags etc., Great American Main St. Band;
Gems of Concert Band, Detroit Concert Band
1992 Adult Band Camp, Edinboro
Why Did You Start To Go To WJU Sessions (Hank Schallert)
Elvis Postage Stamp: Why Not The REAL King? Karl King!
Circus Musicians to Jam Today at Sarasota Concert
The Circus Kingdom Music List, Dec. 28, 1991 – Jan. 11, 1992
Jim Cunningham Honored by Windjammers
One Beat To the Bar (Robert Lewis Taylor) Pt 4 of 4
Recording Offer, 1950 RBBB Band, Merle Evans
Carl M Frangkiser, School Band Composer of Many Names (Richard E Prince) Pt 1 of 3
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1992 WJU Circus Band rehearsal-Schlarbaum. Pg.3,12,18-29,25-WJU member photos: Buster Bailey, Fritz Velke, Frank Scimonelli; Maureen Brush, Bob Calcote, Iraleen Caveney, John Fleming; John McDonalds; Paul Bierley, Nick Roberts.
1992 Vol. 22, No. 2
Ruber Orch, Paris; 35th Anniv. Concert, Marches of the World, Hillcrest (Cleveland) Band
Al G Barnes- Master Animal Trainer & Showman (R E Prince)
Harry J Lincoln – March King of the Ghost Writers (R E Prince) Pt 1
Corydon WJU Concert, June 12, 1992
*Earl Slocum’s 90th Birthday, June 17, 1992
Program, Brazil (IN) Concert Band, Nov. 24, 1991
Windjammers to ACB Convention (Richard E. Prince)
Great Pan American Shows Defeats Univ. of Illinois Students 1901 (Bert J Chipman) Pt 1 of 2
Bellevue Comm. Band Program, Mar. 24, 1991
The Memphis Blues: A Southern Rag- W.C. Handy, with Geo. Evans’ “Honey Boy” Minstrels & Ed V Cupero Band (piano music cover)
George M Rosenberg a.k.a. George Rosey (Richard E Prince)
The Circus Kingdom 1/11/1992 (Joseph Wiebush)
Carl M Frangkiser, School Band Composer of Many Names (Richard E Prince) Pt 2 of 3
PHOTOS: Front Cover—The Circus Kingdom Band, Jan. 8, 1992 (Rev. L. David Harris). Pg.3-1992 WJU Euphers. Pg.4-WJU percussion, Ward Stauth, Allentown contingent. Pg.7-1924 Al G Barnes Circus Band-Charles Redrick, bandleader; Al Barnes and train. Pg.28-1992 Dance Band; James Perkins Hall of Fame award family.
1992 Vol. 22, No. 3
Announcement, 1992 Summer Meet, Edinboro, PA
Music for Edinboro Meet – Douglas MacLeod
On Review: Circus Music From The Big Top – That Hindu Rag,
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Sarasota Sailor Circus March, Bill Lee’s Triumphal (photos)
Milestones on Road to Success, Sailor Circus 43rd Anniversary
J. W. Pepper Surprise Cornets & Trombones
Billy Martin Finds Life Good in Circus World (Ed Bebko)
Carl M Frangkiser, School Band Composer of Many Names (Richard E Prince) Pt 3 of 3
Buffalo Bill (Carl Frangkiser)
Music List, 1917 Barnum & Bailey Band, Karl King,Director, Carl Frangkiser, Asst. Director
Harry J. Lincoln – March King of the Ghost Writers (R E Prince) Pt 2
List of published band music: Harry J. Lincoln
WARNING! Circus Fever
Programs, Brazil Concert Band, June 9 & 30, 1991
Obituaries: Gene Hazen (photo), Rheba Evans, Marqueen Schlarbaum
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1991 WJU Naperville. Pg.3-Three Woodrick WJU. Pg.6-USMC Bob Griswold, Chuck Erwin; Carol Griswold-cornet. Pg.13-Ken Slater. Pg.17-Bill Roosa on tuba?; WJU members. Pg.21-1992 WJU concert band; Robert P. Hills Jr.
1992 Vol. 22, No. 4
Letter to Editor: Charles Lee Hill, re. Red Rhythm Valley
Birthday Cards Overwhelm Earl Slocum
On Review: Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 7
Information, Brass Bands
Fan’s Spirits Undampened by Rain, Kentucky Brass Band Festival
WJU Band Performs at Edinboro Meet (John Fleming)
WJU Band Program, July 26, 1992, Chautauqua Amphitheatre
Pre-Meet Registration List, Edinboro Meet
List of Band Music: Harry J Lincoln
How To Know You’re Getting Older
Circus Report: Clown Notes (Tim Torkildson)
Tape Offer, 1991 Sarasota Convention
Circus Music (Gordon Taylor)
Fred Jewell – One of the Best (Richard E Prince)
Circus World Museum to Be Renovated
Cincinnati’s Park Band Bandmaster Walter Esberger (R E Prince)
And The Beat Goes On: Freda & John Bales-photo (Caden Blincoe)
Old Band Bills, Uniforms, Music Engraving
Obituaries: Johnnie Evans, Paul Wendel, Dan Stockbarger
Windjammers Participate in Corydon Concert
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1992 WJU Edinboro trombones (Warren Wilson). Pg.21-1890 Jewell Family Band; ca.1908-1910 Barnum and Bailey Circus Band- Fred Jewel, bandmaster. Pg.22-Tetzlaff. Pg.31-1992 WJU band Edinboro, PA.
1992 Vol. 22, No. 5
On Review: Best German Marches, Maritime Band of Tokyo-Whitehall Music Guild
Reflections of Edinboro Meet (Joe Marino)
Circus Band Came to Amphitheater (Herman Trotter)
Program, Golden Age of Bands, Vermillion, SD, May 3, 1991
Great Pan American Shows 1901 Defeats Univ. of Illinois Students (Bert J Chipman) Pt 2 of 2
Museum Packed-Altoona, FL: Ollie & Evelyn Graham (Bill Bond)
US Navy Band of Washington, DC-photos (Richard E Prince)
Demolition of Central Park (NY) Band Shell (Constance Fairchild)
Interstate Bandfest Concert, Brazil, IN (photo)
Donors Support Maple City Band-Geneseo (Claudia Loucks)
Tape Offers, 1992 Sarasota inclusive 1985-90
Program, Green Valley, AZ, Concert Band, Bill Hastings, conductor
Program, Brazil Concert Band, Pride of Brazil by S K Goodman
CWM Exec Named Guinness Book Consultant (Greg Parkinson)
Program, 1991 Flag Day Concert, World Trade Center, NYC, Sousa Post Band, Joe Losh, conductor.
Circus Arrow Kills Musician- Krysztof Baschuz
Obituaries: Dallas Rudrud, Henry Crespi, Robert Kataja, Inez Conley France
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1992-JUL-26 WJU Chautauqua Circus Concert; Pg.3- Ken Slater conducting Ollie Zinsmeister, marimba soloist. Pg.3-1916 Fred Jewell bandmaster of Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Band. Pg.5-1992-JUL- 25 WJU Edinboro PA Circus Concert Band. Pg.13,21-1992 WJU members
1992 Vol. 22, No. 6
It’s THAT Time Again (Sarasota Convention, 1993)
On Review: Best of American Marches, Central AF Band of Japan – Our Favorite Rag, Wisc. Eau Claire Band with Stephen Goodman
Shirley Ryon Hospitalized
Jim Cunningham, trombone, 1992 Clyde Beatty-Cole, awarded
Music for Sarasota 1993 (Doug MacLeod)
Invictus March dedication poem by W E Henley (Richard E Prince)
Charles Duble, Circus Season 1947 (Richard E Prince)
US Air Force Band (Richard E Prince)
Tape Offers, 1992 Corydon WJU, Incl. 1973-90, 1985-90
“The Campbells Are Coming” (Richard E Prince)
PHOTOS: Front Cover— 1992 WJU Edinboro Tubas. Pg.3-1958 CMB-CHS Convention Band. Pg.9-Ballenger flat Euphonium. Pg.11-USAF Bands 1942, 1943, 1949. Pg.17-1992 WJU photos. Pg.22-1992 WJU Euphers in Edinboro. Pg.28-Ollie Zinsmeister marimba soloist.


1993 Vol. 23, No. 1
Thank You, Ward (Stauth’s Retirement as Sec’y-Treas.)
President’s Page, Sarasota, 1993
McIlhatten Points to Errors in Labeling of Army Air Corps Band
1993 Windjammer Elections
Windjammers to Man Circus Wagon in Milwaukee Parade
On Review: Golden Age of the March, Goldman Band
Music of Kenneth Alford, Band of Royal Marines;
Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 8
8th Annual Circus Festival, Sarasota (Eleanor Fengel)
Memorial Service, Merle Evans, Manasota Gardens
Remarks from new Editor Bob Peckham
Sarasota Highlights, Center Ring Concert & Pre-Registration List
Earl Slocum to be honored- concert program at Albion College
Three-Ring Management Under The Big Top – Thomas Horton
Letter to Editor: Ward Stauth
Obituary, Malinda Gibbs
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993 Sailor Circus; Ward Stauth 20 year plaque. Pg.3-Carol Zinsmeister, Warren Wilson. Pg.6-7 John Reeves, Bill Lee, Ed Bebko, Egil and Brith Gundersen. Pg.11-Don Albright, Juanita Evans, Mildred McCaslin, Gale Scott. Pg.13-1993 Peckhorns. Pg.14-15 Centerfold WJU members. Pg.21-Don Stauffer. Pg.22-Rod Elden, Marilyn Hoe, Doug & Mary MacLeod. Back cover-1993 Youffers and Saxophones.
1993 Vol. 23, No. 2
Board of Trustees Meeting, Jan. 30, 1993
What Is A Rookie Windjammer? (Ray Haney)
1993 Great American Brass Band Festival
On Review: Under the Big Top, Great American Main St. Band
First Timer Report (Vincent Gugleotti)
Preview, 1993 Baraboo (WI) Summer Meet
Program, Guy Holmes Memorial Concert, Baraboo, Sept. 16, 1945
Guy Earl Holmes, 1873-1945
Obituaries: Earle Hogate, Avis Hart
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993 WJU Sarasota tubas. Pg.3-Cmdr Don Stauffer and Capt John McDonald USN ret. Pg.6-WJU wives. Pg.10-11 WJU Sarasota scenes. Pg.12-1993 Wilson, Keller, Peckham, Pruyn. Pg.19-Joe Losh, Dick Pletsher, trombones. Back Cover-1993 WJU clarinets.
1993 Vol. 23, No. 3
Euphoniums Feel Sting of Neglect (Daria Milbank)
Op-Editors Reply, Euphonium Article
1924 US Army Band-Pershing’s Own (Richard E Prince) Pt.1 of 2
Dr. Earl A. Slocum honored 91st birthday
On Review: Luftwaffen Musikkorps V
Who Was Arthur Pryor? (Rick Benjamin)
Egil Gundersen Describes His First Windjammer Meet
Windjammers Membership designations
Music List, Baraboo Meet
Brit Service Bands Take a Hit
Report on Shirley Ryon
Obituary, L C (Bud) Cherry
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993 Circus World Museum single swinging trapeze artist Elena Panova. Pg.3-1993 clarinets. Pg.13-1930 US Army Band. Pg.14-1993 Circus World Museum. Pg.18-1993 Percussion and trombones. Pg.22-1993 Lederer, Ryan, Skipper, Pletcher, Quinn. Pg.28- 1993 Circus World Museum musical clowns.
1993 Vol. 23, No. 4
Obituary, Hurst Miles- Related Articles and photos
On Review: Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 1-7, South Shore Band;
Yankees in Vienna, Militarmusik;
Band of the New Zealand Army (Brass Band)
The Euphonium (Tim Bryan)
Corydon Windjammer concert, June 11, 1993
Strike Up the Band (Great Amer. Brass Band Festival, Danville, KY)
MacLeod Limerick (Al Littau)
Walter L Main Circus Train Wreck (Altoona Mirror)
Eminent Teacher to Retire (Ron Keller), Naperville Sun
US Army Band-Pershing’s Own (Richard E Prince) Pt 2 of 2
News – Shirley Ryon moving, send cards
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993 Great American Brass Band Festival- Dodsworth Saxhorn Band recreates J E Henry’s Show band on Mary the elephant (Reg McGovern). Pg.3- Reg and Janet McGovern of Fidelity Sound Recordings. Pg.15,17-Photos from Great American Brass Band Festival, June, 1993; Sexton’s Cornet Band Lexington KY; Naperville Municipal Band IL; 35,000 crowd scene. Pg.18-1993 Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee. Pg.19-1939 US Army Band. Pg.25-1985 US Army Band. Back Cover Pg.28-1993 Great Circus Parade bandwagon.
1993 Vol. 23, No. 5
John Reeves President’s Page
Jammin’ To Circus Music Baraboo (Pam Chickering)
On Review: 1. “Heave-Ho“, Marches From Around the World, Merchant Marine Academy Band
2. March Music Melodies, First Cornet Parts to over 600 Marches (Norman Smith)
Badger State Blasts: Milwaukee Parade & Baraboo Meet (Peckham)
Flood Survivors Band Debuts: Baraboo Meet (Hal Hazen)
Concert Programs, Baraboo Meet
Advance Registration List, Baraboo Meet
Bill Roosa to Conduct Buffalo Symphony
After Words, Rochester Review, Donald Stauffer (Denise Kovnat)
Additional Day Planned for 1994 Sarasota Convention
Triumphal March of Melody:
200 Years of Circus Music – (Fred Dahlinger Jr)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993 WJU Baraboo tubas (Vernon Cooley). Pg.3- Byron Autrey, Russ Swanson (Anita Dettman). Pg.6-1993 WJU euphers and clarinets. Pg.16-17 Centerfold WJU at 1993 WJU Baraboo Meet. Pg.22-1880 Ringling Bros. Circus Band; Pg.24-1892 Ringling Bros. Circus Band- A Trip to Coney Island instrumentation-Wm. F. Weldon, bandmaster (CWM); Pg.27-1923 P G Lowery sideshow band; Pg.30-1895 Barnum & Bailey Circus Band- Carl Clair’s Military Band; Back Cover- Pg.32 1939 RBBB Center Ring Band, Merle Evans, bandleader (CWM).
1993 Vol. 23, No. 6
On Review: 633 Squadron, Band of Royal Air Force College –
Slavne’ Pochody Ze Svetovych Opera, Prague Castle Guard Band
Obituary, Joe Isham
He Plays ‘Em Close To His Vest – Harry James (1947 RBBB)
Florida Pre-Sarasota Band Concerts
Sarasota Synopsis: Music For Recording Sessions, Sarasota, 1994
Librarian’s Report (Douglas MacLeod)
Dodworth Tablet Dedication Ceremony (Fred Williams)
Windjammers at Joint West Point/Allentown Band Concert
New Windjammers
Musicians Needed for 25th Showfolks Anniversary
Ray C Haney, “New Guy” on the Block
The Circus – Katie Jirkovsky
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993 WJU under CWM big top (Dick Abbott). Pg.3- Keith House, Buster Bailey. Pg.13-WJU at CWM. Pg.27-Helen and Ted Buenger, Carol and Harold Hulterstrum. Back Cover-Pg.28 1953 RBBB Circus Band, Merle Evans (CWM).


1994 Vol. 24, No. 1
How It Was In Sarasota (1994 Convention)
Sarasota, 1994, Sailor Circus Program, Attendees List
On Review: Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 9;
Gems of Sarasota Concert Band
Circus Band Performs Int’l Circus Fest (Eleanor Fengel)
Paul Luckey Named To Hall of Fame
Can You ID 1933 Barnum & Bailey Band Members? (see 1994-03)
Memorial Service, Merle Evans, US Merchant Marine Academy Cruise, Windjammer Participation, Ring of Fame Ceremony
Letter to Editor: Circus Ring of Fame, Floyd H Kruger
Obituaries: Harley Pell, Anne Wurl
Windjammer Members, John Philip Sousa Post 112,Brooklyn
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1993-NOV-28 Dayton Ohio Children’s Parade, Bandwagon (Connie Thomas). Pg.3,8,9,12,13,16-Fred Williams, Ed Ballenger, Bebko boys, Laura Collee, Earl Slocum, McDonalds, Juanita Evans, Chuck Schlarbaum, Bill Roosa, Ted Buenger, Don Stauffer, Dunwoodys, Buster Baileys, Joe Rasmussen, Coach Bill Lee. Pg.19-1933 RBBB Band-[IDs in June 1994 Circus Fanfare by Bill Pruyn]. Pg.23-1994 WJU Percussion and Saxophones. Back Cover Pg.24-1994 Clarinets and Flute/Pics/Oboes.
1994 Vol. 24, No. 2
John Reeves President’s review
On Review: Univ. of Illinois Symphonic Band, Vol. 1-5
John McDonald Receives Rave Review re: Center Ring concert
1950 Charles Duble Correspondence re: Circus Bands
The Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee
Schlarbaum Arrangement of Hymn Available
Circus Musicians, 1886 Reprint, NY Sun
“Come Play With Us”, Kettering Meet, July 28-31, 1994
Facts About Circus Horses (John Fleming)
Great American Brass Band Festival Preview, June, 1994
Obituary: Rev. L. David Harris- The Circus Kingdom
Harold Hulterstrum suffers stroke
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1994 WJU Convention photo (Don Engle).
Pg.3,7,12,13,22-WJU member photos. Back Cover Pg.24-1994 WJU
trombones and tubas
1994 Vol. 24, No. 3
Letter to Editor: Mike Ash
Obituary, Rev. L. David Harris- The Circus Kingdom
Music for Recording Sessions, Kettering Meet
On Review: Ballet For Band –Wagner, & Marches From
Around the World, Eastman Wind Ensemble
Bill Roosa Conducts Buffalo Symphony
The Calliope- reprint from Aug 1974 (Bob Mayer)
Circus Band Music (C B Sturtevant from 1927 Billboard)
Why Tigers Are Striped
Obituary, Garnett E Sims
Bill Pruyn IDs Members, 1933 Ringling Band in Feb 1994
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1994 WJU Hall of Fame, Paul Luckey.
Pg.3,6,12,13,17-WJU member photos. Pg.23-Clydia “Babe” Floyd and
Paul Luckey. Back Cover Pg.24-Kettering Fraze Pavilion and Days Inn.
1994 Vol. 24, No. 4
Rev. Dave [L. David Harris] (Jessica Hentoff)
On Review: “Marching Along”, Revised Edition, Paul Bierley –
Golden Age of Brass, Virtuoso Solos, Michael Colburn,
Euphonium, Vol. 3
Paul Yoder on Arranging (Charles Lee Hill)
Circus Band Plays Major Part (Evelyn Simril; 5/1937 White Tops)
New Edition: Marching Along with Sousa (Paul Bierley)
Report From Danville, Great American Brass Band Festival
Memories of Charlie Stevenson (Tony Greiner)
Gibbs Reports On 1994 CFA Convention, Baraboo
Semiquavers – John McDonald, Dec.-Jan. Sarasota Events
Harry James–Windjammer (Bob Peckham)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Music “Robbin’s Bros. Triumphal March”- Dedicated to Harry James. Pg.3-WJU members; Charlie Smith, Barbara Bailey, Ollie Zinsmeister. Pg.15-Ward Stauth, June 10, 1994. Centerfold Pg.16-17- WJU at Danville. Pg.26,29,31-Harry James circus musician; 1919 Christy Bros. Circus Band- Everette James-bandleader, Harry James-Jr. snare drum; 1923 Christy Bros. Circus bandwagon. Back Cover-1928 Christy Bros. Circus- Harry James, trumpet (CWM).
1994 Vol. 24, No. 5
Obituary, Eleanor Fengel
Norman Smith Honored at McNeese St. Univ.
1995 Ring of Fame Honors Karl King
Merle Evans Fellows Letters: Ed Miller, Ben Rydell
President’s Page, Kettering Meet
Board of Trustees Report
On Review: Marches of Kenneth Alford, HM Royal Marines
Biographies, Nominees
Kettering Summer Meet Synopsis, Roster (Dick & Connie Thomas)
Looking Back Series, 1 (Bob Mayer reprint from Vol 8 No 5)
Roland Emmett Honored
Report on Shirley Ryon
Fred Jewell: The Missing Years (Charles Conrad)
A Tour With Barnum & Bailey-1913 (Charlie Duble; White Tops)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1994 WJU Circus Band, Kettering Meet. Pg.3- Kettering Scholarship winners: Carrier Pursley, Erica Nazarenos, Ben Rydell, Ed Miller. Centerfold Pg.16-17-WJU Kettering photos. Pg.20-WJU Kettering Carillon Park. Pg.22-Fred Jewell with double bell euphonium ca.1895-1900 Gentry Dog and Pony Show; 1936 Fred Jewell. Pg.27,28,31-WJU member photos: Sachers, Indianapolis contingent, Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas, Percussion, Clarinet, Euphoniums.
1994 Vol. 24, No. 6
Modified Format for Upcoming Sarasota Convention
1995 Ring of Fame Honorees & Sponsors: Karl L. King
On Review: Golden Age of the March, Washington Winds – In All It’s Glory
What’s “Up” Music List for Sarasota (Doug MacLeod)
Musicians at War, American Military Music Preservation Society
Help! “Program Notes For Band” (Norman Smith)
1995 Sarasota Synopsis
West Coast Music Service & Walking Frog Records
Obituaries: Walter Volkwein, Jack Thiel
Conversation with Earle Moss (reprint April 1977) Pt 1 of 2
Member News: John McDonald, Ken Force, Keith House
Treasurer Statement 1993 and 1994
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Karl L. King. Pg.3-WJU members: Ollie Zinsmeister, Joe Rasmussen. Pg.10,12,13-WJU Kettering photos: Olio of Reeds. Pg.24-Fred Jewell cemetery monument with Fred Jr, and Harold Ellshoff. Pg.27-Sarasota airport. Back Cover Pg.28-1969 Clyde Beatty-Cole Band Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader.


1995 Vol. 25, No. 1
Board of Trustees Report
On Review: Marschkonig, Musikkorps Grenschutz-prasidium, Berlin Ost, Marches of Blankenburg
Windjammers Make Gift to ACB (Ron Keller)
1995 Sarasota Convention Report
Circus Band Drummer Wanted
Members Attending Sarasota, 1995, Program, Sailor Circus Speech,
Karl King Induction, Circus Ring of Fame, JAN-28-1995 (Bob Peckham)
West Coast Music Service
Conversation with Earle Moss (reprint April 1977) Pt 2 of 2
Ed Bebko Required to Seek “Noise Permit”
Obituaries: Earl Slocum, Harold Hulterstrum, James Boles, Richard Payne
Evans Memorial Prayer (Rev. Richard Wright)
A New Honor for Karl King (Duane Olson from Des Moines Register)
Circus Ring of Fame Program, Karl King Induction
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1995 Ring of Fame- Bill Pruyn bandleader. Pg.3-WJU members of the Fugahwe Tribe. Pg.7-WJU nominates Karl King to Ring of Fame. Centerfold Pg.16-17,22,23,31 WJU Sarasota snaps.
AD: Sounds of Circus, Vol. 8
1995 Vol. 25, No. 2
President’s Page (Preview, Allentown Meet)
On Review: Unsere Marsch, Deutschmeister Kapelle;
Ballet & Wagner For Band, Eastman Wind Ensemble;
Hands Across The Sea, Eastman Wind Ensemble;
Sounds of the Circus, South Shore Concert Band, Vol. 8;
Story of Frank Simon – M Freedland
WJU Hall of Fame: Hale A. Vandercook
Harry James – Windjammer (Bob Peckham) Pt 2 of 2
The Circus Band from “On The Road With The Circus” (William Merrick)
Member News: Loren Geiger, Shirley Ryon, Al Littau (Historic Circus Group Meeting), Doug MacLeod (with VA Grande Band), John McDonald
Earliest Traceable Info on A Circus Band Recording (Fred Williams)
Caruso of the Circus-Songsters of the Sawdust (F P Pitzer)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1995 Schlarbaum’s WJU Circus Band. Pg.3-Barbara and Buster Bailey. Pg.5-Allentown Bandshell preview 1995 summer meet. Pg.12-WJU stooges: Littau, Albright, Roosa. Pg.14,15,17,23,24-WJU member photos.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, Vol.8.
1995 Vol. 25, No. 3
Windjammer Statistics
On Review: Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 10
Box Office Test, Founding the Detroit Band, Planning Concerts, Programming, Ending A Concert, Transcriptions & Marches, College & Pro Bands (Leonard Smith)
Days of Miller’s Swing (Warren Wilson/John Kissinger)
Langhorne Howells Play in Florida Circus Band
1890s Gentry’s Dog & Pony Shows (Bob Mayer reprint Vol 9 No 6)
1895-1919 Gentry’s bandmasters (Bob Mayer reprint Vol 9 No 6)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1967 C.P. “Chappie” Fox, Johnny Herriott, Paul Luckey (CWM). Pg.3-WJU Old Comrades. Pg.14,15,23,24-WJU Sarasota snaps.
1995 Vol. 25, No. 4
Add’l Information, History of Windjammers
On Review: Historic Marsch von Carl Teike, Polize Orchester Potsdam
Allentown Meet, Registration List and Music Performed
Early Photo, Musical Clown
First commercially recorded and released Circus Band Recording, Merle Evans & 1930 Ringling Band (Fred Williams)
WJU Lapel Pins Available
The Great M.L. Lake (Rick Benjamin)
The Circus Kid (Harry James)
Charles Conrad Honored
Obituaries: George Morrissey, Capt. John McDonald
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1995 WJU concert band in Allentown Bandshell. Pg.3-1964 Buffalo, NY-RBBB Merle leads the band and plays (Nelson Starr in the band). Pg.11-1840 Jean-Baptiste Auriol musical clown. Pg.16,17,24,25,26-WJU Allentown. Pg.28-WJU to Europe.
1995 Vol. 25, No. 5
On Review: Marsch Aus Europa, Speckbacher Stadmusik Hall;
Through The Years, Nat’l Band of New Zealand
Windjammers at 1996 Great American Brass Band Festival
Looking Back: Glimpse of Black Sideshow Bands (1978 Reprint Bob Mayer)
P G Lowery, 1871-1942
Note From Charlie Payne
WJU Board Meeting July 22, 1995
Publication, “Are You in the Circus?” (Barbara D Heavilin)
Deal To End All Deals!! (British CD’s)
Preview, Sarasota Convention
Circus World Museum Introduces Program of Circus Music
Bill Pruyn Discovers Pictures of State Hospital Band (LA)
Looking Back: Sparks & Downie Bros. Circus Bands (Bob Mayer & Joseph Bradbury)
Report from Europe (Ed Ballenger)
Obituaries: Joseph O Fleming (Charter Member); Capt. John D. McDonald, Riley Morrison. Health Report, Dan Dugan
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1995 Warren Wilson at WJU Allentown (Stan Howell). Pg.3-WJU Women. Pg.9,14,15,22,23,28-WJU snaps. Pg.19-1908 State Hospital Band-Jackson, Louisiana. Pg.27-1928 Sparks Circus Band- Jack Hoyt, bandmaster.
1995 Vol. 25, No. 6
1996 Sarasota Convention Music & Notes (Doug MacLeod)
Circus World Museum Offers Gavioli Band Organ Tapes
On Review: Washington Post & Other Newspaper Marches,
Advocate Band of Danville, KY;
Music From America’s Golden Age, New Columbian Band;
CLASSICS!, Washington Winds;
Free Spirit, Washington Winds
Letter to Editor: Iraleen Caveny
Central Methodist College Band, Keith House, Conductor; CMC CD
Most Important Man in the Band (Billy Mather)
Buffalo Bill’s Band (William Masterson)
Obituaries: Carmela Calcote, Lew Wood
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1996 Convention Music from Doug MacLeod. Pg.3-85-yrs young Ollie Zinsmeister and Cy Harmon. Pg.10,12,13,23-WJU members Harry Durity, Don Engle, Hartwell Calcote, Warren Wiersema; John Reeves, Bob Skipper, Ken Kalina, Ted Rosov, Vinnie Gugleotti, Rod Elden, Fred Williams, Bob Hills; Reg Shive, Shallert, Ron and Vicki Keller. Pg.15-1902 Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band. Pg.18-1888 Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band snare drummer. Pg.19-Sheet music covers. Back Cover Pg.24-WJU in Allentown.


1996 Vol. 26, No. 1
On Review: Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 11;
Central Methodist Band, Keith House, Director;
Royal American Shows Grand Cavioli Band Organ;
Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band, Americus Brass Band;
Sounds of the Circus, South Shore Band, Vols. 9 & 10
Hall of Fame Award – P G Lowery (Clifford E. Watkins)
1996 Sarasota Convention Report
Mysterious Clown (Gale Scott) Invades Sailor Circus
1996 Sarasota Roster, Convention Attendees
107th Cavalry Band – Capt Samuel Rosker, USA Ret.
Sarasota Circus Band (Lloyd Fengel)
Tiny Stagg Attends Sailor Circus
Obituaries: Mrs. Ward Stauth, Robert S Barnhouse, Sr. (1928-1995)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1996 WJU Center Ring Band. Pg.3-Mystery clown conductor. Pg.8-WJU octogenarians. Pg.12,13,23-WJU members-Jean Williams, Bob Ullery, Millicent and Jim Dunwoody, Gail Scott, Dr. Ed Bebko, Mary Lu Graves, Janeen Morel; Dick and Terri Abbott, Rudy Bundy. Pg.23-1996 Cliff Watkins accepts P G Lowery Hall of Fame Certificate. Back Cover Pg.24-1996 Ring of Fame Band- Bill Pruyn, Buglers on a Holiday- Joe Losh, Don Albright, Joe Rasmussen.
1996 Vol. 26, No. 2
Letter to Editor: Circus Ring of Fame, Floyd Kruger
On Review: American Variations, Cincinnati Conservatory Winds;
Trumpet Virtuosity of Rafael Mendez, Vol. 1
Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 27, 1996
Turner Bros. Circus (Don Covington)
Pre-1900 Berliner Discs Related To Circus (Fred Williams)
Don Covington Joins Big Apple Circus
P T Barnum, Silas Brooks Botsford & The Druid Band (from Hartford Courant-July 1897)
Preview, Des Moines Summer Meet, July, 1996 (Vic Anderson host)
Musical Memories – Gentry’s Triumphal, Sunshine Galop, Garland Entry (Joseph Bradbury)
My First Circus Gig- One to Remember (Bill Nemoyten)
Last Call, Badges, Kettering Meet, 1994
Health Reports, Bill Pruyn, Marge Zinsmeister
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1996 WJU Danville contingent. Pg.3-Ken Slater cornet soloist. Pg.8-1960 ca.Turner Bros. Circus wagons. Pg.10-Percy Turner. Pg.14,15,22,27-1996 WJU members. Pg.21-1952 Cristiani Bros. Circus bandwagons- A. Lee Hinckley, bandleader. Back Cover Pg.28-1996 Sarasota WJU Tubas, Trombones.
1996 Vol. 26, No. 3
4-Valve Eb Sousaphones
On Review: Kings of Marches, KMK Royal Military Band – Die Piefke’s Commen, Polizeiorchester, Frankfurt (Oder)
Remembering Mike the Dog (Owen Findsen, Cincinnati Enquirer)
Cincinnati Then & Now (Henry Fillmore)
America’s Shrine to Music, Vermillion, SD (photos)
Circus World Museum Announces Summer Musical Program
Music for 1996 Summer Meet, Des Moines
Announcement, Sarasota, 1997, Dates
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Congress of Rough Riders, 1899 (Bob Mayer-reprint from Vol. 10 No 6)
Member News: Charles Payne, Marge Zinsmeister, Keith House, Chuck Schlarbaum
Obituary, William (Boom Boom) Browning
PHOTOS: Front Cover—Sailor Circus Tent. Pg.3-Ed and Ted Bebko. Pg.4-Bill Bell’s E-flat Sousaphone. Pg.12,13-WJU members. Back Cover Pg.24-Don Engle’s new camera.
1996 Vol. 26, No. 4
Report, Windjammer Band at Danville, KY
On Review: Knockout Drops, Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Letter to Editor: Don Covington-Big Apple Circus
Member News: Nick Roberts, Rod Elden, Bill Roosa, Juanita Evans, Bill Pruyn, Warren & Ruth Wilson/Don Albright, Ollie & Marge Zinsmeister
Smiles & Chuckles, Story of F Henri Klickmann-photos (Rick Benjamin)
Openings, Naples (FL) Band Programs, Center Ring Concerts, Ringling Band, 1940-41 Seasons
Musician Jokes
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, (Earle Moss-reprint from Vol. 1 No 3–Vol. 2 No 4) Pt 1 of 3
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1996 Great American Brass Band Festival. Pg.3-Connie and Dick Thomas. Pg.6,12,13,23,24-WJU members at Danville. Pg.12-1996 Big Apple Circus Band. Pg.23-1981 WJU with Merle Evans.
1996 Vol. 26, No. 5
Report, Des Moines Summer Meet & Roster
Oliver Graham Dies
On Review: CD’S On Walking Frog/Gazebo Labels;
Stars, Stripes and Sousa, Washington Winds;
Memories From The Big Top, Heritage Circus Band;
Sounds From Central Park, Naperville Municipal Band
Naples Concert Band Schedules a Concert
Monumental Brass Event (Great American Brass Band Festival, Danville, KY)
WJU Hall of Fame Plaque (P G Lowery) Presented to Kansas Museum
Board Meeting, July 27, 1996
Biographies, Trustee Nominees
Advance Information, Sarasota, 1997
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, (Earle Moss-reprint from Vol. 1 No 3–Vol. 2 No 4) Pt 2 of 3
Health Reports: Buster Bailey, Keith House, Bill Pruyn
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1996 WJU Biggest band in the Hotel Fort Des Moines Ballroom. Pg.3-1996 WJU Hosts: Vern and Norma Cooley, Barb and Vic Anderson, Norma and Jim Selland. Pg.13-Dr. Clifford Watkins presents PG Lowery Windjammers Hall of Fame Certificate to Greenwood County (Kansas) Historical Society Museum. Pg.14,25,28-WJU Des Moines photos. Pg.15-17 1997 Candidate Slate.
INSERTS: Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band- order CD; International Trumpet Guild; AD-Sounds of the Circus, Vol.9 & Vol.10; Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music-Supplemental Vol.3; Naperville Municipal Band- order
Ad: Spike Jones Videos, Movie World, Salamanca, NY (Bill Roosa)
1996 Vol. 26, No. 6
Buster Bailey Honored (Ollie Zinsmeister)
On Review: Great Marches, Vols. 1-7, Various British Bands; March Winds, Int’l Marches, Sarasota Concert Band
Bill Pruyn Conducts US Marine Band
Music for Sarasota Convention, Doug MacLeod
Circus Band Music-Charles Schlarbaum Bandleader (Robert Harrison)
Health Reports- Buster/Barbara Bailey, Tiny Stagg, Bill Pruyn
Windjammer’s Memories of the Circus 50 Years Ago, (Earle Moss-reprint from Vol. 1 No 3–Vol. 2 No 4) Pt 3 of 3
Obituaries: Charles Bennett Sr, Walter J Norton, Warren W Shapton, Charles W Stanley
First Windjammers Web site:
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU Sarasota Convention. Pg.3-Buengers at Danville. Pg.8,9-1969 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus- Charles Schlarbaum, bandleader. Pg.12,13- 1996 WJU members in Sarasota. Pg.23,24-1996 WJU at Brass Band Festival.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, Vol.11 & Vol.12


1997 Vol. 27, No. 1
On Review: Marches of Prussia & Austria, North Texas Band;
Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 12;
Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 11 & 12
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. drops 8-piece Circus Band
The Band With The Funny Name:
Imperial Teteques-Williamsport (Jeff Dugan)
1997 Sarasota, Including Roster
Care & Cleaning of Windjammer Caps
New Plan for Distribution of Convention Music
Obituaries: Lowell Hoffman, Gordon Williams, Virginia Oenno, Frank Scimonelli, Shirley Ryon; Claudia Duncan Remembers Her Father
Board Meeting, Jan. 27, 1997
Center Ring Concert & the Role of the Circus Band In Introducing Music To America- including several Interesting Programs/Routes (Charles P Conrad)
Trustees Election Results
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1997 WJU Center Ring Band. Pg.3-Windjammer Bill Pruyn, Hall of Fame. Pg.26-1895 Ringling Bros. Circus-Liberati’s Band; 1900 Ringling Bros. Bandleader-George Ganweiler; 1910 Center Ring Concert. Back Cover Pg.32- 1903 Barnum and Bailey Circus- Carl Clair’s Military Band; 1917 Hagenbeck Wallace Circus- Fred Jewell, bandmaster. INSERTS: 1) Educational Music Services, Music Arranged by Windjammers; 2) Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 13; 3) Virginia Grand Military Band, CD of Dec 7, 1997 Concert; 4) Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 11 & 12, South Shore Concert Band.
AD: Sounds of the Circus, Vol.11 & Vol.12
1997 Vol. 27, No. 2
Prayer at Annual Memorial Ceremony in Sarasota
On Review: Chicago Tribune & More Newspaper Marches,
Advocate Band, Danville, KY;
Famous World Marches Slavne Svetove Pochody,
Czech Army Central Band
Windjammers Invited to P. G. Lowery Festival
Great Circus Parade (Milwaukee, July, 1997)
B O Marsh, Musician & Publisher (Bob Peckham)
Health Reports: Ken Force, Buster & Barbara Bailey, Ollie & Marge Zinsmeister
Circus Music as a Hobby – A Morton Smith (Reprint, “Hobbies”, Aug., 1944)
Musical Memories, Barnum & Bailey “Specs” (Joseph Bradbury-reprint from Vol 9 No 4)
Obituaries: Shirley Ryon, Merle Simpson
1997 Windjammer Membership roster
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1997 WJU Hall of Fame, Bill Pruyn. Pg.3,8,12,13,16-WJU members. Pg.12-Johnny Herriott in sulky, and Chuck Schlarbaum on IISA flatbed band float at 1997 Sarasota International Circus Parade. Pg.23,24-1997 WJU Williamsport previews.
1997 Vol. 27, No. 3
A Peek at The Williamsport Book
On Review: Band of H M Royal Marines –
Circus Spectacular, Screamers, Galops & More;
Herbert L Clarke, Cornet Soloist, Crystal Records
Piccolo Soloist-Nada Venci, Ring of Fame at St. Armands Circle
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1841-1894 (Bob Mayer Vol 3 No 1)
Windjammers, A Quarter Century Later
Mud Show Trouping (Earle Moss-reprint from Vol. 8 No 2)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1997 WJU Herald Trumpets from the circus bandstand: Buenger, Albright, Roosa, Conrad, Zink, Anderson. Pg.3-1996 WJU Des Moines husband and wife musicians. Pg.12,13-WJU members: Fritz Velke, John Fleming, Bill Yoh Jr & Sr, Jud Guyton, Chuck Schlarbaum, Bill Foster-piccolo soloist, the Whistler’s Dog, Sid Lichtman. Pg.23-1974 WJU meet photos; 1989 WJU Sarasota center ring band. Back Cover Pg.24-1981 First Sarasota WJU Center Ring Concert Band; 1974 at Delaware OH meet Art Stensvad & Charlie Bennett Jr; 1980 Frederick Fennell conducts WJU Center Ring Band at Sailor Circus.
1997 Vol. 27, No. 4
On Review: Ragging the Baby to Sleep, Pierce College Winds (LA);
Virginia Grand Military Band in Concert
“Wunnerful, Wunnerful” Williamsport & Member Roster
Treasurers Report, Dec. 31, 1996
Musical Memories, Music of Circuses Past & Present (Joseph Bradbury-reprint from 1978)
Early Members Still Active In Windjammers
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1895-1915 (Bob Mayer reprint Vol 8 No 6)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1997 WJU Williamsport Concert Band (Warren Wilson). Pg.3-WJU Marines: Ken Slater, Robert Isele, Joe Rasmusen (Warren Wilson). Pg.12,13, Back Cover-WJU member photos.
1997 Vol. 27, No. 5
On Review: Trip To Coney Island,
Descriptive Overtures from Golden Age;
Dallas Morning News:
Forgotten Newspaper Marches,
Advocate Band of Danville, KY;
Highlights, 1996 Great American Brass Band Festival
Tribute To Merle Evans, Anthology of Circus Music
Board Meeting Minutes, July 27, 1997
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1915-1937 (Bob Mayer reprint Vol 9 No 1; Vol 9 No 2; Vol 10 No 1; Vol 10 No 4)
1998 Sarasota Convention Music
Reflections of Williamsport (Jeff Dugan)
Making Music of the Big Top a Big Deal in Your Band Program (Bill Yoh Jr.)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1997 WJU Williamsport Merle Evans fellow- Chris Hare with Bill Roosa (Judy Shellenberger). Pg.3- Russ & Chris Williams (Jean Williams). Centerfold Pg.12,13,23,24- WJU members.
1997 Vol. 27, No. 6
On Review: Golden Age of the March- Vol. 2, Washington Winds;
Encore!, Ancora Brass;
Arthur Pryor, Trombone Soloist, Crystal Records
Here Comes The Circus! Rise & Fall of the Circus Band, Pt 1 of 3 (Sverre O. Braathen-reprint, 1958 Instrumentalist Magazine)
Instrumental Music Elderhostel, Albany, NY
1998 Convention Music (Doug MacLeod)
My First Visit to Windjammers (Ross Stevenson, Australia)
Story of the Band That Couldn’t Play (5 Windjammers in China)
New Members/Musicians wanted for Sarasota Festival
Obituaries: Carl Kronberg, Carlton Searles, Ernest Rinehimer
Circus Bandmasters of the Past, 1937-1958 (Bob Mayer reprint from Vol 11 No 1)
BOOK: High Iron to North Platte- author Art Stensvad- WJU founder-photos (Robert P Hills)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1997 WJU Williamsport percussion (Ross Stevenson). Pg.3,12,13-WJU members. Pg.16,18-WJU in China (Lo Mein Roosa). Back Cover Pg.24- Paul Yoder-1986, Merle & Nena Evans-1981, 1984 Percussion: Charlie Owen, Harry Brabec, Doug MacLeod.


1998 Vol. 28, No. 1
On Review: More Music of Circus Kingdom, Summer 1993;
Best of Big Apple Circus, Vol. 1;
Under The Double Eagle, Marches of Sousa
1998 Sarasota Report
WJU Concert at Ringling Circus Museum
Convention Asides
Center Ring Concert, Sailor Circus
Obituary, Francis Simler
Windjammers on Internet;
Here Comes The Circus! Rise & Fall of the Circus Band, Pt 2 of 3 (Sverre O. Braathen)
Big Apple Report
Roster, Sarasota Attendees
Hats Off (or ON) To Our Shirt & Cap Lady, Jean Williams
Info, Merle Evans CD’s
Everette James Named To Windjammers Hall of Fame
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1998 WJU Center Ring Band. Pg.3-Ward Stauth age 90 (Don Engle). Pg.9-1998 WJU band members at Renovated Holiday Inn ribbon cutting (Joe Losh). Pg.15,16-WJU members. Pg.29-1998 Conductors: Ballenger, Losh, Albright, Keller, Russ Williams, Roosa (Bill Curnow). Back Cover Pg.30-Sailor Circus Calliope- Dr. Ed Bebko; 1998 Charles Schlarbaum’s Windjammer Circus Band (Bill Curnow)
ADs: Order Form, CD, Tribute to Merle Evans; Elderhostel Band, Albany, NY
1998 Vol. 28, No. 2
On Review: Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 13;
Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 13 & 14
Preview, “Doins” at Jeffersonville- Incl. the “Book”
Band Stuff for Web Surfers
Circus Web Page
News From Baraboo
Merle Evans CD Order Forms
WJU: The Future is Upon Us (Bill Yoh Jr.)
Here Comes The Circus! Rise & Fall of the Circus Band, Pt 3 of 3 (Sverre O. Braathen)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1998 WJU at Sailor Circus. Pg.3-Jean Williams cap lady. Pg.12,13,24-WJU members.
1998 Vol. 28, No. 3
News From Int’l Circus Hall of Fame
On Review: Marching Along, Virginia Grand Military Band;
WJU CD offer, Tribute To Merle Evans
Keeping The White Tops in Tune, Pt 1 of 2 (Earl C May-reprint from Shrine Magazine, 1926)
Some Thoughts on Band Recordings – Bob Peckham
Case of The Late CD’s
Notes to Windjammers Unlimited Financial Statements
WJU Financial Statements
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1998 WJU Museum Band, Ted Buenger- conductor (Dick Abbott). Pg.3-Hal Hazen Dance Band (Warren Wilson). Pg.6-Joe Losh & Bill Roosa (Stan Howell). Pg.10-1998 Cmdr. Don Stauffer and WJU Center Ring Band rehearsal (Bill Curnow). Pg.11,22-WJU snaps.
1998 Vol. 28, No. 4
Ward Stauth Receives “Sagamore of the Wabash” (photo)
On Review: Paso Dobles, Bands Sinfonica La Artistica/Zarazuelas;
West Point On The March, USMA Band
Roster, Attendees, Jeffersonville Meet & Reports
Report from Keith House
Health Report, John Bales, Ken Monroe
History of Merle Evans/ New England Conservatory Circus CD
Keeping the White Tops in Tune, Pt 2 of 2 (Earl May)
Death of co-founder Art Stensvad; and Hugh Robertson; Obituary, Art Stensvad WJU #2, North Platte Telegraph; WJU founder Art Stensvad dies- written by WJU co-founder Charles Bennett
Fred Jewell Monument (Worthington, IN) to Be Unveiled
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1998 WJU Jeffersonville concert site (Ed Ballenger). Pg.12,13,22,25,26-WJU Jeffersonville snaps. Pg.24-WJU band at Charles Duble gravesite.
Ad, Band Elderhsotel, Albany, NY
1998 Vol. 28, No. 5
1999 Sarasota Convention Plans
On Review: NY Times, Other Newspaper Marches, for Band, Mandolin Orchestra, Theatre Orchestra & Piano, Advocate Band of Danville, KY – Trouble, Ragtime Music, Turpin Tyme Ragsters
News of Charlie & Treasure Payne
1999 Sarasota Convention Music List (Doug MacLeod)
Circus Music for The 21st Century
1999 WJU Candidates for Office (photos)
Red Wagon Rhythms, Pt 1 of 2 (Sverre O. Braathen-reprint from Circus World Museum, Oct 2005)
State of Indiana Honors Fred Jewell (Ed Ballenger)
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1998 WJU Board of Trustees (Stan Howell). Pg.3-Woodrick brothers. Pg.11-Max the Wonder Dog, Jeffersonville Soloist. Pg.12,13-WJU snaps. Back Cover Pg.24-Annie Lou & Eddie Ballenger- 1998 WJU meet hosts; E Hurst Miles honorarium.
1998 Vol. 28, No. 6
On Review: Marches I’ve Missed, Eastman Wind Ensemble
Special Concert to Follow 1999 Convention
Obituary, Ralph Remaley, Phil Thompson
From Where Came Our Circus Music? (C H Amidon)
An Opinion (Richard Whitmarsh)
Red Wagon Rhythms, Pt 2 of 2 (Sverre O. Braathen)
Copyright Law “Changed”
Drummer “Funnies”
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU view through the Tubas (Bill Curnow). Pg.3,12,13,17,24-WJU members


1999 Vol. 29, No. 1
WJU Band Participates in Ringling Museum Program
Copies of Merle Evans CD Going Fast
On Review: Grand Old Circus Band, Jimmy Ille, Bandleader;
Allentown Band-Our Band Heritage, Vol. 1 Revisited;
Sounds of the Circus, Vols. 15 & 16;
On The Bandstand, Town Square Concert Band, Andy
Walking Frog to Produce Detroit Concert Band CDs
More Music “Funnies”
Report, Windjammers Unlimited Convention XXVII
Edward Woeckner Named to Hall of Fame
Future Convention Dates Announced
“Thanks” From Ring of Fame Committee
1999 Convention Attendees
Big Apple Circus Music & Tour Schedule (Don Covington)
LAST Call!! Merle Evans CD
Obituaries: Harold H Park Jr., Hugh Robertson, Norman E Smith, Phillip Thompson, S Edward Wilmot ;
Annual Memorial Service, Sarasota
Roadside Marker for Fred Jewell in Worthington, Indiana
PHOTOS: Front Cover—WJU presidents. Pg.3-Buster Bailey in flaming top hat. Pg.13,14,25-WJU photos. Back Cover Pg.26-1998 Fred Jewell roadside marker Dedication, Worthington, IN.
1999 Vol. 29, No. 2
Invitation & Information, San Francisco Meet, July, 1999
On Review: Esprit De Corps, US Marine Band;
Marches In Concert, US Marine Band;
John Philip Sousa “On Stage”, Vol 1, Razumovsky
Symphony, Keith Brion, Conductor
Update, Walking Frog Issues, Detroit Concert Band
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Back Under Canvas
As I Knew It, Arthur Pryor, 1931 Interview (Arthur Pryor)
WJU to the Aid of Sailor Circus Band (Bob Unterreiner)
More Musical “Funnies”
Consummate Trainer John Herriott Makes Difficult Feats Appear Easy – With A Smile
Mud, Misfortune All Around, “What? Give Up Show Business?” (Heidi Herriott)
Selections, Concerts, Sarasota 1999 Convention
Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 23, 1999
News From Circus Hall of Fame
Obituaries: Darrel McDermed, Burt Rosenburg
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1999 WJU Sailor Circus Straw house; Pg.3-Doug MacLeod; Pg.12-Helen Walters; Piccolo soloist Nada Vencl; Pg.25-Euphers, Museum Band; Back Cover-Schlarbaum, Slater, Peckham (April Zink), Pg.12-Vinnie Gugleotti (Russ Williams). Pg.13-WJU members (Stan Howell). Pg.26-1999 Kaleidoscape (Ringling under canvas), Sarasota Fairgrounds (Bob Taube).
AD: Sounds of the Circus Vol.15 & 16.
1999 Vol. 29, No. 3
Music List, San Francisco Meet
On Review: Complete Marches of Sousa, Detroit Concert Band;
Stadtmusik Wien, City Band of Vienna;
USSR Defense Ministry Band
Musical “Daffynitions”
The Karl King Story: An Informal Interview (Karl M Holvik-reprint, 1966, Ft. Dodge)
Reports: Status, Ringling Circus Museum Video Tapes; Gunther Gebel-Williams To Be Honored
CF Will Not Publish Concert Band Programs
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1999 WJU Conductors Bill Roosa and Cmdr. Don Stauffer (April Zink). Pg.3,12,13-WJU member photos (Peggy Mock, Connie Thomas, Warren Wilson, Ed Sacher). Back Cover Pg.24-Ringling Museum Seminar Band concert in Bandwagon Hall (Deborah Walk).
1999 Vol. 29, No. 4
Circus World Museum Produces New Circus Music Recordings
Ringling Museum Videos Now Available
On Review: Gems of the Concert Band, Detroit Concert Band;
Thoroughbred Thunder, Matthew Phillips Circus Band
San Francisco Meet Report
Message, Windjammer President, Bill Albrecht
San Francisco Meet, Concert Program Selections
And It Came To Pass (Jonesy Jones)
Obituary, Max the Wonder Dog, Featured WJU Soloist
Obituaries: Charles Payne, Donald Engle, Bob Barnes
Jimmy Ille (Mike Martin-reprint from Circus Report)
Note from Julie Snyder, Director of Sailor Circus
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1999 WJU Summer Meet Band at Golden Gate Park (Reg McGovern). Pg.3-San Francisco Meet hosts: Henry Use & Steve Chandler (Stan Howell). Pg.12,13,23,24-WJU meet photos.
1999 Vol. 29, No. 5
Preview, Music for Sarasota
On Review: About Bands & WaltzesWedding of the Winds, Valse Bleu, Spring, Beautiful Spring, Crimson Petal, Espana, Among the Roses, Sunnyland – Viennese Waltzes – On The Beautiful Blue Danube (arr. Urbane(k)), Die Schonbrunner Walzer, Wiener Burger, Wiener Blut, Von Donaufer, Tales From The Vienna Woods, Roses From The South, Voices of Spring, On The Beautiful Blue Danube (Orig. arr)
TAH-DAH! Circus Musicians Kept Show Going (Elaine Schmidt)
Jewell Jubilee, Aug. 14, Worthington, IN
Merle Evans, Music Man Under The Big Top (James Perkins-from 1987 Instrumentalist)
Board Meeting, July 24, 1999
Obituaries: Woody Keith, Richard Richardson
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1999 Tri-County Band members in San Francisco (Chris Williams). Pg.3-Zinsmeisters (Warren Wilson). Pg.13-1999 Sarasota-Bob Peckham, Warren Wilson all played out (John Reeves); Windjammer conductors at Fred Jewell Music Fest (Matt Huber); Williams Family at San Francisco (Warren Wilson). Back Cover Pg.24-WJU San Francisco- Bill Nemoyton, Nick Contorno, Judy Stewart, Scott Greene.
1999 Vol. 29, No. 6
On Review: von Suppe Marches/Waltzes, etc.,
Slovak State Philharmonic;
Best of Big Apple Circus, Vol. 2
Circus Music Is Where You Find It (Charles Bennett Jr)
Circuses Beset By Animal Rights Activists
News From 1999-2000 Big Apple Circus
Ringling Circus Museum Tape Acclaimed
“Hey, Everybody – Watch THIS!!”
Edward Woeckner, 1999 Hall of Fame Honoree
White Tops Interviews Bill Pruyn (reprint from White Tops 1977)
Obituaries: Dan Boyer, Meg Thomas
PHOTOS: Front Cover—1999 WJU San Francisco preparing. Pg.3-1900 Jeffersonville Indiana Band- Charlie Duble, tall trombone back row (Ed Ballenger). Pg.11-1999 WJU San Francisco photos. Pg.23-WJU enjoys dance band. Back Cover Pg.24-Bill Nemoynton; Bill Roosa conducts.
Ad: Elderhostel Band, Albany, NY